The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Mixing Consoles Alcorn McBride Mr. Mixter One-rackspace programmable 8x2 mixer. It stores 128 user-defined mixes, mixes any input (balanced or unbalanced)

Mixing ConsolesAlcorn McBride Mr. MixterOne-rackspace programmable 8x2 mixer. It stores 128 user-defined mixes, mixes any input (balanced or unbalanced) to either or both outputs and is controllable via RS-232, RS-422, parallel contact closures and MIDI. It has trim pots for fine output level adjustments and signal level clipping LEDs for inputs and outputs.

Allen & Heath ML 5000The ML 5000 from Allen & Heath is a dual function FOH/monitor console or both simultaneously in 32/40/48-channel configurations with the addition of a 24-channel sidecar. The ML 5000 series also offers true L-C-R panning, 12x8 matrix, eight VCA groups with 128 snapshot mute/VCA automation and legendary 4-band British EQ.

Amek Media 51Designed for music recording and post-production environments, the Amek Media 51 effortlessly addresses current surround formats 5.1, LCRS, LCRSS and Stereo, providing comprehensive signal path switching and panning specifically for multiformat recording and monitoring. Media 51 includes Mr. Rupert Neve Mic Amp and EQ, Supertrue[TM] automation, Virtual Dynamics[TM] and recall of all channel parameters.

AMS Neve 88RRemember how it felt when you heard your first Neve...? Feel it again. AMS Neve launches the 88R at AES, the ultimate in music mixing.

AMS Neve Libra Live Series IIThe Libra Live Series II is a console designed specifically for versatile operation in a broadcast production environment. The console is suitable for live and multitrack production both in the studio and OB. The Libra Live Series II offers users all the advantages of digital control and a digital signal path with the ease of use of an analog console.

Argosy Enclosures for the Sony DMX-R100Argosy has introduced its latest 90 Series console enclosure designed to exactly fit the new Sony DMX-R100 mixer. The 90 Series allows for a variety of configurations including one or two R-100s, computer equipment, 19-inch rack gear and producers desk space. The patented expandability feature allows users to extend the chassis to accommodate more equipment in the future. The 90 Series exacting fit and finish transforms the R-100 into the centerpiece of your studio.

Audio Toys Inc. Paragon IIA 64-input FOH mixing console with ATI's new Distributed Intelligence[TM] control system. Eight mono and four stereo aux sends, eight stereo groups, two mono and two stereo mix masters, eight stereo Matrix masters, ten VCA masters, eight mute groups, onboard dynamics and ATI's famed 4-band EQ. Providing a new and unprecedented level of audio quality and engineer control, the PII House is the reference standard.

Audio Toys Inc. Paragon Production ConsoleThe new ATI Paragon Production console is designed for FOH mixing, broadcast production or live theater. Standard unit features 64 mic inputs with full routing, eight stereo line inputs with routing to groups or the mix busses, and four stereo line inputs with routing to the stereo masters or matrix. Outputs include eight mono and four stereo aux buses, eight stereo audio groups with inserts, eight stereo matrix outs with inserts, two main mono mix outs and two main stereo outs. All input channels also have a stereo direct out and insert send, each with level control. New Distributed Intelligence[TM] allows the console to route and remember Group, VCA and muting without the need for a central computer.

Cadac R-Type Touring ConsoleCadac's new lightweight console - a cost-efficient package designed for fast installation. The R-Type combines touring ruggedness with the legendary Cadac audio quality and reliability, and is configured in multiples of Cadac's new lightweight 24-slot frame. A typical configuration of the 41-bus R-Type provides 48 mono and four stereo inputs, a full output section plus dedicated LCR outputs with 16 DC Masters. A major benefit for rental companies is the ability to reconfigure the console exactly to match each tour's specification and budget - using Cadac's unique plug-anywhere modules.

Calrec Alpha 100 Version 1.4Calrec's Version 1.4 software for the Alpha 100 digital console builds on the Alpha-based production software launched at the Paris AES show in February, providing 48 multitrack/matrix outputs, 20 auxiliary buses, eight audio groups and four main outputs - each of which can simultaneously be Mono, Stereo or Surround. All desk functions are memorised to snap-shots and full system reset is achieved in less than 60 ms without audio interruption on this fifth-generation Calrec desk to feature an assignable digital control surface.

Crate CSM Series MixersCrate Pro Audio has introduced a whole new line of stereo console mixers. The series includes 8, 12, 16 and 24- channel models, each built tough with solid metal nutted pots, XLR inputs and a host of other pro features.

Crest Audio X-VCA.52Crest Audio introduces a larger format of the X-VCA console: the X-VCA.52. Standard configuration includes 48 mono mic/line input channels and four stereo line input channels. VCA control is provided not only on input channels, but on group channels as well. Mono inputs feature 4-band full parametric EQ and high-pass filter system. Group modules include dynamics systems including compressor/limiter and gate/downward expander. L/R/M outputs include parametric EQ and RMS limiters.

Euphonix System 5 V2.0 SoftwareV2.0 Software offers a number of features developed specifically for the music recording, broadcast and post industries, including a Fail Safe Diagnostics System that provides hot-swappable redundant processing modules that automatically take over in the event of a DSP or control failure. Also included: expanded Integrated PatchNet I/O Router (672x672 sources and destinations at 48 kHz, and 336x336 at 96 kHz); multiformat channels (Stereo, LCR, LCRS, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and others); plus Backstop PFL.

Geoffrey Daking - Daking Desk 16x8This all-discrete, Class-A, transformer-coupled topology console using the circuits of the 52270 channel amplifier, featuring Jensen transformer-coupled mic pre, 4-band equalizer with five switched frequencies on each band, stereo bus and eight output buses, four aux sends with pre and post, channel insert with relay bypass, auto-mute group muting, stereo solo, long throw faders, direct channel outputs and genuine Jensen transformers on stereo, group and aux outputs.

Harrison by GLW MPC IIHarrison's MPC II incorporates the Digital.Engine[TM], the High Density I/O Digital Converter system and new control surface components in the most powerful, large-format, digital film/post-production console available. Features include: large format multi-operator digital engine, enhanced multi-operator automation, expanded layering access, expanded film monitoring, multi-operator sweet spot control, new high-resolution digital meters and expanded digital router control.

Innova-Son Sensory Grand LiveDesigned for installed or touring sound, the mixer features 72 inputs, 48 faders and 24 outputs. All inputs offer 5-band parametric EQ, compressor, noise gate and routing. Combining full digital snapshot reset capabilities, the Grand Live maintains an analog feel with motorized faders, knobs and switches, channel-to-channel copying, off-line editing and patch settings. The Grand Live Console provides a remote stage box with a 450-foot co-axial snake.

Jim Gamble DCX Event 40Features include: 40 input channels with 80 mic inputs and 80 line inputs, normalled through to the patchbay and 160 female XLR connectors (with ground lifts), and four Ramlatch connectors; eight stereo subgroups and 16 stereo aux sends; eight stereo matrix with stereo EQ; stereo master (with center and mono buses); a pullout LCD server display; 48 output tie lines in the patchbay and 48 male XLRs and two Ramlatch connectors on the back of the console. Includes one DCX workstation with dual 21-inch monitors, a 3Com 10/100 hub, 350 foot CAT5 network wire and a workstation roadcase.

Level Control Systems CueConsoleCueConsole[TM] is a uniquely modular control surface that turns the Matrix3[TM] mixing/processing engine into a powerful FOH console for theatrical or live concert applications requiring automation. Four types of controllers are available: Faders, Meters, Transporter and Editor. As CueConsole is just a control surface without any audio passing through, the controllers can be separated and placed anywhere they are required. For example, an Editor controller being used to do system EQ could be taken anywhere in the venue including the balcony.

Level Control Systems Matrix3Matrix3 is LCS' third-generation automated audio control system. Developed to the demanding requirements of live theatrical productions and themed entertainment, Matrix3 offers unparalleled flexibility for solving tough dynamic audio matrixing, processing and automation requirements. Highly modular and greatly expandable: systems can be configured from 8x8 all the way up to 400 inputs by 512 outputs with 256 buses. New features include delays and EQs in the crosspoints of the matrix, compressors as well as delays and EQs on every input/output, Cobranet I/O, digital I/O and selectable gain analog I/O.

Mackie Compact VLZ PRO MixersThe three mixers in Mackie's Compact VLZ PRO[TM] series of mixers feature new Precision-Engineered XDR[TM] extended dynamic range premium studio-grade mic preamps, with an exceptional 60dB-gain range, ultra-low noise and the highest headroom in their class. Other features include: exceptional RF rejection, special design circuitry to minimize noise and crosstalk, convenient ALT 3/4 bus and active 3-band EQ on the 1202 and 1402 and swept mid on the 1604 (positioned at Mackie's popular musical frequency points).

Oram Pro Audio BEQ Pro 24The BEQ Pro 24 Professional 5.1 audio console from the "father of British EQ" John Oram. The Oram BEQ Pro24 has been designed for the studio that requires the classic warm sound that Oram Sonics delivers, together with today's sound-around mix functionality. The Pro 24 is also equipped to deliver your finished master from the two mix outputs. We have included $6,000 worth of mastering equalization and compression in the center section. No other console available in its price range can offer so many features and performance.

Rane ECM 64 Mic/Line Mixing SystemThe ECM extends Rane's audio conferencing line into smaller rooms and applications. With up to four mic/line inputs, two line-level inputs and four outputs, the ECM 64 offers programmable mic/line mixing through RaneWare RW 232 software. With optional digital hybrid and optional acoustic echo canceller, the ECM 64 easily supports phone add-on and/or audio conferencing feeds from audio or video codes.

Solid State Logic Avant V4SSL's Avant V4 enhances the versatility of Avant in both post-production and film applications. New features include grouping options offering new ways to link controls such as pans and EQ, a "virtual paddle" option providing additional monitoring and recorder control from fewer switches and the addition of SSL's unique PenPoint bitpad and pen panning. Also in V4 are further enhancements to automation, including more off-line data trim facilities and to machine control and routing.

Solid State Logic Axiom-MT V2.2Axiom-MT's V2.2 release brings new features to the world's only digital multitrack console with a traditional control surface. These include EQ setup options, allowing operators a choice of EQ profiles, latency management tools to compensate for delayed signal paths when using external inserts, and surround panning from small and large faders using SSL's unique PanPoint system. MT V2.2 also offers individually selectable stereo channels and sweet-spot control of all channels plus MIDI devices.

Soundcraft Series Four FOHCompact live sound mixer for FOH applications. Available in four frame sizes providing 24, 32, 40 and 48 mono inputs into eight group buses, 10 aux buses, and stereo and mono main mix buses. Four full-function stereo input channels are also included in each frame in addition to the mono modules. The output section includes eight VCA groups and a 16x8 matrix section.

SoundTech ST3242SoundTech's ST3242 Quantum Mixer has 24 microphone and four stereo line channels. This 4-bus production mixer is perfect for everything from studios to full concert events. Many advanced functions are available such as AFL/PFL solo, low noise mic pre's, channel direct outputs, control room outputs, channel inserts, stereo aux returns and smooth 100mm faders. The ST3242 is designed for maximum control in a moderate space. Backed by our five-year parts/labor warranty.

Soundtracs DS-M Digital Integrated WorkstationDS-M Digital Integrated Workstation provides 24 or 32 tracks of random access audio, video and automation control combined with the power of Soundtracs DS-3 Digital Production console.

Spirit by Soundcraft LX7 (32-Channel)The LX7 combines the essential Spirit live mixer qualities with basic recording-oriented features. Suitable for gigging bands, small installations, small venues, theaters, houses of worship, live and studio recording. True 7-bus architecture, 4-band EQ with two swept midbands, UltraMic+ preamp with up to 66 dB of gain, channel direct outputs, talkback facility, 100mm faders, 48V phantom power, up to 32 inputs including stereo inputs and returns.

Stagetec/GMA Cantus Mk IIStagetec's Cantus is the ultimate Digital Mixing Console for broadcast, theater, post, scoring and OB vans. Cantus features local/central channel control, ten layers, fully assignable touch-sensitive knobs. Multiple Cantus Consoles share I/O through Stagetec's distributed-hardware Nexus Audio Router. Fiber-optic cables interconnect consoles and Nexus. forty-bit floating-point SHARCs give sonic perfection. 5.1 & 7.1 panning with motorized joysticks. Mix Minus System with automatic Talk-Around. Total Dynamic moving fader automation. Twenty-eight-bit mic inputs.

Studer D950 M2Studer debuts the D950 M2 with a completely redesigned control surface, using a new color scheme and circular LED displays for rotary controls. The Studer D950 M2 features new system software and Studer's exclusive 3-D audio positioning system, Virtual Surround Panning (VSP), which now offers reverberation in addition to the distance impression early reflections. All three models of the Studer D950 family (B, S and M2) may be configured to meet a broad range of applications with the D950's software, scaleable DSP power and modular input/output architecture. Sizes from 12 to well over 100 channels.

Symetrix 460 Presentation Audio MixerThe 460 Presentation Audio Mixer is a digital mixer for A/V presentation systems in boardrooms, classrooms and similar venues. It features two mic/line and four stereo inputs, with two stereo outputs. Routing, level, dynamic control and EQ functions are configurable via front panel controls. Ports for EIA-232 or 485 serial data control are provided for AMX or Crestron controllers. Contact-closure inputs for preset selection and inputs for remote level control are also provided.

TL Audio VTC Tube ConsoleThe award-winning VTC is quite simply the only large format tube mixing console currently available. Its modular in-line design boasts 4-band EQ with one stereo and six mono aux sends, with options including patchbay, fader/mute automations and comprehensive meter bridge. Available in sizes from 16 to 56 channels, the VTC perfectly complements both analog and digital recorders, and is unique in combining the classic warmth of tubes with the functional demands of modern music production.

Trident MTAThis is the original A Series design, as copyrighted from the original blueprints in 1973 by Malcolm Toft and used by the Beatles, Elton John, Queen and many more! Transformer-stage mic pre, 3 highpass and lowpass filters, discrete Class A amplifiers with inductive-tuned EQ circuits and more. The only real difference from the original is the transparent output gain control which is an essential addition to the A series channel, allowing the output gain to drive any professional equipment. Starting at $3,499 for two channels.

Yamaha M3000-56The M3000-56 is a FOH/monitor mixing console featuring 56 inputs, four stereo channels, switchable phantom power, sweepable highpass filters, 16 mix buses with group/aux diversity system, 128 scene memories with MIDI-control capability, MIDI mute groups with 8 hard-assign switches assignable channels to 8 VCA groups, 20x8 submix matrix, insert send/return patch points and switchable 4-band EQ.