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Week of April 16

Todd Bergum Joins TOA Electronics Inc.

As the new national accounts manager, Bergum will take over as thecompany's liaison to major TOA corporate accounts.

"We're very pleased to have Todd join the TOA team," said JeffPallin, VP at TOA. "He comes to the company with tremendous industryknowledge and experience."

For more information, visit www.toaelectronics.com.

Ray Kurzweil To Show "Ramona" at N.Y.Music and InternetExpo

Raymond Kurzweil, visionary, inventor and author, will present hisfemale alter-ego, Ramona, at N.Y. Music and Internet Expo, April 21, atMadison Square Garden.

Demonstrating the concepts of virtual reality and avatar technology,Ramona is a virtual rock musician whose voice and movements areprovided by Kurzweil and transformed in real time using motion capture,advanced computer graphics and audio processing systems. She exists asan avatar where advanced conversational software and other technologiesallow her to converse with Web visitors with life-like, real-timefacial animation.

"Ramona is more than a technology demo or a novelty," Kurzweil said."While she has a burgeoning career as a celebrity performer, Ramona isnot limited to the stage and recordings. She also will have an ongoingrole as virtual hostess of Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence Network,a Web showcase for the ideas of leading visionaries and breakthroughWeb technologies."

For more visit, www.KurzweilAI.net.

RIAA, Kickworks Sign Agreement for Legal Downloads

Under the terms of the agreement, Kickworks has gained the legalrights to RIAA member recordings, which account for more than 90% ofall legitimate recordings in the U.S.

Kickworks DJ, who can be anyone, anywhere, will have access to theserecordings in broadcasts that are in accordance with the DMCA statutorylicense.

"We enjoyed working with Kickworks on their innovative approach toInternet radio," said Steve Marks, RIAA senior VP of business and legalaffairs. "We look forward to working further with Kickworks in theireffort to provide an exciting radio experience."

For more, visit www.RIAA.com.

AMS Neve Appoints New VP

As the new VP of the western region of the U.S., with addedresponsibilities in South America, John Hart will be in charge of allAMS Neve sales initiatives in music, film and televisionpost-production.

"I have always had the highest regard for the products and serviceAMS Neve had to offer their clients," commented John Hart. "I feelhonored and privileged to reside at a company as reputable andinnovative as AMS Neve. I look forward to a very rewarding careerhere."

For more, visit www.ams-neve.com.

Spoiled By Technology Promotes Al Novak To Sales Manager

Novak brings over 20 years of pro audio experience to this newposition, including retail music, AV contracting and manufacturingsales. As sales manager, he will be responsible for expanding SBT'sclient base and increasing market share, while continuing his work withexisting accounts.

"Al is an integral member of the SBT team," said Barb Paulsen,company president. "He's developed tremendous client relationships inthe industry. In addition to his terrific people skills and focus oncustomer service, he really has an extensive knowledge of pro audioequipment."

For more, visit www.sbtreps.com.

New Beatles Exhibition Opens at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame andMuseum

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (Cleveland) announces theopening of "Stuart Sutcliffe: From The Beatles to Backbeat," aretrospective look at the life of one of the original members of TheBeatles.

The new exhibit will open to the public on Tuesday, May 15, 2001,and will run through Monday, September 3, 2001, in the Museum'sCircular Gallery.

The Sutcliffe exhibition, which is on loan from The Beatles StoryMuseum in Liverpool, England, provides a look at Sutcliffe's life andthe early years of The Beatles. Included in the collection are letters,notes, set lists and other items that provide insight into The Beatles'early years, as well as one of Sutcliffe's guitars and several of hispaintings. The collection is owned by Sutcliffe's sister, Pauline.

The museum also announced that due to overwhelming interest, theexhibition "Lennon: His Life and Work" will be extended through atleast the end of 2001.

"With a recent Number One CD, a newly published biography, andnumerous television and radio documentaries, The Beatles are once againone of the hottest bands in the world," said Terry Stewart, presidentand CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. "Having both ofthese historic exhibits here at the same time gives us a realopportunity to present many dimensions of this extraordinary band thathave never been seen before."

For more information, visit www.rockhall.com.

Lexicon Offers Software Upgrade for MPX-500

Lexicon announced a new software upgrade kit for its MPX-500dual-channel processor. Version 2 software (upgrade includes V2 ROM)can be purchased for $119.95 (MSRP in U.S.).

New features include:

* A dedicated compressor that acts on both L and R channelssimultaneously, and is available on all presets

* 250 easy-to-use presets, including a new bank named Compressor

* Expanded user band that now holds 64 programs

* New Factory Defaults, and many more

For more information, visit www.lexicon.com.

Week of April 23

Napster To Fingerprint Audio Files

The Internet song-swapping service Napster announced Friday that itsigned with a Virginia company to help identify song files by digitalfingerprint, not by name.

Napster signed the licensing agreement with Alexandria, Va.-basedRelatable to add its TRM digital fingerprinting technology to thealready in-service filtering software.

According to Hank Barry, Napster's interim CEO, "We are now workingclosely with Relatable's engineers to coordinate their technology withour file-filtering systems. We hope they will be a substantial part ofour overall filtering solution."

The technology, TRM, identifies audio recordings based on therecording itself by analyzing the acoustical properties of arecording's waveform to identify it precisely, regardless of its audioformat, bit rate or minor signal distorition.

Once the fingerprint of the recording is created, it is sent to theTRM server, which matches the fingerprint to an existing song in acustomer's music database. According to Relatable, the server canhandle over 5,000 fingerprint matches per second, or up to billions ofqueries each day.

"TRM will help ensure that the millions of music files transferredthrough the new Napster system will be accurately monitored, and itwill enable the appropriate allocation of royalties to artists, musicpublishers and record companies," said Relatable CEO Pat Breslin.

Napster is currently working with a new court-appointed mediator andrepresentative from the RIAA to comply with a court order to filter outillegally distributed song files. Napster plans on releasing a paidversion of the service this summer.

For more information, visit www.napster.com.

Behringer Appoints New Director of Worldwide Sales

Behringer (Willich, Germany) announced that John McCubbery has beennamed director of worldwide sales. Based in Singapore, McCubbery willbe responsible for the company's sales and distribution network on aworldwide level. He will focus on synchronizing the activities amongBehringer subsidiaires and strengthening communications within thesales channel.

"John is the kind of proven performer we want in this key position,"said company founder Uli Behringer. "His experience and internationalperspective is exactly what Behringer requires to stay on top of thechanging needs in our dynamic marketplace."

McCubbery previously worked in cooperation with Behringer for thelast four years as the marketing director for Behringer's Australiandistributor, Musclink. Along with his experience representing music andaudio equipment manufacturers, McCubbery worked for many years as aprofessional musician, performing onstage and in studios.

For more information, visit www.behringer.com.

International Conference on Consumer Electronics, 2001 DateAnnounced

This year's International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE),set for June 19-21, at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, will focus onwireless and broadband communications, home networking and multimediaapplications. The 2001 Conference marks the 20th anniversary of theICCE; an anniversary reception will be held on Tuesday evening, June19.

Eight tutorial sessions will precede the conference on June 17 and18. These sessions, led by industry experts, will investigate topicssuch as digital home networking, DTV interconnection, wirelesscommunication systems, MPEG-4 and ATSC VSB Transmission. In addition tothe tutorial sessions, 20 oral sessions are planned for the three-dayevent.

"We're excited this year to offer eight outstanding tutorials and 20high-impact paper and poster sessions on topics that are makingheadlines in both the popular and trade press," said Michael A.Isnardi, technical program chairman.

For a conference registration form, visit the ICCE Website atwww.icce.org. Reservations must be received by May 25, 2001; after thatdate, on-site registration is required.

New Director Named At Rane Corporation

Rane Corporation (Mukilteo, Wa.) promoted Stephen Macatee to theposition of director of new product development and training.

In this new position, Macatee will head up a new department and willbe directly responsible for Rane's product definition process andinitial new product training.

For more information, visit www.rane.com.

Week of April 30

Mark Knopfler 5.1 Album Release

Veteran producer Chuck Ainlay remixed Mark Knopfler's latest album,Sailing To Philadelphia, in 5.1 surround sound on a Sony DMX-R100digital console at Air Studios in London, where they had originallymixed the album.

Ainlay and Knopfler completed the surround version with TimVine-Lott engineering the sessions. Warner Bros. will release the 5.1remix as a DVD-Audio.

Having never worked on the Sony R100 board before, both Ainlay andVine-Lott were impressed by the board's automation, sonic clarity, easeof use and short learning curve.

For more information about this release, check out www.warnerbros.com.

Crown Audio Announces Changes in Management

Crown Audio (Elkhart, Ind.), manufacturer of amplifiers, microphonesand systems control products, announced a number of managerialpersonnel changes.

Deb Franton, formerly Crown Audio's director of customer service,has been promoted to director of U.S. sales. Troy Bornman has moved upto central U.S. regional sales manager. Bornman previously served asthe company's tech support manager. Bradford Benn has been promotedfrom his former role of project integration manager to director ofproduct and application support. In this new position, Benn will beresponsible for both field technical support and the internal technicalsupport group.

According to Scott Robbins, Crown Audio's VP of sales, "All three ofthese individuals have contributed to the success of this company intheir previous roles, and we have every confidence that thisrestructure will aid our continuing efforts to improve the support thatwe provide to our U.S. representative firms, dealers andcustomers."

For more information, visit www.crownaudio.com.

SSL Publishes 2001 Directory

Solid State Logic (New York City) has published the latest versionof "The Directory," the international reference for SSL-equipped musicrecording studios, broadcast operations, film scoring rooms and dubbingtheaters, and post-production facilities.

Designed as a valuable guide for artists, producers, engineers andother users of creative services, the current publication containsentries for over 1,000 individual facilities.

"The Directory" is available upon request from SSL. Please contactjodyk@solid-state-logic.com.

Liquid Audio Appoints New CFO

Liquid Audio Inc. (Redwood City, Calif.), a provider of software andservices for Internet music delivery, announced the appointment ofMichael R. Bolcerek as CFO and senior VP of finance.

In this position, Bolcerek is responsible for the company'sstrategic and financial planning processes, financial reporting andinvestor relations. Bolcerek previously served as COO and VP of financefor Mongomusic, an online music service provider that was acquired byMicrosoft in November 2000. He combines a digital music industrybackground with 15 years of experience in senior financial andoperational positions with such companies as Oracle, NeXT, Nokia andHyundai.

"Michael's unique blend of digital music experience and strategic,operational and financial planning skills will be a strong addition asour distribution business continues to develop," said Gerry Kearby,president and CEO of Liquid Audio Inc. "I am delighted to have Michaeljoin our executive staff where he will add immediate value to ourstrategic digital music initiatives."

For more information, click on www.liquidaudio.com.

Texas Instruments Announces Dates for 2001 Signal ConditioningSeminar

Texas Instruments announced its 2001 Signal Conditioning Seminar,"Building the Analog Tool Kit," a one-day technical seminar thatfocuses on the tools and fundamentals of signal conditioning circuitryused in real-world applications. The seminar will run from thebeginning of May to the end of June in various locations across theU.S. Cost is $95 per person, excluding VAT. Fee includes continentalbreakfast, lunch and a copy of the book Op Amps For Everyone.

This seminar is divided into five sections, with the first twodevoted to explaining and developing the tools and the remaining threesections used to demonstrate the application of the tools in the designof signal conditioning circuits.

The seminar topics include: "Sharpening the Fundamental CircuitDesign Tools"; "Adding New Circuit Design Tools"; "A General CaseSensor-to-ADC Design Example"; "A Communications Sensor-to-ADC DesignExample"; and "A DAC-to-Actuator Design Example."

Presenters for the seminar include Ron Mancini, a staff scientist atTI, Perry Miller, section leader and senior member of the technicalstaff for the advanced analog product group at TI, Wm. P. (Bill) Klein,P.E., senior applications engineer in the high-performance linear (HPL)product group at TI, Neil P. Albaugh, senior applications engineer inthe HPL product group at TI, Bruce Carter, applications manager forhigh-speed amplifiers in the HPL product group at TI, and Charles Wray,member of the technical staff and manager of technical training foranalog products at TI.

To find a seminar near you and register, visit www.ti.com/sc/signal2001inv.

Waves, CMBE Announce Partnership

Waves Ltd. (Knoxville, Tenn.), supplier of DSP software for the proaudio and multimedia markets, and CMBE Inc. (Bridport, Vt.),consultants in broadcast audio processing, announced a partnership atNAB to bring the next-generation of integrated audio processingsolutions to the broadcast industry.

The first product of this partnership is the MaxxNet UniversalBroadcast Processor for radio and TV. MaxxNet coordinates and automatesall audio processing, including mics, telephone audio, studio masteringto storage media, streaming processing, monitor processing and networksweetening.

The system supports analog and digital inputs and outputs needs, aswell as custom presets for each facility based on operating levels andhouse standards. The system utilizes Windows 2000 for control, but allaudio processing is independent of the operating system usinghigh-performance audio digital signal processor accelerators.

"MaxxNet builds on the strengths of Waves and CMBE," said GiladKeren, CEO at Waves Ltd. "It combines many of Waves finest audioprocessing algorithms used in creating today's most popular music,movies and multimedia content with CMBE's strengths in customizing andoptimizing setups for broadcasting and Webcasting."

For more information, visit www.waves.com or www.cmbe.com.

Auriga Aurex Announces New Hires

Auriga Aurex Inc. (Seville, Ohio), manufacturer of replicationproducts, announced two key personnel additions to its staff.

Kelly Mottola has been named as the western regional sales manager,representing both audio tape, videotape and plastic molded products.Mottola's territory will consist of all states west of the MississippiRiver in the U.S., as well as the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan,Alberta and British Columbia in Canada.

Mark Anzicek has been named technical director. Anzicek will work asa consultant to Auriga Aurex Inc., assisting customers with technicalefforts in the U.S. and Canada. He will also serve as a technicaladvisor for Auriga Aurex Inc. in strategic planning of future productsfor the replication market.

For more information, visit www.auriga-aurex.com.

Mackie Designs Receives Product Award

At the 2001 NSCA Expo, Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) waspresented the Film & Videomagazine User's Choice award in the areaof Best Overall Product Quality.

The winners of the Film & Video magazine User's Choice award areselected based upon an independent survey of leading product users inthe area of production and post-production.

Mackie's executive VP of marketing, Lori Stutsman, said, "Becausethis is an award that has come directly from our users, in the form ofan independent survey, its significance is paramount. While we believewe're walking our talk on quality, this award is tremendouslymeaningful coming from our customers."

For more information, check out www.mackie.com.

Ashly Audio Products and Staff Announcements

Ashly Audio (Webster, N.Y.) announced a new digitalcrossover/processor, the Powerflex 6250 has begun shipping, and newappointments within the engineering department.

Ashly Audio has unveiled the Protea 4.24C digital crossover/systemprocessor. The 4.24C is the latest addition to the Protea family ofdigital signal processors. Housed in an all-steel, one-rackspacechassis, the Protea 4.24C is a fully programmable, 4-input/8-output,24-bit digital crossover/system processor. Each balanced input channelmay be used individually or linked and provides four configurableparametric equalizers, time delay and gain control. The balancedoutputs may be assigned to any input and provide a variety of high- andlowpass filters with standard dB/octave slopes, three parametricfilters, and Delay, Gain, Phase Inversion and Limiter functions. Inputsand outputs may be monitored individually and can be individually orglobally muted. Connections include XLR inputs and outputs, RS-232(front panel) and MIDI in/out/thru.

The company also announced that it has begun shipment of thePowerflex 6250. Using a state-of-the-art, high-speed Mosfet switchingdesign with spread-spectrum switching technology, the Powerflex 6250provides up to 5x greater efficiency than that of Class-A or -AB linearpower amps. The 6250 delivers 150W RMS @ 8 ohms (250W RMS @ 4 ohms) ofaudio fidelity through six independent channels. Features include: 25-and 70-volt operation, bridgeable channels, switchable highpass filteron each input, XLR/1/4-inch and euroblock input connections, five-waybinding post output connections and a quiet two-speed fan for on-demandcooling.

In addition to product announcements, Ashly Audio announced theappointment of Gene Goff, P.E. to the position of director ofengineering. In addition to the direction and management of theengineering department, Gene is also the lead developer for Ashly'sDSP, amplifier and analog processor products. In addition, the positionof high-power Switch mode supply designer was created and filled byGary A. Schwenck. James Dean has been appointed as the senior PCB andproduct graphics designer. A new engineering support position wascreated to help Dean, and the position was filled from within thecompany. James B. Franks has been promoted from digital test technicianto junior PCB designer/lab technician.

For more information, click on www.ashly.com.