Mix News for February 2004

News February 1 - 15 (see news February 16 - 28) Studer Unveils OnAir 3000 Board The Studer OnAir 3000 is designed for the mid- to upper-segment of the

News February 1 - 15

(seenews February 16 - 28)

Studer Unveils OnAir 3000 Board
The Studer OnAir 3000 is designed for the mid- to upper-segment ofthe radio market, including both private and public network broadcaststations. The OnAir 3000 combines Studer's "Touch'n'Action" userinterface with a new fan-less DSP processing engine: the S-Core. Thisthird-generation system is also highly flexible and configurable as itis based on a range of individual stand-alone modules, the choice ofwhich may be adapted to each location. The system may also becontrolled remotely from a PC or laptop using a network connection ifrequired.

The standard fader module comprises six channel strips and up toeight modules may be fitted, providing a maximum console size of 48faders. Layout options range from a highly comprehensive,engineer-operated continuity console to a single-fader panel for DJ andnewsroom use.

The console offers three main stereo mix buses (PRG A, PRG B andREC), in addition to an audition facility, four stereo aux buses, 16mix-minus sends configurable as auxes, and three independent studiomonitoring/talkback circuits, including two PFL circuits for split deskoperation. Individual channels are each equipped with 4-band parametricEQ, full dynamics (limiter, compressor, expander, gate), de-esser,highpass filter and comprehensive input/output routing.

The first Studer OnAir 3000 to be installed is now in service atRadio 24 in Zurich, Switzerland. The 12-fader console is being used forcommercial production and will shortly be joined by two more consolesfor the on-air studios. Radio 24's newsroom also has been equipped withfive 3-fader units, which are networked to the OnAir 3000's centralprocessor, allowing journalists to record and transmit news itemsdirectly from their workstations.

Radio 24's technical manager Gerry Borer commented, "We chose to gowith Studer again because we have always had a very good relationshipwith the company. They're located very close to us, so we actually hada little influence in the development of the 3000. I think the overallconcept of the desk is very good. It's very flexible, and the way wecan monitor all the sources throughout the station and network all theindividual units is excellent."

For more information, visit www.studer.ch/products12-onair3000.htm.

Roland Founder Honored at Museum of Making MusicDedication
On January 21, 2004, the Museum of Making Music named its fifthgallery after Roland founder and CEO, Ikutaro Kakehashi. More than 80of Kakehashi's close friends and colleagues attended the gallery-namingcelebration, which took place at the museum's facility in Carlsbad,Calif.

After an unsuspecting Kakehashi was ushered to the location underthe impression that he was to attend a private business meeting,Carolyn Grant, executive director of the Museum of Making Music,appeared at the gallery to announce him that the gallery was beingnamed in his honor. Gallery five is now officially called the "IkutaroKakehashi/Roland Corporation" gallery. After an official ribbon-cuttingceremony, Roland U.S. president Dennis Houlihan congratulated Kakehashiwith a warm speech, and was followed by comments by Larry "Link"Linkin, president of Board of Trustees of the Museum of Making Music,and Joe Lamond, the museum's president and CEO.

Featuring more than 500 vintage instrument exhibits, performancesand education outreach programs, the Museum of Making Music highlightsthe innovators and inventions that shaped popular music.

For more information, visit the museum online at www.museumofmakingmusic.org/. For more informationabout Roland, visit its Website at www.rolandus.com.

Drums on Demand Releases Volume 2 Loop CD
Drums on Demand's Volume 2 (SRP: $49.95), a companion CD tothe company's first volume of live session drummer loops, includesnearly 800 royalty-free loops in 35 Songs Sets comprising several newfeatures, including more loops per Song Set and many longer loops.

Currently available in 24- or 16-bit Acidized .WAV format, Volume2 also features more odd-time signatures; Song Set bpms rangingfrom 56 to 200 (specifically created to fill in some gaps on Volume1); and brushed-based jazz and country Song Sets. Each Song Setincludes as many as 36 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro,ending and other loops, ranging from one to eight measures in length.These loops were tracked into 24-bit Pro Tools with top-of-the-linemicrophones and mixed down using high-end compression andprocessing.

Complete Song Set descriptions and MP3 examples are available at www.drumsondemand.com.

M-Audio Ships Evolution X-Session
M-Audio is now shipping its Evolution X-Session (MSRP: $149.95), aUSB MIDI control surface specifically designed for computer-basedDJs.

X-Session boasts 16 knobs that users can assign to any MIDIparameter in MIDI-compatible music software and hardware, such asvolume, panning, effects and synth parameters. The 10 assignablebuttons are ideal for triggering loops and effects, or instantly mutingand unmuting tracks. The classic 60mm crossfader allows DJs to mixbetween two assignable audio sources and perform scratches.

X-Session comes bundled with Ableton Live XS and Arturia StormXS.

For more information, visit www.m-audio.com.

Wi-Fi-Certified Products Announced
The Wi-Fi Alliance announced today that over 1,000 products fromover 120 leading manufacturers have received certification sincetesting began in March 2000. Recent test data released by the Wi-FiAlliance indicates that wireless LAN interoperability and performancecontinue to be an issue for products without Wi-Fi certification.

The Wi-Fi Alliance currently performs four independentinteroperability certifications including IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b,802.11g and Wi-Fi Protected Access in addition to a combination of allof these technologies. A searchable database of Wi-Fi Alliancecertifications can be found at http://www.wi-fi.org.

Products awarded the Wi-Fi Certified logo have undergone independenttesting at one of four labs.

For a list of companies who have earned a Wi-Fi productcertification in the past quarter, go to the Wi-Fi Website at http://www.wi-fi.org/certified_products.

RealNetworks Licenses New Coding Technologies
RealNetworks Inc. announced the licensing and incorporation of CodingTechnologies' MPEG-4 AAC/aacPlus!" technology and software withinRealNetworks' commercial media creation and consumer software playerproducts. As a result, high-fidelity digital audio can be created inRealNetworks' RealAudio 10 format by using the newest version of itsmedia-encoding software product, RealProducer 10. Additionally,third-party encoding products that incorporate RealNetworks' HelixProducer SDK can produce content in RealAudio 10. By acquiring anadditional license from Coding Technologies, these third-party productscan also produce content in MPEG-4 AAC and aacPlus.

By combining RealAudio 10 and RealNetworks' Helix DRM, a leadingdigital rights-management platform, digital music can be securely andlegally downloaded to RealPlayer 10 and transferred from the RealPlayerto a growing collection of consumer devices enabled to play backindustry-leading MPEG-4 AAC.

For more information, go to the RealNetworks Website, at www.realnetworks.com.

Channels Opt to Broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1
Four more channels have announced that they will be deliveringhigh-quality Dolby Digital 5.1 sound to their viewers to complementtheir HD programming. Bravo HD+, Cinemax HD, The Movie Channel HD andSpice HD all use Dolby Digital broadcasting equipment.

Bravo HD began broadcasting in Dolby Digital 5.1 last year and willfeature series such as The West Wing and the 2004 SummerOlympics, as well as arts and entertainment, including Cirque duSoleil's Varekai, Image Entertainment's Music in HighPlaces concert specials, Mozart: Così fan Tutte, andSantana and Branford Marsalis in concert in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Cinemax HD began broadcasting in Dolby Digital 5.1 on November 12,2003. Content presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 includes feature filmssuch as Catch Me If You Can, Harry Potter and the Chamber ofSecrets, Antwone Fisher, Road to Perdition, OldSchool, Solaris and Ghost Ship. The Movie Channel HDand Spice HD launched services on December 1; both will presentoriginal programming in Dolby Digital 5.1. Spice HD will offer morethan 1,200 hours of native HD programming.

For more information, please go to www.dolby.com.

New Turbosound Series Through Sennheiser, Musicians'Friend
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation announced an exclusive salesagreement for the Turbosound TXD Series with Guitar Center andMusicians' Friend. Introduced in early 2003, the TXD Series wasdesigned for use in various venues, including clubs, restaurants andlive performance venues.

The TXD Series comprises eight units with the TXD-12M two-way floormonitor, the ultracompact TXD-081 passive 8-inch two-way and theTXD-252 (a 2x15-inch trapezoidal combo). All units feature Turbosound'sproprietary two-stage, frequency driver reliability in addition tohigh-grade crossover components.

Sennheiser distributes all of Turbosound products in the U.S.market, including the QLight Series, TQ-300 Series, and the Flashlightand Floodlight systems. For more information about Turbosound orSennheiser, go to their Websites at www.sennheiserusa.com or www.turbosound.com.

Osceola Recording Has a Roomful of Blues
Grammy-nominated Roomful of Blues chose Raleigh, N.C.-based OsceolaRecording Studios to record That's Right! (Alligator Records).The album was nominated this year for Best Traditional Blues Album ofthe Year and marks the group's 17th release.

Osceola's Ian Schreier tracked the entire band live through a Sony3056 console to a Studer A800 analog 2-inch tape recorder, then mixedthe album in Pro Tools.

For more information, visit www.osceolastudios.com.

Video Symphony Receives National Accreditation
Currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, Video Symphony, a Burbank,Calif.-based TV and film college and career center specializing inaudio editing, video editing and 3-D/visual effects production forfeature films, TV shows and DVDs, has been awarded NationalAccreditation by Washington, D.C.'s ACCET (The Accrediting Council forContinuing Education and Training).

Video Symphony's National Accreditation is the culmination of an18-month process. Video Symphony's COO Andy Webb and VP/controllerPaula Thomas spearheaded the process, working closely with ACCET toprovide the extensive data necessary. VS had to show compliance withmore than 30 standards of performance tests in the broad categories ofinstructors, curricula, satisfactory academic progress, and completionof students, student placement, facility and equipment, management andfinancial stability.

Visit www.videosymphony.com for more information.

Engineer Rob Griffin Learns About "Precision"
Grammy Award–winning engineer Rob Griffin, a specialist inacoustic instrumentation, is now using the True Systems Precision 8 micpre-amps to record such clients as Wayne Shorter, guitarist MichaelHedges, Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker and Roy Hargrove. Griffin iscurrently working on a new live Shorter record, recorded (with the P8s)at such prestigious venues as Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and Vienna'sKonzerthaus.

For recording Wayne's quartet, Griffin has two Precision 8 units intwo rack spaces for a total of 16 channels. He records to a TascamMX-2424 at 24-bit directly connected to the P8s. "I use them as thefront end—like a mic splitter—for the concert's whole soundsystem," Griffin says. "The MX-2424 connects with DB25 connectors andthe other XLR outputs go directly to the monitor and FOH mixer atline-level. It's incredible the difference in quality of the wholesound system by putting this level of mic preamps on the frontend."

The True Systems Precision 8 has eight channels of transformerlessmic preamps each with five-segment level indicators and a selectablepeak-hold feature. Two channels are fitted with direct instrumentinputs while channels one and two also function as a dedicated M/S(mid/side) stereo pair with the touch of a button. Designed for usewith today's modular digital multi-track units and hard disc recordingsystems, the Precision 8 connects to TASCAM or Mackie digital productsvia a DB25 connector.

For more information on True Systems, distributed by Neumann, visitwww.neumannusa.com.

Cakewalk Announces New Plug-Ins, Editions of Home StudioSoftware
Cakewalk announced the development of Soundstage and fx:verb plug-insfor the Roland V-Studio Platform via the VS8F Plug-in Effect ExpansionBoard.

As previously announced, Roland opened up its successful V-Studioplatform to outside plug-in developers. Industry developers joiningCakewalk in the initial plug-in offerings include Antares, IKMultimedia, Massenburg Labs, McDSP Sound Toys, TC Electronics andUniversal Audio.

In other Cakewalk news, the company recently localized French andGerman language versions of the Home Studio 2004 and HomeStudio 2004 XL software.

Based on Cakewalk's SONAR audio and MIDI technology, the localizedversions of Home Studio 2004 provide amateur musicians and thosegetting started with PC-based recording with a features such asunlimited audio and MIDI tracks; 24-bit/96kHz recording support,Cakewalk VST Adapter; audio loop construction tools; hundreds of MBs ofACID-format audio loops; real-time effects; multiport Drum Gridediting; ReWire 2.0 support for integration with Project5, Reason,Rebirth soft synth studios; ASIO and WDM hardware support; DXi 2.0support for multi-out synths and automation from synth interface;easier DXi synth integration with Synth Rack; Edirol Virtual SoundCanvas DXi 2.0 and Audio Simulation DreamStation DXi 2.0 soft synths;and improved file management (per-project audio files, intelligent filenaming).

Home Studio 2004 XL, the premium-edition of Home Studio2004, also includes the DYAD DXi (expressive SF2 sample player witha full CD of compatible Sound Font sample banks) and additional audioeffects, including SpectraFX (multi-effects processor); Audio FX 1Dynamics Processing Suite, which includes compressor/gate,expander/gate and limiter; and Audio FX 2 Analog Suite, which includesamp simulation and analog tape simulation.

For localized pricing and availability visit: www.edirol.de (Germany,Switzerland, Austria), www.edirol.fr (France), www.roland.be (Belgium)or www.thinkware.com (Canada).

Puerto Rico Tu Universo Television Orders Three Euphonix Max AirConsoles
Tu Universo Television (TUTV), one of two educational broadcastingnetworks in Puerto Rico, upgraded its main broadcast and productionfacilities with three Euphonix Max Air Consoles. The consoles will beinstalled in the summer of 2004 in TUTV Studios in San Juan. TUTV isplanning to use the consoles for all its productions and news.

Director of engineering, Jorge Gonzalez said, "The Euphonix Max Airdigital console was evaluated as part of a public bid. Whatdistinguished Max Air from the rest of the consoles was its advanceddesign, reliability and value. Ergonomically, it was created for fastaccess and control. When it came to dependability, the software andhardware design of Max Air focuses on system and power supplyredundancy, which makes us feel comfortable in critical live on-airsituations. And lastly, Max Air fit the needs of our budget. Max Air innot only high performing but also cost-effective."

Euphonix VP sales Southern region, Mike Franklin, added, "Since itsintroduction into the broadcast market, Max Air has become increasinglypopular. There is no doubt about it, we not only have a high-performingconsole to offer to stations that want to go to digital, but one thatcan work with their budget as well. It's not uncommon for us to receivemultiple orders such as this one. Tu Universo Television is a veryhighly regarded station in Puerto Rico and we are honored to receivetheir order."

For more information about Tu Universo Television, visit www.tutv.puertorico.pr. For more information on theEuphonix Max Air, visit www.euphonix.com/broadcast/products/max_air/max_air.htm.

Play-It Productions Acquires DIGI-ROM
Underscoring the continuing expansion of her CD/DVD replicationcassette/VHS duplication and graphic design facility, Play-ItProductions' principal Tony Tyler announced the acquisition ofDIGI-ROM, a leading full-service, New York City-based CD/DVD productioncompany.

"Both our companies entered the optical media field in 1993, andeach has grown exponentially over the past 10 years," Tyler said. "Lastfall, DIGI-ROM founder Harry Hirsch contacted me about a project and weestablished an immediate rapport. My acquisition proposal was motivatedby conversations about our long-term goals. I had been exploringoptions for growing my business, and acquiring this well-establishedsynergistic company presented a perfect solution."

Under the terms of the agreement, the DIGI-ROM staff and its fullcomplement of audio mastering and replication, CD-ROM programming, DVDauthoring and related interactive design technology will move to therecently expanded Play-It Productions complex at 259 West 30th St. inManhattan. Hirsch, a veteran studio owner/designer, recording/masteringengineer and former NARAS New York Chapter VP and national trustee, hasbeen named Play-It Productions' VP of technical services, where he willbe involved in all aspects of production, post-production and clientservices.

In a related announcement, Play-It Productions is introducing anewly designed and built 5.1-ready mastering, digital editing andarchival restoration suite, including overdub/voice-over and booth. Thestudio is equipped with Pro Tools, a SADiE 24/96 DAW, a Cedar Systemand a wealth of digital and analog gear. "This studio is an importantstep in our plan to provide our clients with complete pre- andpost-production services in a single comfortable and convenientenvironment," Tyler said.

"From our earliest conversations, Tony Tyler and I found we had verymuch in common," Hirsch remarked. "While both our companies maturedalong similar lines, we had virtually no cross-over client conflicts.Augmenting the Play-It staff with the DIGI-ROM team and bringing ourduplication and multimedia technology online in this handsome newfacility provides our clients with many economic and logisticaladvantages. These include faster turnaround, the elimination ofredundancy in virtually all departments and, perhaps most importantly,enhanced personal service. Tony Tyler is a highly motivated andenergetic business woman," Hirsch said. "Her client skills andtechnical savvy enabled her to build a very successful business, and Iam delighted to be working with her."

Tyler sees a growing market for Play-It Productions. In addition totraditional independent artists and record labels, she (like DIGI-ROM)has been serving a growing roster of corporate, automotive,pharmaceutical, government, educational and advertising agency clients."We are confident that duplication and production needs for CD, CD-R,DVD and other established and emerging formats will continue to grow,"she said. "By providing our clients with a complete menu of recording,mixing, mastering, interactive design, DVD authoring [with videocompression], digital editing, archival restoration, graphic design andreplication capabilities, we can meet all their needs for efficient andcost-effective production. We will continue to enhance our serviceswith meaningful new technology as it develops," Tyler concluded. "Thatis another reason we are pleased that Harry Hirsch will play a dailyrole in the company. His experience is an invaluable asset."

For more information about Play-It Productions, visit www.play-itproductions.net.

Stanton Launches FinalScratch Version 1.5
Stanton has released FinalScratch Version 1.5. Powered by Traktor, thisnew version runs natively on the Windows XP platform (without Linux)and on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Version 1.5 also features a high-qualityKey Correct function to maintain the pitch when changing tempo, theability to fully resize the user interface and better overallperformance.

According to the company, moving completely to Windows XP bringsmany advantages such as low-latency drivers, the ability to hot-swapthe Scratch Amp without restarting the application, and reliable,software-enhanced detection of the Scratch Amp. Users also gain fullsupport of network and FireWire drives; faster performance whensearching, analyzing and browsing; and full save and write operations.To transition from Linux to Windows XP, Tracktor can import tracks,playlists and collection data from the Linux partition. (Linux is nolonger supported from V. 1.5 forward.)

The new Key Correct function allows DJs to change the tempo oftracks without affecting pitch. Three types of Master Tempo modes areprovided—low, medium and high-quality—allowing users toselect a mode suitable to the resources of their computer. Thesehigh-quality, real-time, time-stretching algorithms are the same usedin Native Instruments' full version of Traktor.

FinalScratch V. 1.5 will be available as a software upgrade forFinal Scratch users and can be downloaded this month at www.finalscratch.com for $49 ($69 plus shipping fora CD). Users who purchased Final Scratch V. 1.1 after January 1, 2004,can download the update free for a limited time or get the CD by payinga nominal shipping charge.

Sennheiser Celebrates Sixth Annual Dealer AppreciationParty
At Winter NAMM, Sennheiser Electronics Corporation hosted a celebratoryconcert event for its Sixth Annual Dealer Appreciation Party at theGrove of Anaheim on Thursday, January 15. The party was the culminationof the official Evolution G2 champagne trade show booth launch earlierin the day.

The company-sponsored event featured performances by guitar-drivenpop/rock quartet Vertical Horizon, John Jorgenson and Friends, and DJPuzzle. The sound system comprised a Turbosound speaker system andInnovaSon digital console. Evolution wired and wireless and Neumannmics were at every stage position for all three acts.

Vertical Horizon brought their melodies and vocal harmonies to theirfans through their KMS 105 vocal microphones. As users of wirelessmonitors, Vertical Horizon found the KMS 105s ability to rejectfeedback a real plus.

For more information, visit Sennheiser online at www.sennheiserusa.com.

Monowave II Released By Soundart, Maddox
Soundart, in partnership with Paul Maddox, announced the release ofMonoWave II Version 1.20, the lo-fi mono-synth soundskin for Chameleon.With this release, MonoWave II becomes Open Source; Chameleon coderscan join the public project by downloading the code and making theirown modifications.

Maddox took the monosynth DSP code bundled free with the ChameleonSoftware Development Kit and expanded it to create MonoWave II. Manymodifications have been added to turn it into a distinctive virtualanalog monosynth with a number of unique features and modulationcapabilities.

Main features include 5-input mixer, three oscillators, noise andexternal input for filtering; 4-pole 24dB resonating filter with theunique option to "sweep" between 4-pole, bandpass and 1-pole modesseamlessly; three assignable real-time controllers with Show functionto remind users of assignment parameters; full MIDI CC control of everyparameter; 128-patch memory; stereo delay line; two LFOs with 64classic and complex waveforms; three ADSR envelope generators; threeoscillators, each with 256 waveforms and a De-Res function for lo-fisound; and unique routing modulation capabilities such as velocity toOsc waveform, or EG to Resonance, for highly expressive sounds.

The Chameleon is housed in a 1U rack and uses the same Motorola DSPprocessing power. Other features include 2x 24-bit I/O AD/DA convertersand MIDI I/O. End-users load soundskins like MonoWave II via MIDI.

The MonoWave II skin is available now as a free download forChameleon users on the company's Website, www.soundart-hot.com/english/users1_8.htm.

SIRIUS Radio Sponsor, Broadcaster of Davis' Pre-GrammyBash
SIRIUS Satellite Radio, the commercial-free music and sportsbroadcasting company, announced that it is the official radiobroadcaster and a co-sponsor of Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, whichwill take place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The Clive Davis pre-Grammy celebration comprises interviews withcelebrities and performing artists, and will be broadcast live onSIRIUS Hits 1.

In recent years, performers at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party haveincluded Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross,Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Tony Bennett, RodStewart, Justin Timberlake and many more.

Composer Schwartz Uses Yamaha's 02R96
David Schwartz is a composer with a reputation for delivering a uniquebrand of quirky, original music while remaining true to the needs anddemands of the projects he scores.

Schwartz recently upgraded his workspace with two new Yamaha 02R96digital mixing consoles just in time for his latestproject—scoring and writing original music for a criticallyacclaimed Fox television series, Arrested Development. Schwartzpreviously owned four original Yamaha 02Rs.

For more information about Yamaha's 02R96, visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio.

Songstress Badu Behind a Brauner Mic
Erykah Badu is riding high with four Grammy nominations from her hitalbum, Worldwide Underground, in the categories of Best FemaleR&B Vocal Performance, Best Urban/Alternative Performance, BestR&B Song and Best R&B Album. Her recording engineer, Tom Soares(New Kids on the Block, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige), captures thegamut of Badu's performance styles, which are reputed to test anymicrophone and recording chain, if not the patience of most recordingengineers.

To complement Badu's voice, Soares uses the Brauner VM1 KlausHeyne-edition mic. The VM1 KHE is handmade in Germany and then shippedto Heyne's own German Masterworks in Oregon for final pair matching,tuning and adjustments. The VM1 KHE builds upon the VM1's"spare-no-expense" philosophy with insight and expertise collected overdecades of Heyne's detailed hands-on work restoring and improvingclassic microphones for clients such as A&M, Record Plant,LucasFilm and Disney. Among many improvements are shortened electricalpathways, hand-selected Telefunken or Siemens EF806 tubes and othercomponents, and special attention to the acoustical construction.

For more information about the Brauner VM1, go to distributorTransamerica Audio Group's Website, www.transaudiogroup.com.

Engineer John Saylor Gets Comfortable in “'TheParlor'
The Parlor studio, located on Music Row in Nashville, announced theaddition of studio engineer John Saylor, who brought his Pro Tools|HDto the studio's B room for mixing and editing purposes.

The Parlor's main room has also upgraded to Pro Tools 192|HD. Inaddition to the new workstation, the facility's primary tracking roomcontains four isolation booths, a Formula Sound Q-8 system and a 7-footYamaha grand piano.

Visit www.bestbuiltsongs.com for more info.

Wizoo Sound Releases Electric Basses for HALion, EXS24
HALion and EXS24 owners can now add two legendary electricbasses—Musicman Stingray and Fender Precision—to theirvirtual instrument arsenal courtesy of Wizoo Sound Design GmbH.

Sampled chromatically, these virtual instruments offer a widevariety of techniques and playing styles, including two positions withthree to six velocity zones, dead notes and harmonics, as well ashalf-tone and whole-tone slide-ups, slide-downs, hammer-ons andpull-offs. Even incidental noises produced by frets, hands and slidesare captured for utmost authenticity. All packages feature an array ofprograms with playing options such as MIDI key triggers, pedal switchesand construction kits.

Seven variations of the virtual basses are available, including a300- to 500MB XXL version.

For more information, demos and to order, go to www.wizoosounds.com.

Neptunes, Others Celebrate Grammy Wins
Hot production team The Neptunes and producer/engineer Nigel Godrichwere just a few from the recording community to take home trophies fromlast night's 46th Annual Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center inLos Angeles.

In addition to such high-profile winners, the night honored "unsungheroes," many of them announced prior to the CBS broadcast. Forexample, Malcolm Harper, owner of Reelsound Recording Co. in Buda,Texas, reported that a project he recorded by Bishop T.D. Jakes and thePotter's House Mass Choir won a Grammy for Best Gospel Choir or ChorusAlbum,” marking Harper's third win and seventh nomination.

The notable “Record of the Year Award went to Coldplay'sClocks, produced by the band and Ken Nelson and engineered byNelson and Mark Phythian. Album of the Year went to OutKast'sself-produced Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, engineered by VincentAlexander, Chris Carmouche, Terrence Cash, Kevin "KD" Davis, ReggieDozier, John Frye, Robert Hannon, Padraic Kernin, Moka Nagatani, PeteNovak, Brian Paturalski, Neal Pogue, Dexter Simmons, Matt Still andDarrell Thorpe. Brian Gardner and Bernie Grundman mastered. TheNeptunes took home the Producer of the Year Award for their work withJay-Z and Justin Timberlake, among others, while Godrich took home theBest Engineered Album/Non-Classical for Radiohead's latest, Hail tothe Thief.

Other notable winners include remixer Maurice Joshua, who earned“Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for the Beyonce single"Crazy in Love (Maurice's Soul Mix)"; Best Engineered Album, Classicalwent to Richard King and Todd Whitelock for Yo-Yo Ma's ObrigadoBrazil; Steven Epstein took home the trophy for Producer of theYear, Classical; and the prestigious Song of the Year Award went to"Dance With My Father," written by Richard Marx and LutherVandross.

For a full list of Grammy winners, visit www.grammy.com/awards/grammy/46winners.aspx.

Ray Kimber Incorporates Genex Into “'IsoMike' DSDRecordings
Genex Audio recently supplied a pair of GX9000 8-track multiformatdigital systems to producer Ray Kimber for a series of sessions atWeber State University in Ogden, Utah. He recorded the 20-member WSUChamber Choir, faculty, students and guests in several musical settingsusing his proprietary, four-mic, four-baffle "IsoMike" array.

Sessions were captured in Direct Stream Digital/DSD mode to fourtracks on the Genex GX9000. The sessions also incorporated customMillennia Media preamplifiers. Kimber, also the president of KimberKable, a company that specializes in the design and innovation ofhigh-performance interconnect and loudspeaker cables, will continue toexperiment with the "IsoMike" array, using various mic positions andrecording to the Genex GX9000.

For more information on Genex, visit www.genex.com. To find out more about Kimber Kable,visit www.kimber.com.

Sennheiser Awards Highway Marketing
Sennheiser presented the 2003 Rep of the Year Award and Award for MostImproved Territory to Highway Marketing (Dallas), whose territoryincludes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana for the past 11 years.This is the first year that the same Sennheiser rep organization haswon both of these awards in the same year; Highway Marketing has wonthese awards separately in the past.

Highway Marketing principal Steve Simmons commented, "We're workingwith a great product line that's backed by a sales team that is easy towork with and responsive to our needs. Add on SECs customer support andour business operates really smoothly."

"It isn't easy to win both of these awards in one year," said ScottSchumer, Sennheiser's VP of sales. "Highway Marketing obviously has themotivation and determination to make it happen. We congratulate theirefforts."

Visit Sennheiser online at www.sennheiserusa.com and Highway Marketing at www.highwaymarketing.com/.

NTI Announces Class-1 Measurement Microphone
The M2010 measurement microphone from NTI is now available. With ameasurement range from 24 to 150dB SPL, the omnidirectional M2010microphone is suited for industrial and acoustical testrequirements.

The mic features a two-stage design, compact size, balanced XLRoutput and operates from 10-volt to 48V phantom power. The design usesan impedance converter and preamplifier at the connector side; theconnection cable between the cartridge and the preamp isdetachable.

Each mic is supplied with an individual calibration certificate andserial number, windscreen and microphone stand.

For more information, click here.

Edirol Site Adds Images, Launches Contest
For the past two years, Edirol's content Website, www.EdirolExtra.com,offered a few thousand purchasable MIDI files and now offers image andphoto content in support of the new Photo Presenter, the P-1.

The P-1 Photo Presenter allows the triggering of still images viathe 5.7-inch color LCD touchscreen, V-LINK-capable device or MIDIcontroller.

To encourage visitors, every image submitted/accepted will qualifythe submitter to be entered to win one of three P-1s ($1,675 SRP/each),which will be awarded in June 2004. All images submitted will be freelyshared. Categories such as CG, abstract, stop-motion sequences andstandard nature, still-life groupings are encouraged. Contest detailsat www.EdirolExtra.com.

Moog Issues minimoog Voyager Anniversary Edition
Since 2002, Moog Music has been producing the minimoog Voyager, anall-analog performance synthesizer incorporating many functions of theoriginal minimoog synthesizer with new features. Moog Music celebratesthe 50th year of Bob Moog's contributions with the minimoog VoyagerAnniversary Edition, featuring a black cabinet front panel,electric-blue back-lit legends, and pitch and mod wheels.

The Anniversary Edition comes loaded with presets from Printz Board,James Lumb, Don Preston, Fred Wreck, Patrick Moraz, Charlie Clouser,Darrell Diaz, Keith Emerson, Herbie Hancock, Chad Hugo, GeoffreyKeezer, Frank Lucas, Jamie Muhoberac, Bernie Worrell, Roger Manning Jr.and Bob Moog.

The Anniversary Edition will sell for $3,295 and is expected to shipthis month.

For more information, click here.

Now Shipping: Eventide Reverb and Octavox Harmonizer
Eventide announced that they have begun shipping its new Reverb andOctavox!" Harmonizer® diatonic pitch-shifter plug-ins for ProTools for Mac Version 5.1.3 or greater. The launch of the two plug-insfollows the release of Clockworks Legacy!" plug-ins and are availablefrom authorized Eventide software dealers.

Octavox ($595) was created based on the multivoice pitch shifterfrom Orville and allows users to create stacked harmonies and widechoirs locked to the tempo of the session. The graphical user interfacecontains everything needed to load, edit and save a preset, givesaccess to the pitch-shifting capabilities and provides control of thepitch and delays using the Notation Grid!".

The Notation Grid presents pitches on a traditional music staff witha quantized beat grid superimposed for placing notes over time. Whilethe standard Pro Tools Save and Recall features are supported,Eventide's Snapshot feature provides capture or recall parametersettings via mouse, and can be used to instantly rearrange the entiresequence. Instrument presets configure the pitch-recognition parametersto be optimized for a given instrument. A randomizer is included, whichcan be used to simulate the natural character of eight individual soundsources or for more exotic applications.

The Eventide Reverb plug-in ($695) uses reverb algorithms from theOrville, including halls, chambers, plates, rooms, ambience and lo-fieffects. Each reverb type offers 3-band stereo parametric equalizationboth before and after the reverb, reverb contour for built-in toneshaping, a pair of delay lines with filters and a compressor.

The graphical user interface of Reverb features all of the tools ina single window. Like Octavox, Reverb includes the Snapshot function,providing an intuitive way to capture or recall parameter settings viamouse.

Hardware control of the Eventide Reverb and Octavox plug-insincludes support for the Digidesign ProControl and Control24, and theMackie HUI.

For more information, visit Eventide on their Website at www.eventide.com.

Open Forum With Apple Emagic in Los Angeles Announced
On Thursday, February 26th 2004 at 7:30 p.m., RSPE Audio Solutions andPro Tools users will be getting together with Apple Emagic for anevening of discussion in Los Angeles. The evening will include anoverview and training session on the new combined Logic Pro package andintegrating Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

To register for the event on February 26th visit www.protoolsusers.org. If you're not already amember of ProTools Users visit that site to join the Pro Tools andaudio community.

As of January 30, 2004, Apple has been taking orders for the newstreamlined Emagic product line that was announced at NAMM. The newlyreleased package, Logic Pro 6, includes all of the soft synths andeffects plug-ins previously sold separately, including the new SpaceDesigner plug-in. The package also includes the drivers and add-ins,Emagic System bridge and the HD extension required to run Logic Pro ona Pro Tools TDM system, although the Epic TDM plug-ins an the Host TDMEnabler have been discontinued.

Apple has also launched a cut-down version of Emagic Logic Procalled Logic Express, fitting in with the Final Cut Pro/Final CutExpress. Logic Control is now only available as a feature-enhancedMackie Product, the Mackie Control Universal (also compatible with ProTools in HUI mode).

Logic Pro sells for $999 and Logic Express at $299. For existingowners of Logic 5/6—Gold or Platinum—an upgrade to LogicPro, including all the soft synths and extras, is $199.

First U.S. API Vision Surround Console Sold to mediaHYPERIUM

Award-winning media production and publishing house mediaHYPERIUMhas ordered the very first API Vision large-format, analogmultichannel, surround mixing console in the United States. Combiningextended bandwidth and dynamic range of API's renowned discrete analogsignal path with integrated surround sound capabilities, the Vision issuited for a studio such as mediaHYPERIUM, which specializes in DirectStream Digital (DSD) production for Super Audio CD.

The new API Vision will be the second to be installed worldwide andwill replace an API Legacy (reportedly the first ever built ) housed atmediaHYPERIUM. The first Vision was installed at Galaxy Studios inBelgium last year.

Chick Corea's Rendezvous in New York SACD hybrid release, wonin the category of Best Jazz Instrumental Solo at this year's GrammyAwards. This release was produced by Herbert Waltl, and edited andmixed at mediaHYPERIUM through the studio's API Legacy console.

For more information, go to www.audiotoys.com.

SSL Wins Technical Grammy
Solid State Logic, manufacturer of professional analog and digitalaudio consoles for music, broadcast, post-production and film, receivedthe 2004 Technical Grammy Award at the 46th Annual Grammy Awardsceremony. The award recognizes SSL for the design and production ofindustry-defining audio mixing consoles over the years.

"We are delighted to receive this special award," says ColinPringle, managing director of Solid State Logic. "The Grammy Awardsrecognize outstanding creative achievement in the music industry. Thisspecial Technical Grammy is therefore especially welcome as anacknowledgement of SSL's creative use of technology to aid better musicproduction."

Since the company's founding in 1969, SSL has pioneered advances inconsole technology; in the late '70s, SSL introduced the SL 4000console. By combining ergonomics of in-line design with integratedcomputer automation and Total Recall, the SL 4000 became the standardmusic production console for the 1980s.

The 1990s saw SSL introduce digital processing technology, with thelaunch of a range of products that incorporated totally automatedcontrol surfaces offering instant recall and complete reset. Midwaythrough the 1990s, SSL launched its next generation console, the SL9000. This introduced a revolutionary new design of audio circuitryproviding new levels of audio quality for music production.

Today, SSL's XL 9000 K Series console provides leading internationalstudios with a SuperAnalogue console for the surround audio formats.Similarly, the C200 console provides a digital console for 5.1 surroundproduction at 96KHz with complete automation and reset of allfunctions.

For more information about Solid State Logic, go their Website, www.solid-state-logic.com. For more information onthis year's Grammy winners, go to www.grammy.com.

TBJ Entertainment Launches Hi-Def DVD Division
TBJ Entertainment Inc., the award-winning, multimedia productioncompany founded by Anthony M. Bongiovi, recently launched a newhigh-definition DVD production division. The new division's formationcoincides with the February 10 release of This Left Feels Right(Island/Def Jam), the DVD concert video shot in Hi-Def from rock bandBon Jovi. The video was produced by TBJ's Bongiovi, brother of Jon BonJovi, and recorded in conjunction with TBJ's new production partnercompany, Big Vision Productions.

In related news, Bongiovi announced that Karl M. Lee has become anin-house producer with TBJ Entertainment.

For more information, please visit www.tbjent.com.

Tascam Announces GigaStudio 3 Upgrade Pricing
Tascam has announced upgrade pricing for the new version of itsGigaStudio 3 software sampling workstation. GigaStudio 3 is nowavailable in three versions: GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, GigaStudio 3Ensemble and GigaStudio 3 Solo. Customers who purchased GigaStudio 160after January 1, 2004, can upgrade to the flagship Orchestra versionfor $50.

GigaStudio 3 offers many new features and enhancements, including anexpanded DSP Station and updated MIDI controller.

Customers who purchased GigaStudio 2 after January 1, 2004, canupgrade to GS3 for $50 to $375, depending on the version.

For more information, please visit www.tascam.com.

The Hit Factory, Crescent Moon Purchase ATR-102 AnalogDecks
The Hit Factory (New York) and Crescent Moon Studios (Miami) have bothrecently purchased ATR-102 analog mastering recorders in the new 1-inch2-track format. Both machines were modified and completelyremanufactured by Michael Spitz of ATR Services in York, Pa.

With their own in-house machines, both facilities can offer clientsimmediate availability of "wide-track" analog mixdown—a formatthat complements high-resolution digital recording systems.

Visit www.atrservice.com for more information.

RTL Belgium Orders Studer OnAir 3000
Bel RTL, one of Belgium's leading French-speaking radio stations, hasordered a Studer OnAir 3000 digital broadcast console for its mainon-air studio. The console will be fitted with 30 faders and willhandle eight microphone inputs, 40 mono analog line inputs and 32AES/EBU digital inputs via its integral digital routing system.

Installation of the console at the two studios is scheduled forMarch/April 2004.

Please visit www.studer.ch for more information.

CEA Names 2004 Hall of Fame Inductees
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced the 11 members ofthe 2004 class of inductees into its Hall of Fame, bringing the totalnumber of Hall of Famers to 86. A panel of 17 industry professionalsand media members selected the class based on integrity, character andimpact on the CE industry.

The inductees include EMI's Alan Blumlein, Henry Brief of HomeFurnishings Daily, Bell Labs' Joel Engel and Richard Frankiel, RobertE. Gerson (TWICE), Ken Kai of Pioneer, Jerry Kalov of KayAssociates/Cobra Electronics, Paul Klipsch of Klipsch AudioTechnologies, General Instrument's Dr. Woo Paik, Sony Corp.'s NorioOhga and Steven Wozniak of Apple Computer.

"The latest class of Hall of Fame inductees represent the best ofthe best of a dynamic and innovative industry," said Gary Shapiro, CEApresident and CEO. "With their unique creativity, persistence andvision, these 11 pioneers have championed the development of newtechnologies and concepts that have changed for the better the way weall live and work."

For more information on the Hall of Fame and to view a complete listof current members, visit www.CE.org/publications/hall_of_fame.

LOUD Technologies Appoints Sales Rep Audio Geer
LOUD Technologies has appointed Audio Geer (Los Angeles) as its salesrepresentative in Southern California and southern Nevada. In additionto LOUD Technologies' products, Audio Geer will also represent thosefrom Mackie, Tapco, EAW and the new EAW Commercial line.

"They've got a strong reputation for developing innovative customerand dealer training programs, and we're confident that they have theexpertise to ensure ongoing growth and superior service throughout theregion," commented Larry Bennett, sales manager, national accounts forLOUD Technologies.

Audio Geer can be contacted at 714/960-0600, support@audiogeer.com, www.audiogeer.com For moreinformation about LOUD Technologies, visit www.loudtechinc.com.

Composer Smith Adds Rosendahl Nanosyncs to Arsenal

Stanley A. Smith, a composer, musician and producer with anextensive resume in record production and music for television andfilm, recently installed Rosendahl's Nanosyncs at his Standard MusicProduction facility in Universal City, Calif., at the recommendation ofseveral of his colleagues in the business: "My music editor and a lotof other people have been telling me that digital setups work only aswell as the clock. They said, 'You'll hear the difference.' I went forit, and there is a difference."

Multi-instrumentalist Smith was formerly a staff writer/producer atTBA Records, where he wrote and produced several contemporary jazzrecords for artists such as Paul Russo, Alvin Hayes and Frank Potenza.While also having toured with Jeffery Osborne, Cheryl Lynn, CaronWheeler (Soul II Soul) and others, Stanley shifted his focus fromtouring and record production and started on the path to the latestphase in his career: composing for film and television.

"It's nice to have everything stabilized on one good clock,"continued Smith, "especially for film and TV. I do the Bernie MacShow [including the recently completed new main title] and when I'mlocking to picture, it's really important that all that stuff staystight. We mixed [the new main title] her and it turned outgreat—live horns and the whole deal."

Having worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from originalcables movies, network television and independent features, includingThe Line, Catfish in Black Bean Sauce and TheVisit, Smith also recently completed his first major studiofeature, Ride or Die, starring Duane Martin and Vivica A. Fox,for Sony-Screengems.

For more information, visit Rosendahl's Nanosyncs online at www.rosendahl-studiotechnik.de/nanosyncs.html.

Bluegrass Band Mountain Heart Brings DPA on the Road
In between successful recordings, including the band's latest, NoOther Way (Skaggs Family Records), Mountain Heart maintains a heavytouring schedule with performances alongside bluegrass legends likeRicky Skaggs and The Del McCoury Band, and country luminaries likeGeorge Jones, Merle Haggard, Brad Paisley and Junior Browne. Onstage,the bandmembers wanted more freedom to move around the stage duringinstrumentals, but were having a tough time finding microphones thatcould capture the tonal essence of their acoustic instruments.

Scott Bolen, Mountain Heart's engineer, explained, "A couple of theguys had tried small condensers mounted on the instruments and wedidn't like the tone they were getting, especially Adam Steffey, themandolin player, who's a real purist when it comes to acoustic tone.Plus, I couldn't get the SPL we needed out front without tremendoussacrifices in terms of signal quality because we had to over-equalize.So we researched what mics could let us leave the stands behind, butnot the tone. I eventually found out about DPA Microphones from thefiddle player Jimmy Van Cleve, who'd heard about them from someone inRicky Skaggs' band. He loved the sound of it, but I didn't know if itwas going to help me solve my problems out front.

"I contacted DPA and we got 4061 miniature condensers to try at afull rehearsal. The first instrument I put one on was Adam Steffey'smandolin—and he's a real purist who had resisted wireless becauseof the tonal compromises—and as soon as heard how he sounded, hiseyes lit up. And in the rehearsal room, my EQ was flat and it was soloud, I couldn't stand it! It was really impressive. Everybody wasamazed to hear the true sound of their instruments at those volumes.Previously, we'd never gotten the tone we wanted live. DPA mics havemade a big difference in our performances."

For more information about the mics, visit www.dpamicrophones.com. For more information onMountain Heart, visit www.mountainheart.com.