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Mix Daily News Archives for December

Weeks of December 1-14 George Harrison, 1943-2001 In the endless post-mortems about George Harrison, I keep reading about his "disastrous" 1974 tour of

Weeks of December 1-14

George Harrison, 1943-2001

In the endless post-mortems about George Harrison, I keep readingabout his “disastrous” 1974 tour of America. That’s not how Iremember it: I remember an incredible night at Madison Square Gardenwhere so many aspects of George’s genius came to the fore. He wasthe gracious host, introducing Ravi Shankar, and then the master ofceremonies and leader for his own sprawling set, featuring a cast ofdozens of great singers, guitarists, keyboardists, horn players–itwas a grand, somewhat chaotic, spiritual revue, where George was morethan happy to share the glory with everyone else onstage. He seemedlike a reluctant band leader, yet he was unquestionably in charge. Hewas running away from The Beatles in those days; sorry, but he wasstill Beatle George to most of us–that was something wouldnever escape. The Beatles were bigger than all of them. Still are. Butwe followed him down whatever path he took, and the trip was usuallyone worth taking.

How could you not love the guy who, in the film Hard DaysNight, refuses to be talked into endorsing a shirt because hethinks it’s “grotty”? He had that Beatle wit inspades–cynical, self-deprecating and slightly above the fray. Hehad the arching eyebrows, the sly smile…he could be so serious,yet there he was inserting a burst of laughter in “Within You WithoutYou,” and there was the mock grandiosity of “Piggies.” It was nosurprise when, later in life, his Handmade Films produced MontyPython’s Life of Brian and the darkly comical masterpieceTime Bandits. And who better to be in the Traveling Wilburys,which was sort of an in-joke that turned out to be too brilliant stay”in.” The bookends of that first Wilburys album–”Handle With Care”and “End of the Line”–make a fine epitaph for George.

There’s been so much talk in the press about George living inthe long shadow of Lennon and McCartney, but I don’t think any ofus expected George to be Lennon and McCartney. He was always hisown man and that’s a lot of what we loved about him. There wereflashier guitarists, but few who could say as much with so few notesand with such exquisite tone. His influence on an entire generation ofguitarists is incalculable. There were better singers than George, buthis voice had his personality, which was perfect for hismaterial. And then, there are the songs, classics and oddities alike,each brilliant in its own way: “If I Needed Someone,” “I Need You,””Think for Yourself,” “Taxman,” “Love You To,” “I Want to Tell You,””Within You Without You,” “Blue Jay Way,” “The Inner Light,” “While MyGuitar Gently Weeps,” “Piggies,” “Long, Long, Long,” “Savoy Truffle,””It’s All Too Much,” “Only A Northern Song,” “Old Brown Shoe,” “IMe, Mine,” “For You Blue,” “Something,” “Here Comes the Sun”–thatwould be a helluva compilation album and it only takes us through hisBeatles career. There would be many more high points in thepost-Beatles years, from the still-extraordinary All Things MustPass in 1970 to his last major solo release, the superb CloudNine (1987), which included the fond but winking “When We Was Fab.”It’s truly a legacy worth celebrating.

— Blair Jackson, Mix senior editor.

New Communications Group at Soundcraft, BSS

Soundcraft and BSS Audio (Hertfordshire, England) announced thecreation of a new centralized communications strategy under thedirection of Dave Neal.

Neal assumes the new position of marketing and communicationsmanager at the two companies headquarters, and heads a team thatincludes Elizabeth Gates and Paul Bass who will focus on the Soundcraftand BSS Audio brands, respectively.

The new department will cover all communications functions,including PR, advertising, brochures and technical publications,Website development and exhibitions.

“These are exciting times and we intend to exploit not only what theavailable technologies can offer to us, but also to the respectivebrands’ clients, distributors and installers,” commented Neal.

Visit Soundcraft at or BSS Audio at

Mackie Designs Promotes Keith Olsen

Keith Olsen has been promoted to the position of corporate directorfor global recording product and market development at Mackie Designs(Woodinville, Wash.). This new position gives Olsen responsibility overa new international market development team that focuses exclusively onthe recording, post-production and broadcast markets.

Olsen joined Mackie in 1999 after 25 years as a producer andrecording engineer. He is responsible for more than 39 Gold or betteralbums, 24 Platinum or better and 14 multi-Platinum or better. He hassold more than 100 million albums with credits including albums byFleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Santana, Ozzy Osbourne, Sammy Hagar and manymore. His film credits include Flashdance, Footloose,Vision Quest, Tron and Top Gun.

“This is a very strong group,” said Olsen. “The combination ofmarketing and engineering talent on one team that is dedicated to asingle segment of the market will allow us to focus our efforts andaddress the specific needs of broadcast, post-production and recordingcustomers to a new level we have never been able to achievebefore.”

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Managing Directors Name at Shure

Shure Incorporated (Evanston, Ill.) has appointed Mark Brunner andRob Cappucci to managing directors of two newly created business units.Brunner will manage Shure’s Musical Instrument and Touring Soundbusiness unit, while Cappucci will oversee the company’s SoundContracting and Broadcast business unit. Each will be responsible forguiding marketing and product development activities within theirrespective unit

Brunner came to Shure in 1989 and has since occupied numerouspositions within the company’s marketing communications department andhas most recently served as director of advertising.

Cappucci began his career at Shure in 1995 as an assistant marketingmanager within the wireless products division. He most recently servedas director of wireless products.

“In moving to a more focused business unit organization structure,we’re fortunate to have talented individuals like Rob and Mark to leadthe way,” noted Steve Johnson, VP of marketing for Shure. “We’reconfident that this will result in stronger product offerings to ourmost important target markets.”

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Fire In JBL Custom Shop Factory Quickly Contained

A small fire at JBL Professional (Northridge, Calif.) was quicklyextinguished Friday night, December 7, 2001, at 9:30 p.m. A spark fromroutine wood milling was pulled upward into the dust collection system,causing a flash fire. Fire suppression systems in the dust collectorand the factory sprinkler system were activated in the JBL Custom Shop,containing the fire. Local L.A. city firefighters arrived withinminutes and completed the suppression of the fire and began the mop-upoperations.

The approximately 30 employees working in the factory at the timewere immediately evacuated safely. According to the Fire Captain, allsystems and personnel performed as expected, and the situation washandled well by the JBL staff. A small amount of wood and othermaterials were damaged, mostly by water from the sprinklers. Factorypersonnel worked through the weekend to remove water and debris andassess the damage to raw materials and the isolated fire area. The JBLfactory will continue normal production on Monday, December 10.

“Our fire detection and containment systems prevented what couldhave been a much worse situation. By the time the fire departmentarrived, the fire was isolated,” stated Michael MacDonald, JBLProfessional president. “Our normal production schedule should not beimpacted, and we do not anticipate any disruption in the deliveryschedules of our regular production or Custom Shop projects. I want tothank James Langdon, Robert Holmes, Jeffrey Groenke and the entire JBLoperations staff who handled this situation within our preparedemergency plans, ensuring the safety of our employees and theminimization of impact to our business.”

DVDLabs Adds Paul Angelli To Engineering Staff

DVDLabs (Cambridge, Mass.) announced the addition of longtime NewYork City audio engineer Paul Angelli to their engineering staff. With15 years’ experience in the Big Apple’s mixing, mastering andmultimedia industries, Angelli brings a significant amount of expertiseto bear in his new role as lead engineer.

Most recently, Angelli spent six years as a mastering engineer atNew York’s Sterling Sound. In addition to his audio mastering role,Angelli was instrumental in the development of their enhancedCD-ROM-authoring capabilities and Internet-related audioinitiatives.

“The combination of his experience with leading edge digital mediatools, in-depth knowledge of digital audio, and familiarity with bothcomputer and disc-authoring issues make him a perfect fit for ourengineering team,” said Roer Talkov, president of DVDLabs.

Visit DVDLabs on the Web at

Transamerica Audio Group To Distribute GML Products

George Massenburg Labs (GML) has joined forces with TransamericaAudio Group (TAG) for product distribution in the U.S.

Having the privilege of distributing George Massenburg’s equipmentis a real coup,” said Brad Lunde, president of TAG. “GML gear isunrivaled. It has no peer. Owners continually say it’s the best productthey own. The only problem with the line is that this has been awell-kept secret among the upper echelon of the recording industry, andthe gear has been hard to find. TAG is ready to solve those issues andget GML equipment into the right hands.”

“We have been looking for a company that is as good atrepresentation and distribution as GML is at pro audio design, and wefinally found one,” noted Massenburg. “Brad Lunde really understandswhat we do and why we do it. We’re looking forward to significantgrowth in the next year.”

GML recently integrated the manufacturing know-how of ManleyLaboratories Inc. to handcraft GML’s products at Manley’s Chino,Calif., facility.

Visit TAG online at or GML at

SADiE Names New Sales Representative

Digital audio workstation manufacturer SADiE (Nashville) has chosenWestlake Audio (Los Angeles) as an authorized sales representative.

“We are very excited to be able to provide our customers in the LosAngeles recording and post-production community with access to theSADiE line,” said John Conard, sales manager at Westlake Audio. “SADiEhas a track record of creating leading-edge products, and they havebuilt an extensive user base with workstations in prestigiousfacilities throughout the world. In addition, over the years, SADiE hasdeveloped an impressive reputation for customer service and support. Welook forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

For more, contact Westlake Audio at 323/851-9800 or visit SADiEonline at

Digidesign Opens Its Doors

At an exclusive, press-only event on December 13, Digidesign showedoff its new headquarters at 2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Daly City,CA 94014–just south of San Francisco.

The expanded facilities also include a full-blown, surround-equippedstudio for demos or in-house product testing under real-worldconditions. During the event and facility tours, Digi talked aboutfuture developments and showed the “M Box,” a low-cost/high-performanceworkstation front end with USB interfacing to PCs or Macs. Co-developedwith Focusrite, the 2-in/out M Box has two mic/line inputs (with 48VDCphantom power and insert points), two analog line outs, stereo S/PDIFI/O and is powered via the USB port (no wallwart!). M Box is bundledwith Pro Tools LE software, and will retail at $495 when it’sofficially unveiled at next month’s NAMM show.

TC Electronic Acquires TGI/Tannoy

TGI has accepted a takeover offer worth close to £15 million.The Havant-based firm is being bought by Danish audio software firm TCGroup, which wants to combine its technology with TGI’s range ofproducts. TGI signaled earlier this year that it would listen to bidsafter being frustrated by its low share price.

TC is paying 68 pounds per share, a premium of 34% on TGI’s closingprice of 51 pounds yesterday, valuing the group at £14.8million.

Michael Windsor, TGI chairman, says: “The board believes the offerrepresents a fair price for the business and enables shareholders tocrystallize the value of their investment.” TC chief executive AndersFauerskov says all jobs will be safeguarded and adds: “All units willcontinue to operate as individual companies.”

Continue visiting mixonline as the news on this buyout emerges.

Weeks of December 17-28

Herman Electronics Partners With ADC

Herman Electronics (Miami), a global distributor and serviceprovider for the broadcast industry, announced that it has partneredwith ADC to distribute the company’s broadcast products.

“We are thrilled that ADC has selected Herman Electronics to helpaddress the industry’s need for same-day shipment of its premierbroadcast accessories and supplies. It further positions us as thesingle-source provider of all the leading broadcast brands to theindustry,” said Herman’s sales manager Mitch Fine.

For additional information, visit Herman Electronics on the Web

Tannoy Intros T8

Tannoy (Kitchener, Ontario) has announced its T8, designed forhigh-quality music and speech reproduction. As well as being a primarysound reinforcement product, it can be used as a mini stage monitor,with its conical-coverage pattern offering the performer greaterfreedom of movement than allowed by conventional horn-loadeddesigns.The wedge-shaped cabinet also makes it ideal for low-profileceiling mounting in landscape configuration.

The high-power, 8-inch, Dual Concentric ™ drive unit featuresTannoy’s point-source technology, which ensures a consistent and wideconical-coverage pattern. Protection for high frequencies is providedby a halogen protection system.

The T8 has a rugged, multi-ply hardwood cabinet with recessedcarrying handle and integral standmount. Flying points are provided byM10 inserts, and bracket-mount M8 inserts are also included on the rearof the cabinet.

The T8 has been designed for use with the optional TX1 controller,which equalizes the system for optimum performance, as well asproviding a two-way crossover point for use with separate sub-basssystems. Suggested retail price is $799.00 each.

Contact Tannoy online at

Professional Systems Network Celebrates 15 Years

Professional Systems Network Inc. (PSNI), a nationwide network ofaudio and visual system integrators who design, develop and install A/Vcommunications systems, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

PSNI has grown from five affiliate companies in 1986 to 21affiliates in 2001, with offices in 45 U.S. cities and goals to expandto 16 additional U.S. cities and three Canadian regions.

“PSNI’s continuous growth not only strengthens the association, butalso provides a stronger forum for our affiliates to network andestablish resources, while continuing to educate themselves about theA/V industry,” said John Bluhm, president of PSNI. “We value theparticipation of all our affiliates and join them in celebrating our15th anniversary.”

PSNI’s vision for the future is to continuously aim to fulfill itsmission statement, strive to be recognized by leading manufacturers,and keep its affiliates competitive and pool resources to accomplishmore joint efforts nationwide. Additionally, the association plans toexpand internationally.

For more about PSNI services, visit

Sennheiser, Shure Team Up For Counterfeit Raid

Sennheiser (Old Lyme, Conn.) and Shure Incorporated (Evanston, Ill.)announced today that they have joined together to take a stand againstcounterfeit microphones. On Wednesday, December 12, in Enping City,China, Shure and Sennheiser teamed with Chinese anti-counterfeitingofficials in the Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) tocomplete a raid on five counterfeit manufacturers in seven differentlocations. Over 10,000 pieces of Shure and Sennheiser products wereconfiscated, making it one of the largest raids to be executed in proaudio history.

“We asked Sennheiser to join us on this raid because we wanted toshow a united front to counterfeiters and consumers alike, indicatingthat the industry will not tolerate these activities,” said SandyLaMantia, president and CEO of Shure Incorporated. “We embrace faircompetition, which inevitably pushes the industry forward, but werefuse to stand by idly as people attempt to deceive our consumers withinferior versions of our products bearing our name.”

The December 12th raid uncovered large quantities of look-alikeShure SM58, BG Series and 14A models, as well as Sennheiser Evolution818 and 835 microphones. All goods were confiscated pending aninvestigation by China’s AIC, but preliminary inspections revealed thatthe counterfeit goods had poor sound quality and severe handlingnoise.

“Product piracy is an immense problem that damages the reputation ofthe whole industry. Therefore, it is only logical to work together withour competitors in planning and implementing effective action against acommon opponent,” said Rolf Meyer, president of marketing and sales atSennheiser. “We have an obligation to provide our customers with aquality standard, and will do all that we can to protect thatstandard.”

Visit Sennheiser online at or Shure at

Update To TC Group Buys TGI/Tannoy

TC Group, the Danish parent company of TC Electronic, TC Works andTC-Helicon, has today made an offer to the shareholders of TGI plc topurchase their holdings in the company. TGI plc is listed on the LondonStock Exchange.

TGI plc is a holding-company comprising four companies representingindividual platforms on the speaker market, i.e., the highly respectedScottish speaker manufacturer, Tannoy, encompassing more than 75 yearsof experience, as well as Martin Audio, renown worldwide for theirhigh-end P.A. speaker solutions. Also represented within the TGI plcGroup is the Swedish company, Lab Gruppen, producing power supplies andhigh-end amplifiers, and GLL, producing speakers for the carindustry.

“The purpose for wishing to merge with TGI plc is actually quitesimple. It is a matter of creating synergy between the TC technology indigital audio processing and TGI’s years of experience in developing,producing and marketing speakers. By combining digital technology fromTC and the speakers developed and produced within the TGI plc Group, wewill be able to develop and market new products that we believe willhave a significant potential in the markets,” said CEO at TC GroupAnders Fauerskov.

“The ambition is to join the two companies to increase theindividual strengths through cooperation, and benefit mutually fromthis,” Anders Fauerskov concluded.

Mackie Promotes New Director

Seeking a director for their newly formed SR Market developmentteam, Mackie (Woodinville, Wash.) promoted Ivan Schwartz to theposition of corporate director for global sound reinforcement productand market development.

In this role, Schwartz will have authority over the newly formed SRMarket development team — an international group that develops andmarkets live and sound reinforcement products for all Mackie Designsbrands, including Mackie, RCF and EAW.

The SR Market development team is one of three new teams at Mackiethat bring market management and product development resources from thecompany’s brands together in order to improve customer communicationand facilitate idea sharing and technologies across all brands.

“Ivan is the ideal choice to head our product and market developmentefforts for the touring and sound reinforcement markets,” stated LoriStutsman, executive VP of marketing for Mackie. “He is not only askilled live sound engineer, but an industry veteran with extensiveexperience and understanding of product development, sales andmarketing for professional audio products.”

Visit Mackie online at

Euphonix Appoints Wild as VP Marketing

Euphonix (Palo Alto, Calif.) announced that industry veteran AndrewWild has been appointed VP of marketing and will manage all marketingfor the company.

“As we were building Euphonix in its early years,” said Wild, “ourvision was that the company should be the leading manufacturer oflarge-format audio mixing systems in the world. With System 5 and theR-1, we now have the products to be in that position, and with over 90System 5 orders, we are a serious player. Everything is in place forthe company to move forward; a great team, a large and loyal clientbase, and a range of leading-edge products to take us into the 21stcentury.”

The appointment follows the news that Euphonix has secured a new$6.0 million borrowing facility to support investment in new productdevelopment and future operations.

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Otari Corporation Names Management Changes

Otari (Canoga Park, Calif.) announced that, effective immediately,Sukeo Tsukada is the new president of Otari Corporation of America(OCA). Tsukada joined Otari in 1970 and came to the U.S. shortlythereafter to help establish OCA.

“Sukeo Tsukada is an excellent manager with an extensive backgroundin finance,” commented Otari founder and CEO Mr. Hosada. “Hisleadership qualities, as well as his broad knowledge of Otari’s marketsand diverse customer base, will have a significant impact on the growthof Otari in the U.S. We’re very pleased to have Mr. Tsukada in thisposition.”

Former Southeast regional sales manager, John Spencer, has beenpromoted to the VP of sales and marketing position. Based out ofOtari’s Southeast regional office, Spencer will direct the sales andmarketing effort for Otari professional audio and industrial productsdivision.

John Sarappo, who held the product specialist position, has now beenpromoted to marketing coordinator. In this new position, Sarappo willwork closely with Spencer and Otari’s marketing communications agencyto develop advertising and PR programs, and will serve as the company’sprincipal contact for media relations.

For more, visit Otari on the Web at

Mackie Forms Alliance With Universal Audio

Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) and Universal Audio (Santa Cruz,Calif.) announced a strategic partnership in which Mackie will marketand distribute a series of cutting-edge, DSP-based software toolsdeveloped by Universal Audio.

“We have a strong relationship with Universal Audio and have beenunduly impressed with their innovation and engineering expertise,”stated Jamie Engen, CEO at Mackie. “We believe that by combiningUniversal Audio’s engineering talents with Mackie’s marketing anddistribution capabilities, we will be able to provide even more usefuland inventive tools to our customers, while futher solidifying Mackie’sposition in the digital recording arena.”

Bill Putnam, CEO of Universal Audio, stated, “We are very proud andexcited to enter into this strategic relationship with Mackie. Webelieve that Mackie’s leadership in marketing, distribution andcustomer reach in the audio markets is the perfect complement topromote and distribute Universal Audio’s DSP-based technologyworldwide.”

The first U.A.-developed product to become part of the Mackie familywill be the UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins for Windows-based, VST-compatiblesoftware, including Cubase VST, Logic Audio, Nuendo and others. AMacintosh version that includes support for MOTU’s Digital Performerwill be available next year.The included “Powered” plug-ins featuresoftware emulations of the Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier and1176LN Leveling Amplifier. Also included are the RealVerb Pro, and UADCS-1 Channel Strip with equalizer/compressor, delay demodulator andreflection engine.

Currently available in limited distribution, Powered Plug-Ins willsoon be available at Mackie dealers worldwide as the Mackie PoweredPlug-Ins System ($995 U.S.), and will include all available UniversalAudio-developed plug-ins as well as the UAD-1 PCI card. The MackiePowered Plug-Ins will also be on display at the upcoming NAMM show inAnaheim, Calif., January 17-20.

For more, visit Mackie at or Universal Audio at

TGI North America Personnel Updates

Chris Walsh has joined TGI North America’s team as productspecialist for DPA Microphones and Tannoy Studio Monitors. Walsh comesto TGI after five years with Martinsound Inc. as VP of sales andmarketing. Walsh is still active in recording, too, most recently withthe Christian band Stronghold.

In other company news, Bruce Myers has been named general manager offield operations at TGI Professional. Myers has been with TGI NorthAmerica since March of 2001.