The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Signal Processing, Software Antares Audio Technologies Auto-Tune 3 Auto-Tune 3 enhances the worldwide standard in pitch correction with new features,

Signal Processing, SoftwareAntares Audio Technologies Auto-Tune 3Auto-Tune 3 enhances the worldwide standard in pitch correction with new features, including phase-coherent processing of stereo tracks; extended low-frequency pitch range; 96kHz capability; setting of target notes via MIDI; a new Learn Melody From MIDI function; even better pitch detection; a snazzy new interface; and much more. The TDM version also adds optimized Mix Chip usage for up to 4 instantiations per chip as well as AudioSuite functionality.

Arboretum Hyperprism V. 2.5Hyperprism V. 2.5 is a sound design program offering around 40 effects, with simultaneous mouse control of any parameters for each effect. It includes the latest Granulator, HyperPhaser and Formant Pitch Shift. The program is available as several sets of plug-ins for HyperEngine (Arboretum's native host) for $299, Premiere (Mac) for $199, VST (Mac) for $199, AudioSuite (Mac) for $199 and DirectX (Windows) for $199. The Plug-In-Pack includes all Premiere, VST, AudioSuite and DirectX sets for $399.

Bomb Factory BF EssentialsBF Essentials[TM] for Digidesign and MOTU systems is a full suite of time-saving, trouble-solving tools all priced under $100. The BF Essential Meter Bridge[TM] ($69) provides great analog metering on any channel. Avoid flickering green lines or blinky fake LEDs, and enjoy the ease of use afforded by a needle, a big meter and the decades-old industry standard for meter ballistics. Select RMS or British Peak (PPM) metering and calibrate instantly for useful viewing at any signal level. The BF Essential Tuner[TM] ($99) uses the power of TDM and modern host CPUs to track better and tune faster than any of those battery-eating handheld gizmos. Works great on bass, electric guitar, vintage name it.

Bomb Factory JOEMEEK[TM] VC5 EQJoe Meek prototyped musical circuits in tiny tobacco tins. One of them was a treble and bass circuit used in conjunction with a sweepable mid control. The Meequalizer for Digidesign and MOTU systems recreates the exact circuit used by Joe Meek, offering simple controls and incredibly warm, musical results.

Cycling '74 MSP 2.0Cycling '74 announces Version 2.0 of MSP, its real-time synthesis and signal processing extensions to the Max graphical programming environment for Mac OS. This update includes support for 24-bit audio file formats, 512 I/O channels, support for ReWire and DirectConnect and more than 40 new and enhanced audio processing and sample playback objects. Now shipping; cost TBA.

Digidesign Reverb OneThe latest addition to Digidesign's plug-in stable is Reverb One, an exceptional-quality mastering and effects reverb for Pro Tools TDM customers. Making use of controls that were previously only found on hardware reverb units, this new plug-in allows Pro Tools customers to create a wide range of new reverb sounds from an extensive set of presets that are easy to manipulate from an intuitive user interface.

DUY EverPackEverPack is a native bundle of five plug-ins for RTAS, MAS, VST, Audiosuite and Premiere. The included plug-ins are DaD Valve, DUY Shape, Max DUY, DUY Wide and DUY's brand new reverb, DUY Z-Room, which has three processing modes that optimize processing time.

Kind of Loud RealVerb 5.1RealVerb 5.1 is the first reverb designed for surround. RealVerb uses both spatial and spectral techniques to model physical spaces and maps reverberation spatially for surround mixing. Morphing tools customize room shapes and materials, and users can create hybrid rooms, from a simple shoebox to a fan-shaped concert hall, with control over the nature, size and materials. Complex algorithms support morphing and blending in real-time with no zipper effect. Precise and independent controls determine the strength, timing and surround field placement of the direct path, early reflections and late-field reverberation. You can also control the direct source location to change the perceived distance between the sound source and your listener.

Metric Halo Laboratories ChannelStripChannelStrip provides all critical channel processing features one expects on top-line mixing consoles in a single mono or stereo plug-in. ChannelStrip combines stunning sound quality with a convenient interface, allowing control of all critical channel processes interactively and simultaneously, just like a real console! Key features: expander/ gate with integrated sidechain filter; compressor with integrated sidechain filter; 6-band fully parametric 64-bit EQ; and high-resolution metering.

Peavey MWare 3.1MWare 3.1 is the latest release of Peavey's MediaMatrix software, featuring new devices and more functionality: Additional support for advanced networking via the CobraNet network and TCP/IP control clients has been expanded. New devices include the DTMF Decoder, which provides external control via standard CO or PBX-based telephone systems, the Gain Sharing AutoMixers, Ramping Routers and control delay. Support for the new CAB 16 series of CobraNet bridges is also new.

Power Technology DSP-FX Stereo WidenerThe DSP-FX Stereo Widener allows you to enhance and manipulate the stereo image of stereo tracks and .WAV files. The Widener accomplishes this by extracting the stereo and mono components of the audio signal and allowing you to manipulate those components in time and space. When used on individual tracks recorded using stereo miking techniques, the Widener is very effective in providing a more natural sound by virtually letting you read just the microphone placements and correct for phase problems.

Power Technology DFXDFX enhances the listening experience of Winamp, RealPlayer, RealJukebox and Sonique users by correcting the sonic limitations of MP3, RealAudio and Windows Media. These audio formats suffer from two major problems: loss of high-frequency fidelity (causing a muffled sound) and loss of stereo separation and depth. DFX also compensates for the limitations of typical PC playback systems and listening environments.

Sabine Graphi-Q Remote Control Software V.3.20Graphi-Q Remote Control software is compatible with Windows NT & 2000. New functions include: Tweek-n-Peek, values for all front panel controls display briefly on the front panel LED after every adjustment; three modes of compressor/limiter linking, Absolute Link (values match), Relative Link (values move together) and True Stereo (compression settings move in stereo); Demo/Edit Offline Mode, create or edit a program offline, store it and load it into a unit in the field; and SIA Smaart Pro-compatibile.

Steinberg Nuendo Surround EditionThe Nuendo Surround Edition is a collection of six real-time surround plug-ins with up to 8-channel capability, designed for daily use in post-production work. Since the needs in a surround environment differ quite significantly from the classic 2-channel world, Steinberg Spectral Design has developed this plug-in collection specifically as tools for the specialized fields of film, theater, DVD and modern music production. The Nuendo Surround Edition retails for an MSRP of $1,299.

Symbolic Sound Kyma.5Kyma is well-known as the most flexible, real-time sound design software you can buy. Now, with Kyma.5, that power and flexibility has become more accessible and easier to use. A searchable sound library of over 400 factory presets, a timeline and scores of new sound synthesis and effects algorithms make Kyma.5 ideal for remixing, sound design (for film, advertising and computer games) and live music synthesis and signal processing.

Waldorf PPG 2.VPPG 2.V is a VST Instrument plug-in that re-creates the famous PPG Wave synthesizer popular in the early '80s. The original synthesizer had a unique characteristic sound because of its ablilty to sweep through different waveforms called wavetables. The sound is unique to say the least. The plug-in is so authentic that it actually re-creates the quirky LFO of the original.

Waves Renaissance Collection, Version 3Unbeatable sound and power, for the perfect price. This new Renaissance Collection puts the three most-needed processors into your studio: equalization, dynamics and reverb, all with classic interfaces and profound power "under the hood." It features the new Renaissance Reverb, with classic sound and vintage-style controls for the demands of everyday production; the Renaissance Compressor, an exceptional compressor modeling vintage optical and electrical gear; and the Renaissance Equalizer, our highly praised double-precision resolution equalizer.

Waves Gold Bundles, Version 3Waves Gold Bundles have everything you need, with essential daily tools, sweetening and mastering processors and sound design mindbenders - from the original Q10 and L1, to the new Renaissance series. It includes every processor we make, including the new Renaissance Reverb, the C4 Multiband, patented MaxxBass, the unsurpassed Renaissance EQ and Compressor. Over 300 setups and processors provide exacting control of the highest-resolution tools, for musicians, mastering, remix, restoration, multimedia, film, Web, games, everything audio.