The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Power Amplifiers Apogee Sound CA-1000 Series CA-1000 Series Amplifiers are designed for touring, permanent installations and commercial sound applications

Power AmplifiersApogee Sound CA-1000 SeriesCA-1000 Series Amplifiers are designed for touring, permanent installations and commercial sound applications and feature power MOSFET technology for improved reliability and sonic quality and reduced heat output. All models feature rear panel level controls and easy access to the front panel air intake and air filter. Additional features include a clip eliminator, speaker protection and adjustable speed fans. The power supplies use low ESR capacitors and uniform-wound toroidal transformers. Rear panel mounting ears are optional.

BGW Performance Series 3fLThe Performance Series 3fL Power Amplifier is the first in a series of products to incorporate BGW's innovative fastLink technology. fastLink monitors crucial aspects of amplifier performance via an HD15-F (standard VGA 15-pin High-Density D-type female connector), allowing the PS 3fL to link with existing industry-standard control systems and signal processing. Based on the BGW Performance Series 3 power amplifier, the compact PS 3fL delivers over 700 watts per channel into a 2-ohm load.

Bryston Ltd. 14B STRecording studio, film production and mastering suites. Two-channel; power/clipping lights; mono/stereo switch; independent power supplies; Quad-Complementary output section; heat sink; convection cooling; bridgeable; Gold-plated connectors; and 5-way binding posts. Balanced or unbalanced. Individual trim pots per channel. Power per channel: 600 watts @ 8 ohms, 1000 watts @ 4 ohms. Over 2000 watts bridged @ 8 ohms. THD< 0.004%. XLR/1/4-inch/RCA connectors. 19x5.25x22 inches. Weight 90 lbs.

Carver Professional CV SeriesThree mono amplifiers and three dual-channel amplifiers, from 60 W to 800 W. All are convection cool, with remote level control and power sequencing. Additionally, a series of special application input modules are available for the CV Series: Paging Module, Mixing Module, Microphone Input Module and DSP Module, with and without networking card.

Crest LT and ST AmpsCrest Audio introduces new light-weight amplifiers with its 33-lb. LT amplifier with linear-toroid power supply and its 24-lb. ST amplifier with resonant-switching power supply. Both versions are available in 250watts, 500W, 750W and 1000W per channel (4-ohm) power points and are housed in a two-rackspace package. Input connectors include 1/4-inch TRS, XLR and Phoenix connectors. Speakon and five-way binding posts are provided for outputs.

Crown CE-4000The new CE-4000 features patented and award-winning BCA switching technology. BCA generates more power and less heat than traditional linear amplifiers. Crown's Switch Mode Power Supply allows enormous power and performance and only weighs 34 lbs. Power Factor Correction for global power compatibility means your CE-4000 will work with any line voltage. Delivers 1800 W @ 2ohms (> or = to 200V line voltage), 1200 W @ 4ohms and 600 W @ 8ohms.

Hafler SR-2600Hafler's new SR-2600 600-watt per channel live sound amplifier delivers real power without thermal problems - continuously - at any impedance. The two-rackspace Class G amp provides for a very simple gain path for incredible sound quality, as well as high efficiency and lower heat. Power is the same regardless of impedance, so the user/installer need not worry about the load. Features include switching power supplies and surface mount and MOSFET technologies.

QSC PowerLight 2 SeriesNew for portable live sound/touring applications, the PowerLight 2 amplifier series combines high-performance power with integrated signal processing. Four models - PL218 (US list price $1,330), PL224 ($1,620), PL230 ($1,920) and PL236 ($2,160) - deliver up to 1,850 watts per channel @ 2ohms in a 21lb., two-rackspace chassis. Each model comes in three versions: a base model; an A version with internal analog signal processing; and a D version with digital signal processing capability.

QSC DSP-3The DSP-3 is a compact digital signal processing solution that offers two channels of independent DSP. Each channel handles a wide variety of DSP functions, including high- and lowpass crossover filters, high- and lowpass shelf filters, signal delay, compression, peak limiting, six parametric filters, two-to-one mixer, signal splitter, signal mute, 0.1dB attenuation steps, signal polarity reversal and selectable 1v/3v input sensitivity. Configuration is via an advanced drag-and-drop software graphical user interface.

SoundTech PL1204SoundTech is pleased to present the PL1204 Powerlab Quad amplifier. The 4-channel PL1204 provides 280 watts/channel into 4 ohms or 190 watts/channel into 8 ohms. Each pair of channels can be bridged to provide 560 watts/channel. Other features include varispeed fan cooling and two internal heat sinks to keep things running smoothly. Backed by a five-year parts/labor warranty.

Tsunami Technologies HQS-Series AmpsThe HQS family of Switch Mode Power is supply based power amplifiers and desk style powered mixers with models up to 2000W stereo power all updated and improved with better protection circuitry and construction. The HQ-2002S power amplifier, 1000W X 2 weighs only 27 pounds, and the full-featured desk style powered mixers feature the same power amplifier sections and weighs only 34 pounds.

Yorkville Audiopro A4.4The A4.4 is a power-factor-corrected switching power supply amplifier that delivers 1200 watts/channel at 4 ohms. The A4.4 combines a light aluminum chassis and power-factor-corrected power supply with the high-efficiency power amplifier modules of the AP4040. The 26-pound A4.4 also features front-to-back fan cooling, high-pass filter, advanced protection circuitry, ground lift switch, defeatable limiter, stereo/mono/bridge switch, XLR and 1/4-inch balanced inputs and Speakon and binding post outputs.