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Mix AES 2003 New Products Guide

AC Power Products Furman Sound RVC-7W The RVC-7W Reference AC Power Conditioner's isolated symmetrically balanced power ensures that no ground contamination

AC Power Products

Furman Sound RVC-7W

The RVC-7W Reference AC Power Conditioner’s isolated symmetrically balanced power ensures that no ground contamination from your incoming line will affect your filtered AC power. This total isolation of both ground and incoming AC power means your critical reproduction will not suffer AC hum bars, RF or EMI contamination from shared AC ground lines. Input: 120 VAC 7 amps minimum capacity (hard-wired). Output: 120 VAC 7 amps or 840 watts maximum current draw. Outlets: two isolated, symmetrical balanced AC outlets w/GFCI protection.
List: $999. AES Booth #: 428.
1997 S. McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA 94954
707/763-1010; fax 707/763-1310

PS Audio Ultimate Outlet

A passive AC-conditioning product that reduces AC line noise by 40 dB. It uses a balun to (a donut of iron oxide). Visit our Website for a detailed description. Mostly known to audiophiles, PS Audio deserves serious consideration by the pro audio/engineering field. Price: $300 to $400, depending on 120/240-volt.
4824 Sterling Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301
877/psaudio; fax 720/406-8967

SurgeX SA-15, SA-20

The new SA-15 and SA-20 surge suppressor/power conditioners from SurgeX offer enhanced features for improved performance over their predecessors. The 15- and 20-amp-capable units, respectively, offer premium industrial-grade components and the company’s proprietary Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI filter package. SurgeX utilizes proprietary, certified A-1-1 technology, has an ETL 1449-2 safety listing and carries a 10-year warranty.
6131B Kellers Church Rd.
Pipersville, PA 18947
215/766-1240; fax 215/766-9202

Acoustical Materials

Acoustical Solutions AlphaResilient Isolation Clips, AudioSeal Sound Barrier

Acoustical Solutions’ AlphaResilient Isolation Clips and Audio-Seal Sound Barrier are used to achieve high STC ratings with new or existing wall, ceiling or floor construction. Used together, the products can achieve a Sound Transmission Class rating of 60. Clips typically required on only one side of an assembly. The AudioSeal Sound Barrier weighs one pound per square foot and is ⅛ inches thick. Seal all potential air leaks with a nonhardening acoustical caulk (Sound Sealant). AES Booth #: 508.
2852 East Parham Rd.
Richmond, VA 23228
800/782-5742; fax 804/346-8808

Bright Star Audio IsoNode Anti-Vibration Feet

High-tech, visco-elastic polymer, anti-vibration feet for use under all audio components including processors, recorders, monitor speakers, etc., to improve all aspects of performance. Bright Star has earned over 16 industry award nominations during the past 14 years, including “Accessory of the Year” (four times),” “Editor’s Choice” (twice), “Golden Note” award (three times), “Component of Merit” (five times), “Product of the Year,” “Cream of the Crop” and “Best Buy.”
2363 Teller Rd., Unit 115
Newbury Park, CA 91320-6066
805/375-2629; fax 805/375-2630

MBR Design Group Acoustic Care

MBR Design Group’s Acoustic Care product line was conceived to improve your studio’s acoustics. Product line includes acoustical doors and windows, modular resonators, bass traps and diffusors. Products are manufactured with selected Argentinean woods for a delicate finish. Different colored or wood finishes are available. Acoustic Care is the easy way to fix your studio’s acoustics at a low cost with high-performance elements.
9737 NW 41st St., Ste. #359
Miami, FL 33178
305/866-5128; fax 305/866-5128

Primacoustic RazorBlade v2 Quadratic Diffuser

Primacoustic’s award-winning RazorBlade Quadratic Diffuser has been improved with a new heavy-duty, high-gloss finish and laminated outer shell for enhanced durability and consistent performance. The RazorBlade v2 retains all of the characteristics that made the original RazorBlade the best performing and most highly acclaimed and cost-effective diffuser to enter the market.

Primacoustic Z-Foam

Z-Foam anechoic wedge acoustical panels are fire-rated to the tough California C-117 specification. These panels are ideal for use in home theater and home studio situations. AES Booth #: 768.
1638 Kebet Way Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9
604/942-1001; fax 604/942-1010

RealTraps MiniTraps Acoustic Panels

MiniTraps are broadband acoustic panels that emphasize high performance at the lowest frequencies. They’re small and lightweight, yet effective to well below 80 Hz. Air gaps behind the panels further increase their performance at low frequencies. MiniTraps are mounted using standard picture-frame wire, so they’re easy to install. And because MiniTraps are made with rigid Fiberglas and metal, they are nonflammable and can be installed with confidence in public venues. $159.99/each. AES Booth #: 1045.
34 Cedar Vale Dr.
New Milford, CT 06776

RPG Diffusor Systems Hemiffusor™

The classic 2-D QRD® diffusor that has been so popular in the pro studio and broadcast markets is now available in a lightweight, easy-to-install version for project studios and other home environments. Suitable for surface-mount wall and ceiling applications, as well as lay-in standard 15/16-inch T-bar ceiling grid. The industry’s most efficient and scientifically validated diffusor is now more affordable than ever! Finishes: white and “granite” gray. Size: 23⅝×23⅝×4¼ inches (T×W×D). (Extends 3¼ inches below T-bar for lay-in ceiling installations.) MSRP: $199.98/box of two (white).
651C Commerce Dr.
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
301/249-0044; fax 301/249-3912


A Designs Audio LP-9

The LP-9 is a low-profile, solderless adapter for the RS-232 or dB-9, available as both male and female. The LP-9 simplifies cable installation. The LP-9 allows freedom to wire without the need for soldering or restriction of fixed-length cables. Some LP-9 applications include — but not limited to — face plates in boardrooms, concert halls, places of worship or anywhere you would need to transfer data. AES Booth #: 1215.
Box 4255
West Hills, CA 91304
818/716-4153; fax 818/716-4153

Belden Plenum-Rated Audio Snakes

Multichannel, CMP-rated, shielded audio cables with 22 AWG bare-copper conductors, low-capacitance FEP insulation. The 12-pair is part number 6548PA. Also available in 2/4/6/8/16-pair mults (6541PA through 6549PA). Capacitance is 27.5 pF/foot. Individual pairs are shielded and bundled without individual pair jackets. Rated CMP, CEC-rated CMP and FT6. Rated for 300 volts. Belden is the most experienced manufacturer of Teflon® insulated wire and cable.

Belden Belcoil Compact Coil Packaging

Boxes tangle too often, take up too much space and leave too much waste. Spools and reels require pay-off stands, brakes and help. Belcoil eliminates all of these objections. Belcoil takes up as little as a third of the space and in so doing, reduces storage, handling and shipping costs. It doesn’t tangle, is easier to handle, generates no dust and leaves almost zero waste to be disposed of. Ask for audio cable and speaker wire in Belcoil packaging. AES Booth #: 130.
2200 U.S. Highway 27 South
Richmond, IN 47374
765/983-5328; fax 765/983-5257

Gepco X-Band Analog Audio Cable

Gepco’s X-Band analog audio cable is available in 1/4/12/16-pair versions, and is designed for use in critical studio applications or live sound venues. The X-Band Series of analog audio cables features a no-compromise design for the ultimate in sonic purity and noise rejection. The unique construction of the X-Band Series makes it extremely flexible, flaccid and will not retain kinks and bends when flexed while still maintaining ease of termination. AES Booth #: 630.
1770 Birchwood Ave.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
800/966-0069; fax 847/795-8770

Hosa Technology DOC-106

Direct-out insert adapter cable. Uses a male TRS plug to allow an insert jack to become an output. This 6-inch adapter sums the send return insert point to female ¼-inch and “tricks” the mixer into sending a common signal, yet allows the jack wiring and signal to continue through the console. U.S. MSRP: $15.
6920 Hermosa Circle
Buena Park, CA 90620

MBR Design Group Patchbay Systems

MBR Design Group’s Patchbay Systems were conceived to easily interconnect your digital console and workstation. Systems provide connectivity for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD workstation and Mackie D8B, Sony DMX-R100 and Yamaha DM2000 consoles. Due to their modular design, the systems can be configured to fit your needs without spending extra money. Designed by studio people for studio people.
9737 NW 41st St., Ste. #359
Miami, FL 33178
305/866-5128; fax 305/866-5128

Neutrik NF2D RCA Phono Connectors

Neutrik’s new RCA jacks feature isolated, recessed sockets in nickel or black-chrome D Series-style housings. Either connector can be ordered with black, red, yellow, blue, green or white ID rings to enable color-coding for video applications. The new NYS 373 plugs feature gold-plated contacts. The new RCA phono jacks feature a rated current and voltage of 1A and 50V, respectively, with an insulation resistance of 5 GW, contact resistance of 10 mW and dielectric strength of 500V.

Neutrik RCA Phono Jacks

Cost-effective, recessed, isolated RCA jacks in Neutrik D Series shell. Gold-plated contacts are standard. Color-coding (red, yellow, blue, green, white and black) available. AES Booth #: 710.
195 Lehigh Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701
732/901-9488; fax 732/901-9608

Whirlwind DrumDrop

The Whirlwind DrumDrop is the first drop snake designed especially for miking drum kits. Take a standard Whirlwind W1 fan-out and connect to your main snake, and then take the DrumDrop stagebox and pre-wire the drum kit; no mic cables necessary. Use two DrumDrop stageboxes in a festival setting to get each drum kit miked up ahead when multiple sets of drums are onstage or will be rolled in on portable risers. Then just plug the W1 fan-out into the stagebox and you’re ready to go in seconds! The DrumDrop also features four extra XLR jacks on the box for overhead mics, nearby backline inputs, keys, etc. Also available in hardwired version and custom configurations. AES Booth #: 222.
99 Ling Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612

Zaolla Analog Snakes

Zaolla analog snakes are configured using “Z-sub” 25-pin zinc headshells, anodized-gray XLRs or TRS connectors. Each of the eight pairs uses solid-cast silver conductors, PE dielectrics, a foil wrap and then a true braided ground shield (not ground wire). The use of silver instead of copper improves transference because, atomically, there is 7% less resistance in silver. Each is built to order and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Custom pinouts and lengths are available.

Zaolla ZAES Series Snakes

ZAES snakes for AES digital signals are configured using “Z-sub” 25-pin zinc headshells, anodized-gray XLRs or TRS connectors. Each of the eight pairs uses solid-cast silver conductors, PE dielectrics, a foil wrap and then a true braided ground shield (not ground wire). The use of silver instead of copper reduces latency because, atomically, there is 7% less resistance in silver. Each is built to order and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Custom pinouts and lengths are available.
6920 Hermosa Circle
Buena Park, CA 90620

CD/DVD Duplicators/Recorders

Cube-Tec CubeDVD-A/CubeDVD-A Proof

CubeDVD-A is a comprehensive DVD-Audio authoring solution supporting all Version 1.2 DVD-Audio standard functions, including 8.5GB, dual-layer DVD-9; MLP; and PGC-Block SMART-Downmix. CubeDVD-A Proof is a tool designed to “proof” a DVD-A-Scenario by facilitating the playback of the CubeDVD-A-Scenario on the AudioCube. With CubeDVD-A Proof, the operator can check the complete DVD-A menu and its structure with all links and commands, as well as the audio groups with slideshows, prior to actually burning a DVD.
34 Nelson St.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
905/827-9740; fax 905/469-1129

Disc Makers MacElite

Disc Makers’ MacElite Series of CD and DVD duplicators are the first commercial-grade, high-capacity, high-throughput robotic disc-production systems available for Mac OS X. The MacElite is available in a variety of configurations, including models with one to four Plextor 52x CD-R drives or Pioneer 4x DVD-R drives. The MacElite comes standard with a high-resolution inkjet disc printer for printing custom-color graphics on your discs. Starting at $3,990.

Disc Makers Autograph6

Disc Makers’ Autograph6 color inkjet CD and DVD printer features 4800 dpi print resolution in four colors (CMYK). A new disc-centering mechanism ensures accurate alignment of the printed image. Compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. Includes Discus CD label-design software. Price: $890. AES Booth#: 540.
7905 N. Rt. 130
Pennsauken, NJ 08110
888/800-4046; fax 856/661-3450

MediaFORM 3000EC Series

MediaFORM’s 3000EC Series provides the power of stand-alone automated CD/DVD duplication in an economical and easy-to-use system — without requiring a PC! Its flexibility allows you to configure it to meet your exact needs. Advanced features include one-button intuitive menu’ing for easy operation. MediaFORM’s SmartCLIENT software offers complete network connectivity, asynchronous duplication and exclusive Relay mode for unattended operation, up to 600-disc spindle capacity and more. Starting at $6,199 MSRP.
122 Oscar Way
Chester Springs, PA 19425
800/220-1215; fax 610/458-9554

Multimedia Recording Systems Integra Mobil Pro

The Integra Mobil Pro duplication system is designed to survive demanding road use and is perfect for concert promoters and recorders of live events who are looking for a rugged system to record/copy CDs or DVDs at the event. The system is encased in a protective, tough plastic shell and is ideal for audio, video and data applications. The industrial 52x CD-R drives duplicate at the fastest possible speed while maintaining quality recording standards; the DVD version records DVDs at 4x.
180 Gordon Dr., #111
Exton, PA 19341
610/594-1603; fax 610/594-6199

Computer Peripherals

Disc Makers Raven4

Disc Makers’ Raven systems are economical, high-performance RAID solutions featuring Seagate and Maxtor drives and SCSI-to-IDE host connectivity. Available with four, six or eight hot-swappable drives, Raven is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and more. These units feature the lowest cost per gigabyte available, dual-host support and a Web-based GUI interface. AES Booth #: 540.
7905 N. Route 130
Pennsauken, NJ 08110
888/800-4046; fax 856/661-3450

Edirol UR-80

USB recording studio with stereo I/O, phantom power, XLR, ¼-inch input. RCA output. MIDI I/O and 43 assignable controls capable of controlling up to 102 parameters per control map. Includes HQ Hyper Canvas and powerful editor. MSRP: $545.

Edirol UA-1000

World’s first USB 2.0 audio interface. 10-input/10-output, 24-bit/96kHz audio interface with four preamps, phantom power, inserts, ADAT, S/PDIF, Word Clock and MIDI I/O, all connecting to the USB 2.0 port of your computer. Includes ASIO and WDM driver support. MSRP: $945. AES Booth #: 1059.
425 Sequoia Dr., Ste. 114
Bellingham, WA 98226
360/594-4273; fax 360/594-4271

Gefen HDTV Switcher

The ex-tend-it HDTV Switcher connects two HDTV sources and links them to one HDTV screen. Either source is routed to the screen by the switcher or by an optional remote control. Users essentially switch between the two sources using just one screen. Includes two DVI cables to connect the unit to both sources and an external power supply. The switcher is housed in a small metal box that fits in the palm of a hand.

Gefen ex-tend-it CAT5-8000

The CAT5-8000 extends three displays, USB, audio and RS-232 through receiver and sender units that are placed by the extended workstation and the computer source, respectively. Cat-5 cables connect both units, while VGA, PS/2, USB and audio cables — included with each model — connect the computer and its extended components to the units. Video signals are capable of being extended 300 meters; USB can effectively be operated at distances up to 150 meters. Price: $1,495.

Gefen ex-tend-it DVI-1000

The ex-tend-it DVI-1000 uses fiber optics to transmit DVI display signals up to 500 meters to any DVI display. Small-frame metal sender and receiver units connect to the source locally and to the display remotely. Multimode cable connects both units; USB signals are passed through Cat-5 cable. Both cables are detachable, offering flexibility in cable installation when used in conduit or small spaces. AES Booth #: 255.
6265 Variel Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818/884-6294; fax 818/884-3108

Glyph Technologies GT 050

Glyph’s fixed-mount FireWire tabletop, the GT 050, is a rugged and portable solution designed for audio and video production environments. Constructed with durable stainless-steel and internal QuietMetal™, the GT 050 is available with 80GB, 120GB and 180GB drives and comes standard with a three-year warranty that includes overnight advance replacement in the first year.

Glyph Technologies GT 103

The GT 103 lets you custom-configure any combination of three fixed-mount or GT Key hot-swappable drives in a 1U rack. The GT 103 enclosure and the GT Key hard drives (available in 80GB, 120GB and 180GB capacities) contain QuietMetal™ components to protect your recording from the unwanted noise of drives and fans. A part of Glyph’s Professional GT Series, the GT 103 offers the most reliable FireWire hot-swapping using Glyph’s Integrity™ technology.

Glyph Technologies GT 308

Glyph’s three-space, rackmount, 8-bay enclosure comes with a choice of two to six hot-swappable GT Key drives (available in 80GB, 120GB and 180GB capacities), and its SCSI expansion bay offers option of AIT backup, SCSI hot-swap receiving, DVD-R/RW and/or CD-R/RW. Like other GT Series solutions, the GT 308 features QuietMetal™ for clean recording and Integrity™ hot-swap technology to maintain the highest data integrity. AES Booth #: 869.
2415 Triphammer Rd., Ste. 6
Ithaca, NY 14850
800/335-0345; fax 607/275-9464

Lynx Studio Technology AES16

The AES16 PCI card provides 16 channels of 24-bit AES/EBU digital audio at 192kHz sample rate in both single-wire and dual-wire AES modes. It includes a powerful hardware-based 32-channel digital mixer, which is controlled by feature-rich software application. Designed to integrate digital consoles, multichannel A/D and D/A converters, hard disk recorders, DAWs and other digital audio equipment, the AES16 is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
711 West 17th St., Suite H-3
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
949/515-8265; fax 949/645-8470

M-Audio FireWire 410

FireWire 410 is an audio/MIDI interface that has it all. Its 4-in/10-out configuration with preamps is perfect for personal recording, routing discrete outputs to a mixer or directly driving a surround sound system. The onboard mixer and software control panel provide total routing flexibility, ultralow-latency software monitoring and zero-latency hardware direct monitoring. FireWire 410 can be bus-powered for mobile operation with a 6-pin FireWire port. AES Booth #: 2D12.
45 East Saint Joseph St.
Arcadia, CA 91006
626/445-2842; fax 626/445-7564


24-bit/192kHz, 32-channel, 1x MIDI, stereo balanced analog I/O, 1x ADAT, AES/EBU and S/PDIF audio card. $799.


24-bit/96kHz, 128-channel, 2x MIDI, stereo unbalanced analog output, LTC input and Word Clock I/O. Price: TBA. AES Booth #: 764.
Dist. by XVision Audio
Box 3140
Boardman, OH 44512
330/259-0308; fax 330/259-0315

StorCase Ultra320 SCSI InfoStation

Each enclosure in the 14-bay, three-rackspace InfoStation supports up to 14 low-profile SCSI Ultra320 SCA drives, and is downward-compatible with earlier SCSI Wide technologies. The steel enclosures include two redundant power supplies, two variable-speed fan modules. and 14 removable and locking drive carriers — all hot-swappable. A front user-interface module provides feedback on chassis configurations and communication status, and adds an RS-232 connection for environmental monitoring, configuration and control. Prices start at $2,695.
17600 Newhope St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Tascam US-122

Targeted at the desktop recordist, the US-122 allows portability of audio and MIDI data to/from a computer (Mac or PC). The USB-powered device has two XLR phantom-powered mic inputs with analog inserts and two double-duty, line/instrument inputs on balanced ¼-inch TRS jacks. The US-122 also offers 16 channels of MIDI I/O for use with synths and other MIDI gear. Drivers for the US-122 provide for compatibility with ASIO, WDM, GSIF and Apple Core Audio (OS X) software systems. AES Booth #: 608.
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640

WiebeTech MicroGB+

WiebeTech now offers an improved version of its 40GB MicroGB+™ FireWire pocket drive (measured at approximately 25 MB/sec.) for increased performance in Final Cut Pro or Pro Tools applications.
3450 N. Rock Rd., Ste. 703
Wichita, KS 67226

Computer Software

BIAS Peak 4

Version 4 of this powerful yet easy-to-use audio editing program for Mac sports a new interface. Peak is optimized for OS X, offering multithreaded/multiprocessor support and Red Book CD burning. New DSP tools, such as ImpulseVerb, Harmonic Rotate and a Bit Usage meter, are standard. Peak 4 supports VST and Audio Unit plug-ins, and includes the new BIAS Sqweez™ dynamic comp/limiter, along with BIAS Vbox™ SE, BIAS Freq™ EQ, plus over 20 other VST effects. Peak 4 supports CoreAudio hardware under Mac OS X. MSRP: $499.


Impressively powerful, Version 4 LE offers all of Peak’s essential tools, at an amazingly affordable MSRP of $99. Also available is Peak 4 DV, optimized for users of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, Premiere, DVD Studio Pro, Avid and other video or DVD-authoring applications. MSRP: $199. AES Booth #: 154.
1370 Industrial Ave., Ste. A
Petaluma, CA 94952
707/782-1866; fax 707/782-1874

Cakewalk Project5

Project5 defines the new standard for Windows-based soft-synth workstation environments. Project5 offers a complete suite of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio and MIDI effects, and audio looping tools in an integrated studio environment. Project5 is an infinitely expandable open environment (DX, DXi, MFX, VST, VSTi, ReWire client, WDM, ASIO). Project5 includes a polyphonic analog-modeling synth, professional multiformat sampler, drum synthesizer, drum sampler, groove sampler and more. $429.

Cakewalk SONAR 3.0 XL

SONAR 3.0 XL is the new premium version of the industry-standard, Windows-based, digital multitrack recording system. SONAR 3.0 XL offers speed, precision, elegance and stability, with a new inspiring workspace design. Features: all-new track and console views with integrated channel EQ; universal bus architecture; integrated sampler; FX Suite; VST/VSTi support; enhanced MIDI routing and synth layering; MIDI groove clips; powerful Synchron Step Sequencer; and more. $499. AES Booth #: 654.
51 Melcher St., 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02210
617/423-9004; fax 617/423-9007

Digidesign Pro Tools 6.1

Pro Tools® 6.1 software offers increased productivity with the industry-standard Pro Tools TDM platform. Including a unified feature set across Windows XP- and Mac OS X-based Pro Tools systems, enhanced Avid interoperability and post-production feature support, and new compatibility options, Pro Tools 6.1 software is the most powerful, feature-rich version of Pro Tools software yet. Price: included with all new Pro Tools TDM and LE systems; upgrade $195, TDM; $75, LE. AES Booth #: 354.
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014-3886
650/731-6300; fax 650/731-6399

Emagic PTHD Extension

The Emagic PTHD Extension connects Logic Platinum 5 and Pro Tools|HD hardware to form a uniquely powerful system, providing not only superlative audio quality and generous I/O capabilities, but also — via Digidesign’s TDM II — access to an ever-increasing number of exciting DSP plug-ins. The Pro Tools|HD Extension is now available for Mac OS X. MSRP: $499.

Emagic Logic Platinum 6.1

Logic Platinum 6.1 allows the use of Digidesign TDM systems with Logic Platinum under Mac OS X. Logic 6 provides extensive enhancements to the Arrange window that offers more editing and mixing power than ever before. In addition, Logic 6 debuts two new setup and file-management solutions. Users will also benefit from an improved feature set for film scoring and a new superior-sounding EQ. Further optimization of the automation system round out this update. MSRP: $999.
13342-A Grass Valley Ave.
Grass Valley, CA 95945
530/477-1051; fax 530/477-1052

LinearX LEAP 5.0

LEAP™ 5.0 software now consists of two separate applications for transducer-modeling/enclosure design and creating dividing topologies. EnclosureShop™ handles diffraction and structural enclosure analysis, acoustic simulation, pressure analysis, 360° (H/V) polar-field simulation, infinite/finite volume domains, full/half/quarter/eighth-space domains, and OpenGL® 3-D graphics. CrossoverShop™ offers analog (passive/active) and digital filter FIR and IIR design/analysis, mixed domain analog/digital designs, impedance/SPL/group delay optimization, schematic entry/editing and more.
9500 Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.
Tualatin, OR 97062
503/612-9565; fax 503/612-9344

Magix Sequoia 7.2

Recommended hardware for Sequoia 7.0. Mastering: P3/Athlon 700 MHz. Multitrack recorder: P4/Athlon 1.8 (fast HD). Complete studio (MIDI, instruments, room simulator, effects, mixing): P4/Athlon XP 2.0 GHz, graphic card with dual-monitor support, 256MB to 512MB RAM. Recommended audio hardware for Sequoia 7.0. RME Hammerfall (DSP). Recommended operating system for Sequoia 7.0: Windows XP (use of ASIO drivers). Price: $3,125.

Magix Samplitude 7.2

Recommended hardware for Samplitude 7.0. Mastering: P3/Athlon 700 MHz. Multitrack recorder: P4/Athlon 1.8 (fast HD). Complete studio (MIDI, instruments, room simulator, effects, mixing): P4/Athlon XP 2.0 GHz. Graphic card with dual-monitor support. 256MB to 512MB RAM. Recommended audio hardware for Samplitude 7.0: RME Hammerfall (DSP). Recommended operating system for Samplitude 7.0: Windows XP (use of ASIO drivers). $1,250. AES Booth #: 764.
Box 3140
Boardman, OH 44512
330/259-0308; fax 330/259-0315,

Minnetonka SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II

Now shipping: Minnetonka Audio Software’s SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II. This first software application for Dolby Pro Logic II encoding allows broadcasters, game developers, video producers and audio pros to easily encode 5.1 surround audio into stereo delivery formats for television, games, cable programming, music applications and many other media. The application versions will be stand-alone PC, VST plug-in (PC and Mac) and stand-alone Mac. All versions are $495 MSRP.

Minnetonka discWelder STEEL Version 2

Minnetonka Audio Software has released Version 2 of the groundbreaking DVD-A authoring application, discWelder STEEL (MSRP: $495). This highly anticipated upgrade adds enhancements previously found in discWelder CHROME, Minnetonka’s flagship DVD-A authoring program. The new features are: gapless PCM track play (a discWelder exclusive), custom menu image import, album image onscreen, more menu fonts and styles, and menu column number selection.
17113 Minnetonka Blvd., Ste. 300
Minnetonka, MN 55345
952/449-6481; fax 952/449-0318

MOTU MachFive Universal Sampler

MachFive is the first truly universal software-sampler plug-in, offering compatibility and interoperability with all major plug-in formats, soundbank libraries and sample formats. Import and consolidate all of your sample libraries and soundbanks, from Giga to SampleCell to Akai to Kurzweil. Then load any sample — even 5.1 surround samples — in seconds from your favorite host audio software. Fine-tune sounds with on-the-fly crossfade looping and advanced sample-editing features. Play dozens of MachFive instruments simultaneously and save them with your audio workstation project for immediate recall. Price: $395. AES Booth #: 726.
1280 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
617/576-2760; fax 617/576-3609

Roland Studio Package Pro

Roland’s Studio Package Pro for Windows is an all-inclusive hardware/software bundle gives musicians everything needed to professionally record music on a PC. The Studio Package Pro consists of three elements: the SI-24 Studio Interface, RPC-1 R-BUS Interface and Cakewalk SONAR software. This affordable combination provides 24 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz recording and professional MIDI sequencing with hardware-based control. AES Booth #: 237.
5100 S. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
323/890-3700; fax 323/890-3701

SADiE Version 5 Software

SADiE’s Version 5 software is the core OS for a new range of DAW products for both PCM and DSD production. Enhancements include major playlist and mixer tweaks, along with the provision of enhanced real-time DirectX support, allowing users to access a vast range of third-party plug-ins from Waves, TC Electronic, Antares and others. Standard Windows networking functions are supported, opening up greater multi-user-access possibilities to SADiE users. AES Booth #: 554.
475 Craighead St.
Nashville, TN 37204
615/327-1140; fax 615/327-1699

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 7.0

This award-winning digital audio editor includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools and effects for recording and manipulating audio. Version 7.0 adds features making it more powerful than ever, including automated time-based recording; threshold record triggering; VU meters; white/pink/brown-noise generators; enhanced spectrum-analysis tool; plug-in effects automation; audio clip detection; Media Explorer window; Sound Forge project file creation; and more.
1617 Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704
800/577-6642; fax 608/204-8804

Sonomic Total Library Server v3.1

Sonomic’s Total Library Server is the ultimate sound library-management solution. Your sound effect and music collections are digitized, categorized and indexed onto an ultrafast server. In seconds, you can find, audition and spot any sound in any format needed right into Pro Tools. If the Total Library Server doesn’t have what you need, it will automatically query and download from the 200,000-sound (and growing) Sonomic Online Library. AES Booth #: 354.
821 Broadway, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10003

SRS Labs Circle Surround TDM Pro

SRS Circle Surround TDM Pro offers a digital implementation of the Circle Surround encode/decode process for Pro Tools and Pro Tools|HD DAWs. This new surround technology delivers up to 6.1-channel (L/C/R/Ls/Cs/Rs/LFE) surround sound over any stereo transmission or storage media. It represents a substantial breakthrough over previous matrix-encoding technologies by providing accurately steered, full-bandwidth stereo surrounds with superior center-channel dialog isolation. List: $995. AES Booth #: 1236/2D04.
2909 Daimler St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
949/442-1070; fax 949/852-1099

Steinberg Nuendo 2.0

Nuendo 2.0 was created to perform any task within the media industry. Nuendo 2.0 delivers a complete media-production system, designed with the needs of the user in mind and meeting the demands of working professionals in all genres of audio production: composition, film, broadcast, music, post-production, surround, game sound and multimedia. Nuendo 2.0 is the pinnacle of professional media production, offering you not just outstanding performance, but the ergonomics and adaptiveness to channel that performance. $1,499. AES Booth #: 462.
9200 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818/678-5100; fax 650/930-2417

Studio Network Solutions SANmp

This multiplatform software lets workstations with different operating systems to concurrently access information from a storage area network. With SANmp, users now have the freedom to upgrade to the latest OS or to add Windows workstations to their Mac environment. SANmp is easy to implement and maintain because it doesn’t require a server or Ethernet connection. The Mac and Windows versions of SANmp share a common user interface, so it is simple to use on either platform. AES Booth #: 1164.
1986 Innerbelt Business Center Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63114
314/733-0551; fax 314/733-0537

Control, Sync & Automation

Adgil Design Adgil Director II

The Director II by Adgil Design Inc. is a programmable, microprocessor-controlled system designed to control audio monitoring in multichannel environments. It can handle numerous monitoring setups including multiple surround systems combined with a stereo pair. Functions include mute, dim, mono and solo from an external console, individual cut on speakers, preset monitoring levels, downmix function and more. The system can be expanded to handle over 300 inputs.
2000 Laval
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
514/745-1356; fax 514/745-8184

Apogee Electronics Big Ben

Big Ben, a 192kHz master digital clock with Apogee’s breakthrough C777 digital clock, will revolutionize your studio by synchronizing all digital devices with incredible precision. The result will be an obvious and immediate enhancement that you will hear. Features: AES, S/PDIF, optical I/O, Word Clock/video in and six Word Clock outs; Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF) to optimize clock performance and minimize jitter; and real-time format conversion between all digital formats. MSRP: $1,495. AES Booth #: 456.
3145 Donald Douglas Loop South
Santa Monica, CA 90405
310/915-1000; fax 310/915-7420

dbx DriveRack Studio

Designed for studio monitor-management system applications and engineered from the platform of dbx’ successful DriveRack line, DriveRack Studio offers tools for optimal monitor management, including graphic and parametric EQs, compressor, limiter, crossovers, monitor alignment delay and output muting. With its built-in RTA, the unit can automatically compensate for your room’s frequency response: Just add a reference mic (dbx makes one designed for this purpose) and the DriveRack Studio does the rest. The DriveRack Studio can also function as a programmable output switcher. Retail: $549.95. AES Booth #: 331.
8760 South Sandy Pkwy.
Sandy, Utah 84070
801/568-7660; fax 801/568-7662

DK-Audio PT5202

DK-Audio’s PT5202 Compact VariTime Sync Generator includes basic features for pro sync, timing and test signals, plus a user-friendly front control panel. The unit features high stability reference and Genlock to PAL, NTSC or 10MHz clock for slave applications. Outputs include black burst (x3), one SDI signal generator, one analog video generator, one AES/EBU or analog audio and one Word Clock out operating at 44.1/48 kHz. AES Booth #: 663.
Dist. by TC Electronic
724-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648

Edirol PCR-80

The PCR-80 is a 61-key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with eight assignable faders, eight assignable knobs, nine assignable buttons, two assignable pedals, 16 save points and a powerful software editor to create control maps. The assignable controls can be assigned to any MIDI message, including CC, RPN, NRPN, Note, SysX amd more. $395. AES Booth #: 1059.
425 Sequoia Dr., Ste. 114
Bellingham, WA 98226
360/594-4273; fax 360/594-4271

Evolution UC-33 USB Controller

The Evolution UC-33 is a USB controller for use with DAWs, MIDI sequencers and software. User-assignable controls include 24 rotary knobs and nine faders, along with a transport control and LCD showing controller assignments. Its 33 presets offer instant control of virtual instruments and host apps, ranging from Cubase SX to Propellerhead Reason to Native Instruments B4. The UC-33 comes with custom overlays marked with parameters of popular programs. The Class-compliant UC-33 doesn’t require installing drivers with Windows XP or Mac OS X. AES Booth #: 2D12.
Dist. by M-Audio
45 East Saint Joseph St.
Arcadia, CA 91006
626/445-2842; fax 626/445-7564

Korg microControl

This USB-compatible, compact MIDI controller has a 37-note mini keyboard; assignable controls include eight sliders, eight rotary encoders, 16 velocity-sensitive pads, four-way joystick and LEDs to show parameter names.
316 South Service Rd.
Melville, NY 11747
516/333-9100; fax 516/333-9108

M-Audio Ozone

The Ozone is a revolutionary new product featuring an all-in-one keyboard, MIDI control surface, mic preamp, USB audio interface and USB MIDI interface that’s no bigger than a laptop. Combined with your computer and software like Reason and Live, M-Audio Ozone provides a complete personal mobile studio from input to output. Perfect for the stage or studio. AES Booth #: 2D12.
45 East Saint Joseph St.
Arcadia, CA 91106

Mackie Control Universal

Desktop control surface for Logic Audio, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, SONAR, Nuendo, Cubase, Samplitude, Cool Edit Pro and more. Eight P+G-motorized touch faders, V-Pots for fast tweaking, full-screen LCD. MSRP: $1,299. Available Extender for $1,099. AES Booth #: 512.
16220 Wood-Red Rd.
Woodinville, WA 98072
800/258-6883; fax 425/487-4337

Mixed Logic M24 Control Surface Version 1.7 Software

The Mixed Logic universal control surface features 24 motorized faders and 53 encoders. Software Version 1.7 adds in-depth support for Emagic Logic Audio and considerable additional features and refinements for Pro Tools, Digital Performer, SONAR, Nuendo and Cubase. The M24 has many advanced features not found on other control surfaces, including a dedicated EQ section and an intuitive automation system. MSRP: $3,499. AES Booth #: 1215.
6507 E. Vancey Dr.
Brook Park, OH 44142
440/826-1676; fax 440/826-1399

SPL Surround Monitor Controller Model 2380

The SPL Surround Monitor Controller is a compact, one-point analog volume control and switching matrix for system-independent 5.1 surround and stereo monitoring. With its no-frills design focusing on audio quality, the SMC offers a uniquely cost-effective management solution for two surround and stereo sources and speaker sets each. Applications include DAW music production, film/video/multimedia production/post-production and more. As with all SPL products, the SMC is handcrafted using the finest components and materials available. MSRP: $769. AES Booth #: 969.
2498 Rikkard Dr.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
866/4 SPL USA; fax 805/435-7455

Steinberg Time-Base Synchronizer

Nuendo Time Base is the first synchronizer supporting Steinberg’s VST System Link technology. This makes Nuendo Time Base the perfect solution for sample-accurate locking of tape-based audio and 9-pin video machines from Nuendo audio production systems. All functions can be controlled and edited from within Nuendo software. The outstanding feature set of Nuendo Time Base makes it the most versatile and precise synchronizer available today. MSRP: $999.

Steinberg ID Controller

The Steinberg ID Controller is the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Nuendo 2.0, ID ensures unprecedented levels of integration with Steinberg’s Media-Production software. The unique versatility of the underlying concept makes ID suitable for any audio work, including post-production, music tracking and sound design. Precision-engineered and hand-built in Germany, ID has been designed with absolute attention to detail to give you not only full control, but also absolute transparency in your project. AES Booth #: 462.
9200 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818/678-5100; fax 650/930-2417

Tascam DAW Controller

Offering a mid-priced solution to DAW control, Tascam’s expandable FW-1884 Audio/MIDI Interface provides eight 100mm moving faders, one master fader and dedicated controls, as well as eight balanced XLR analog mic/line inputs, phantom power and inserts on every channel. Communicating at FireWire bandwidth, the FW uses 24-bit/96kHz ADCs and DACs for full 96kHz operation on all analog I/O channels with compatible DAW software. An FE-8 expander offers eight more 100mm faders and dedicated control knobs to the FW mother unit. Price: FW-1884, $1,599; FE-8, $1,249. AES Booth #: 608.
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640

Digital Converters

Apogee Electronics Rosetta 800

Rosetta 800, an 8-channel, 24/96k AD/DA converter makes the next-generation sound quality of an AD-8000 amazingly affordable and offers a premium digital recording solution that’s built for the pros yet economical enough for project studios. Features: eight channels of premium 24-bit AD/DA conversion; sample rates up to 96k (and optional 192k upgrade); and optional “Digi-Mix” card for direct connection to Pro Tools Mix systems. MSRP: $2,995 (96k version). AES Booth #: 456.
3145 Donald Douglas Loop South
Santa Monica, CA 90405
310/915-1000; fax 310/915-7420

Aviom AN-16/i Input Module

The AN-16/i Input Module is a single-rackspace unit that serves as the A/D input for Aviom’s digital audio distribution network. It converts 16 line-level analog audio channels into uncompressed, full-bandwidth digital data transmitted via the company’s proprietary A Net protocol. Inputs are balanced ¼-inch TRS jacks, with a Thru jack for each input that allows the AN-16/i Input Module to be inserted into an existing audio signal path. MSRP: $899.95.

Aviom AN-16/o Output Module

Aviom’s AN-16/o Output Module is a rackmount D/A converter designed to be used with the AN-16/i to create a digital snake. It has 16 ¼-inch balanced TRS line-level outputs. Up to 64 channels of audio can be distributed bidirectionally over a single Cat-5 cable. The AN-16/o can also be integrated into existing A-16 Personal Monitor Mixing Systems to provide 16 discrete line-level outputs for recording, broadcast, effects or other mixing purposes. MSRP: $899.95. AES Booth #: 1224.
1157 Phoenixville Pike, Ste. 201
West Chester, PA 19380
610/738-9005; fax 610/738-9950

Benchmark Media Systems ADC1

The 2-channel, 24-bit, 192kHz ADC1 A/D converter has line, instrument and microphone input settings. The mic preamplifier sets a new state-of-the-art in distortion and noise performance over an input gain range of -3 to +56 dB. Main output sample rates are 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz at 24 bits. Output format choices include AES, S/PDIF and ADAT. A simultaneous secondary output provides 44.1- or 48kHz output with 16- or 24-bit resolution for safety backups. A reference input accepts wordclock, AES, superclock or formats. The ADC1 has an internal toroidal power supply.
5925 Court Street Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13206
315/437-6300; fax 315/437-8119

Focusrite Producer Pack Mk II

Focusrite’s flagship ISA430 reappears in a more refined form as the ISA430 Mk II. The new unit sports a host of improved specifications, plus brand-new features such as variable impedance, instant air and a new 192kHz A/D converter option. This latest incarnation of the classic channel strip now features a variety of compression flavors, including the classic ff VCA, plus a vintage opto circuit. Visit us at the Digidesign booth and put the pinnacle of channel strip technology through its paces.

Focusrite The Liquid Channel

Focusrite achieves the grail! For the first time in audio history, a manufacturer has succeeded in making a digital product capable of exactly replicating all of the subtle nuances of a huge range of analog devices. We cannot reveal full details here, but Focusrite’s new technology will astound you. Make sure you check out The Liquid Channel at the Digidesign booth and find out about the revelation that promises to be the talk of the show. AES Booth #: 354.
Dist. by Digidesign
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014-3886
650/731-6300; fax 650/731-6399

MOTU 828mkII FireWire Interface

The 828mkII is a 1U FireWire audio interface for Mac and Windows, with 20 channels of input and 22 channels of output expandable to 80/88 channels. Includes 10 channels of 24-bit 96kHz analog I/O on balanced ¼-inch connectors, including two Neutrik XLR/TRS combo connectors with built-in mic preamps, ADAT optical digital I/O, S/PDIF, latency-free 20-input/8-bus monitoring, stand-alone operation and drivers for compatibility with all major audio software on both computer platforms. List: $795. AES Booth #: 726.
1280 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
617/576-2760; fax 617/576-3609

Prism DSD Interface Module

The Prism Sound ADA-8 multichannel, AD/DA converter range adds a DSD interface module compatible with the multi-coaxial standard DSD format, along with the Cat-5 24-channel SuperMAC format. The new module allows DSD masters to be printed direct from any PCM format. This, coupled with the ability to achieve simultaneous PCM and DSD outputs, as well as format conversion, provides an extremely powerful production tool. Part numbers: 8C-DSD, $1,918; 8C-MDSD, $2,816.

Prism FireWire Interface Module

The Prism Sound ADA-8 multichannel, AD/DA converter range adds a FireWire (IEEE-1394) interface module compatible with the latest Apple OS X (aka, Panther) operating system. Support is also planned for Windows XP. The new module allows ADA-8 to operate with software such as Emagic’s Logic Audio V6, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and many other applications. Part Number: 8C-FW. AES Booth #: 267.
21 Pine St.
Rockaway, NJ 07866
805/370-1599; fax 805/983-9588

RME ADI-648 MADI/ADAT Converter

This versatile device features 24-bit/96kHz 64-channel MADI, 8×8 ADAT patchbay, S/MUX, WC I/O, and optical/co-ax format conversion. MSRP: $2,779. AES Booth #: 764.
Box 3140
Boardman, OH 44512
330/259-0308; fax 330/259-0315,

Universal Audio 2192 Master Audio Interface

The 2192 Master Audio Interface is the first hybrid product to uniquely combine Universal Audio’s world-class analog sound heritage with its cutting-edge DSP technology into a true, audiophile multifunction unit. With two channels of premium AD/DA conversion, extremely flexible routing and a word clock generator and distributor that surpasses the specs of the most popular stand-alone units, the 2192 sets the new reference standard for any DAW system. AES Booth #: 1158.
Box 3818
Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3818
831/466-3737; fax 831/466-3775

Disk-Based Recorders/Editors

Akai DPS24 Digital Personal Studio

The DPS24 is a 24-track, 24-bit digital personal studio and has an automated 46-channel/20-bus digital mixer with touch-sensitive motorized faders and supports sampling rates to 96 kHz. The DPS24 features sample-accurate graphic editing and 56-bit/4-bus multi-effects processing, including real-time pitch correction. Other DSP algorithms include sample-rate conversion, normalize, bpm matching, pro mastering tools and more. Track View software provides computer-based editing. Retail:$3,599 with internal 80GB drive and CD-RW burner. AES Booth #: 427.
2527 Minnis Dr., Ste. C
Haltom City, TX 76117
817/834-1900; fax 817/834-1983

Digidesign Digi 002 Rack

The affordable, 2U-size Digi 002 Rack is a comprehensive, FireWire-based Pro Tools mini studio, complete with included Pro Tools LE software. Its ease-of-use and portability make Digi 002 Rack the ideal production choice on both Windows XP and Mac OS X, providing up to 32 tracks of high-quality audio, up to 256 tracks of MIDI, 18 channels of simultaneous analog and digital I/O, four mic pre’s and a 1-in/2-out MIDI interface. List: $1,295. AES Booth #: 354.
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014-3886
650/731-6300; fax 650/731-6399

Digital Audio Wave Sonica Mobile Studio 8889

The first truly audio-dedicated mobile PC featuring Intel Hyper-Threading Technology up to 3.20 GHz, dual-channel DDR400 memory expendable up to 2048 MB, ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro Graphics Engine with 128MB DDR Video RAM. Available 7,200 rpm dual-internal hard drives with RAID-0 or RAID-1 setup options, USB 2.0 and FireWire, S-Video I/O, DVI, 1GB LAN and many other options. The Sonica Mobile Studio is the ideal portable solution for mobile pro audio applications.
5755 Bonhomme Dr., Ste. 414
Houston, TX 77036
713/977-2746; fax 713/977-8622

Digital Groove Productions Groove Machine Audio PC

Utilizing the latest in processor, memory and hard drive technology, all Groove Machine DAW PCs are designed by computer/audio professionals with three decades of experience and are available in sturdy and quiet 4U rackmount or stylish tower case designs. Compatible with all leading audio hardware and software on the market, custom-configured and built to your specifications.
5392 Conifer Dr.
Mason, OH 45040
513/325-5329; fax 513/336-9625

Doremi Labs MCS Video Server

Doremi’s new MCS Video Server allows multiple DAW operators to work on the same video project. The MCS Server offers instant-access, field-accurate digital video with the power to scrub in perfect sync within the DAW session. Up to 28 DAW workstations can be configured to access the same video-storage pool via serial RS-422 and Ethernet. The new ListMaker software provides effortless management and sharing of the video files. AES Booth #: 649.
306 E. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502
818/562-1101; fax 818/562-1109

HHB CD-R74/80 Silver 1x-24x

The new CD-R74 and CD-R80 “Silver-Type” inkjet and thermal printable discs use a new Phthalocyanine formulation and are specifically developed for use in the 1x to 24x writers used in audio CD recorders and duplicators, ensuring consistently low block error rates and low jitter across the range of write speeds. The exceptionally high reflectivity promotes compatibility with the widest possible range of CD players. Available in jewel cases or 50-piece bulk packs.

HHB DVD-R4.7GB-General 1x-4x

The all-new DVD-R4.7GB-G general-type 1x-4x discs use a unique dye formulation for high data integrity and compatibility. A specially developed adhesive ensures a durable, bubble-free bond between the two polycarbonate layers of the disc, improving the long-term security of the recorded data. The hub has been optimized for smooth handling by automated duplication and printing systems. Available as inkjet or thermal printer-compatible, library-cased individual discs or 50-piece bulk.

HHB Portadrive PDR2000

The Portadrive combines 24-bit/96kHz 8-channel recording with flexible onboard mixing in a portable package for professional location-recording applications. Features include a 30GB removable HD; 6×2 digital mixer; high-gain, low-noise mic pre’s/balanced line inputs; 8-channel AES I/O; aux AES on XLR; S/PDIF I/O; time code facilities; sample clock, video and tri-level sync; and SCSI, Ethernet, PS2, parallel and RS-422. Records BWF and SD2. AES31 and Pro Tools V5-compliant. HFS or FAT32 formatting. MSRP: $11,995.
743 Cochran St., Bldgs. E & F
Simi Valley, CA 90365
805/579-6490; fax 805/579-8028

iZ Technology RADAR 24: Classic Pro

The 2003 RADAR® 24: Classic Pro is a pro multitrack recorder sporting 24 channels of 48kHz analog I/O (+24 dBu) and dual 120GB removable iZSCI recording drives for more than 19 hours of 24-track recording. Additional features include a DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R combo drive, Ethernet, XGA output, professional remote, 24-channel meter bridge, 114GB additional disk storage, word, video, SMPTE, MTC, 9-pin, Soundmaster, MMC, RADAR Link, and two card slots for optional 24-channel AES, ADAT or TDIF digital I/O. AES Booth #: 840.
240-109 Braid St.
New Westminster, BC V3L 5H4
800/776-1356; fax 604/395-7888

Korg D32XD

Korg’s D32XD features 16/24-bit recording at up to 96 kHz, large TouchView display, eight analog compressors, digital mixing, 4-band EQ on every channel, onboard 40GB drive (up to 188 track-hours), CD-RW burner, analog/digital I/O options, up to 16 simultaneous track recording, eight XLR mic ins with phantom, eight line inputs, DI guitar input, 256 virtual tracks, and full cut/paste/undo editing with normalizing, fade, time comp/expression and three digital effects processors, along with full mix automation with 16 moving faders assignable to 56 channels and 14 buses.
316 South Service Rd.
Melville, NY 11747
516/333-9100; fax 516/333-9108

Otari DR-100 48-Track Disk Recorder

The DR-100 offers 48-track seamless punch-in/out 24-bit/96kHz recording to a single SCSI hard drive. Features: full remote with 48-track arming/monitor control, dedicated editing/menu keys, MADI digital I/O, virtual tracks, enhanced GUI, RS-422 9-pin machine control, SMPTE sync, MIDI, networking and multi-unit link options. AES Booth #: 624.
8236 Remmet Ave.
Canoga Park, CA 91304
818/598-1200; fax 818/594-7208

Sonic Studio CD.1

Sonic Studio’s CD.1 is a professional CD-R imaging device with matched-media optimized specifically for music mastering. The new drive, optimized for 1x and 2x burning, features a customized TEAC 512 in a fortified and shock-mounted rack enclosure. Drive mods include an upgraded quartz-crystal oscillator (instead of the standard ceramic) and a laser tuned for use with a specially formulated, Sonic Studio-branded Taiyo Yuden media. Price: $2,495.
12817 Industrial Park Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441
763/577-1535; fax 763/577-5950

Zaxcom Deva III/IV/V

Zaxcom’s three new hard disk recorders — Deva III, IV and V — range from a 6-track model designed for basic recording to a 10-track model designed for multitrack, high-bit-rate applications. Key features: an internal 5.25-inch DVD/CD writer option, intuitive color touchscreen, new Zaxcom audio file called .ZAX, and an extremely powerful internal mixer and user interface. List: Deva III, $8,950; Deva IV, $9,950; Deva V, $12,950. AES Booth #: 645.
140 Greenwood Ave.
Midland Park, NJ 07432
201/652-7878; fax 201/652-7776


ADAM Audio S5V-A

The S5V-A is a new vertically oriented, four-way monitor designed for high-level recording and mastering facilities. It features the ADAM folded-ribbon tweeter and midrange units, each powered by discrete 150W amplifiers and two Hexacone woofers: one 9-inch for the low mids and one 12.5-inch for deep bass, driven by 150W discrete and 500W digital amplifiers, respectively. The S5V-A makes a perfect component for the most demanding surround mixing and mastering applications. AES Booth #: 1004.
3717 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Ste. 215
Westlake Village, CA 91362
805/413-1133; fax 815/413-1134

Alcons Audio RBN601

The Alcons RBN601 is a 6-inch professional ribbon transducer. True power handling is 70W/1,000W, enabled by the proprietary-designed heat management. With its efficiency of 103 dB (1W/1m), the RBN601 is the most powerful ribbon driver on the market and delivers real 90° horizontal coverage. Philip de Haan, senior R&D engineer and 15-year “pro ribbon veteran,” filed two patents for the RBN Series. With its “Alcons green” color scheme, its nickname is “The Hulk.” All Alcons systems feature the RBN601, including the LR16 line array.

Alcons Audio TS Series

The Alcons TS Series is designed for full-range sound reinforcement, as well as a fill/under-balcony system. The TS 3 features a 6.5-inch mid-bass driver with 1-inch soft-dome tweeter on an optimized waveguide. The TS 7 features dual 6.5-inch mid-bass drivers with the same 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Their exceptional sound quality make them a perfect match for Alcons’ pro ribbon-based sound systems.
De Corantijn 69
1689 AN Zwaag The Netherlands
+31 (0) 229 28 30 90; fax +31 (0) 229 28 30 99

Alesis ProLinear 720DSP

This bi-amplified, pro studio reference monitor with DSP control features built-in digital crossover and 4-band parametric EQ with eight presets and eight user-defined settings; 24-bit/48kHz processing; a serial interface allows PC control of up to 16 speakers; 80 watts (LF)/40 watts (HF); 7-inch woven Kevlar woofer; and a 1-inch, silk-dome tweeter.
200 Scenic View Dr.
Cumberland, RI 02864
401/658-5760; fax 401/658-3640

ATC Loudspeakers SCM12 Pro

ATC Loudspeakers is introducing a 12-inch, high-performance, passive, two-way system capable of monitoring outstanding levels of music and soundtrack reproduction. The units feature a hand-built driver with a 75mm, midrange, soft-dome mechanically coupled onto a 150mm bass cone. The 177mm very high-flux, superlinear magnet achieves excellent linearity and low distortion while offering exceptional power handling and dynamic range. AES Booth #: 861.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio
7320 Smoke Ranch Rd., Ste. G
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

Blue Sky International BigBlue

BigBlue is a mid-field studio monitor designed for no-compromise applications. The unit features dual 8-inch woofers, a single 4-inch midrange and a 1-inch dual-concentric tweeter. BigBlue is powered by internal amplifiers that deliver 100W to each woofer, 200W to the midrange and 100W to the tweeter. BigBlue is designed to work in conjunction with two to four Sub12 subwoofers to provide truly full-range monitoring. AES Booth #: 738.
70 Sea Lane
Farmingdale, NY 11735
516/249-1399; fax 516/249-8870

Community Professional M12

The sleek, low-profile M12 system is an alluring, curvaceous replacement for traditional wedge-shape floor monitors, providing knockout looks and high-octane audio. The two-way, bass-ported device houses a 12-inch ferrofluid-cooled woofer and 2-inch, wide-band compression driver, coupled with an asymmetrical horn providing full-range output upclose or at a distance. Offered in bi-amp or switchable bi-amp/passive configurations, it lists for $2,150. AES Booth #: 425.
333 East Fifth St.
Chester, PA 19013-4511
610/876-3400; fax 610/874-0190

Eastern Acoustic Works DSA230

DSA column-type loudspeakers are for installation in small- to mid-size venues. Each driver’s integral DSP and amplification allows user-adjustable vertical coverage (15° to 120° beamwidth, ±30° aiming) for each particular application with easy-to-use DSAPilot software. The one-way DSA230 has eight 4-in drivers; the two-way DSA250 has eight 4-in LF drivers and eight horn-loaded, 1-in HF drivers. Built-in EIA-485 networking or optional CobraNet permits computer control of multiple loudspeakers. DSA230 and DSA250 combinations provide increased capabilities.

Eastern Acoustic Works KF730

The small-format KF730 Series Line Array includes the three-way, bi-amplified KF730 full-range and SB730 subwoofer. The KF730’s 16-ohm, passive, MF/HF subsystem has two 1-in exit HF and two 7-in MF drivers that share one large horn. The 16-ohm LF subsystem’s two Phase Aligned™ 12-in drivers provide horizontal pattern control to 160 Hz. The SB730’s two 12-in drivers use a tightly coupled “clamshell” arrangement for increased output. The integral suspension system is 6061-T6 structural aluminum. AES Booth #: 412.
One Main St.
Whitinsville, MA 01588
508/234-6158; fax 508/234-8251

Edirol MA-20D

These 20-watt/channel, active desktop reference monitors feature digital connections and dual front-access volume, treble and bass controls. These powerful and accurate monitors provide input from ¼-inch phone, RCA phono, optical or co-ax S/PDIF and a ¼-inch headphone output. MSRP: $295. AES Booth #: 1059.
425 Sequoia Dr., Ste. 114
Bellingham, WA 98226
360/594-4273; fax 360/594-4271

Event Electronics Studio Precision 8™ Bi-Amplified Direct Field Monitor

Features include: two-way; 8-inch, mineral-filled polypropylene-cone LF driver with 1.5-inch high-temperature voice coil, neodymium magnet; 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled soft-dome HF radiator, neodymium magnet; frequency response of 35-20k Hz; active fourth-order asymmetrical crossover (2.6 kHz); precision-calibrated input sensitivity, HF and LF trim controls; balanced ¼-inch and XLR inputs; dual linear-flow bass ports; protection includes RF interference, over-temperature, turn-on/off transient, subsonic filter, internal fuse; power-on/clip LED; and ¾-inch vinyl-laminated MDF cabinet. $1,499/pair.
PO Box 4189
Santa Barbara, CA 93140
805/566-7777; fax 805/566-7771

Genelec 7073A

Genelec has expanded its 7000 Series with five new subwoofer models to create highly configurable, full-range systems for critical monitoring. The newest 7073A sub employs four 12-inch, long-throw drivers driven by 1,000 watts peak and a 6.1 Bass Manager. The 7000 range includes the 8-inch 7050A 2-channel system and the multichannel 7060A, 7070A and 7071A (10, 12 and dual 12-inch, respectively). Features include integrated 6.1 Bass Manager and radical LSE cabinet technology. AES Booth #: 3D06.
7 Tech Circle
Natick, MA 01760
508/652-0900; fax 508/652-0909

Harrison SuperMon™ Series Professional Surround Monitoring Systems

Harrison is featuring an array of surround monitoring technology solutions at AES 2003. On display will be the SuperMon™ Series of analog, digital and film/post surround monitoring systems. Ranging from 8×8 to a whopping 384×16, some with advanced DSP sonic tools, these products are modular, scalable and part of an integrated design platform aimed at solving big problems for medium and large film, post and music studios. Complete systems are from $10,000. AES Booth #: 227.
1024 Firestone Pkwy.
Nashville, TN 37086
615/641-7200; fax 615/641-7224

JBL SFi Installation Line

JBL Pro’s SoundFactor Install (SFi) speakers have new installation versions: The SF12Mi and SF15i have the same value/performance as their ground-bound counterparts. Each has three M10 threaded suspension points and are supplied with three forged, shouldered eyebolts. Both models have two suspension points on top; the SF15i has a pullback point on the lower rear panel, while the SF12Mi’s pullback point is on the bottom panel. The handles, pole-mount socket and feet are removed for a clean look. AES Booth #: 328/2D01.
8400 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329

Klein + Hummel O300D

The O300D is a compact, three-way mid/near-field active studio monitor featuring an 8.25-inch (210mm) woofer, 3-inch (76mm) soft-dome midrange driver and a titanium/fabric-dome tweeter in a sealed enclosure with a unique molded baffle/waveguide. Three amplifiers are purpose-matched to their drivers and feature an exceptional low-distortion Lundahl input transformer. The O300D is a superbly integrated system with exceptional, revealing accuracy; an outstanding reference tool for mixing. MSRP: $2,795/each. AES Booth #: 1110.
Dist. by Klein + Hummel North America
16101 Bald Eagle School Rd.
Brandywine, MD 20613
866/417-8666; fax 301/888-2427

KRK Systems V Series II

KRK introduces the next generation of its award-winning V Series line of professional studio monitoring products. In addition to all of the existing features, the new V Series II monitors feature a defeatable limiter circuit, clip/limit LED indicators, auto-on/off circuit and a new waveguide design that improves off-axis response. Also improved are sensitivity and SPL due to better driver/amplifier integration.


KRK’s low-cost ST6/ST8 are unpowered, compact near-fields, with 6.5- or 8-inch DLDA aluminum woofers, 1-inch silk-dome tweeters and mag shielding as standard. The ST6 has a 62-20k Hz (±2dB) response and 100-watt handling; the ST8’s response is 52-20k Hz (±2dB) and handles 120 watts.
555 E. Easy St.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
805/584-5244; fax 805/584-5233

L-Acoustics XT Series

Developed to accommodate pro power handling, the new 112XT (12-inch) and 115XT (15-inch) coaxial loudspeaker systems provide highly versatile solutions for a variety of applications, from distributed sound reinforcement to “sound-on-sticks” to floor wedges, thanks to appropriate trap angles. Each cabinet features advanced components and rigging accessories, while also benefiting from the flexibility afforded by custom-engineered DSP presets for BSS and XTA processors. Rear-panel connections are via dual 4-pin Neutrik Speakons.

L-Acoustics SB118

Developed to complement all of L-Acoustics’ loudspeaker systems, the new SB118 high-power subwoofer features a single 18-inch transducer loaded in a dual-chamber, vented bandpass configuration. Boasting a power handling capacity of 600 watts RMS (2,400W peak) and response down to 32 Hz, the new subwoofer is the answer for applications requiring exceptional low-end impact from a highly compact, low-profile enclosure. Rear-panel connections are a pair of 4-pin Neutrik Speakons. AES Booth #: 1148.
2201 East Celsius Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93030
805/604-0577; fax 805/604-0858

Lake Technology Lake Contour

Lake Contour™ digital speaker controller incorporates a unique set of powerful DSP-based EQ and processing tools, including crossovers, dynamics and delays, allowing the optimization of performance sound speaker systems. Lake Contour can synthesize filter responses on-the-fly and create EQ curves with no limitations. The unique Contour Controller software provides intuitive management of all functions remotely via a wireless touchscreen and additionally integrates SIA SmaartLive® RTA capability. AES Booth #: 1125.
340 Brannan St., Ste. 201
San Francisco, CA 94107
415/861-1147; fax 415/861-5197

Linn Products 328A/318A

The 328A and 318A Professional Monitor Loudspeakers are versatile reference loudspeakers designed for discerning sound engineers who require precise and reliable full-range active reference monitor loudspeakers for near-field and mid-field monitoring. The 328A and 318A loudspeakers use advanced Linn technology in a distinctive active loudspeaker design, providing engineers with a reliable reference tool for pro music, broadcast, post and mastering applications. AES Booth #: 1155.
Floors Road
Waterfoot, Glasgow, Scotland G76 OEP
+44 141 307 7777; fax +44 141 644 4262

Martin Audio W8LC Compact Line Array

Martin Audio’s new W8LC compact, three-way, all-horn line array is the first “true” mid-size system offering small concert venues, theaters, clubs, ballrooms and A/V rental installations the same exceptional audio, smooth, consistent 120° horizontal coverage, high efficiency and rapid setup time of its popular predecessor, the W8L. The W8LC’s enhanced performance grows from Martin Audio’s unique design approach and time-tested horn-loading techniques.

Martin Audio W8LS Line Array Subwoofer

The W8LS is a dedicated, high-performance, sub-bass system designed to augment the low-frequency output of the company’s popular W8L Line Array system in large-scale applications where the sub-bass enclosures must be flown. Featuring a high-power, dual long-excursion, 18-inch direct-radiator design, the W8LS produces 138dB continuous and 144dB peak from a single half-space unit. It also features an extended response: 32-180 Hz, ±3 dB. AES Booth #: 609
PO Box 44019
Kitchener, Ontario N2N 3G7
800/465-1330; fax 519/747-3576

Meyer UPJ

Meyer’s UPJ self-powered, two-way speakers feature Variable Orientation (rotatable) horns and come in two versions, replacing the discontinued UPL — the original self-powered live sound speaker — with more flexibility and 6 dB more output. The UPJ weighs almost 30% less than a UPA, with only 3 dB less output. Both models employ a 10-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch exit compression driver, but the UPJ-1P provides 80° HF coverage, while the UPJ-2P has narrower 50° coverage. AES Booth #: 800.
2832 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702
510/486-1166; fax 510/486-8356

Nexo GEO T Series

Small and lightweight, the GEO T Tangent Array Modules (T4805 and T2815) and Cardioid Dipole Subbass Units (CD18) deliver exceptional coverage, total coherency and high output for audiences to 100,000-plus. GEOSoft array design software simplifies system optimization. Cardioid LF technology provides a quieter stage for engineers and performers. Product specs (with Digital TD Controller): response, 60-19k Hz, ±3 dB. usable range @ -6 dB: 56-20k Hz. Sensitivity 1W/1m: 109dB nominal, 107dB wideband. Single cabinet peak SPL @ 1m: 135-138 dB; configuration dependent when arrayed. U.S. list: GEO T4805 Array Module, $8,795; CD-18P Subwoofer, $6,525; GEOT-BUMPER (Bumper bar for GEO T4805), $4,090. AES Booth #: 1130
2165 Francisco Blvd., Ste. E-2
San Rafael, CA 94901
415/482-6600; fax 415/482-6110

QSC WL-2102 Wideline Speaker System

QSC’s WL-2102 is a full-range sound reinforcement solution able to reproduce the full gamut of program material necessary for ballrooms, theaters and small to mid-size events. Easily transportable, the WL-2102 is a three-way design encompassing two 10-inch LF drivers plus a HF waveguide. The system’s broad coverage minimizes the need for sidefills, making it an excellent choice for center cluster usage or as a downfill enclosure with larger-format line array systems. Construction is of lightweight composite material, and all fly hardware is included. Price: $5,022.
1665 MacArthur Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
800/854-4079; fax 714/754-6174

Radian Audio Engineering RMW-1108 MicroWedge

Radian’s RMW-1108 adds an 8-inch/1-inch coaxial to the MicroWedge™ line of ultracompact floor monitors. Constructed from ¾-inch Baltic birch, it maintains the sonic signature of its bigger brothers yet is half the size of the 12-inch MicroWedge and weighs just 21 pounds. Intended for corporate and house of worship applications, the RMW-1108 also features a rear Speakon connector, allowing its use as a console-mounted monitor. Power handling: 200W RMS; sensitivity: 95 dB (1W/1m).

Radian Audio Engineering RMF-1122 MicroFill

Radian’s latest addition to the Micro speaker line is the RMF-1122 MicroFill, a two-way, 12-inch, asymmetrical trapezoidal system offering wide frequency response and high maximum output with defined coverage and multi-arraying capabilities. MicroFill is rated at 500 watts RMS and is switchable between passive and bi-amp operation. The highly innovative MicroFill enclosure design incorporates a versatile and easy-to-use, built-in “I”-track rigging system, allowing it to be arrayed to meet all onsite coverage requirements.
600 N. Batavia St.
Orange, CA 92868
714/288-8900; fax 714/288-1133


The SLS RLA/2 Ribbon Line Array is a compact system designed for small- and medium-size venues that can’t accommodate large cabinet arrays. The RLA/2 incorporates SLS ribbon-driver technology and a space-efficient cabinet housing two 8-inch, high-powered cone drivers to deliver LF down to 70 Hz and 500-watt handling for 125dB continuous SPLs and 131dB peaks. SLS’ PRD1000 Push-Pull Neodymium Ribbon Driver offers HF response out to 20 kHz. The 56-pound (with rigging) RLA/2 cabinet is trapezoidal, measuring 9.6 inches high in front (7.6 inches high in back), 28.25 inches wide and 13 inches deep. Input connectors are two NL-4s. AES Booth #: 1058.
3119 South Scenic
Springfield, MO 65807
417/883-4549; fax 417/883-2723

Tannoy Ellipse IDP

Tannoy Ellipse iDP™ is a new, intelligent active monitoring system, combining the unique Tannoy Dual Concentric™ and WIDEBAND™ technology with the latest cutting-edge digital processing expertise from TC Electronic. Tannoy’s renowned acoustic skills blend with DSP technology, networking intelligence and PWM digital amplifiers to provide a new level of performance and operation convenience in studio monitors. This stunningly versatile monitoring system offers full bass management and instant recall of stored preselected crossover frequencies. AES Booth #: 818.
335 Gage Ave., #1
Kitchener, Ontario N2M 5E1
519/745-1158; fax 519/745-2364

TCS Loudspeakers

Intended for use in large performance venues to small music clubs and installations, the Touring Concert Systems are available in two- and three-way designs. TCS’ no-compromise approach to bi- and tri-ampable systems combines high-quality drivers with heavily braced enclosures constructed of ¾- and 1.5-inch cross-grain, laminated Baltic birch plywood with flyable hardware. Systems include slant monitors, trapezoidal mains and optional subwoofers, all with a five-year warranty.

Trident Audio LS101 Near-Fields

The Trident LS101 monitor features two 5-inch low/mid drivers, 1-inch dome tweeter and internal mag shielding to protect close-proximity computer monitor screens from speaker magnets. Power handling is 50-watt RMS at 4 ohms, and the dual gold-plated speaker terminals allow for bi-wiring. The frequency response is from 30-22k Hz with a low distortion rating. Measuring 17×12×7 inches and weighing 20 pounds each, the speakers retail at $799 per pair. AES Booth #: 1219.
Old Forge Barn
Hook Green, Meopham, Kent, England DA13 0JE
+44-1474-815-300; fax +44-474-815-400

Triple P Designs Pyramid

Triple P Designs premieres its Pyramid studio speaker designed to emulate low-fidelity systems. The speakers allow the mixing engineer to compensate for the differences in sound between their high-fidelity studio speakers and the end-user’s playback system (TVs, boom boxes, computer speakers, car stereos, etc.).
10300 Pimlico Place
Laurel, MD 20723

Turbosound Q-Light TQ-315

Turbosound expands its Q-Light Series with the compact, trapezoidal, two-way TQ-315, featuring a proprietary Converging Elliptical Waveguide horn design for horizontal and vertical speaker installs. The TQ-315 is a switchable bi-amped/passive design with a 15-inch woofer and 3-inch-diaphragm HF driver on a rotatable 80°×50° Converging Elliptical Waveguide. It’s made of ⅝-inch birch plywood and finished in black (TurboBlue optional) with reticulated foam grille. Standard is a pole-mount socket and two Speakon NL4MP jacks; flying hardware is optional. AES Booth #: 336/2D02.
Dist. by Sennheiser
1 Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
608/205-9933; fax 608/205-9927

XTA DP6i Controller

The DP6i Audio Installation Controller from XTA is a 2-in/6-out unit. Both inputs have an 8-band parametric EQ, base delay and gain control; all outputs feature crossover filters, 5-band parametric EQ, HF/LF shelving filters, limiter and delay. Four memory buttons store different system setups with fast switching between them, and panel lockout is provided. Centralized control of up to 32 DP6i units is available using XTA’s AudioCore Windows software. AES Booth #: 738.
Dist. by Group One
70 Sea Lane Farmingdale, NY 11735
516/249-1399; fax 516/249-8870

Microphone Preamplifiers

A Designs Audio MP-2r

The MP-2r is a true tube-in, tube-out stereo microphone preamplifier utilizing world-class input transformers by Jensen and custom-designed output transformers for the lowest noise level and highest quality sound. It is the latest in the A Designs MP Series tube mic pre’s. The MP-2r has 60 dB of gain, making it a perfect match for vintage and newly released ribbon microphones.

A Designs REDDI

Vacuum-tube design; output-level control; ground lift; white LED lamp on/off; Neutrik Combo XLR/¼-inch input connector; XLR output connector; zero-feedback loop; two U-Rack-mount spacing option; custom-wound output transformer; vented metal casing; 6N1P tube; on/off toggle switch; 16dB gain; and enclosed power supply with Toroid transformer. MSRP: $499. AES Booth #: 1215.
Dist. by Xvision Audio
Boardman, OH 44512
330/259-0308; fax 330/259-0315,

Focusrite Platinum TwinTrak Pro

Principally an affordable, high-spec, stereo tracking device, TwinTrak Pro also boasts comprehensive latency-free stereo monitoring and unmatched digital connectivity (including a D/A as standard for use as a “hardware plug-in”). The award-winning mic pre’s capture every subtle detail, while the optical compressor (custom optos, comprehensive controls and true stereo linking) provides smooth yet effective control of the signals’ dynamics. Combining all of these facilities, TT Pro provides all you need to track, monitor and mix, leaving your mixer gathering dust! MSRP: $650. AES Booth #: 354.
Dist. by Digidesign
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014-3886
650/731-6300; fax 650/731-6399

GML 2032

The new GML 2032 provides transparent preamplification and equalization in a compact unit. This discrete, Class-A design inherits 30-plus years of GML engineering excellence and delivers GML’s renowned reliability, musicality and precision. AES Booth #: 859.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio
7320 Smoke Ranch Rd., Ste. G
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

Helios Electronics Type 69 Mic/Line/EQ

The Legendary Helios Electronics became known as the musician’s choice of recording consoles. Used by The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Led Zepplin, etc. Classic 3-band EQ/pre. Discrete. Switchable lo/mid. Fixed top. Highpass. Unlike anything you ever used. Hand-built/Sowter input transformer. Mids are funky and sweet; guitars and snare drums are from heaven; woody, sweet! 700 – 2k to die for! Lo’s; Pultec-ish, hi’s; sweet, musical. Open as the Telefunken V76m. Transform your life!
1603 East Nine Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220

Mackie Spike

Two XDR premium mic preamps, additional I/O to work with computer-based recording studio. MSRP: TBA. AES Booth #: 512.
16220 Wood-Red Rd.
Woodinville, WA 98072
800/258-6883; fax 425/487-4337

Millennia Media TD-1

Twin Direct is a Twin Topology (selectable tube/discrete FET) half-rack recording system from Millennia, with HV-3 mic preamp with phantom, NSEQ-style fully parametric EQ, dual Les Paul and Strat Reamp® emulation outputs, Speaker Soak® input, selectable input impedances (470k/2M/10M), Millennia DIT-01 Direct Box transformer (3Hz to 300kHz performance), nine different outputs including headphone and direct, Class-A discrete DC-coupled back end, input/output/earth ground lift switching and isolates, universal toroid power supply, military-grade chassis. MSRP: $1,395. AES Booth #: 808.
4200 Day Spring Ct.
Placerville, CA 95667
530/647-0750; fax 530/647-9921

SPL USA GainStation 1 Model 2272

The SPL GainStation 1 is a single-channel, dual-stage mic/line preamplifier with separately controllable solid-state and tube stages. Based on discrete, fully analog Class-A circuitry and specially developed 60-volt op amps, the GainStation 1 delivers impressive bandwidth, clarity, headroom and SNR. Its compact format and optional A/D converter predestine it for stationary and portable DAW applications, while its enormous flexibility and exceptional sound arm it for a wide variety of the most demanding tasks. MSRP: $1,099. AES Booth #: 969.
2498 Rikkard Dr.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
866/4 SPL USA; fax 805/435-7455

Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic and Line Module

Offering users continuously variable microphone impedance from 100 ohms to 10k ohms, separate and simultaneous solid-state and tube outputs and a separately controlled hi-Z/line and microphone inputs for individual mix control, the 2BA-221 is priced at $695 USD. With an insert jack and swept highpass filter, XLR and ¼-inch outputs and inputs, and three variable, independent gain stages, the 2BA-221 is the new precedent for mic preamps. AES Booth #: 126.
390 Westridge Dr.
Watsonville, CA 95076
831/728-1302; fax 831/728-1073

Sytek Audio Systems MPX-4Aiii

Four-channel mic preamplifier. Solid-state unit, transformerless with Class-A discrete input, transistor gain input stage. Gain: +75 dB, perfect for old ribbon mics. Very low noise: -96 dBm, THD 0.0015% at 65dB gain. Transparent preamplifier with zero coloration, very fast, great for drums. XLR balanced input and XLR balanced output with automatic servo for unbalanced output needs.
283 Wooded Lane
N. Barrington, IL 60010

Microphone Products

AEA R88 Large Ribbon Stereo Microphone

Matched, 90° angled pair of large ribbon geometry figure-8 mics for Blumlein or MS stereo. 20-20k Hz response. Built-in shock-mount and captive 25-foot cable to two A3M connectors. Supplied with a locking angle adapter for bottom, top or side-stand mounting. Fly overhead for large venue installations. Three pounds, plus the cable weight. 2.5 inches diameter and 14 inches tall. Black stealth finish. Price: $1,895. AES Booth #: 850.
1029 N. Allen Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91104
626/798-9128; fax 626/798-2378

AKG Emotion TriPower Series

Emotion and TriPower Series mics incorporate AKG’s wired and wireless technology that lets each model be used as a standard wired mic with an XLR output, an XLR output with a silent on/off switch, or as a wireless UHF transmitter by simply changing a module. These new dynamic and condenser microphones have mechanical and acoustic enhancements along with sleek, sophisticated cosmetics. AES Booth #: 318.
914 Airpark Center Dr.
Nashville, TN 37217
615/620-3800; fax 615/620-3875

CAD Professional e1002

Combining rugged integrity, natural openness and detailed imagery, the Equitek 2 Series, e1002 supercardioid electret condenser features an extended frequency response of 10-18 kHz; dynamic range of 132 dB; high-output capability of 148dB SPL with pad; transformerless, balanced output circuits; an internal power reservoir system that supplies 10 times more than the current available from phantom powering for our sophisticated op amp circuitry. Includes shock-mount and carrying case. List: $399. AES Booth #: 448.
5970 Heisley Rd.
Mentor, OH 44060
800/762-9266; fax 440/354-8481

DPA Microphones IMK4061

This instrument mic kit consists of the popular DPA 4061 miniature microphone, an XLR adapter and a selection of unique mounting accessories. These carefully thought-out accessories include holders for attaching the mic to stringed instruments such as violin and cello; universal surface-mounts with double-sided tape for use with guitars, wind instruments, drums and percussion; a magnet holder to attach the mic to drum rims or piano frames; and foam windscreens. AES Booth #: 1118.
691 Gray Mountain Dr.
Lyons, CO 80540
303/823-8878; fax 303/823-5830

Korby Audio Convertible

The Korby Convertible is the finest new tube mic available. A revolutionary, removable head design, available with 251, C12, U67 and U47 head assemblies. The heads are hot-swappable and can be removed without the use of tools in session. Featuring hand-made ear-tuned capsules, the C12 and U67 are multipattern, U47 and 251 are cardioid-only for optimum fullness (multipattern available). Hand-crafted by Korby Audio Technologies. Two-year warranty.
187 McMichael
Carnegie, PA 15105

Lawson AIR

The Lawson AIR mic is a large-diaphragm, hypercardioid, 48V, phantom-powered condenser mic with a tailored response to specifically complement the human voice. The AIR mic features a new capsule design by Gene Lawson. Frequency range: 20-20k Hz. Polar pattern: hypercardioid. Sensitivity @ 1 kHz: 22 mV @ 1 Pascal (94dB SPL). Max SPL (1 kHz/1%): 138 dB. EIN: 20 dBA. Rated impedance: 150 ohms. Power supply: 48V phantom. AES Booth #: 1012.
2739 Larmon Ave.
Nashville, TN 37204
615/269-5542; fax 615/269-5745

M-Audio Luna

The M-Audio Luna professional condenser mic is a work of art inside and out. Luna combines a vintage look with modern electronics for the best of both worlds. The large-diaphragm cardioid design is perfect for professionally capturing vocals, guitar, piano and just about anything else. Whether you’re looking for a great all-purpose first mic or a fresh new sound for your microphone locker, Luna is the right microphone at the right price. AES Booth #: 2D12.
45 East Saint Joseph St.
Arcadia, CA 91006
626/445-2842; fax 626/445-7564


MBHO’s new MBNM-440 CLS is the perfect workhorse, all-around mic for recording. The small-diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid pattern is aimed both for acoustic and amplified instruments and even vocals. The musical versatility of the MBNM-440 CLS is supported by options such as an integrated, switchable -10dB pad and an integrated highpass filter.
495 Lorimer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718/963-2777; fax 718/302-4890

Microtech Gefell INA5 5.1 Surround Microphone Bracket

The Gefell INA5 is a microphone holder for 5.1 surround recording applications. Designed for use typically with five cardioid-pattern large-diaphragm microphones (e.g., the Gefell M930 cardioid or M940 supercardioid), the INA5 makes the optimal setup of 5.1 recording easy. Velcro™ bands control the arrangement of the mic cables for a neat and professional surround recording setup.
Dist. by C-TEC
1638 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9
604/942-1001; fax 604/942-1010

Neumann TLM 127 Microphone

The TLM 127 is a new mid-price, large-diaphragm, multipattern condenser microphone with a remote pattern-switching option. The TLM 127 builds on the design specs and reputation of the legendary Neumann TLM 103. With an extremely low self-noise level of 7 dB (A) and a simultaneous maximum SPL of 140 dB, the TLM 127 offers a choice of cardioid or omni patterns, plus 14dB pad and a highpass filter. Includes a wooden box and EA1 elastic suspension. AES Booth #: 336/2D02.
1 Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Pearl CO 22

Sweden’s Pearl Lab introduces the CO 22, its newest studio condenser microphone. This large-diaphragm, phantom-powered omnidirectional boasts low self-noise and flat response both on- and off-axis. AES Booth #: 261.
Dist. by Independent Audio
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101

Sage Electronics SE-BB1

The SE-BB1™ electret condenser microphone is the first in a series of hand-crafted studio recording mics fondly known as The Bova Balls™. The SE-BB1 features: a spherically mounted, high-intensity, small-diaphragm electret condenser capsule; robust vintage-style solid brass hardware for versatile, stable positioning; active balanced outputs; and phantom-powered electronics. A stunningly open-sounding microphone. Awesome as a drum overhead, hi-hat or percussion mic, or on anything requiring extreme transient detail. Sold direct at U.S. $289 (CDN $379).
54 Mulvagh Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2E 6M6
613/228-0449; fax 613/228-8713

Sanken CS-1 Short Shotgun

The CS-1 Short Shotgun Microphone employs the same innovative technology as previous Sanken mics in a smaller, ultracompact housing. Sharp directivity delivers targeted sound while eliminating background noise. Less than eight inches in length, the CS-1 is ideal for mounting on video/film cameras, and with a weight of only 3.5 ounces, it is also easy to maneuver on boom poles. Utilizing Sanken’s original square-condenser capsule, the CS-1 has a flat frequency response beyond 20 kHz and handles up to 137 dB. AES Booth #: 809.
Dist. by plus24
1155 N. La Brea Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90038

Schoeps CMC6 xt

The CMC6 xt is the latest addition to Schoep’s acclaimed Colette Modular Microphone System. Combined with one of its capsules with frontal sound incidence, the user can now benefit with an extended frequency range from 20 Hz to more than 40 kHz.

Schoeps WSR-DMS for Double M/S

The WSR-DMS is a special, compact shock-mount and windshielding system for “Double M/S” 5.0 surround recording with two CCM 4VL and one CCM 8L Schoeps mics. The Double M/S technique allows flexible processing of the stereo image width and post-production adjustment. The shock-mount includes a cable set adapter for the three mics to a 7-pin XLR-M. Optional is the DMS-Splitter box that simplifies connecting to M/S preamps and mixers and the Windjammer fur cover. AES Booth #: 1100.
Dist. by Redding Audio
97 South Main St., #10
Newtown, CT 06470
203/270-1808; fax 203/270-2934

SE Electronics H3500

Modeled after the legendary mic capsules that have characterized large-diaphragm microphone performance for years, the H3500 exceeds the specifications of the traditional mic in every area. Specifications: frequency response is 20-20k Hz; fixed cardioid; sensitivity is >22 mV/Pa +1 dB or -33.5 s/pa; output impedance is <200 ohms; output noise is <16 dB typical (A-weighted); max SPL is <0.5% THD @ 1,000 Hz, 133 dB; phantom powered. List: $599. AES Booth #: 665.
21621 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
408/873-8606; fax 408/876-7670

Sennheiser Evolution 900 Microphone Series

The Evolution 900 Microphone Series has three wired mics designed to handle the most demanding live performance environments. The E 935/E 945 vocal mics provide condenser-like performance from a dynamic mic. Both feature shock-mounted capsules minimizing handling noise and improving gain-before-feedback. For snare/instruments, the E 903 delivers outstanding response while tolerating maximum SPLs. With a tapered, black handle and hip gunmetal blue grille, the 900 Series has a feel, look and sound its own. AES Booth #: 336/2D02.
1 Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Telefunken Ela M-12

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original, Telefunken USA is proud to announce the availability of the new classic: the Telefunken Ela M-12. Re-creating the original in every mechanical detail and with every sonic nuance, the M-12 is now available in limited quantity. Each system is handcrafted in the U.S. NOS 6072 tube, T-14 transformer and CK 12 capsule. Comes complete with external power supply, swivel connector cable and flight case. Five-year limited warranty. MSRP: $5,999. AES Booth #: 1228.
300 Pleasant Valley Rd., Ste. E
South Windsor, CT 06074
860/882-5919; fax 860/882-5980

Trident Audio LDC-77

Trident Audio’s LDC-77 large-diaphragm condenser mic delivers that seriously warm, vintage, analog tone that recent-day products never get close to. The product is assembled in Trident’s UK factory and incorporates Trident electronics. The LDC-77 has three switchable patterns: figure-8, omni and hypercardioid, a -20dB pad and a low-frequency roll-off. The LDC-77 comes in a flight case with shock-mounting holder and accessories, and is available now. Retail: $550.

Trident Audio M-101

Trident Audio’s M-101 large-diaphragm condenser mic delivers that warm, vintage, analog tone that recent-day products never get close to. Unlike other low-cost condenser mics, the M-101 is assembled in England at the Trident factory and calibrated to ensure a high quality that is both repeatable and optimum. The M-101 has figure-8, omni and hypercardioid patterns; a -20dB pad; and LF roll-off. The electronics are John Oram-designed and feature his remarkably low-noise technology. The M-101 comes in a flight case with shock-mounting and accessories, and is now available. Retail: $495. AES Booth #: 1219.
Old Forge Barn Hook Green
Meopham, Kent, England DA13 0JE
011-44-1474-815-300; fax 011-44-474-815-400

Mixing Consoles

Alesis MultiMix 12FXD

This 12-channel analog mixer in a compact three-rackspace design features eight XLR mic inputs with phantom power; two aux sends (pre- and post-fader) for monitor returns and effects; insert points on eight channels, plus two channels of stereo line inputs; 2-band shelving EQ at 12 kHz and 80 Hz; 60mm linear faders on each channel; and a front-panel headphone jack.
200 Scenic View Dr.
Cumberland, RI 02864
401/658-5760; fax 401/658-3640

Allen & Heath PA20/PA28

Allen & Heath has extended its PA Series of consoles — for users operating smaller systems — with the PA20 and PA28 unpowered mixers. The PA20 has 16 mono plus two dual-stereo channels, for a total of 20 inputs, while the PA28 has 24 mono and the same stereo configuration. Main features are a new padless preamp, four auxiliary sends, internal FX unit, S/PDIF output and 4-band semi-parametric output EQ. List prices: PA20, $1,499; PA28, $1,999.

Allen & Heath PL Designer/PL Client

The PL Designer and PL Client software for Allen & Heath’s new iDR DSP system enables the design and operation of virtual “wall plates.” These Windows applications provide the user with PC remote control of the iDR system over an Ethernet link, which can be used in place of, or in combination with, the hardware PL range of wall plates. The software is bundled with iDR System Manager v3.2. PL Client runs free of charge for 10 days; thereafter, a key for permanently using the software is available online. AES Booth #: 337.
Dist. by North American Pro Audio
Agoura Business Center East
5304 Derry Ave., Ste. C
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
800/431-2609; fax 800/431-3129

API Vision

API is introducing Vision, a surround mixing and recording console, which provides 5-channel panning on each fader, two moving faders on each input, 24 main, three stereo buses and a dedicated 5.1 mix bus, along with comprehensive multiformat monitor facilities. Featuring resettable switch assignment and API’s Legacy Series mic pre’s, equalizers and dynamics modules, each Vision is custom-built to specification and continues the legacy of API’s five-year warranty on all parts. AES Booth #: 547/2D08.
Dist. by Audio Toys Inc.
8301 Patuxent Range Rd., Ste. A1
Jessup, MD 20794
301/776-7879; fax 301/776-8117

Architectural Acoustics SMR 821a

The SMR 821a is a professional microphone and line-level audio program mixer designed for fixed installation applications. This single-rackspace unit provides high-quality audio performance using versatile control options and a simple user-interface. Engineered from the ground up with the commercial sound systems contractor in mind, the SMR 821a includes many features for easy operation, installation and servicing. The SMR 821a is perfect for applications where zoned output and simple monitoring is required. AES Booth #: 718.
711 A St.
Meridian, MS 39301
601/483-5376; fax 601/486-1678

Aurora Audio International GT8-4

Expandable three-rackspace, 8-channel/4-bus line-level mixer with stepped-input gain control, 10 LED input level meter, pan, mute and solo in place. Local and remote fader option. Pre-fade insertions on inputs and outputs and direct channel outputs. Connections via XLRs or Pro Tools Cannon “D.” Full monitoring and metering with Sifam VUs and phase meter. Alt speaker and headphone outputs. All-discrete, transistor, Class-A circuitry. Additional 8-channel units (less monitor) may be added for more inputs.
1520 North Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
323/462-4373; fax 323/462-6137

Calrec Audio Hydra

At IBC 2003, Calrec Audio launched an advanced networking system enabling I/O resources to be shared throughout the entire family of Calrec digital consoles. Highly reliable and very user-friendly, the Ethernet fabric provides a very cheap and reliable infrastructure with a very high bandwidth. This level of flexibility and control is unsurpassed, and gives operators and station managers more flexibility to justify any number of I/O resources on any given broadcast.

Calrec Audio Zeta 100

The Zeta 100 is specifically designed for local TV/radio production. Based on Calrec’s renowned Alpha architecture, the Zeta 100 provides the same broadcast-specific features, high levels of redundancy and hot-swappability as the Alpha and Sigma 100 consoles. Standard features include dynamics on every channel, eight auxes, 16 multitrack/IFB sends, 99 Flash ROM setup memories, powerful internal routing, and full 5.1 surround mixing and monitoring. AES Booth #: 936.
Nutclough Mill
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 8EZ
+44 1422 842159; fax +44 1422 845244

Crest Audio HP810

Bridging the world between high-quality audio designs and economical construction techniques, the Crest Audio HP810 console mixer fills the increasing needs of the professional install and portable markets. Backed by a five-year warranty, the HP810 follows the tradition of high audio quality and reliability as established by all previous Crest console products. Features include 24, 32, 40 or 48 mono-input channels, eight analog subgroups. and left, right and mono outputs. AES Booth #: 618.
16-00 Pollitt Dr.
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
201/909-8700; fax 201/909-8744

Euphonix Max Air

The Max Air digital console is designed for on-air and live-to-tape broadcast production. The console is competitively priced for its rich digital feature set and advanced technology and is based on the proven technology and software of the Euphonix System 5: It shares the same DSP core and I/O as System 5, and also includes much of the same processing. To create Max Air, Euphonix has drawn on its vast experience in digital production mixing systems with over 100 installations of Euphonix systems in broadcast facilities throughout the world. AES Booth #: 826.
220 Portage Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94070
650/855-0400; fax 650/855-0410

Hear Technologies Hear Back

Hear Back Personal Monitor Mixer System, designed for recording studios, church and live sound, consists of a hub and up to eight personal mixers connected using Cat-5E cables. Each mixer provides local control of eight audio channels, master volume, DSP limiter, two headphone outputs, stereo aux input and two balanced line outs. The hub accepts ADAT optical, analog and HearBus input sources. Mixer, $199; Hub, $499. Four Pack (one hub/four mixers): $1,295. AES Booth #: 157.
991 Discovery Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35806
256/922-1200; fax 256/922-1221

Innova SON Sy80

The Innova SON Sy80 digital console allows an unlimited number of inputs to be “stacked” beneath a single “development” fader for control by that fader, allowing the user to designate a “deployment” zone of faders anywhere on the console. Featuring 80 inputs, 80 outputs, 80 faders and 48 mix buses housed in a new chassis and weighing less than 176 pounds (80 kg.), the Sy80 combines an upgraded Sensoft 8 software with a new DSP module. AES Booth #: 336/2D02.
Dist. by Sennheiser USA
1 Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Logitek Numix Console Update

Logitek’s Numix console, designed for radio broadcast applications, now features full-color displays and dedicated talkbacks for each fader channel. The Numix console is a control surface for Logitek’s Audio Engine, a full-featured digital audio router. Price depends on configuration and ranges from $18,000 to around $30,000. AES Booth #: 951.
5622 Edgemoor
Houston, TX 77081
800/231-5870; fax 713/664-4479

Neotek Elite S/Elan S

New generation of Elan and Elite consoles made by Sytek. Twenty-four channels to 40 channels from $15,000 to $40,000. The Elite 24 channels to 90 channels from $35,000 to $198,000. Each channel has an extensive 4-band parametric EQ, swept low- and high-cut filters, a stereo send and four mono sends, along with a long fader and a short fader. The flexible subgrouping allows groups without automation, extra sends in mixdown or two inputs per module in mix. Many more features.
Division of Sytek Audio Systems
283 Wooded Ln.
N. Barrington, IL 60010

Otari DB16P Video Production Console

This digital console supports ESAM II (Editing Suite Audio Mixer) protocol, accepting two 4-channel VTRs and a 2-channel source. Features: 99 snapshots, AES/EBU digital and 24-bit ADC mic/line analog ins, 4-channel digital master recorder return and sync to 32-96kHz word clock, video (25, 29.97 or 30 fps) or internal sync. DSP includes fade/crossfade transitions, HPF, 3-band EQ and dynamics. AES Booth #: 624.
8236 Remmet Ave.
Canoga Park, CA 91304
818/598-1200; fax 818/594-7208

Rolls MX124 ProMix IV

The MX124 is a 4-channel stereo mic mixer with four XLR balanced inputs and two transformer-balanced XLR outputs. It has level and pan controls for each channel, as well as individual phantom power and low-cut switches. Tip Ring Sleeve ¼-inch and ⅛-inch (3/5 mm) outputs have been provided for either headphone/earphone monitoring, or for use as auxiliary stereo outputs. U.S. retail is $200.
5968 South 350 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
801/263-9053; fax 801/263-9068

Solid State Logic 9000 K Rackmount Series

Debuting at AES, SSL brings the technology of its SuperAnalogue™ XL 9000 K Series consoles into a range of rackmount units. The series includes three single-rackspace units: a 4-channel mic pre with remote-control capability; an XL channel strip (mic/line amp, dynamics, filters and EQ); and the G Series Stereo Center Compressor (with enhanced performance). Also offered is a dual-rackspace, 6-channel compressor designed for 5.1 surround or 4+2 stereo applications.

Solid State Logic C200

The C200 Digital Production Console provides the latest adaptation of SSL’s popular in-line console heritage with a dedicated “knob per function” control surface. The C200 is suitable for creative mixing applications, where hands-on access to a large number of controls is essential. In-line versatility and the provision of both snapshot and dynamic automation make the console ideal for both live-to-air and post-production applications. A special Mobile configuration is also available for compact studio or mobile installations. AES Booth #: 400.
Spring Hill Road
Begbroke, Oxford, England OX5 1RU
+44 186 584 2300; fax +44 186 585 2212

Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer

Optimized for audio-for-picture applications, the 302 mixer is essential for audio engineers and camera operators wanting to take control of location audio. The 302 is stunning for its size, flexibility, control and performance; it is the most compact and cost-effective battery-powered professional audio mixer in its class. With features to accommodate nearly any portable production, the 302 interfaces seamlessly with wireless transmitters and receivers, camera audio inputs of all kinds and external audio recorders. AES Booth #: 749.
300 Wengel Dr.
Reedsburg, WI 53959
608/524-0625; fax 608/524-0655

Soundtracs DS-00

Offering scalable, medium- to large-format digital consoles in the mid-price range, the Soundtracs DS-00 digital console features touchscreen control and a variety of add-on modules, making it a truly user-designable system. Specialized additions include a FP film section, EX fader channel extender modules, and HD user-definable bay for fitting custom controllers, phase meters, etc. AES Booth #: 248.
Dist. by DiGiCo
Box 1697
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465

STK Professional Audio VX-1604FX

The VX-1604FX has 16 inputs, there are two aux sends per channels, with its true 4-bus design, 10 with XLR and ¼-inch inputs for mic/line and two with stereo mic/line inputs. All have 4-band EQ on mono channels, 3-band EQ on stereo channels, mono channels 75Hz low-cut filters. The built-in digital effect processor and to the comprehensive headphone monitoring system. AES Booth #: 826.
369-2 Kuraeri, Yandchon-Myon
Kimpo-City, Kyonggi-Do, Korea
82-31-981-1788 (DIR); fax 82-31-981-1784
[email protected]

Studer OnAir 500

Compact digital broadcast and self-op DJ console with 6-channel faders, two master faders, integrated routing system, comprehensive monitoring and talkback facilities for control room and studio. Four analog mic/line inputs, five stereo digital inputs, two analog and two digital stereo outputs. Integral PSU plus external 24V DC power for backup and mobile operation. Integrates perfectly with automated playout systems, including Studer DigiMedia and RCS Master Control.

Studer Vista 6

Based on its impressive Vista 7, Studer’s Vista 6 on-air digital console features a simplified center section, comprehensive busing, optional remote bay and the ability to incorporate third-party hardware options into the console. AES Booth #: 323.
1947 Leslie St.
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2M3
416/510-1347; fax 416/510-1294

Studio Technologies Model 200

The Model 200 joins Studio Technologies’ lineup of announcer’s consoles for broadcast, stadium announce and production applications. Created specifically for on-air sports broadcast applications, the Model 200 offers the core features required for “network performance” at an entry-level price. SRP: $495.

Studio Technologies Model 760

The Model 760 audio mixer is designed for mobile broadcast applications including ENG, SNG and production. Both digital and analog audio capabilities are included, providing an extensive set of resources in a highly compact package. SRP: $2,795. AES Booth #: 1011.
5520 W. Touhy Ave.
Skokie, IL 60077
847/676-9177; fax 847/982-0747

Trident Audio S120 Linear Fader Pack

From the design house of John Oram, Trident Audio introduces the S120 Linear Fader Pack, which provides 10 100mm linear faders to add to the S100 8-channel mixer. Simply connecting into the inserts of the S100, or any console or rack piece with inserts, the S120 provides fader control and mutes on each channel and the main left-right masters. The unit features a stunning +500dB headroom and a theoretical minimum noise floor! 19-inch rack-mounting by 4U, the S120 Linear Fader Pack retails at $799, and is available now. AES Booth #: 1219.
Old Forge Barn Hook Green
Meopham, Kent, England DA13 0JE
+44-1474-815-300; fax +44-474-815-400

Yamaha 01V96

The Yamaha 01V96, a rackmountable digital mixer making its AES debut, offers the same footprint as the original 01V and features 40 simultaneous mixing channels with full-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio, a range of stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing and full automation. The control surface, large display screen and user interface allow analog-style hands-on operation, with eight user-defined keys available for assignable functions.

Yamaha PM5000

The Yamaha PM5000 sound reinforcement console make its AES debut in New York. The PM5000 analog console features 52 inputs, 35 mix buses, 12 VCAs, a 16×37 matrix, 1,000 scene recall with Yamaha’s redesigned mic preamp and EQ. AES Booth #: 518.
6600 Orangethorpe Ave.
Buena Park, CA 90620
714/522-9011; fax 714/522-9522

Music Products

Akai Professional MPC1000

This easy-to-use MIDI sequencer/drum sampler offers a great alternative to complex computer-based products. Featuring 64-track sequencing, 16 MB of memory (expandable to 128 MB) and a built-in Compact Flash Type-2 card slot supporting up to 2 GB, you can even connect directly to your computer for drag-and-drop file transfer. Two stereo effect processors, a master effect processor and digital I/O are standard. AES Booth #: 427.
2527 Minnis Dr., Ste. C
Haltom City, TX 76117
817/834-1900; fax 817/834-1983

Emagic HostTDM Enabler

The HostTDM Enabler lets users insert separately purchased Emagic software instruments ES1, ES2, EVP88, EVB3 and EVD6 into aux channels of your TDM mixer. While the software instruments are calculated on the computer’s CPU, their signals can be processed directly with any of your TDM plug-ins. This allows using up to 32 mono or 16 stereo channels (or any combination of either). Enjoy your software instruments with sample rates up to 192 kHz! The HostTDM Enabler is now available for Mac OS X. MSRP: $399.
13342-A Grass Valley Ave.
Grass Valley, CA 95945
530/477-1051; fax 530/477-1052 Garritan Personal Orchestra

A complete “orchestra for every musician” that is elegant, easy-to-use and costs only $249, including the sample player. Includes strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and keyboard instruments, even a Steinway piano. All programmed to be highly expressive and playable with standardized performance tools. Will work on Mac or PC, stand-alone or plug-in (VST, DX, Pro Tools, AU) and features not found in any other sample library. AES Booth #: 1054.
Box 400
Orcas, WA 98280
360/376-5766; fax 360/376-5676

Hollywood Edge Evil Effects

The Hollywood Edge presents a seven-CD set of sci-fi horror including Hi-Tech Doors and Servos, Vicious Lazers, Evil Computers, Flashbacks and Dreamscapes, Explosive FX, Blood, Bones, Gore, Guns, Zombies, Monsters and Ambiences From Hell. Plus DJ FX, dynamic multipurpose sounds scratched by DJ Cutdabreakalot and exclusive to Evil FX. From the misuse of Eastern-Bloc bugging and spy equipment and the abuse of vast factory-built machines to the mutilation of pig carcasses in a studio environment, this collection is ideal for sci-fi, horror, slasher, hi-tech, video games or Websites.
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 519
Hollywood, CA 90028
323/603-3252; fax 323/603-3298

Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition

The minimoog® Voyager™ is an analog performance synthesizer designed by the legendary Bob Moog. Its state-of-the-art design captures the unmatched, fat, warm Moog™ sound and brings it into the 21st century. Playing the Voyager is a visceral experience from its mind-bending sound to the fantastic-feeling knobs and switches to the fun of the 3-D touch-surface controller. Retail price: $2,995.
554-C Riverside Dr.
Asheville, NC 28801
828/251-0090; fax 828/254-6233

Native Instruments Absynth 2.0

Absynth 2.0 offers 800 new musical presets, a revised DSP core and new sampling/synthesis options. Absynth 2.0 is now a synth and sampler, with a new Patch window to mix sampling, granular sampling, subtractive, wavetable, FM, AM, ring modulation and wave-shaping synthesis. Each voice has six synth oscillators (or three sampling oscillators), four filters, three ring modulators and a wave-shaping distortion function. Waveforms can be drawn by hand or created by drawing harmonics.

Native Instruments Vokater

The Vokater plug-in bows to both the old and the new, mimicking a retro vocoder while doubling as an advanced synth and granular sampler. Vokater boasts 1,024 frequency bands balanced by an integrated multiband compressor and loads both .WAV and .AIFF file formats. It works in both Windows (98/2000/ME/XP) and Mac (OS 9.2/OS 10.2.2) formats and supports VST, MAS, AU, DXi II, Core Audio, DirectSound, Soundmanager and OMS. AES Booth #: 1054.
5631 A Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Pilchard Digital Audio Squeekbox 2 (Fat-Ass)

TB-style bassline synth, PC, VSTi. Made with Synthedit, Free. VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies AG.
74 Stonefield Way
Burgess Hill, Sussex RH15 8SG
+44 1444 870794

Pro-Rec Motif Sounds

Pro-Rec has released six new banks of sounds for the Yamaha Motif, Motif Rack and Yamaha S90 synths. The titles are Dance MC, Tech QSX, New Age Pads, Filmscape 5-D, Disco Station and Synth SFX. Each bank features 128 all-new voices and 64 all-new combinations. Prices are: $49.90/each, and any six for $189. Demos are available on Pro-Rec’s Website. Customers can receive the sounds the same day by e-mail: download to your computer, copy to SmartMedia, pop in your Motif and play!

Pro-Rec Triton Sounds

Pro-Rec has released six brand-new discs for the Korg Triton, Triton LE, Triton Pro X, Triton Rack and all Triton compatibles. The six new titles are Poly Synths, Buzz Fuzz, Chiffs & Bells, Synth Basses, Smooth Leads and EPs & Keys. All discs feature 128 all-new programs and 64 all-new combinations, and the first two discs have one completely new drum kit each. Pro-Rec’s Triton discs are $49.90/each,10 for $299 or all 19 for $499!
332 La Marina Dr.
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
805/637-3332; fax 801/409-7534

Radial Engineering Bassbone

A new and innovative bass signal-management device, Bassbone allows players to select and control two basses and kick-in a solo-boost mode and/or effect loop. A Class-A boost circuit for soloing can be switched in on both channels, and a sliding selector switch assigns the footswitch to insert an effect loop or both an effect loop and boost circuit. The Bassbone also incorporates a tuner output and a direct XLR balanced out for the P.A. system. AES Booth #: 768.
1638 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9
604/942-1001; fax 604/942-1010

Roland Corporation MV-8000 Production Studio

Roland is shaking up the music world with the new MV-8000 Production Studio, a complete hardware studio with 16 velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive pads, professional sampling, sequencing, effects processing and CD burning. All major audio formats are supported via the onboard CD-RW drive, floppy drive and USB port. Arrangements can be created using a powerful 136-track audio/MIDI sequencer, and results burned to CD. AES Booth #: 237.
5100 S. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
323/890-3700; fax 323/890-3701

Sound Ideas The General Series 6000 Extension IV

Another great addition to “The General,” Extension IV offers 10 more CDs and over 1,000 sound effects: everything from the practical to the unusual. Check out this terrific general collection. It includes a full Hum Vee package, a small fleet of airplanes, heavy construction and road equipment, sounds from a variety of industrial environments, solid rock and wood FX, water, rain and liquids, and a host of other spectacular audio.

Sound Ideas Immersion 5.1

Immersion 5.1 Surround Sound collection. More than 200 ambience sound effects provided as surround sound files in 24-bit, 49kHz .AIFF file format. Sounds are ready to drop-and-drag into any digital workstation applications. AES Booth #: 527.
105 West Beaver Creek Rd., Ste. 4
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1C6
905/886-5000; fax 905/886-6800

Spectrasonics Trilogy Total Bass Module

This software plug-in instrument integrates a custom 3GB core library with hundreds of new bass sounds and an interface to create custom user patches. Trilogy is designed to function as a native plug-in instrument, without the need for a sampler, in hosts such as Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro Tools.
Dist. by Ilio Entertainments
Box 6211
Malibu, CA 90265

Steinberg Urban Atmosphere

Urban Atmospheres are high-end sound environments recorded in 5.1 surround offering unequalled spatial characteristics and pristine sound quality. The SPL Atmos System was used to record 23 indoor and outdoor locations, spanning 95 scenes. The recordings were compiled onto nine DVDs in .AIFF format, ready for immediate use in any DAW. Urban Atmospheres are perfectly suited for any use in film, TV, theater, music, radio plays or anywhere you need to create a spatially realistic acoustic environment. $999. AES Booth #: 462.
9200 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818/678-5100; fax 650/930-2417

TRF New Releases

Ten new CDs added to the Kool Kat Production Music Library, now with 60 CDs of contemporary and extreme cutting-edge music. New releases include: Horror, World Beat, Acoustic Guitar, Blues, Pastoral, New Age/Atmospheres, Hip Hop, 1960s British Rock, Industry & Technology and X-Treme Drama. Fifty new CDs were also added to the Bravo, Cobra, Dennis, PowerSound, Pyramid and Stock Production Music libraries. Sixty new classical and authentic ethnic music CDs were added to the Supraphon Classical library and the PAN International Ethnic library.
747 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
800/899-MUSIC; fax 845/356-0895

Vienna Symphonic Library PRO Edition

With over 380,000 samples at 240 gigabytes, the Pro Edition is the most comprehensive orchestral sample library ever created. Now with more samples, performance elements and “Performance Instruments” to be used with its exclusive Performance Tool for ultra-realism. Many articulations/techniques are included, like spiccato, détaché, staccato, legato, sforzando, tremolo, pizzicato, con sordini, more. Complete Orchestral Package, $5,490; upgrade from First Edition, $2,090.
Dist. by Ilio Entertainments
Box 6211
Malibu, CA 90265

Power Amplifiers

Alcons Audio B.V.ALC2

Alcon’s ALC2 models are Class-G-designed controller/amplifiers with 2x 1kW-plus RMS @ 2 ohms. The front-accessible SDP “Speaker Drive Processing” slots offer dedicated power optimizing (RMS/peak), excursion protection and specific filtering. The SIS circuit, “Signal Integrity Sensing,” compensates for the influence of (long) speaker cables, ensuring a real damping factor of 10,000. ATCM, “Advanced Thermal & Clip Management,” prevents the amplifier from clipping and thermal shut down.
De Corantijn 69
1689 AN Zwaag, the Netherlands
+31 229 28 30 90; fax +31 229 28 30 99

Architectural Acoustics ICS 4200

The ICS 4200 4-channel industrial power amplifier is designed for permanent installation and features four independent 200W amplifier channels in a compact, fan-cooled, two-rackspace package. The ICS 4200 can supply maximum output power to both low-impedance (4 and 8 ohms) and high-impedance (70 volts) loads simultaneously in 2-channel configurations. Each amplifier output is protected by Peavey’s legendary SPS loudspeaker-protection circuit and an integral 60Hz highpass filter. AES Booth #: 718.
711 A St.
Meridian, MS 39301
601/483-5376; fax 601/486-1678

Behringer Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000

The Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000 is a professional, high-power, multipurpose, 8-channel headphone-distribution amplifier. It features eight totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in one rackspace, two separate main inputs, two headphone outs per channel and even a dedicated direct input for each channel. It offers the highest sonic quality with virtually all types of headphones, even at maximum volume.
190 West Dayton, Ste. 201
Edmonds, WA 98020
425/672-0816; fax 425/673-7647

BGW Systems GT Series

The GT 2500, 3800 and 5600 are highly efficient power amplifiers delivering 725 to 1,500W per channel @ 4 ohms. Each unit is 3RU, has variable-speed fans, switchable 30Hz/12dB/octave highpass filters, faastLink™ multipurpose access connections, 1dB detented attenuators on the rear panel, Neutrik Speakon, five-way binding-post outputs. It also features Eurostyle, ¼-inch and XLR balanced inputs, ground lift switch, bridge mono/stereo/dual-mono switches, a modular design and BGW’s reliablity and sound quality. MSRP: GT2500, $1,733; GT3800, $2,055; and GT5600, $2,311.

BGW Systems VX208

With all of the features of the VX Series, BGW’s first 8-channel power amp has 300W per channel @ 4 ohms. (All channels are driven.) This amp has 1dB stepped attenuators on the rear panel, along with BGW’s faastLink™ multipurpose access connection. The VX 208 is three rackunits high (compact), has switchable 30Hz, 12dB/octave highpass filter and world-renowned BGW reliability. These amps are ideal for fixed installs where high sound quality is a must. MSRP: $3,595.
13130 Yukon Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250
800/468-AMPS; fax 310/676-6713

CAMCO Tecton Amps

The new Tecton Series features high-efficiency/low-weight switch-mode power supplies. Designed to offer the same high performance and low dynamic distortion as CAMCO’s successful Vortex amps but at a better price, the Tecton Series features 10 models, ranging from 2×300 watts (@ 4 ohms) to 2×1,950 watts (@ 4 ohms), and all feature three parallel-mono, bridged-mono and stereo modes. Other features include selectable input sensitivity, clip limiting, subsonic filter, LED status indicators, DC protection and an optional remote control. AES Booth #: 1130.
Dist. by Nexo USA
2165 Francisco Blvd., Ste. E2
San Rafael, CA 94901
415/482-6600; fax 415/482-6110

D2Audio GM100/GR120 Digital Amplifier Modules

GM 100-watt by 8-channel (and GR 120-watt by 7-channel) modules are fully self-contained, true-digital power amps with intelligent digital controllers, drivers, MOSFET output stages and output filters. The EMI-shielded package are FCC, UL, CSA and CE-compliant. SNR is over 90dB, with full-bandwidth THD+N under 0.15%. The amplifiers are musically smooth and clean. 90% efficiency reduces heat for 66% less rackspace and minimal cabinet venting. Onboard DSP offers EQ, treble, bass, volume control, and dynamic range compression/limiting, controlled over a two-wire serial interface to a microcontroller or remote PC/Windows graphical user interface (GUI). AES Booth #: 1066.
600B Capital of TX Hwy N., #130
Austin, TX 78731
512/343-9301; fax 512/343-9316

Hot House Models Four Hundred/One Thousand

Fully differential from input to output, and utilizing a split-dual toroidal power supply, these third-generation High-Resolution Control Room Amplifier offers transparent, low distortion, high fidelity and a bullet-proof design. Its uncluttered design affords the benefits of pure Class-A operation with none of the drawbacks, reducing heat, eliminating crossover distortion and providing extreme output linearity with rock-solid stability. S/N is >105 dB. RMS power/channel (@ 0.003% THD). Four Hundred: 8 ohms/135W, 4 ohms/200W. One Thousand: 8 ohms/300W, 4 ohms/500W. Price: $1,999 (400); $2,999 (1000).
275 Martin Ave.
Highland, NY 12528
845/691-6077; fax 845/691-6822

Signal Processing, Hardware

Audio Toys API Lunchbox

API is introducing a six-space Lunchbox that is two slots larger and about half of the price of the older version. Like its smaller predecessor, the new 5006B API Lunchbox has its own built-in power supply and is built to API’s exacting standards without compromise. It is designed to accommodate a total of six API 500 Series modules. This unit is flexible, highly portable and affordable. AES Booth #: 547/2D08.
8301 Patuxent Range Rd., Ste. 1A
Jessup, MD 20794
301/776-7879; fax 301/776-8117

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems INFRA-M and M2

The INFRA-M is a new-generation bass-signal processors from Bag End. The INFRA-M and M-2 dual integrators operate a subwoofer below resonance without the use of lowpass filters, thus eliminating filter delay, impedance bumps and other irregularities. The payoff is a flat response down to as low as 8 Hz. The result is a bass system that is simpler and sounds better. SRP: INFRA-M, $1,180; the M-2 with CVR limiter, $1,390. AES Booth #: 736.
22272 North Pepper Rd., Unit D
Barrington, IL 60010
847/382-4550; fax 847/382-4551

BBE Sound DI-100x Active DI

Incorporating BBE’s Sonic Maximizer circuitry, the DI-100x active direct box offers a 15dB pad switch, ground lift switch, balanced XLR output, impedance-balanced ¼-inch tip-sleeve output, plus ¼-inch tip-sleeve input and thru connectors. Finished in a Ferrari-red, baked-enamel finish, the DI-100x has a thick extruded aluminum housing with recessed switches and a nonslip bottom pad. Additional features include 1% metal film resistors and mil-spec circuit boards.
5381 Production Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
714/897-6766; fax 714/896-0736

Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800

The Ultra-DI Pro DI800 is a professional AC/phantom-powered, 8-channel DI box. It converts unbalanced line inputs into balanced outputs, featuring optional mains or phantom-powered operation. Its servo-balanced operation assures ultraflat frequency response. Additionally, it allows direct connection to speaker outputs with up to 3,000 watts. A ground lift switch and input attenuation/gain per channel round off this powerful device.
190 West Dayton, Ste. 201
Edmonds, WA 98020
425/672-0816; fax 425/673-7647

BSS Audio Soundweb Lite 3088

The demand for simple, stand-alone DSP processing has led BSS Audio to introduce the Soundweb Lite 3088 programmable digital audio system. The new 8×8 unit draws on the success of the larger networked Soundweb 9088iis and associated products, but provides a less-expensive alternative for situations where the design requires a maximum of eight inputs and eight outputs. The 3088 possess all of the capabilities of the networked version and runs under the common Soundweb Designer platform. AES Booth #: 329.
Dist. by Harman Pro North America
8500 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329
818/920-3212; fax 818/920-3208

CEDAR Cambridge Mastering System

The CEDAR Cambridge Mastering System is a development of the CEDAR Cambridge product line launched at the last AES Convention. Developed specifically for CD and multichannel DVD mastering, this 8-channel system adds phase correction, 2-channel tools and linear phase EQ to CEDAR Cambridge’s Film Restoration System. The 64-bit, 96kHz EQ includes CEDAR’s ingenious “Constant Loudness Equalization” (patent applied for) that changes the tone of a signal without affecting its loudness. AES Booth #: 259.
20 Home End
Fulbourn, Cambridge, UK CB1 5BS
+44 1223 881771; fax +44 1223 881778

Crane Song Avocet

The Avocet studio controller with its discrete, Class-A audio path is designed to solve the problems of accurate monitoring and volume control experienced by workstation users, studios and mastering rooms. Avocet is a stereo controller with an upsampled, jitter-reducing D/A converter, three digital inputs, three analog inputs and a headphone system with talkback provisions. The Avocet controller also has dim, mute and mono functions, and a speaker-select switch selects one of three outputs. AES Booth #: 841.
2117 E. 5th St.
Superior, WI 54880
715/398-3627; fax 715/398-3279

Daking FET Compressor II

Updated version of the Daking FET Compresor. New internal switch facilitates active use of the gain makeup pot for console applications and also to fully bypass in line-level rig applications. Unit features all-discrete transistor circuitry, transformer-balanced inputs/outputs and Class-A amplifiers. Attack can be set from 250 to 64 milliseconds, while the unit’s customized Neve 33609 Auto, A/D Compex Auto and Fairchild 670 #5 and #6 release settings are faithful to their vintage namesakes. AES Booth #: 857.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio Group
7320 Smoke Ranch Rd., Ste. G
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

Dolby Laboratories DP563

The DP563 Dolby® Surround and Pro Logic® II Encoder is designed to encode multichannel program material for Dolby Surround or Dolby Pro Logic II releases. The resulting matrix-encoded, 2-channel material can be distributed via any analog or digital consumer media, such as television broadcasts, radio, PC and console games, CDs and VHS tapes. Facilities creating surround content for 2-channel distribution formats will find the DP563 an invaluable tool. AES Booth #: 418.
100 Potrero St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
415/645-5000; fax 415/645-4000

Drawmer SP2120

Drawmer’s SP2120 eliminates the possibility of “unauthorized,” excessive sound-pressure levels on speaker systems. Inserted immediately prior to the amplifier stage, the signal path combines a mixture of “multiple time-constant” circuitry and automatic gain control (AGC). The front panel of the 1U, 2-channel processor features an integral security lock. In Unlocked mode, two front-panel presets calibrate the 16-segment left/right bar graphs and the second sets the absolute volume level. AES Booth #: 856.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio
7320 Smoke Ranch Rd., Ste. G
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

Eventide Reverb 2016

The legendary reverb algorithms of the Eventide SP2016 live on with the Eventide Reverb 2016 by Princeton Digital. The Reverb 2016 includes the original stereo room, room reverb and high-density plate from the SP2016, plus enhanced versions of each of the originals featuring higher reflection density. The Reverb 2016 has dedicated controls with ergonomic LED rings for each parameter, perfect for low-light situations, offering ease-of-use and high-quality reverberation. MSRP: $2,245. AES Booth #: 281.
One Alsan Way
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
201/641-1200; fax 201/641-1640

Helios Olympic Series

Helios Electronics has resurrected the Olympic Type-69 Series EQ as used by The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Led Zepplin and others. Available in 1U dual-mono or a mono vertical module versions, this classic, discrete, 3-band EQ/preamp is similar to the original, but with much improved build quality, additional 30Hz and 16kHz EQ settings, and a Sowter input transformer based on the original Lustraphone (Olympic) transformer models.
Dist. by Vintage King Audio
1603 E. Nine Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220
248/591-9276; fax 248/591-9281

Joemeek 3Q

The Joemeek 3Q is a mono photo-optical compressor, microphone preamplifier and 3-band EQ with a mid sweep between 300 Hz and 5 kHz. The 3Q is one of the first much-anticipated replacements for the entire Joemeek line since its acquisition by PMI Audio in early 2003. List price: $299.99.

Joemeek TwinQ

The Joemeek TwinQ is a dual-mono/stereo photo-optical compressor, dual microphone preamplifier and dual equalizer with low and mid sweep and high switchable between 8 and 12 kHz. With analog and digital outputs, using TRS, XLR, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Word Clock and Optical. The TwinQ is one of the first much anticipated replacements for the entire Joemeek line since its acquisition by PMI Audio in early 2003. List Price: $999.99. AES Booth #: 754.
Dist. by PMI Audio
23775 Madison St.
Torrance, CA 90505
310/373-9129; fax 310/373-4714

Line 6 PODxt Pro

The new, improved industry standard for direct guitar recording features 32 classic amps, 22 cabinets, four mic models, 49 studio and stompboxes effects, MIDI, tuner, 64-channel memories, USB digital I/O for Mac and PC recording applications, ¼-inch and XLR stereo outs, 24-bit/96k digital I/O (AES/EBU and S/PDIF), stereo effects loop, analog re-amping input and outputs, and ToneTransfer Web library. Includes GuitarPort V. 2.0 editor/librarian software for PC; Windows and Mac OS 9 drivers and Mac OS X editor/librarian software. $979.99.

Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro

The new Bass PODxt Pro features 28 amp models, 22 cab models, more than 50 stompbox and studio effects, plus a dedicated compressor and 6-band semi-parametric EQ. It features ¼-inch and XLR discrete processed and DI outputs, 24-bit/96k digital ins and outs (AES/EBU and S/PDIF), effects loop, analog re-amping in and outs, bi-amp mode with selectable crossover, the ability to mix the direct signal into the modeled output, four mic models, MIDI, tuner, 64-channel memories and USB digital I/O for Mac and PC recording applications. $979.99.
29901 Agoura Rd.
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
818/575-3600; fax 818/575-3601

Manifold Labs Plugzilla

A revolutionary two-rackspace effects processor that will run nearly any VST effect or instrument plug-in, bringing the universe of plug-ins to the worlds of mastering, high-end studios, FOH and live sound/performance. The platform also serves as a rapid-prototype, real-time DSP environment for researchers. Features adjustable sample rates up to 96 kHz with 24-bit I/O and up to 64-bit internal processing, four balanced XLR analog inputs and outputs, S/PDIF I/O, Word Clock I/O, two MIDI I/O, 100Base-T Ethernet, USB 2.0 and Compact Flash.

Manifold Labs Plugzilla Turbo

Plugzilla Turbo is a beefed-up version of the revolutionary Plugzilla, designed specifically for surround sound applications. Along with all of the normal Plugzilla features, the Turbo version increases the analog XLR I/O complement to eight channels, all running at up to 96 kHz/24 bits. The processor is also beefed-up to handle the extra processing power needed for surround plug-ins. Several new third-party surround plug-ins will be announced and demonstrated at the booth. AES Booth #: 1051.
433 Liberty St.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
201/641-7716; fax 360/838-6867

MediaMatrix CAB 4n

The new CAB 4n is a CobraNet audio bridge featuring MediaMatrix’s new scalable I/O architecture, with support for the popular line of MediaMatrix I/O modules (up to four modules configurable for 16×0, 0×16, 12×4, 4×12 or 8×8 operation, IxO). All inputs can be configured in groups of four channels for microphone or line-level in any of the available configurations. The CAB 4n also supports the new MM AEC4 acoustic echo-cancellation card in any of the configurations.

MediaMatrix X-Bridge

The X-Bridge provides a seamless link between the CobraNet digital audio network and the X-Frame 88’s digital audio “link” connectors. With the X-Bridge, up to four simultaneous CobraNet audio bundles appear within the XWare software as two sets of 8-channel inputs and outputs. System configuration possibilities include interfacing with larger, frame-based MediaMatrix systems, stand-alone CobraNet operation using the popular CAB Series breakout boxes, or peer-to-peer systems where long-distance audio transport is required. AES Booth #: 718.
711 A St.
Meridian, MS 39301
601/483-9548; fax 601/486-1678

PreSonus Audio Electronics MaxRack

MaxRack™ is a desktop space solution that houses up to six ⅓-rack PreSonus Personal Recording Series units. The new rack can store new PreSonus units such as the TubePRE™, EQ3B™, COMP16™ and HP4™, all of which are now available. The MaxRack is designed to sit on the desktop next to your computer monitor. The rack houses six units, and has a 6-input powerstrip accommodating all six individual power supplies from a single AC plug. AES Booth #: 937.
7257 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
225/216-7887; fax 225/926-8347

Quantec Yardstick 2403/2496

Quantec’s new 24-bit Yardstick reverb effects processors contain the top features of all past DSP-based Quantec reverbs. The Yardstick 2496 room simulator offers dual-mono/stereo inputs and up to six outs, each with assignable individual delay of up to 0.2 seconds. All I/Os are digital via AES/EBU. The Yardstick 2403 is a similar version with XLR analog I/Os.
Dist. by HHB
743 Cochran St., Bldgs. E & F
Simi Valley, CA 93065
805/579-6490; fax 805/579-8028

Radial Engineering JD6

A 6-channel, rack-mounted version of the Radial JDI passive direct box, the Jensen transformer-equipped Radial JD6 supercedes the highly successful Radial JD4 4-channel DI as the new standard in rack-mounted direct boxes. In addition to the basic JDI DI features, channels 1 and 2 offer a veritable “Swiss Army knife” of features to solve many of the problems of stage and studio recording and live mixing.

Radial Engineering JX-2 Switchbone

The ultimate AB-Y guitar-amp switcher, the Radial JX-2 Switchbone is a creative tool designed to allow your guitar to drive two amplifiers without introducing any noise, distortion, clicks or pops. Switchbone uses the same Class-A circuit as the critically acclaimed Radial JD7 Injector for exceptional audio performance. Radial’s exclusive Drag™ control restores the impedance loading normally lost when a guitar is not plugged directly into the amp.

Radial Engineering X-Amp

X-Amp is an active re-amplification device that allows previously recorded tracks to drive guitar amps and effects pedals. A Class-A circuit ensures the best possible audio fidelity. A balanced line input and two amplifier outputs are provided, transformer-isolated to kill hum and buzz. AES Booth #: 768.
1638 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C5W9
604/942-1001; fax 604/942-1010

Rane Corporation G4

Combining familiar front-panel controls with the accuracy and performance of digital signal processing, Rane’s full-featured, high-performance G4 quad-gate is suitable for use in a variety of demanding dynamics-processing applications. The G4 provides Gate, Duck and Downward Expand modes, together with internal high- and low-cut filters and external sidechain inputs, making it the ideal tool for front of house, monitor, instrument and voice processing, broadcast and recording. SRP: $999.

Rane Corporation MM 42

Rane’s MM 42 Monitor Processor fulfills the demanding needs of artists and engineers striving to optimize in-ear monitor systems while ensuring a safe, dynamic mix. Custom-tailor a single stereo mix or two independent mono mixes using shelf/cut filters, 3-band compressor, 5-band parametric EQ, 3-band limiter and assignable sub (low-frequency) output. Onboard headphone jacks (¼-inch and ⅛-inch) and cue bus functionality permit easy setup and monitoring of multiple mixes. SRP: $999. AES Booth #: 242.
10802 47th Ave. West
Mukilteo, WA 98275-5098
425/355-6000; fax 425/347-7757

Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn II

The successor to the award-winning AdrenaLinn guitar effects processor, AdrenaLinn II provides a variety of effects in sync to its internal drumbeats or to MIDI: tremolo, flanging, rotary, delay, random filter, plus exclusive programmable filter and pitch sequences. In addition, superb guitar-amp modeling and filter effects like auto-wah, voice box and guitar synth are included. AdrenaLinn II adds more amp models, longer delay time and easier operation all around.
1147 Keith Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94708
510/898-4878; fax 510/898-5434

Shure DFR22 Audio Processor

Shure Incorporated’s new DFR22 audio processor is a powerful and affordable 2-in, 2-out DSP product featuring Shure’s patented automatic digital feedback-reduction algorithm (DFR). Featuring single-channel and stereo 5, 10 and 16-band DFR processing blocks, the unit also includes modules for equalization, dynamics processing, delay and matrix mixing, and is easily configurable through a flexible drag-and-drop Windows software interface. AES Booth #: 219.
5800 West Touhy Ave.
Niles, IL 60714-4608
847/600-2000; fax 847/600-1212

Studio Electronics C2s

Classic UREI 1176-type FET compressor/limiter with Neve 1272-type line-driver output. Dual mono/stereo linkable; dual LED rainbow PPM meters for output and gain-reduction display. Relay hardware bypass. TRS and XLR connections. Gold XLRS switch contacts and internal connections. Secret 1176 “Squash Position.” MSRP: $2,499. AES Booth #: 1215.
204 West Grand Ave.
El Segundo, CA 90245
310/640-3456; fax 310/640-3516

TC Electronic PowerCore FireWire

This one-rackspace effects processor connects via FireWire, running compatible software effects and instruments within native host applications (Mac/PC). PowerCore FireWire is controlled by a user interface requiring minimal resources from the host CPU. Effects include lush TC-quality reverbs, smooth chorus, vintage dynamics, de-essing, a complete vocal channel, mastering EQ, mastering dynamics and a virtual analog synthesizer. Expand your PowerCore with effects from TC, Sony, Dsound, Waldorf and TC Helicon. MSRP: $1,795.

TC Electronic EQ Station

More than a decade ago, TC introduced the award-winning TC 1128/6032 EQ. It became the benchmark for digitally controlled graphic EQs. Now, TC Electronic is back in the live business using cutting-edge, 48-bit DSP processing and superb AD/DA conversion technology. The result is EQ Station, the next-generation EQ solution for the most demanding live sound applications. List prices: EQ Station 8-channel, $8,149; EQ Station 4-channel, $5,249; EQ Station 2-channel, $3,429; and MotoFader, $2,899.

TC Electronic Reverb 4000

System 6000 Reverb Palette — now in stereo! This broad palette spans from new state-of-the-art reverbs to world-renowned classics, 44.1- to 96kHz sample rates. From the front panel of Reverb 4000 gives instant access to key parameters: locate presets from System 6000, M5000 and vintage devices with the Wizard function. Straightforward integration between Reverb 4000 and DAWs via USB and PC/Mac ICON editor. 24-bit AES/EBU, Tos-Link, S/PDIF, ADAT, analog I/Os. MSRP: $2,999. AES Booth #: 818.
724-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648

TC Helicon VoiceWorks

VoiceWorks offers multivoice harmonies, transparent pitch correction and fat automatic double-tracking. VoiceWorks includes TC Electronic effects and HarmonyHold™, which lets you freeze your backing harmonies while you sing over them. Add TC Helicon’s quality mic preamp and TC Electronic compression, EQ, tap-tempo delay, reverbs and 100 user presets. The VoiceWorks hardware consists of 24-bit AD/DA converters, S/PDIF digital I/O, and supports both 44.1k and 48k rates. Mic preamp with 48V phantom power. MSRP: $799. AES Booth #: 818.
724-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648

TL Audio 5052 Stereo Valve Processor

The 5052 is a dual-channel front end. It’s ideal for stereo mixdown and mastering, providing two channels of preamp, dynamics and EQ stages, with independent stereo linking of the compressor, EQ and limiter sections. Each channel employs a tube preamp stage, a tube compressor, a 4-band tube EQ section and a peak optical output limiter. Six triode tube stages are shared between the two channels and run from an internal 150V stabilized DC supply. MSRP: $1,699.
Dist. by HHB Communications
743 Cochran St., Bldgs. E & F
Simi Valley, CA 90365
805/579-6490; fax 805/579-8028

Toft Audio Designs DC-2

The Toft Audio DC-2 is a dual-channel mono/stereo FET compressor in a compact one-rackspace design. Using two channels of classic FET compression with variable attack, release and ratio, and VU metering showing either gain reduction or output level. List: $799.99.

Toft Audio Designs EC-1

The Toft Audio EC-1 is a mono parametric equalizer and mono FET compressor. The FET compressor has variable attack, release and ratio, and VU metering shows either gain reduction and output level. Incorporating a high-quality mic preamp with selectable 48-volt phantom power, phase reverse and front-panel instrument input and selectable line input. The equalizer is a 4-band sweep, and can be switched either pre/post-compressor. List: $799.99. AES Booth #: 754.
Dist. by PMI Audio
23775 Madison St.
Torrance, CA 90505
310/373-9129; fax 310/373-4714

Z-Systems z-Qualizer

The z-Qualizer is a 6-band, half-rackspace, stereo digital parametric EQ engineered to deliver Z-Systems’ famed algorithms to project studios. Handles up to 24 bits at sample rates of up to 192 kHz with outputs of 24, 20 or 16 bits. Features both TPDF and POW-r wordlength reduction. Dynamic range is greater than 135 dB, while THD+N is a remarkably low -130 dB. Supports both M/S (mid-side) encoding and decoding, and stereo-linked and dual-mono operation modes. MSRP: $1,200.

Z-Systems z-Limiter

Z-Systems will be introducing the new z-Limiter, a high-performance digital limiter in a half-rack package like the z-Qualizer. The z-Limiter offers unprecedented quality in an outboard limiter and represents the first collaboration between the Z-Systems and Russian DSP whiz, Alexey Lukin. AES Booth #: 866.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio Group
7320 Smoke Ranch Rd., Ste. G
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

Signal Processing, Software

Antares Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filters

Antares’ Filter lets you harmonically sculpt tracks with surgical precision or animate them with limitless variety tempo-synched timbral variations. Filter starts with four stereo multimode filters with the warmth and smoothness of classic analog filters. Add four individual delay lines, modulation capabilities, MIDI control, two programmable rhythm generators, and the ability to lock time-based parameters to master tempo or external MIDI clock and you can create tracks (or entire mixes) that pulse with life and character. Antares’ Filter is available for RTAS (Mac and PC), VST (Mac and PC), MAS and DirectX. MSRP: $199.
231 Technology Circle
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
831/461-7800; fax 831/461-7801

db-Audioware Quantum-fx

This modular VST/DirectX plug-in system comes with an extensive collection of ready-built effects from classic guitar pedals to high-quality studio mastering tools. Quantum-fx also includes a stand-alone graphical editor for visually building your own effects or modifying the factory presets. Quantum-fx has been designed to be easy to use, encourages experimentation, yet requires no programming or DSP knowledge. Price: $299.
Box 10012
Uddingston, Glasgow UK
+44 131 4676492

Emagic EPIC TDM for Mac OS X

The Emagic Plug-In Collection — EPIC TDM — offers 15 high-class Logic Platinum plug-ins, which you can use with any TDM-compatible host software. For the first time, these plug-ins are now available for Mac OS X.
13342-A Grass Valley Ave.
Grass Valley, CA 95945
530/477-1051; fax 530/477-1052

Focusrite Forte Plug-In

The first new plug-in from Focusrite for a decade! State-of-the-art, double-precision software-programming techniques, alongside ever more rigorous circuit analyses, has resulted in the closest software representation of the classic Focusrite sound yet achieved. Forte provides a whole suite of plug-ins that brings the sound and feel of the vintage ISA processors to your Pro Tools|HD system at up to 192 kHz. Demos will be available at the Digidesign booth. AES Booth #: 354.
Dist. by Digidesign
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014-3886
650/731-6300; fax 650/731-6399

Harrison DSP Plug-Ins

More Harrison magic will be revealed at AES, with its unique DSP Plug-Ins, developed to satisfy the most demanding Hollywood film mixer and include harmonic noise filtering, leveled EQ, crossover EQ, telephone filters and other specialized production tools. AES Booth #: 227.
1024 Firestone Parkway
Nashville, TN 37086
615/641-7200; fax 615/641-7224 MixVerb

PSP MixVerb is a unique and compact reverb plug-in. It utilizes a wide range of independent internal algorithms from spring and plate through ambience and reverse to room, hall and cathedral, allowing you to choose a reverb adequate to the processed track or the entire mix. All basic parameters are adjustable to give enough control for most purposes. Pro-zilla Pack

Special edition of PSP plug-ins dedicated for Plugzilla. High-quality audio processors designed for professional studio applications. Includes compressor, limiter, parametric EQ, multi-band VintageWarmer, stereo-enhancement tools and others.
Dzikiej Rozy 11/8
Piaseczno 05-500
+48 601 96 31 73; fax +48 22 7112569

Sony New Oxford Plug-Ins

Sony will show new Oxford plug-ins for Digidesign Pro Tools and TC PowerCore systems. AES Booth #: 600.
1 Sony Dr.
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

SoundField First Digital Surround Plug-In for SoundField Microphones

SoundField’s Surround Zone® is a complete surround solution within the digital domain for processing the unique 3-D output (B format) of any SoundField mic. The first plug-in is available for the SADiE Series 5 platform. The Surround Zone Plug-In processes B format to deliver a nearly limitless variety of surround-output forms. Users can select their own combination of mic arrays and polar patterns, determining the final output forms. Mono, stereo, M/S, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 are readily available on the plug-in without further boxes or processing. AES Booth #: 854.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio
7320 Smoke Ranch Rd., Ste. G
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

The Sound Guy SFX Machine RT

SFX Machine RT is a real-time version of the award-winning SFX Machine audio effects plug-in, now available in Audio Unit format for Mac OS X, as well as VST format for Mac OS 8/9/X and Windows. It comes with hundreds of presets and allows automated parameter control via a simple “MIDI Learn” interface.
106 Arroyo Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Steinberg DTS Encoder

The Nuendo DTS Encoder incorporates the DTS Coherent Acoustics audio compression algorithm. This technology makes a reproduction standard available on the consumer market as good as those found in professional studios. Seamless integration into the Nuendo export dialog makes assembling DTS 5.1 files simple and straightforward. All routines are automated; users merely specify the six files that are to be encoded. MSRP: $999. AES Booth #: 462.
9200 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818/678-5100; fax 650/930-2417

Symetrix SymNet Designer 3.5 Upgrade

A free upgrade, SymNet Designer 3.5 is backward-compatible with all existing SymNet Audio Matrix hardware. Among the requested features included in this upgrade are DSP latency compensation, volume ramp-up after download, three different graphic EQ processors, improvements to the compressor/limiters and parametric EQs, and more graphic control when making user-designed control screens. Also added are optimizations to make the system run more efficiently when multiple control screens are added to a design.
6408 216th St. S.W.
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
425/778-7728; fax 425/778-7727

TC Electronic Restoration Suite

TC Electronic revolutionizes audio restoration with the new Restoration Suite for the PowerCore Platform. The Suite includes a very powerful DeScratcher, based on brand-new research by Noveltech in Finland. The Restoration Suite offers three real-time plug-ins for the most critical applications in audio restoration: denoising, declicking and descratching. List price: $999. AES Booth #: 818.
742-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648

Unique Recording Classic Console EQs

Unique Recording Software announces Classic Console Equalizer plug-ins for Pro Tools|HD/MIX/RTAS for Mac OS 9 and OS X platforms. URS “A”-Series EQ is a digital re-creation of the classic API 550B 4-band console EQ. URS “N”-Series EQ is a digital re-creation of the classic Neve 1084 3-band console EQ. List: $599.99/each. Features include 96k sample rate, 48k bandwidth with appropriate hardware. Windows versions will be released in the near future. AES Booth #: 354.
701 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10036

Universal Audio TDM Compressor Bundle

The UA TDM Compressor Bundle includes the 1176LN/SE and LA-2A. The 1176LN is the most widely used compressor in recording history due to the distinctive program-dependant compression and signature sound. The 1176SE “special edition” uses optimized DSP to retain the classic 1176 sound with sample rates up to 192 kHz. The Teletronix LA-2A Leveling gives all of the same smooth, silky and transparent dynamic control that the hardware unit offers. AES Booth #: 1158.
Box 3818
Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3818
831/466-3737; fax 831/466-3775

Waves Broadcast and Production Bundle

Featuring Renaissance Maxx, Masters and Restoration processors. Includes limiters, compressors, EQs, filters, noise removal, reverb, bass enhancement, de-essing and voice processing. You will be able to clean up audio, get killer voice-overs, easily create both common and signature audio effects, fatten the sound, have the best level control available and create superior feeds and mixes. These processors are used in Hollywood and in audio and music production the world over. MSRP: TDM, $4,800; Native, $2,400.

Waves Transform Bundle

The Transform bundle is for anyone looking to push the envelope in sound transformation. Shape time, pitch, instrument sound, presence, rhythmic contour, dimension and punch. Contains four plug-ins: Soundshifter for high-quality time and pitch shifting; TransX, a transient processor; and Morphoder — an innovative Waves approach to vocoding and doubler — is a dedicated processor to create “double-tracking.” Supports TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite on Mac and PC. MSRP: TDM, $2,400; Native, $1,200.

Waves 360° TDM/HD Surround Toolkit

Take control of your surround mixing in an intuitive and natural way with compliance to industry standards. Easily achieve high localization or enveloping spacialization. 360° of rotation, width, distance panning, reverberation, flexibly linked dynamics, calibration, mixdown and more. Supports Digidesign MIX and HD systems with 96kHz support for all tools. An all-in-one, cost-effective package designed to take your creativity and productivity to a higher level. MSRP:$2,400. AES Booth #: 1142.
306 West Depot Ave., Ste 100
Knoxville, TN 37917.
865/546-6115; fax 865/546-8445

Test Equipment

Audio Precision AUX-0025

The AUX-0025 switching amplifier measurement filter is the first accurate and repeatable solution that meets the measurement needs of chip designers and amplifier manufacturers who work with Class-D-type switching amplifiers. This dual-channel, multipole LRC passive filter is inserted between the DUT output and the analyzer input to attenuate out-of-band signals and reduce the steepness of fast switching edges by pre-conditioning the signal before presentation to the analyzer.

Audio Precision ATS-2

This PC-controlled audio analyzer features analog and digital inputs and outputs; generation of test signals for both analog and digital devices; multifunctioned audio analysis/spectrum analysis/multitone analysis/harmonic analysis; and a full complement of graphing and report options. ATS-2 puts a broad set of capabilities and high measurement performance into a lightweight, compact and affordable general-purpose instrument. AES Booth #: 408.
5750 S.W. Arctic Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005
503/627-0832; fax 503/641-8906

Ivie Technologies

This miniature acoustical analyzer is offered as a package with a Compaq iPAQ 3950 PDA loaded with acoustic analysis software (RTA, SPL metering, seat-to-seat, strip charting, polarity, scope functions, etc.). A custom jacket with preamp, A/D converter, USB/RS-232 interfacing, measurement mic and charger are included; other software releases are planned.
1605 N West State St.
Lehi, UT 84043
801/766-7600; fax 801/766-8282


MiniLINK is the new USB interface for the Minilyzer ML1 and Digilyzer DL1. MiniLINK allows documentation and data acquisition of all ML1/DL1 functions. in conjunction with the easy-to-use MiniLINK PC application. In conjunction with the new firmware for Minilyzer (release 3.xx) and Digilyzer (release 2.xx), the instruments are able to store and transfer screen shots and measurement data for post processing. MiniLINK is an upgradeable kit for all existing and new Minilyzers and Digilyzers.

NTI AG PureSound

NTI releases new developments for the speaker-test solution: “PureSound.” The automated project import/export allows mailing of test configurations to any production line around the globe. Some driver manufacturer can produce best product quality even at different test setups at various plants or production lines. The test configuration is an easy task and a matter of only a few minutes. The typical cycle time for a complete speaker test is less than three seconds, including the outstanding Rub&Buzz analysis with its 100% correlation to the human ear. AES Booth #: 708.
204 Thornhill
Dollard des Ormeaux
Quebec Canada H9G 1P7
800/661-6388; fax 514/620-5664

TerraSonde Audio Toolbox 3

The next generation in audio test and measurement from TerraSonde. New high-resolution monochrome and color screens, more audio functions, dual FFT-capable, dual phantom-power input, integrated USB port, user-upgradeable firmware modules and li-ion battery system at a great price point.

TerraSonde Studio Toolbox

The Studio Toolbox is the first piece of test gear made expressly for recording studios. A remix of the original Audio Toolbox, it contains over 18 different functions to help any engineer mix, record and master successfully and consistently. It includes a ⅓-octave RTA, SPL meter and cable tester, and adds new features like a virtual pitch pipe, surround setup and click track generator. This Toolbox is housed in a new black powder-coated steel chassis and features a bright green backlit LCD. AES Booth #: 1021.
2434 30th St.
Boulder, CO 80301
303/545-5848; fax 303/545-6066

Videotek ASM-100 Multiformat Audio Monitor

The ASM-100 is an advanced audio monitoring instrument providing all of the features required to maintain high-quality audio in today’s arena of multiformat, multichannel scenarios. Many of its features draw from the value-packed VTM Series of multiformat onscreen monitors. Providing a high-resolution 1,024×768 XGA output for use on any standard computer monitor, ASM-100 will display up to eight channels of analog or AES/EBU audio (base unit). List: $5,995. AES Booth #: 964.
243 Shoemaker Rd.
Pottstown, PA 19464-6433
610/327-2292; fax 610/327-9295

Wireless Products

AKG WMS 4000

This 1,200-channel UHF wireless system is available in four separate 30MHz-wide bands in the USA, ensuring that 50-plus systems can be used simultaneously anywhere. The transmitters feature a large selection of AKG transducers and a full 50mW output. The receivers offer automatic channel scanning and intermod-free frequency selection. The system features a >120dB dynamic range and 35 to 20,000 Hz response. Complete handheld and bodypack systems range in price from $1,298 to $1,546, and include all rack-mounting hardware; accessories includes active and passive antennas, signal amplifiers, cables and rechargeable batteries. AES Booth #: 318.
914 Airpark Center Dr.
Nashville, TN 37217
615/620-3800; fax 615/620-3875

Sabine SWM7000

True-diversity 2.4GHz Smart Spectrum™ technology allows 70 units to operate within a single location at globally accepted, 2.4GHz band — clear of new DTV frequencies. SWM7000 is available in 1- and 2-channel models, includes FBX Feedback Exterminator®, compressor/limiter, intelligent de-esser, Mic SuperModeling™ (digital mic capsule emulation) and Tireless Wireless™ (extended battery-life circuit, re-chargeable NiMH batteries, charge inputs on all transmitters). Handheld mic clip is also charger stand. Systems available with handheld, lavalier or headworn microphones. AES Booth #: 910.
13301 NW U.S. Highway 441
Alachua, FL 32615-8544
386/418-2000; fax 386/418-2001

Zaxcom Digital ENG Wireless

The Zaxcom ENG Digital Wireless receiver was designed to be mounted to a camera. It differs from our standard receiver in that it is physically smaller, has lower power consumption and an internal battery. ENG Wireless can be ordered in mono or stereo versions. It measures 1.25×4.75×3.25 inches; list price for a Stereoline ENG System is $3,695. AES Booth #: 645.
140 Greenwood Ave.
Midland Park, NJ 07432
201/652-7878; fax 201/652-7776

Other Products

AiRR Support

A new line of large, professional-grade boom microphone stands. The AiRR 100 is a large boom stand with a 5-foot base and 7.5-foot-long boom arm, measuring 12.5 feet fully extended. The AiRR 200 is a larger boom stand with a 6-foot base and 8-foot-long boom arm, measuring 13 feet fully extended. The AiRR 300 is the largest boom stand offered, with a 6-foot base and an 8-foot-long boom arm, measuring an impressive 14 feet fully extended. AiRR 100, $335; AiRR 200, $395; AiRR 300, $449. AES Booth #: 969.
Dist. by Network Pro Marketing
7656 Alderwood Ave.
Corona, CA 92880
909/272-3465; fax 909/272-3467

Argosy Console L-10 Rack-n-Roll

This handy roll-around rack tucks under the armrest of your Argosy console or dual-15 workstation, providing 10 rack-unit spaces to roll essential rack gear by your side. Using two L-10s creates an interesting cockpit effect. Available online at in a variety of finishes. L-10 (black): $299/each. Price includes shipping and handling within the U.S.

Argosy Console Dual15 KS With L10 Racks

The “rocketship” Dual15 KS workstation provides everything you need within easy reach and comfortable sight. An adjustable raised control surface has a swing-out bracket to place your computer keyboard over your musical keyboard/controller. Six styles of rack modules are available to give you a variety of angles, spaces and configurations for rack-mountable electronics. Dual15 KS system as shown with platinum end panels and two L10 racks (does not include blank panels or any electronics): $2,349.90, includes shipping and handling within continental U.S.
5687 Precision Ct.
Osage Beach, MO 65065
573/348-3333; fax 573/348-2769

Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones

The ATH-M20 dynamic stereo headphones feature a closed-back design, providing exceptional clarity and superior isolation. The 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets supply a frequency response of 30 to 20,000 Hz. The adjustable headband is lightweight and cushioned, and a gold-plated stereo ⅛-inch connector with strain relief and ¼-inch adapter, as well as a sturdy, ultraflexible 10-foot coiled cable with single-side exit, are included. Retail: $69. AES Booth #436.
1221 Commerce Dr.
Stow, OH 44224
330/686-2600; fax 330/686-0719

AudiOtis Flight Case Systems All-Metallic Diamond-Plate Flight Cases

No wood. No rivets. Welded aluminum angle-frame construction with “Diamond-Plate” aluminum panels. Ten times the strength at one-third the weight of conventional flight cases. Everything from brief cases and laptop cases to large-format audio mixing consoles. All cases are custom-made. Call for quotes and additional information.
256 S. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
310/617-0606; fax 310/455-4171

Aurora Audio International GTPM

Stereo analog phase meter using either a Sifam 22AF or D14 custom-scaled meter. 10k-ohm transformer-balanced inputs and runs on either single or bipolar power supplies. The circuitry is analog sum and difference and gives a proportional scale reading to the error. Input sensitivity is better than -50 dBu. Can be supplied with bezel mount for existing consoles or fitted in a case complete with PSU for desktop mounting.
1520 North Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
323/462-4373; fax 323/462-6137

Dual Bake’s Cabinet

The Bake’s Cabinet is a hand-crafted cabinet designed to hold turntables, a mixer and other DJ equipment. It has a record capacity of 700, turntable cover and headphone storage, as well as locking casters for mobility and stability. The Bake’s Cabinet is made from birch ply and is $895.
788A Ashbury St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
415/595-6454; fax 560/658-6894

Furman Sound SRM-80A

The SRM-80A facilitates monitoring, mixdown and dubbing between different media types without mixing consoles and patchbays. Noise: -95 dBu, 20-20k Hz. THD+N: 0.002% maximum. Crosstalk: -83 dB minimum @ 10 kHz. Connectors: balanced TRS input and output jacks. RCA jacks for “B,” “C” and “D” inputs/outputs. Headphone output THD+N: 0.001% with 800 mW driving a 150-ohm load. Speaker output switching: 8A/240V. Connectors: power amp and speaker connectors, five-way binding posts. Retail: $699. AES Booth #: 428.
1997 S. McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA 94954
707/763-1010; fax 707/763-1310

Future Sonics Ears™ Model EM3

Incredible dynamics, clean design and universal fit are just a small part of this performance in-ear monitor priced for every musician. Universal fit design. Outstanding bass response. Outstanding vocal tone. Priced under $160 USD. Custom-fit sleeves available (at additional cost). Response: 40 Hz-20,000 Hz. Driver: FSI F/R. Impedance: 32 ohms. Sensitivity: 118 dB. Isolation: 25 dB. Cable: 45-inch standard. Connector: standard ⅛-inch stereo. MSRP: $159.
1006 Holicong Rd.
Pineville, PA 18946
877/FSI-EARS; fax 215/598-8827

Harrison Precision Converters/Scalable Routers

Long-regarded as the world’s leading innovator of film consoles, Harrison is making available for the first time some of its proven technologies, packaged to work alone or as part of its SuperMon™ Series integrated platform. High-density (up to 112) 24-bit AD/DA converters, as well as AES converters featuring SRC on both ins and iuts take only three rack-units. A touchscreen-controlled MADI router of up to 2,240×2,240 can support the most complex facility. AES Booth #: 227.
1024 Firestone Pkwy.
Nashville, TN 37086
615/641-7200; fax 615/641-7224

Middle Atlantic Products FC-4 Fan Control

The FC-4 is a UL-listed fan control that automatically triggers fan operation when a rack’s internal temperature reaches one of three user-selectable degree settings. The FC-4 can control up to four 120VAC fans and can be mounted stand-alone or inside MAP’s MPR Modular Power unit.
North Corporate Dr.
Riverdale, NJ 07457
973/839-1011; fax 973/839-1976

mSoft MusicCue 3.1, ServerSound 3.1, SoundMiner 3

mSoft provides server systems for production facilities to manage their libraries of music, sound effects, video, V.O., logos, etc. The new 3.1 systems offer tighter integration with Digidesign DAWs through SoundMiner and other interfaces. mSoft is the exclusive source for the new SoundStorm 40,000 SFX library on hard disk and many stock footage video libraries. mSoft offers over 12 TB (15k hours) of any music or SFX library that the user is licensed to use. AES Booth #: 1254.
6355 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Ste. 507
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818/716-7081; fax 818/716-0547

QSC 922az is QSC’s next-generation network audio system, encompassing the seamless integration of the company’s networking, transport, control, processing and monitoring technologies. melds QSC’s power amplification and loudspeaker products into a unified system that enables the user to administrate it all via a fully integrated graphical user interface. The Basis 922az is the first in a series of hardware engines designed to operate under the platform. Price: $3,135.
1665 MacArthur Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
800/854-4079; fax 714/754-6174

Radial Engineering J-Rak

The J-Rak is a two-rackspace chassis that allows the mounting of up to eight Radial JDI or J48 direct boxes in one neat high-density, 19-inch package. The DIs can be mounted with either the front (input side) or back (output side) facing the front. Ideal for studio or touring. AES Booth #: 768.
1638 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9
604/942-1001; fax 604/942-1010

SE Electronics Ghost Studio Boom

Using a new design that provides far more stability than the conventional mic stands, SE Electronics debuts a line of boom stands with superior reliability and control. Its durable — yet lightweight — construction makes it a perfect choice for any studio or live recording situations. Its telescoping boom and tripod base make for easy and durable handling. Available in three sizes. Listing from $299 to $399. AES Booth #: 665.
21621 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
408/873-8606; fax 408/873-7670

Sony Electronics CDP-D12

Single-rackspace CD player. Capable of playing back CD-R/RW discs. Large FL display, new D/A converter with an S/N better than 100 dB and total harmonic distortion less than 0.003%. I/O: analog XLR and RCA, digital coaxial, optical. Remote: serial RS-232, parallel, wired remote mini jack, infrared. Speed and pitch control: ±12.5%. Supplied wired/wireless RC. AES Booth #: 600.
1 Sony Dr.
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Ultrasone HFI-550 Beatmaster

The HFI-550 pro studio headphone offers tight, powerful bass; precise and detailed instrument placement with an impressive power spectrum. Ultrasone’s S-Logic technology allows for effective listening to take place at lower levels, reducing the sound-pressure level to the eardrum up to 40%, decreasing the risk of hearing-loss damage. Ultrasone ULE technology shields the low-frequency magnetic-field emissions (radiation). AES Booth #: 843.
Dist. by EARS Audio
5810 Peach Hollow Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064
615/794-4494; fax 615/791-4372