The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Test Equipment Audio Precision APWIN 2.1 APWIN 2.1 audio test software adds new downloadable User-Defined Filters for System Two Cascade audio analyzers,

Test EquipmentAudio Precision APWIN 2.1APWIN 2.1 audio test software adds new downloadable User-Defined Filters for System Two Cascade audio analyzers, as well as a new DSP-based individual harmonic distortion analyzer and support for the new AES17LP hardware filter option.

Audio Precision AES17LP FilterThe S2-AES17LP filter option is available for both System Two and System Two Cascade and facilitates AES17 D/A distortion measurements or other sensitive measurements in the presence of severe out-of-band noise.

Logitek TVU-4 Curved Display MeterThe Tru-VU LED meter offers four meters (two stereo pairs) in a curved style. It is different from other curved LED meters in that it represents the true 300mS VU ballistic standard along with a peak display: hence the name Tru-VU. Inputs can be either analog or digital. Analog inputs are bridging, balanced or unbalanced. Digital inputs accommodate professional format (AES) or consumer format (S/PDIF) and automatically adjust to the signal sample rate.

Logitek UV71 7.1 Surround MeterLogitek's UV71 meter is packaged in a vertical desktop enclosure with 8 bar graphs. Units can be configured for analog or digital inputs. The 7.1 meter uses Logitek's Ultra-VU style display (also available in the 5.1 meter UV51). Each bar graph is composed of 62 LEDs with true 300ms VU ballistics, with simultaneous peak indications and hold. Operating modes include loudness filter and fine resolution.

Neutrik Instrumentation Minilyzer ML-1Another palm-sized solution from Neutrik, the ML-1 offers advanced analysis functions expected only from larger and more expensive systems. The ML-1 is a sophisticated audio analyzer that measures level (RMS or peak), THD+N and frequency, indicates polarity and signal balance error, and features VU and PPM metering. It can acquire results in several modes, including meter (numerical results and bar graph), sweep (vs. frequency or time), third-octave spectrum and scope.

Prism Sound dScope Series IIIThe dScope Series III (DS3) is a computer-hosted test and measurement system supporting analog, digital and digital interface testing. The DS3 provides a multifunction real-time analyzer, an FFT analyzer and displays scope, sweep and FFT traces as well as time-domain distortion trace and AES waveform trace and eye-diagram. With easy user-defined multitone generation, scriptable measurement detectors and VBscript automation, DS3 is a state-of-the-art solution at an affordable price.

Rolls PT102 Phase TesterThe PT102 Phase Tester is comprised of two separate units, a transmitter and a receiver. The PT102t Transmitter emits a pulse via either an internal speaker or 1/4-inch unbalanced phone jack. The PT102r Receiver detects the phase of the pulse through microphones, signal processors, mixers or entire audio systems. A set of LEDs on the receiver blinks with each pulse - a green LED for in-phase signals and a red LED for out-of-phase signals.

TerraSonde Audio Toolbox PlusThe Audio Toolbox Plus builds on the popular Audio Toolbox foundation, which includes Acoustic Analysis functions (SPL, RTA, RT60, Energy-Time Graph), Test Functions (Signal Generator, dB, VU, & PPM Meters, S/N, Scope, Distortion Meter, Impedance Meter), Utilities (Cable Tester, Monitor Amp, PC/Mac interface), and Session Helpers (timecode & MIDI tools). The Plus adds an all-metal case, removable microphone, built-in rechargeable battery system, larger LCD, and includes the Contractor's Software.