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Mix Daily News Archive for November

Weeks of November 1-16 Euphonix Names new Director of Sales Euphonix Inc. (Palo Alto, Calif.) announced that its Southeast U.S. sales division will be

Weeks of November 1-16

Euphonix Names new Director of Sales

Euphonix Inc. (Palo Alto, Calif.) announced that its Southeast U.S.sales division will be again headed up by Mike Franklin as director ofsales. The Euphonix Southeast U.S. region includes Kansas, NorthCarolina, Florida, Texas and the Caribbean Islands.

“I have worked with Mike as a colleague for many years,” said ChrisPelzar, Euphonix president of sales, North America. “He has done anoutstanding job in the Southeast region and was instrumental incovering our efforts in the entire Eastern region for the past fewmonths. [Franklin recently directed sales efforts for both the Easternand Southeast U.S. regions while a new director of Eastern sales wasbeing chosen.] What makes Mike so valuable to our clients is hisability to match a client’s current needs with our technology, and toanticipate potential future requirements.”

“I’m looking forward to concentrating on my clients in theSoutheast,” said Franklin. “The number of Euphonix clients there havereally grown in the past few years with the success of the System 5console; they believe in our technology and really appreciate ourafter-sale customer service.”

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Gibson to Acquire Baldwin Piano Company

Nashville-based Gibson Guitar Corporation has signed a letter ofintent to purchase GE Capital’s rights under a contract to acquire theassets of the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company. GE Capital signed acontract to acquire the Baldwin assets in a credit auction on October15, after the piano maker filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of thisyear.

“Our acquisition of Baldwin will represent a new, exciting chapterin two century-old musical instrument institutions, Gibson andBaldwin,” said Gibson chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz.

Gibson’s acquisition of Baldwin will keep the American piano companyunder U.S. ownership and brings the two companies together into theextensive family of Gibson Music Instruments, which includes Epiphone,Kramer, Slingerland Drums, Oberheim Keyboards, Maestro effects, amongothers.

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New Audio Engineer at Cool Beans

Cool Beans Digital Audio (New York City), a post-production audiofinishing and mixing studio for commercials, has enlisted Rick Granoffas a senior audio engineer.

“Rick is an experienced and versatile sound designer and mixer,”said Peter Fish, managing partner in Cool Beans operation. “He hasstrong roots in music scoring and he’s intimately familiar with all themajor stock music libraries.”

Prior to joining Cool Beans, Granoff worked with Nutmeg Recording inNew York for eight years.

Peter Chaikin Joins JBL

JBL Professional (Northridge, Calif.) welcomed industry veteranPeter Chaikin as director of marketing for recording and broadcast.Chaikin will take over marketing duties for JBL’s studio monitors,including the LSR line of powered monitors as well as developing newproducts in the line.

“We are excited to have Peter onboard to take the lead on ourrecording products,” said JBL VP of marketing Mark Gander. “Hisbackground as an engineer and successful product and marketingmanagement makes him one of the leading experts in this core JBLsegment.”

Chaikin has held product marketing and management positions atAlesis and Yamaha, where he was instrumental in the success of severaldigital recording and mixing products. He also has 15 years ofindependent recording engineering experience, working with dozens ofname acts including Quincy Jones, Patrice Rushen, George Duke, MichaelSembello and Harvey Mason.

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Midiman Brings Abelton Products to U.S., UK, Canada

Midiman Inc. (Arcadia, Calif.) announced that it has assumed theexclusive distribution rights of Ableton’s software products for theU.S., Canada and the UK.

“We are very pleased to be working with Midiman,” said Ableton CEOGerhard Behles. “Live [Ableton’s software program] is finally going tofill a void that has always existed in audio software, and Midiman isstrategically placed to help us fuel this next stage in the evolutionof music production.”

Live is an audio sequencer that is played like an instrument. Itallows the user to improvise in real time with a palette of audioclips; clips can be turned on/off, manipulated, looped, re-ordered,combined, effected and re-recorded on-the-fly. All the samples used areadjusted to the tempo of the song in real time without changing pitch.Live records 24-bit audio, in addition to all actions made during asession, so that everything can be saved and post-edited in detail. Allclips and parameters within Live can be triggered via MIDI, computerkeyboard or mouse. The program supports Mac and PC, uses the Rewire andVST protocols, and syncs to MIDI clock and MIDI timecode.

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KRK Road Show Announced

Audio professionals are invited to Studio Instrument Rental (S.I.R.,Los Angeles) to witness the unveiling of the latest KRK products. Theroad show will be held over a two-day period on Tuesday, November 13,or Wednesday, November 14, between noon and 7 p.m. S.I.R. is located at6465 Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

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Secom Joins Bryston/PMC Rep Organization

Bryston/PMC (Atlanta) have appointed Secom Inc. (Atlanta) as itsSoutheastern sales representative for the states of North and SouthCarolinas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia.

“Our rep firms tend to be as unique as our products,” said CraigBell, VP of U.S. professional sales for Bryston/PMC. “We seek reps withstrong studio/recording relationships, sold technical expertise, aproven record of customer service, and experience in carving out aspecial niche for innovative products. Secom certainly met ourcriteria. We sought them out, and are delighted they have joined ourrather exclusive group of rep organizations.”

Commenting on the deal, Secom president Bob Bakert said, “[Whatattracted us to Bryston/PMC] was the exceptional performance of boththe Bryston amps and the PMC monitors. With the market focusing on 5.1,we feel that these products offer recording and post-production studiossound reproduction second to none.”

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Dino Virella Joins Fostex

Fostex (Norwalk, Calif.) announced the appointment of D. DinoVirella as the new national sales manager of Fostex America.

“We’re very excited to have Dino in charge of the sales effort atFostex,” commented Phil Celia, director of sales and marketing. “He hasthe talent, the skills and the hands-on experience to lead our companyto the next level of achievement.”

Most recently, Virella served as VP of worldwide sales and marketingfor Universal Audio (Santa Cruz, Calif.).

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Pro Tools Conference To Be Held With Avid World

The first Pro Tools Conference will be co-located at the Avid WorldConference, scheduled for December 9-12, 2001, at the New Yorker Hotel.The four-day event will feature a complete Pro Tools track, focusing onsuch topics as Pro Tools technical troubleshooting and setup for musicand post surround, scoring and composing for film and TV using ProTools and Soft SampleCell II, and mixing in surround sound formats.

The conference, which also includes a two-day expo, will includefour parallel tracks of 70-plus educational classes, keynote speechesand networking events. A few of the Pro Tools-focused keynotepresenters include: Larry Blake, a sound editor who has worked onTraffic, Erin Brokovich andThe Limey, and is alsoMix‘s film sound editor; Jan Folkson, a MIDI programmer/ProTools engineer who has worked with Elton John, Steely Dan, TonyBennett, Vanessa Williams and Bon Jovi; Phil Benson, a sound editor atSkywalker Sound and an Academy Award nominee (Best Sound Editing) forsuch films as Forrest Gump, Contact andSpaceCowboys; and Eugene Gearty, a sound editor who has workedonCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,O Brother, Where ArtThou? and Fargo.

“It’s become exceedingly difficult to assemble a large cross-sectionof Pro Tools end-users, and also give them access to leading industryprofessionals as well as the people who design and develop the system,”said Rick Friedman, pres

Weeks of November 17-30

Behringer To Ship New Digital Mixing Console

Behringer will begin shipping its new DDX3216 digital mixing consolein December. The DDX3216 represents an affordable, fully automated,32-channel, 16-bus digital console with eight aux sends and flexibilerouting options, while incorporating the latest technology developmentsin digital signal processing.

According to company founder Uli Behringer, “This product is amilestone in our company history. We have invested five years ofextensive research and development in collaboration with severaltop-ranking experts. We take much pride in the extensive know-how thatwent into this digital console, and will lay the groundwork for a widerange of spin-off products.”

The Behringer DDX3216 represents a breakthrough in intuitiveoperation, providing analog feel in a compact, rackmountable unit.High-power floating point DSP technology ensures practically unlimitedinternal dynamic range, while high-resolution 24-bit A/D and CrystalD/A converters provide optimum audio quality bound to please even themost discerning user. Four effects processors, accessible from all 32channels, provide first-class algorithms, such as chorus, delayflanger, LFO filter, phaser, pitch shifter, reverb, tremolo and more.The 4-band fully parametric EQ, compressor, gate, low-cut filter andphase inverter on all 32 channels, with additional delay function onthe first 16 channels, provide effective dynamic processing.

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ESTA Announces 2001 Dealers’, Manufacturers’ ChoiceAwards

ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association), based inNew York City, has announced the winners for the 2001 Dealers’ andManufacturers’ Choice Awards.

The Dealers’ Choice Customer Service Awards showcase manufacturersthat provide consistently good customer service throughout the year.These awards recognize superior performance in four main areas:customer service, shipping and billing, technical support, andquotations/project management. The winners of this award are: DougFleenor Design Inc., City Theatrical Inc. and Apollo Design TechnologyInc.

The Manufacturers’ Choice Dealers of the Year Awards recognizedealers that “just do it right.” These awards acknowledge superiorperformance in these areas: staff, sales and marketing, inventory andfinancial responsibility. The winners are: Parlights Inc., TheatricalLighting Systems Inc., and Stage Equipment & Lighting Inc.

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Learn 5.1 Surround Mixing at Kampo Studios

Downtown New York City’s Kampo Recording Studios, in conjunctionwith Solid State Logic, will begin offering classes to engineersinterested in learning surround mxing techniques on SSL’s Axiom-MTdigital console.

Slated to begin in early January, experts from Kampo and SSL will beat the helm, teaching engineers how to use the dynamically automated96-channel console in Kampo’s John Storyk-designed Studio C. With theincreased demand for 5.1 surround mixing, Kampo is proud to offerdiscounted rates for Studio C to engineers who complete the class.

Anyone interested should sign up by calling Kampo at 212/228-1058 ore-mail [email protected].

EGO SYS Appoints New Director

EGO SYS (Santa Clara, Calif.) appointed JJ Jenkins to the marketingand communications director position.

Jenkins will be the primary point contact for all press and publicrelations matters, as well as a senior planner for all marketing andadvertising strategies for both the EGO SYS and the Audiotrak lines ofmusic and recording products.

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Martinsound Welcomes Doug Osborne

Martinsound (Alhambra, Calif.) has hired Doug Osborne as director ofsales and marketing.

Osborne, formerly of M&K Professional and BGW Systems, said, “Iam excited to join a company with such a stellar past, viable productline and innovative plans for the future.” His responsibilities willinclude leading all sales and marketing efforts for Martinsound,including their Martech, MAX and Flying Faders products.

Making the announcement, Martinsound president Joe Martinson said,”Doug’s reputation and experience in this industry promise great thingsto come with Martinsound and our position in the professional audioindustry.”

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