The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Music Products Beatnik Production Music Beatnik Production Music is a music and sound licensing site that contains more than 120,000 music and sound files.

Music ProductsBeatnik Production MusicBeatnik Production Music is a music and sound licensing site that contains more than 120,000 music and sound files. The site allows for searching, auditioning, licensing and downloading production-quality music and sound clips from prestigious music libraries, including Access Music, Chappell Recorded Music Library, Extreme Music, FirstCom Music, Glacier, Gotham, Headspace, Hollywood Film Library, Keyfax, Killer Edge, Killer Tracks, Network Music, Sonicopia, TunEdge and Zero-G.

E-mu E4 PlatinumThe E4 Platinum is E-mu's new top-of-the-line professional sampler running new EOS Version 4.5 software, and features E-mu's latest filter/mixing chips and the new RFX-32-E - mu's highly anticipated new FX engine (which allows you to route external signals through its synth engine and the RFX-32). The E4 Platinum also comes standard with 128 MB of RAM, 16 analog outs, 16 channels of ADAT out, six analog inputs, eight ADAT inputs, 20 CD-ROMs and large internal IDE HD.

E-mu Virtuoso 2000The new E-mu Virtuoso 2000 is a 128-voice expandable orchestral sound module that provides the modern composer/musician with a brand new, comprehensive orchestral sound set in a state-of-the-art package. E-mu's sound designers spent months sampling dozens of solo and section instruments, all from the same professional symphony orchestra, to develop an orchestral ROM sound set that is second to none in realism, versatility and consistency throughout all of its instrument sections.

Generalmusic GEM PRP6The GEM PRP6, a 76-key keyboard, features 32-new presets, including ten-exclusive piano sounds and 444-orchestral sounds, which are GM-GMX compatible. Twenty-two-reverbs and 22-effects have been added and are connected to the presets. It offers a six-watt plus six-watt stereo amplification system that reproduces the complex sound diffusion of an acoustic piano, from full tones to subtle tones.

Generalmusic GEM PRP7The PRP7 offers 48-presets, including ten exclusive piano sounds and 444-orchestral sounds that are GM-GMX compatible. Twenty-two reverbs and effects are also featured. The 88-key keyboard provides an internal library of 96 famous musical pieces written for the piano. It has a practical sequencer with a capacity of 8,000 events, and a joystick allows easy control of the pitch and modulation of each sound.

Kurzweil PC2XThe Kurzweil/Young Chang PC2X 76 semiweighted and 88 weighted-action performance controllers have up to 128 voices of polyphony with a new soundset: many new stereo multi-strike samples, including three-strike grand piano, new strings, classic keys, new brass, drums, percussion, Take 6 vocals and more. Also included: 24-bit digital out and stunning digital multi-effects, plus four-zone fully programmable master MIDI controller features.

Northstar Ancient Worlds, SymphoniqueAncient Worlds: Irish (Uileann pipes, penny whistle, cittern, bodhran, mandolin, etc.), baroque, renaissance. Greek: sackbut, kithara, aulos, etc. Symphonique: complete strings, brass, harp, woodwinds, vocals, harpsichord. Solo & section instruments.

Seer Systems Super SurReal BundleA bundle CD that includes SurReal software synthesizer, Technosphere bankset, Warren Trachtman grand piano banksets, CDXtract translator that translates from Roland and AKAI to Sound Font that can be played in SurReal, SeerMusic player for Internet music composition and the Seer Wavmaker that renders MIDI files into .WAV files.

Sonic Foundry ACID Latin & TechnoFollowing the ACID family tradition of the professional, royalty-free, loop-based production software series, Sonic Foundry introduces two new genres, ACID Latin and ACID Techno. Product specs: unlimited tracks; real-time file/loop audition; automatic loop tempo and pitch matching; G2, WMA and MP3 file support; non-looping audio file support; real-time tempo and pitch changes; and Audio recording.

VideoHelper Music Library FreakshowInfamous for creating "alternative" production music, VideoHelper storms the midway with its newest disc, "Freakshow." Crammed with 60 discrete themes, "Freakshow" features cuts that dare combine punk rock and Mariachi, plus client-driven requests (the vintage sound of newsreel music in "News Marches On") and tracks composed entirely of glassware and typewriters. Also included is the sickest - and we mean sickest - smattering of Holiday music ever offered by a production music library ("Silent Night, Holy Terror" and "First Noel, Then Rock.")

Voce 5 Tonewheel Organ ModuleV5 organ module is a MIDI controlled, fully polyphonic organ synthesizer utilizing a modeled organ generator architecture. It's a small non-rackmount unit intended for use near a MIDI keyboard as it has onboard drawbars protruding from the front of the unit.

Voce Spin IIStomp box rotating speaker simulator. Analog simulator has stereo out, adjustment for speeds controls and is AC-mains powered.