The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Wireless Products Audio-Technica ATW-7373 UHF System This latest addition to the Audio-Technica 7000 Series features the new ATW-T73 Handheld Condenser

Wireless ProductsAudio-Technica ATW-7373 UHF SystemThis latest addition to the Audio-Technica 7000 Series features the new ATW-T73 Handheld Condenser Microphone/Transmitter. Engineered with the same element used in the legendary AT4033 studio microphone, the ATW-T73 provides a real step up in wireless audio quality, delivering rich sound, natural top end and superb off-axis rejection. The system also offers 100 PLL-synthesized selectable channels, true diversity reception, UHF operation, ground-lift switch, adjustable squelch control, balanced and unbalanced audio output jacks.

Azden 411 DRHThis half-rack wireless UHF receiver features True Diversity, 63 user-selectable frequencies, RF/audio displays, on/off switch, external squelch, and rear-mounted detachable antennas.

E-V N/DYM UHF WirelessElectro-Voice's N/DYM UHF wireless microphone series features ClearScan Auto Channel Select. Combining quality, ergonomics, rugged design and affordability, the N/DYM wireless systems feature 10-channel frequency agility, a basic requirement for today's musician who has to perform in highly RF-challenged environments.

Nady Systems UHF-10Nady's new single-channel UHF wireless microphone system at new breakthrough low cost. Includes DigiTRU Diversity receiver with dual antennae and advanced digital processing circuitry for maximum dropout protection, with either the UH-10 handheld or UB-10 bodypack transmitter. UB-10 can be user switched to operate as a lavalier, headworn mic or instrument transmitter. Full professional features for top performance and operation. 120 dB dynamic range. Full frequency response. Transparent audio. 250-foot typical operating range (up to 500 feet line of sight).

Samson Airline SeriesAirLine UHF features miniaturized transmitters that eliminate traditional body packs. A tiny AAA battery provides up to 14 hours of battery life. The AH1 Fitness/Performance transmitter is mounted on the headset. The AL1 presentation transmitter has a built-in electret condenser and an input for external lavalier mics. The AX1 handheld transmitter converts any dynamic into a wireless mic in seconds, and the tiny AR1 UHF micro receiver can be wall-mounted for ease of use.

Sennheiser SP 230 Infrared SystemThis portable, 2-channel infrared system operates on high- subcarrier frequencies (2.3 MHz on channel one and 2.8 MHz on channel two), allowing users to avoid interference generated from electronically ballasted fluorescent lights. Intended for use in medium sized installations. Simple to operate. Covers 4,000 sq. ft. in single-channel mode and 2,000 in dual-channel mode. The unit features two line and mic level inputs.

Telex RadioCom BTR-300Telex Communications Inc. is introducing the RadioCom BTR-300 wireless intercom system. The successor to Telex's industry standard BTR-200/RTS 2105 wireless VHF intercom system, the BTR-300 has been optimized for the realities of today's expanded frequency spectrum. Taking into account the increasing presence of digital television (DTV), the BTR-300 offers twice the available frequency bands of its predecessors.

TOA DK-7 Digital WirelessThe TOA state-of-the-art DK-7 digital wireless systems provide users with superior studio quality sound and greater than 110dB dynamic range. Customers choose from handheld, lapel or instrument systems for a wide range of applications from live performances to studio recordings. The DK-7 offers superior immunity from RF interference and as no compander is necessary, users don't experience any unwanted "pumping" or "breathing" effects.