The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Signal Processing, Hardware Antares Audio Technologies AMM-1 The AMM-1 Microphone Modeler allows any reasonably full-range microphone to sound like virtually

Signal Processing, HardwareAntares Audio Technologies AMM-1The AMM-1 Microphone Modeler allows any reasonably full-range microphone to sound like virtually any other microphone; simply tell the AMM-1 which microphone you are actually using and which mic you would like it to sound like. The AMM-1 can be used during mixdown to effectively change the mic on an already recorded track as well as adding a model of classic tube saturation distortion.

Audient ASP510The ASP510 Surround Sound Mix/Monitor controller is an outboard 5.1 surround controller that can be used with any stereo console to provide comprehensive 5.1 monitoring and mix facilities. The ASP510 supports three 5.1 and three stereo sources, has six speaker outputs, features switchable Encoder/Decoder insertion connections, individual cut/solo function, individual speaker level trims, and offers DCA gain control elements, guide track input and easy system integration.

CEDAR Audio DNS1000The DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor is the world's first digital noise suppression system designed specifically for film production, dialog, dubbing and remote recording. It is a compact desktop unit whose user interface is quick and intuitive. Its zero-latency signal path ensures no loss of lip sync, and 24-bit digital I/O ensures transparency. The floating-point DSP algorithm offers higher selectivity than typical analog processors. Low, mid and high-frequency ranges provide you further processing flexibility.

Crate Pro Audio Studio ModulesThe Studio Module Series packs loads of effects into five versatile units. The SM1-SP provides 32 digital effects, the SM2-SRS simulates 3D sound from stereo speakers, the SM3-PE is a three-band parametric EQ, the SM4-CL provides compression/limiting and finally, the SM5-HP is meant for five headphones.

DACS VocoderThe DACS Vocoder Filter, manufactured in the UK, is a 16-band vocoder filter with balanced line inputs, microphone input, unbalanced guitar input and internal ramp and noise modulation inputs. Features also include octave shift of modulating inputs up/down with a variation between filter and vocoder mode. This great new product also offers output wet/dry mix control. This ultimate analog effector is built to DACS' standard superior quality.

dbx 376 Tube Channel StripThe 376 Tube Channel Strip with digital output is a combination tube preamp with EQ and compression, featuring a tube preamp; 3-band equalizer with variable mid; compressor with threshold and ratio controls, overeasy and slow switches; de-esser with frequency and amount adjustment knob; adjustable output level; 48V phantom power; 20dB pad switch; phase reversal switch; low-cut switch; line-level and high-impedance instrument inputs and more.

D.W. Fearn LC EqualizerUtilizing much of the circuit-design elements and construction techniques that made the VT-1/VT-2 Vacuum Tube Mic Preamps so popular, the D.W. Fearn LC Equalizer provides the same sonic quality in a single-channel, Class A triode equalizer. The input is balanced-bridging, and the output is transformer-isolated. Active tube stages surround the passive LC equalization circuitry.

Demeter Amplification Real ReverbThe only analog spring reverb that is ready for the digital age. Featuring two channels (one with short decay, one with long), each with its own classic Hammond/Accutronics 6-spring reverb tank, surrounded with the modern low-noise components and innovative circuit design. Each channel has input, mix, output, low cut, phase controls and balanced inputs and outputs. Both input and outputs can be combined. All in a single rackspace.

DigiTech RP100The RP100 combines a room full of vintage and modern amp models with 25 fully programmable studio-quality effects, and up to 10 effects available at once. Each effect includes up to three adjustable parameters providing complete flexibility. The RP100's Rhythm Trainer plays sampled drum beats in an infinite loop, allowing perfect timing with selectable patterns and tempo. The RP100 includes 40 factory/40 user presets, and measures 6.25x8.25x2.25 inches (WxLxH).

Dolby DM100 Portable Audio MonitorThe Dolby DM100 is a battery- or AC-powered handheld unit for testing and monitoring Dolby Digital, Dolby E and PCM multichannel bitstreams in production and broadcast facilities. It generates appropriate test signals and permits monitoring any two of up to eight decoded channels over headphones, or the sum of any pair over a built-in speaker. Metadata information can be displayed on a 2-line LCD, and a pass-through mode allows modifying the input signal's AES channel-status bits.

Dolby DP570 Multichannel Audio ToolThe Dolby DP570 Multichannel Audio Tool is for monitoring multichannel audio, creating Dolby Digital metadata and hearing the metadata's effects in real-time when preparing soundtracks for eventual delivery as Dolby Digital bitstreams. Used with Dolby E and Dolby Digital codecs, the DP570 gives unprecedented control over what viewers hear at home. The DP570 features speaker selection, a built-in Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoder for checking Lt/Rt downmixes, a signal router and options for remote control.

DTS CAE-4 EncoderNow shipping, the CAE-4 Professional Encoder was created specifically for audio professionals to encode soundtracks and music content in the DTS format for DVD and CD. It is designed to be simple and user friendly. The CAE-4 accepts six audio channels (three AES/EBU pairs) and outputs a DTS bitstream on a single AES/EBU pair. Front panel controls include timecode mode, surround gain, LFE on/off and 2-channel/5-channel DVD data rate. A DTS software suite, included with the encoder, provides an easy and efficient method to verify bitstream compliance with DTS quality requirements and with DVD standards.

DTS CAD-4 DecoderNow shipping, the CAD-4 Decoder is a high-performance decoder designed as a companion to the CAE-4 Encoder in professional environments, enabling instant and accurate monitoring of DTS bitstreams. Features include 24-bit D/A conversion for optimum analog output performance and AES/EBU ouptuts for use with an external D/A and real-time playback of DTS encoded bitstreams.

Empirical Labs Fatso Jr.This 2-channel audio thickening signal processor offers fatness and warmth control, combined with compression and tape simulation/tube emulation modes.

E-mu RFX-32The RFX-32 is a 32-bit, 16 stereo channel effects processor/mixer that can be fitted in all E4 Ultra samplers (standard on E4 Platinum). The RFX-32 provides professional quality effects, extensive bus routing options (including routing external signals through the synthesis and FX engines) and a large number of simultaneous FX. Also available are new 24-bit Analog and Digital I/O (require the RFX-32 to be installed).

Eventide DSP7000Offering four times the processing power and more features - at half the cost - of the DSP4000, the $3,695 DSP7000 is a 24-bit/96kHz processor with more than 500 factory presets, with 150-user-preset capability, independent gain control and metering of analog and digital I/Os, and compatibility with DSP4000 presets and library cards.

Eventide EVE/NETThe new EVE/NET remote control unit will control up to four stereo DSP7000 and multichannel Orville effects processors in any combination, from one or two remote locations.

Focusrite MixMasterThe Platinum MixMaster is a stereo dynamics processor that inherits its Class A circuit design from Focusrite's legendary Blue Range of mastering processors. It features independent Expander, Multiband Compressor, Limiter, Multiband EQ and stereo imaging controls, all optimized for the final stages of audio production. The Focusrite MixMaster allows for +4 and -10 operating levels, mixing of direct inputs and optional 24/96 digital output.

Helicon Vocal Technologies VoicePrismThe Helicon VoicePrism, a vocal pitch and formant processor, is a full solution vocal processor for stage and studio. Unlike simple harmony processors, the VoicePrism has a full range of lead and backing channel vocal processing under preset control. The VoicePrism Expansion Card represents the world's first implementation of HVM (Human Voice Modeling) technology. Helicon is a joint venture company owned by IVL Technologies Ltd. and TC Electronic A/S.

HHB Radius 3 Fat ManThe new HHB Radius 3 Fat Man is a stereo tube compressor with 15 high-quality presets, making it easy to add fat, professional sounding tube compression when tracking, mixing or playing live. Nothing matches the unique sonic signature of the vacuum tube, and the HHB Radius 3 Fat Man uses classic 12AX7 dual triode devices for the ultimate tube fatness.

Hosa Technology Hum-ZapperHosa's HEM-331 Hum-Zapper is a 2-channel, passive transformer isolation device with ground-lift. Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20kHz (+0.5 dB, -1.5 dB). Distortion: 0.05% at 1kHz. Channel separation: 90 dB at 1 kHz. Max. source impedance: 2k ohm or lower. Max. load impedance: 10k ohm or higher.

Lexicon 960LThe Lexicon 960L redefines world-class reverberation as a true multichannel surround and stereo reverb effects system. Featuring: 24-bit/96kHz processing, Lexicon 3DPM algorithms (3-Dimensional Perceptual Modeling), LARC2 remote, input/output mixing, audio/control/hardware/software expandable, 250 factory programs/1,000 registers, eight motorized faders, joystick for surround panning & parameters. Standard configuration: 3DPM - Stereo, 5.1 surround and combined, eight 24-bit/96kHz balanced XLR analog I/O, four stereo pairs 24-bit/96kHz AES/EBU, MIDI, word clock, 3.5-inch floppy and CD-ROM drive for software upgrades.

Line 6 Bass POD ProBass POD Pro is a rackmount version of Bass POD, featuring amp modeling, effects and Line 6 A.I.R. speaker/ mic/room emulation and unique dual output design. With 1/4-inch and XLR analog outputs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs, effects loops and a line level input and output (great for re-amping or processing non-bass sources), Bass POD Pro is perfect for professional recording and live performance.

Line 6 POD ProRackmount version of the POD digital modeling guitar amp system, with 32 amp models, 16 mix and match cab models, 16 customizable studio-quality stereo effects, A.I.R. cabinet/speaker/mic emulation, ToneTransfer Web library compatibility and a chromatic tuner. Professional extras include 24-bit digital outs (AES/EBU and S/PDIF) with sync to external word clock, stereo dual mode direct outs, line in and out, XLR outputs for live/studio mode, stereo effects loop, MIDI and more.

Lucid Studio Sync GeneratorThe SSG192 high definition Studio Sync Generator produces master reference clock signals for digital audio equipment in recording, post-production and broadcast studios. By providing a single low-jitter clock source for the entire digital studio, common sync problems, manifested as clicks and pops, can largely be eliminated. When used for film or video post-production, the SSG192 can reference the house video blackburst generator, or it can generate video blackburst and serve as the house generator itself.

Millennia MSD-02 The MatrixMSD-02 The Matrix is a mid-side (MS) decoding matrix with a complete Class-A, all-discrete signal path. Includes L/R decoded outputs, direct (thru) M-S outputs, width control and headphone jack with level control.

Peavey X-Frame 88The new 24-bit, single-rackspace X-Frame 88 offers 8x8 analog I/O and is expandable by adding the new MM-8802 breakout box, for additional X-Frame 88s for maximum expansion of 24x24. Support for serial control is included. New front panel features include meters for all eight input and output channels. Additional improvements include more DSP power and a new CAT5 cable interface. New software controls analog stages from the MediaMatrix GUI.

Purple Audio EyeballAn analog synth-like processor that will seriously screw up whatever signal you put though it. The eyeball allows the user to mix and filter a Frequency Multiplier, Frequency Divider, Distortion, Ring Modulator and dry signal to achieve truly unique sounds using any type of input device. The filter controls are: start and stop frequencies, resonance, VCA Envelope and sweep rate. The filter can be triggered internally or externally via a 1/4-inch on the rear panel.

Purple Audio SI-32The SI-32 Synthesizer interface consists of 32 channels of unbalanced to balanced amplifier interfaces in a heavy- duty stainless steel 1U rackmount enclosure utilizing ITT Cannon DL 96 connectors for the inputs and outputs. The SI Series provides a simple solution to the common problem of connecting large numbers of unbalanced equipment, such as synthesizers, samplers and other MI modules to audio recording and live sound consoles over long cable distances.

Requisite Audio L2MSpecial attention has been afforded to the L2M's audio performance and its abilty to link solidly for 5.1 applications. Recent installations include Capitol Mastering in Hollywood and Georgetown Masters in Nashville. The expansion circuit was inspired by the recent trend of mastering houses receiving program material that suffers from hard, digital over-compression. The L2M is ideally suited for this situtation.

Schoeps DSP-4P KFM 360Surround sound digital processor for the Bruck KFM 360 sphere surround system. Can be used on-location or in post-production to decode a 4-channel input into a full 360ø presentation, including a Gerzon-derived center channel for 5.1 surround playback.

Sony DRE-S777 EnhancementsNew enhancements for the Sony DRE-S777 Digital Sampling Reverb include two sampling reverb CD-ROMs: American Acoustic Spaces and Japanese Acoustic Spaces. Now you can record and mix in Ocean Way Studios, a Tokyo bathhouse or even the Grand Canyon. Also, Sony's new DASK-S704 Sampling Function Software allows sampling and storing your own reverb data on a Memory Stick.

SPL Channel OneThe Channel One is a complete channel strip that has all the necessary tools on board which include: mic-/line-tube-preamp, de-esser, compressor/limiter with noise gate, SPL's unrivaled EQ techniques and a headphone monitor combined in this unique channel strip for sound perfectionists. The Channel One is tailored ideally to the needs of HD tracking; however, it also satisfies highest requirements in analog environments. Intelligent automation provides ease of use and guarantees musical results for each recording.

TC Electronic Triple-CThe Triple-C compressor and envelope is a dedicated 3-band insert compressor targeted towards project studio owners and live sound applications. It represents a significantly faster, intuitive and more powerful style of compressor, and comes in both mono and stereo versions. The Triple-C features 3 independent bands of low, mid and high- frequency compression all accessible via a simple to use WYSIWYG hardware user interface combined with an informative, easy-to-read multispectral LCD.

TOA Electronics DP-0206 (DACsys 2000)The new DP-0206 is a 2-in/6-out device expandable to 2-in/8-out, 2-in/10-out, 4-in/6-out, or 6-in/6-out with optional modules. Its TOA Clear conversion technology offers precise 24-bit A/D conversion and more than 110dB dynamic range. User-friendly control software makes it easy to configure and operate, with a wide range of audio processing tools including crossovers, multiband filters, compressor/limiters, noise gates, delays and more. Full matrixing allows users to independently route any combination of inputs to outputs for multizone or room-combining applications.

Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A Leveling AmplifierNow shipping, the LA-2A - known for its transparent compression - offers unique electro-optical attenuator system allowed instantaneous gain reduction with no increase harmonic distortion - a breakthrough at the time, still appreciated today. In our reproduction of Teletronix LA-2A, painstaking care has been taken to ensure that it matches the performance and characteristics of the original.

XTA DP324The DP324 is a Digital Dynamic Processor system that provides compression, expansion, delay, gate, limiting and dynamic equalization in an easy-to-use format. The DP324 is a 2-input/2-output unit with two assignable auxiliary outputs fitted as standard. It is equally at home as a channel insert device or across the final system outputs. The DP324 can be used in both live sound and studio applications.

Yamaha SRV1The SRV1 is a high-quality reverb featuring FIR sampling technology to reproduce different sound fields, capability to simulate environments with short reverb times such as room ambiences, long reverb times such as tunnels and specialized environments such as a stadium. It has the capability to function as a stereo or surround processor, and the ability to sample your own environments is built in. CD-ROM drive and optional remote control.

Z-Systems z-CL6 Mastering DynamicsA companion piece to the critically acclaimed z-Q6 mastering equalizer, the z-CL6 is a 6-channel compressor/ limiter which is suitable for both stereo and surround sound mastering applications. The z-CL6 operates entirely in the digital domain and offers six channels of processing at resolutions up to 24 bits and sample rates up to 96 kHz. It features precise yet analog-like compression and limiting, an intuitive user interface and MIDI automation.

Z-Systems z-Q6 Mastering EQThe z-Q6 is a 6-channel parametric equalizer, which is suitable for both stereo and surround sound mastering applications. The z-Q6 offers six channels of processing at resolutions up to 24 bits and sample rates up to 96 kHz. It features precise six channels of Z-Systems' world-famous equalization algorithms, an intuitive user interface and MIDI automation.

Z-Systems Ambience Recovery ProcessorsThe z-K2 and z-K6 K-Stereo and K-Surround Ambience Recovery Processors, based on Bob Katz's patent-pending algorithm. K-Stereo enhances and restores a recording's existing ambience, depth and spatial information; it's a handle on the reverb returns after the mix has been made. K-Surround converts existing 2-channel recordings to surround by extracting and spreading the ambience to the front and surround loudspeakers. Both produce effective, warm, enveloping, natural sound without coloration, comb-filtering, breakup or artifacts.