Mix News for March 2004

Grammy-Winner Ricky Skaggs Reveals Tricks of the TradeMultiple Grammy Award-winning bluegrass artist Ricky Skaggs and owner of the Skaggs Family Records

Grammy-Winner Ricky Skaggs Reveals Tricks of the Trade
Multiple Grammy Award-winning bluegrass artist Ricky Skaggs and ownerof the Skaggs Family Records label was nominated five times for the46th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2004.

Both of his nominated albums, Live at the Charleston MusicHall by Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder (Skaggs Family Records)and The Three Pickers by Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson and RickySkaggs (Rounder Records), were recorded live using Neumann-distributedTRUE Systems Precision 8 8-channel microphone preamplifiers. ThePrecision 8 is designed and built by Sunrise Engineering, a design andbuild manufacturer located in Tucson, Arizona.

Lee Groitzsch, a recording engineer and studio manager of the SkaggsFamily Records Studio, explained that the TRUE preamps fit therequirements of the two projects perfectly. "On both of thoseoccasions, we had a low budget, but obviously had some high sonicrequirements that we had to meet," he commented. "We wanted to find micpre's that weren't outrageously expensive to buy or rent, but woulddeliver sonic integrity when putting it to tape."

In addition to sounding good, the mic preamps needed to be easilytransportable, continues Groitzsch. "We weren't going to be renting atruck. We were going to be hauling the gear and setting it up at thevenue ourselves and patching it in ourselves, and cutting to a RADAR[hard disk recorder]. The TRUE mic pre's sounded good on acousticinstruments and vocals and being a one-rackspace unit with eightchannels, it ended up being one of the key pieces of gear in ourproject."

Live at the Charleston Music Hall was nominated for threeawards, including Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocalfor the track "A Simple Life"; Best Country Instrumental Performancefor "Get Up John"; and Best Bluegrass Album. The Three Pickers,featuring Scruggs, Watson and Skaggs, received two nominations: BestCountry Instrumental Performance for "Pick Along" and Best TraditionalFolk Album.

"So now we've got two projects that the TRUE preamp was used on thatare nominated for a Grammy," enthused Groitzsch. "We're just a smalllabel and we've got five nominations. Amazing. We're hardly evengetting played on the radio!"

The Charleston live recording made use of several Neumann KMS 105microphones, reported Groitzsch. "We used a KMS 105 on Ricky's vocals,the fiddle was cut through one, plus the banjo, and Ricky's mandolinwas cut through, as well."

The results were spectacular, he says. "Ricky's live record,sonically, is probably one of the better-sounding records that we'veturned out. It went way beyond our expectations, especially for theamount of money and time that we had available to us to create it."

The Precision 8 preamps are also getting plenty of use at the SkaggsFamily Records facility. "I'm using the TRUE pre's here in the studiojust about every time I cut a piano," said Groitzsch, "because I'musing the M-S function on it. I use a stereo mic, generally a C24, withthe M-S portion of the mic pre. It's the best our piano has eversounded. We're really pleased with the results."

For more information on the Precision 8, visit distributorSennheiser at www.sennheiserusa.com.

Now Available: New-Generation KRK Near-Fields
With the introduction of ST8 and ST6 near-field models, KRK introducesthe next generation of industry-standard project studio monitors.

Featuring an all-new aluminum woofer and 1-inch silk tweeter, the STSeries offers smooth response and high power handling, limiting theoccurance of ear fatigue. Standard magnetic shielding simplifiesplacement in virtually any studio environment. The ST Series alsofeatures 7/8-inch MDF construction to control sound reflection andstanding waves within the monitor, while its double-layeranodized-aluminum cones offers low distortion. Carefully molded wooferbeauty rings improve midrange frequencies, while advanced dual-porttube designs create improved air flow for rich, solid bassresponse.

KRK national sales and marketing manager Richard Ruse commented,"The ST Series was designed with a very linear response. They may notappear to have the boom and sizzle of the K-ROK or Rokit, but theycertainly exhibit the natural, honest frequency response of theirpassive forefathers: the 6,000, 7,000, 9,000 and 13,000. The ST Seriesare at home in practically any environment—from the most austereportastudio to the meter bridges of the most sophisticated studios inthe world."

For more information, visit www.cerwin-vega.com.

Video Symphony's Petschek Nominated for Oscar
Paul Petschek, an Avid-certified instructor at Video Symphony, washonored by the Academy with a nomination for Best Live Action ShortFilm for his editing project, Most (The Bridge).

Filmed in the Czech Republic and written/produced/directed by BobbyGarabedian and produced by William Zabka, Most received criticalacclaim while making the rounds in the 2003 festival circuit.

The film premiered at Sundance, then moved on to Dances With Filmsand other venues. Most won Best Short Film and the AudienceAward at the Maui Film Festival, and Best of Festival at the PalmSprings International Short Film Festival. The Palm Springs Awardqualified Most for consideration by the Academy.

"Working with Bobby Garabedian and Billy Zabka was a greatexperience," Petschek says. "As actors and filmmakers, they work fromsuch an emotional place. It's wonderful to find that most people whosee the film think that the heart and soul we put into it shows up onthe screen."

At Video Symphony, Petschek specializes in the creative side ofediting. His "Intro to Editing Aesthetics" and "Avid Editing Workshop"classes are enthusiastically received by students.

Among Petschek's previous credits are additional editor onFlipper; A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese ThroughAmerican Film; and Another Day in Paradise. He was editor ofIce Planet, In Dark Places and Bitter Harvest.

His most recent projects are documentaries, including the 2003Melbourne Film Festival selection Hollywood Gold and thesoon-to-be-released 39 Pounds of Love.

For more information, visit Video Symphony at www.videosymphony.com.

Design FX Records 14th Annual MusiCares 2004 Tribute
Design FX recorded the 14th Annual MusiCares Person of the Year tributedinner that honored Sting and featured performances by CharlesAznavour, Tony Bennett, Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Elton John,Dave Matthews, Kylie Minogue, Rufus Wainwright and Wynonna Judd.Proceeds provided support for MusiCares' Financial Assistance Program,which ensures that musicians and recording industry members have aplace to turn in times of financial, medical and personal need.MusiCares was established in 1989 by the Recording Academy.

For more information, go to www.dfxaudio.com.

Now Available: Wizoo's Hypersonic Extensions
Wizoo, the developer of Steinberg's Hypersonic virtual musicworkstation, unveiled the first three extensions for Hypersonic. Eachof these Hyper modules endows Hypersonic with yet another fullyfeatured software instrument; Hyper Modules integrate into Hypersonic'ssound-generating, ensuring users enjoy functional breadth and depth atan affordable price.

Priced at $99 each, US-1 Ultra Synth, GP-2 Grand Pianos and NB-3Tonewheel Organ are now available directly at www.wizoo.com.

In addition, Wizoo is offering two packages for a limited time only:all three Hyper Modules for $249 and the Hypersonic XXL Bundlefeaturing Hypersonic and all three Hyper Modules for $555.

Designed to cover a specific range of sounds, each Hyper Moduleoffers a rich selection of patches. In addition, all Hyper Modules maybe combined with legacy Hypersonic elements to further augment theinstrument's scope of sound-sculpting options.

This first collection of Hyper Modules comprises numerousinstruments, including the US-1 Ultra Synth, a fully programmableanalog/digital synthesizer featuring three oscillators with analogwaveforms, wavetable synthesis, Sync and Unison modes, a multimodefilter offering audio modulation via oscillator and overdrive, threeenvelopes, three LFOs, a modulation matrix, an epert editor forin-depth sound parameter tweaking and 256 patches created by pro sounddesigners.

Also included are the GP-2 Grand Pianos, which are designed to sparesystem capacity and power. Two virtual grand pianos offer authenticityand detail in the tradition of the VST instrument, The Grand. Offeringadjustable timbre and velocity curve, each piano comes in threesizes.

The NB-3 Tonewheel Organ is a hyper-module that brings the legendaryorgans and rotary cabinets of the '50s back to life with a sonicspectrum ranging from monstrous, house-approved low end to '70s-stylelead sounds. Nine drawbars, various tone wheel emulations (from "new"to "old and ratty"), adjustable key click and a virtual rotary cabinetoffering tube overdrive and variable speed are onboard. The NB-3's 64preset patches are by Peter Gorges.

Strong C100, C200 Sales for SSL
Solid State Logic, winner of this year's Technical Grammy Award andwinner of three consecutive TEC Awards, announced strong sales of bothC100 and C200 Digital Consoles for 2003. According to SSL, salesactivity reflects rapid industry adoption of the new C100/200 digitalconsole line since the launch of the C100 at last April's NAB. Thebroadcast industry has embraced the console's design, features andability to meet the challenges of DTV. The C200, also introduced atNAB, has drawn clients from both the music and post-productionindustries due to the console's ability to address high-bandwidthrecording standards.

Rick Plushner, president of SSL North America, said, "Solid StateLogic has created the C100/200 to meet the demands of the broadcastindustry as it migrates to all digital production. Our C100 console hasbeen instantly recognized by broadcasters in the U.S., including ABCWorld News Tonight With Peter Jennings, Comcast, NBA, the GolfChannel and the Food Network. Internationally, we have seen sales toNHK Japan, Disney Broadcasting, Danish Broadcasting Seoul Broadcastingand Channel 9 Australia. We're very happy with such an immediateresponse, with many users now owning more than one console."

SSL also reported one of its largest orders of the year for the FoxNetwork. Fox Promotions and Fox Sports ordered a total of six C200consoles for post-production, making them among the first to base theirfacilities around the C-range platform.

C100 Digital Broadcast Consoles have been sold to facilities aroundthe world, topping 15 installations since its release, including twoconsoles to Danish Broadcasting; one to the Golf Channel, Fla.; one toNHK Sapporo, Japan; one to Disney Broadcast; one to NBA Entertainment,N.J.; one to Core Digital, Ariz.; two consoles to Seoul Broadcast(SBS), Korea; one to TCN Channel 9, Australia; one to ABC TV3, N.Y.;one to Nippon Hoso, Japan; one to MBC, Korea; one to the Food Network,N.Y.; and one to Comcast, Penn.

C200 sales reached 15 and spanned the globe, including one consoleto Office Terra, Japan; one to WCU; one to Underdog Entertainment,Calif.; one to Imagica Akasaka, Japan; one to Bicoastal Recording,N.Y.; four to Fox Promo, Calif.; two to Fox Sports, Calif.; one toCroatian Radio, Croatia; one to Omnibus, Japan; one to TV Tokyo, Japan;and one for Odds on Recording, Las Vegas.

To find out more about SSL and its products lines, please go to www.solid-state-logic.com.

TechTV Spot Marks Debut of edition7 Headphones
Ultrasone AG, the German manufacturer of headphone products, recentlyunveiled its edition7 headphone in the United States on TechTV'sFresh Gear (www.techtv.com). The program first aired onTuesday, February 10, 2004.

Ultrasone AG limited the production on the edition7 unit—only999 were made—and each mic costs $3,000. Built with titaniumdrivers and Uultrasone's S-Logic™ and PROline (ultralow-emission)technology, the edition7 represents the latest in high-endtechnology.

Ultrasone's patented S-Logic technology creates natural surroundsound without the use of additional electronic devices. The technologyuses decentralized transducer positioning to reflect sound off of thelistener's outer ear, creating a natural 3-D sensation without the useof processing. S-Logic produces a stereophonic surround sound fieldthat is perceived to be broad, detached and located in front of thelistener. Ultrasone addresses the physiology of the ear rather thanusing electronics to generate a stereophonic sound field. Theheadphones represent a safer listening experience by generating a40-percent lower sensitivity for the same perceived loudness andshielding up to 98 percent of EMF radiation through the use of patentedPROline (ultralow-emission) technology.

The complete line of Ultrasone headphone products can be found at www.ultrasone.net.Ultrasone headphones are distributed in North America by Franklin,Tenn.-based EARS Audio Distribution. For more information about EARS,click here.

Clive Davis Department Built at NY University
When the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, now a fixture at NewYork University's Tisch School of Arts, was still in its planningstages, Clive Davis (chairman and CEO of BMG North America) approachedTroy Germano of the Studio Design Group to discuss his part in theproject. Davis' goal was to build a studio for a university course,which would provide students with a well-rounded background in theinner workings of the recording industry. Knowing that the classroomfacility should resemble a high-end professional studio, Germanobrought in longtime colleagues Dave Bell of Whitemark LTD in Englandand Dave Malekpour of Professional Audio Design (PAD).

"The idea was to build an educational facility for recording thatalso had a strong emphasis on the overall studio process and business,"said Germano. "We wanted the students to get a good cross-reference ofwhat goes on in the record industry from how an artist is signed andlead by an A&R person to the technical aspect of engineering, aswell as day-to-day studio life."

Germano knew that the gear needs for this type of educationalenvironment would be a little different than in a normal recordingstudio. Solid State Logic's 24-channel XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogueSeries console made the most sense because NYU wanted SSL qualitywithout overwhelming the students with an intimidating 96-channelconsole. "The idea of the school is to have a hybrid of both analog anddigital," commented Germano. "The marriage of Pro Tool|HD with the SSLconsole is the right combination for enabling students to acquirepractical experience."

PAD's Malekpour and his team aided with the equipment selection,provided all of the gear (with the exception of the SSL console, whichwas supplied by SSL), installed it and also provided some training onthe Pro Tools setup.

"After a great experience while working with the Tisch School abouta year ago when we sold them an SSL 4040G+ console for their musicdepartment, we were excited to be a part of their new project, whichaccrued this level of equipment in a school setting," Malekpour said."We are happy about our relationship with the people at the TischSchool and would like to continue helping them with anything theyneed."

PAD continues to service and support this facility as it begins itsoperation. "When the project is over and the school has to function onits own, Dave and his team are still there," explained Germano. "He hasalways had an ongoing relationship in terms of maintenance andtechnical support, which is often something you don't see from otherequipment dealers."

For more information about the gear involved in the construction ofthis facility, refer to the PAD Website at www.ProAudioDesign.com. For more information aboutthe school, visit www.tisch.nyu.edu.

Disc Makers Brings DVD Duplication Online
Disc Makers, an independent media manufacturer, announced the releaseof its online DVD duplication service, a system implemented through itsinteractive DVD Self-Service Website. Disc Makers' system enables DVDcustomers, including filmmakers and studios, to create their own DVDand place short-run duplication orders online, conveniently, from theirhome or studio. Project turn-around time can be as fast as two businessdays.

Tony van Veen, VP of sales and marketing for Disc Makers, said that,"Like the CD version, DVD Self Service is a powerful program that givesbusinesses and independent filmmakers the freedom to produce a shortrun of DVDs whenever and wherever they want."

DVD Self Service offers DVD-R duplication and printing for projectsof 300 DVDs or less with no minimum order or setup fees. The servicecomes with free online storage of audio and graphic content, full-coloron-disc printing and inserts, Web-based 24/7 ordering and a choice offive packaging options. (Amaray-style packaging available soon.)

The simple three-step process includes designing a DVD Disc Graphicsonline, mail DVD content (customers are encouraged to mail in a DVD-Rwith their content. Disc Makers will store this content for futureorders and reorders. As bandwidth increases, an automatic datauploader, as currently used for Disc Makers' CD Self Service, maybecome available) and lastly, duplicate DVDs, in which users can accessthe online order form to duplicate as many DVDs as needed (up to 300)and have them shipped anywhere in the United States.

For more information on Disc Makers' DVD Self Service, visit www.discmakers.com.

EAW Commercial New Website Now Live
In preparation for the upcoming NSCA show in Las Vegas, the newlyformed EAW Commercial group unveiled a complete line ofhigh-performance commercial audio products, as well as a new Website atwww.eawcommercial.com. This announcement comes justthree months after parent company LOUD Technologies announced itsentrance into the commercial audio market under the EAW brand name.

The complete EAW Commercial line includes DSP matrix mixers,amplifiers, ceiling speakers and a full range of loudspeakers—allbacked by the manufacturing and engineering talents at EAW, Mackie, SIASoftware and Acuma Labs.

"When we announced our plans to address this market under the EAWbrand last December, the EAW and Mackie product development teams hadalready begun working on a revitalized family of products for thecommercial sound market," commented Ken Berger, senior VP of marketingand product development at LOUD Technologies. "Because this work hadalready begun, we were able to move very quickly to introduce the newEAW Commercial line in time for the NSCA show."

Mark Madison, the recently appointed group manager for EAWCommercial, added, "Collaboration between Mackie, EAW, SIA Software andAcuma Labs has already proven to be a potent combination as illustratedby the introduction of the revolutionary EAW DSA system last year. I'mvery excited to further leverage this collaborative horsepower into thecommercial audio market as the EAW Commercial line continues togrow."

Some of the new EAW Commercial products were revealed at the ISEshow in Geneva last month, but the complete line will make itsworldwide debut at the NSCA show in the Las Vegas Convention CenterBooth #1425.

Final Stage Mastering Installs Genex Audio GX9048
Genex Audio, a developer of multiformat digital recorders andconverters, recently supplied a GX9048 48-track multiformat digitalsystem to Final Stage Mastering, one of Nashville's most advancedmastering facilities. The new machine will be used to capture stereoand multichannel DSD recordings during mixdown and for playback atFinal Stage during CD and SACD mastering/authoring.

"We need flexibility in our facility," said Final Stage co-ownerRandy LeRoy. "The new Genex GX9048 is currently configured to handle8-track recordings but is expandable up to 48 tracks. Because theGX9048 can be used to record in either PCM or Direct Stream Digitalmode—and play back either format—we can offer our Nashvilleclients an added flexibility beyond anything that was previouslypossible with conventional mastering machines. It's a majorbreakthrough for the country music community."

Final Stage Mastering will use the new GX9048 within the greaterNashville and surrounding areas to introduce producers to the conceptof acquiring their stereo and multichannel mixes in 1-bit Direct StreamDigital format, as an alternate to conventional 16/44.1, 24/96 andother PCM-based formats.

Recently, Final Stage Mastering used its GX9048 on the new Sam BushKing of My World album of bluegrass music for Sugarhill Records,and will be capturing mixes on a number of important sessions duringthe coming months. "The system worked flawlessly," LeRoy enthused, "andhandled 88.2/24-bit PCM files real well. The built-in Genex GXRsoftware made mix management easy. I can't wait to put the Genex GX9048through its DSD paces!"

For more information about Final Stage Mastering, go to www.finalstage.comand to find out more about the Genex Audio product line, go to www.genexaudio.com.

Caitlin Hill Named MusicBox Director of Client Services
MusicBox, a New York City and Calabasas, Calif.-based custom scoringcompany and production music library, announced that Caitlin Hill hasbeen named director of client services. In this newly defined role,Hill will head up all music licensing and client service duties forMusicBox's worldwide client base.

"Caitlin's extensive experience in the production music industry,combined with her musical background, make her the ideal person forthis role," said Daniel Stein, MusicBox's co-president.

Added Joel Goodman, MusicBox's co-president, "We look forward toCaitlin's leadership during our continued growth throughout the yearsto come."

Previously, Hill was licensing director at Megatrax ProductionMusic, where she held several prominent positions during her eight-yeartenure with the company. There, she learned all aspects of theproduction music business, culminating with her post as licensingdirector.

For more information about MusicBox, please see www.musicboxmx.com.

Rock House, Peavey Electronics Release InstructionalDVD
Rock House has teamed with Peavey Electronics Corporation to produce aDVD designed to give the beginner musicians an edge toward learningtheir instruments. Peavey is distributing the DVD through itsauthorized retailers as a stand-alone product and as a value-addedincentive for consumers who purchase a Peavey Stage Pack® beginnerkit.

The Total Musician Series DVD will be included inside the Peaveybeginner Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Bass Stage packs, as wellas the mid-level Peavey International Series II drum kits. The Stagepacks include everything needed to learn these core instruments,including an amplifier, guitar or bass, strap, gig bag, extra strings,electronic tuner and the easy-to-follow instructional Total MusicianSeries DVD from Rock House.

The co-branded, custom-made DVD includes 40 minutes each of beginnerelectric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and drum instruction using TheRock House Method. The instruction is presented in both English andSpanish, and includes a video chord chart, a special section on how toassemble the Peavey International Series II drum set, a sectionshowcasing Peavey guitars and more.

The DVD will also give Peavey customers free membership to RockHouse's lesson support site at www.rockhousemethod.com. This feature, exclusive toRock House and its partners, offers students supplementary support forthe lessons featured on the DVD. Once registered at the support site,students can interact with the community, utilize additional learningtools and access special features such as forums, where they can chatwith other students or ask the instructor questions; download ametronome or backing tracks to play along with; and find loads of othercontent to create a fun learning experience. To receive the freemembership, students are directed to www.peavey.com to access Rock House's uniqueregistration system.

Digidesign Announces Savings
Digidesign announced new savings with the MIX-to-HD Hardware Exchangeprogram. For a limited time, owners of a Pro Tools|24 or Pro Tools|24MIX system can exchange their system for a Pro Tools|HD 2 or 3 Accelsystem and save an additional $2,000 off of the regular HardwareExchange list price, or exchange for a Pro Tools|HD 1 and save anadditional $1,500. These exchanges will return to their previouspricing after June 30, 2004.

Along with the Pro Tools|HD pack plug-in bundle, which will beautomatically included, those who exchange by March 31, 2004, willreceive a collection of the Bomb Factory plug-ins for free: sevenplug-ins with Pro Tools|HD 1 (a $1,952 value); 10 plug-ins with ProTools|HD 2 Accel (a $2,600 value); and 16 plug-ins with Pro Tools|HD 3Accel (a $3,940 value). An iLok account will be required to takeadvantage of the plug-ins included with this Hardware Exchangepromotion, and users can sign up for free at www.ilok.com.

Pro Tools TDM 6.2 or higher software for Mac OS X and Windows XP isrequired for support of the HD Accel card, and is included with allHardware Exchanges. For the most current compatibility information,visit www.digidesign.com/compato.

Exchanges to Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel systems continue tobe available for registered owners of Pro Tools 3, Pro Tools LEproducts and older non-TDM Digidesign systems. (These HardwareExchanges do not qualify for the promotional Bomb Factory plug-ins.)For a complete Hardware Exchange price list, visit www.digidesign.com/exchange.

Snap5 Snaps up Sound Designer Andrew Kay
Snap5, the broadcast design division of MediaComm, has expanded toinclude original sound effects design and music composition. With theaddition of sound designer Andrew Kay to its staff, the Charlotte,N.C.-based broadcast design shop further customizes projects for itsclientele.

"Without sound, designs are flat," said creative director MikeDolan. "We brought Andrew into the mix so that he can be an integralpart of the conceptual and design stages of our projects." Kay agreedthat his participation in pre-production will "better streamline thetotal concept-to-completion formula." Communicating the "reality of apiece often requires specifically planned audio," advised Kay."Sometimes, music must be composed to make a spot completely tight andoriginal."

Snap5 welcomed its new hire with an impressive Pro Tools Suite thatincludes Proteus sound modules and a large bundle of plug-ins. Kay'sprevious work includes television, theater, movies and homeentertainment, and compositions/sound design for Disney Studios, theHistory Channel, Sony PlayStation and the SPEED Channel.

For more information, go to the Media Comm Website at www.media-comm.com.

AMS Neve Founder Crabtree Wins Second Academy Award
AMS Neve's founder and managing director, Mark Crabtree, has beenhonored this month with a second Technical Oscar by the Academy ofMotion Picture Arts and Sciences, following one for the Digital FilmMixing Console in 2000. The award was presented by actress JenniferGarner at a lavish Scientific and Engineering Awards Ceremony at theRitz Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, Calif., on February 14, 2004.

The 2004 Scientific and Engineering Award recognizes "thesignificant contribution the AMS AudioFile has made to the developmentand realization of digital audio workstations with full editingcapabilities for motion picture soundtracks."

The AMS AudioFile hard disk-based audio editor launched in 1984. Asrecognized by the Academy, Crabtree was responsible for the inventionand establishment of many of the techniques now widely applied tosound-for-picture.

Upon receipt of the award, Crabtree said, "I'm delighted to havebrought these radical creative tools to the film-making process andthen to see them so widely adopted. It feels good every time I watch amovie and feel the immersion and the exhilaration that really greatsound can bring."

Today, the AudioFile is used by many successful facilities includingCBS, HBO, Soundtrax and POP Sound in the U.S.; BBC, Grand CentralStudios, Pinewood Studios and Videosonics in the UK; Aquest in TheNetherlands; and France 3 in France.

In 2000, Crabtree and two other colleagues from AMS Neve wereawarded a Scientific and Engineering Award for the design anddevelopment of the AMS Neve DFC Digital Film Console for motion picturesound mixing.

AMS Neve's other industry awards include a Technical Grammy and anEmmy Award for the AudioFile.

Cycling '74 Releases Jitter
Cycling '74, a San Francisco-based music software company, announcedthe release of the Windows version of Jitter, Video/Matrix/3-D graphicsprocessing extensions to the MAX/MSP graphical programming environment.MAX/MSP and Jitter are now cross-platform products with both Mac OS andWindows versions in the same package.

Jitter provides modularity in graphics processing applications. Itincludes more than 130 objects for describing and manipulating matrixdata—any data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such asvideo and still images OpenGL-based 3-D geometries, text, spreadsheetdata, particle systems, voxels or audio.

Jitter is useful to anyone interested in real-time and interactivevideo/3-D graphics, data visualization, custom video effects creation,video rendering and numerous classroom applications, and willdramatically expand the possibilities for Max/MSP owners.

Although the architecture is general, Jitter is highly optimized foruse with video data. Jitter includes a robust set of mathematicaloperators, keying/compositing, analysis, colorspace conversion andcolor correction, alpha channel processing, spatial warping,convolution-based filters and less-traditional video processingobjects. Users create modular video processing "patches" out of Jittercomponents and matrix patch cords in the same way that Max/MSP userscreate custom audio and MIDI applications.

The Windows versions of the software allow for cross-platformdevelopment of applications. Max/MSP/Jitter patches developed on oneplatform open seamlessly on the other and use consistent abstractionsfor all types of media protocols and interfaces, including MIDI,digital audio soundfiles and interfaces, digital video and 3-Dgraphics. Features are essentially identical between the Windows XPversion and Version 4.3 of Max/MSP and Jitter Version 1.2 for Mac OS X.Users are able to develop their own Max, MSP or Jitter external objectswritten in C, and distribute their work to others using the freeMax/MSP run-time application.

Jitter also includes a set of OpenGL objects for reading andrendering of 3-D text and models, video and image texturing, hardwareand software rendering support and low-level access to geometry dataand the OpenGL API.

The use of a single generalized matrix data format (of up to 32dimensions and up to 32 channels or planes) allows for transcoding datafor cross-media experimentation. Text may be interpreted as an image,video images converted to 3-D geometries, audio turned into particlesystems and video data played as audio. These are only a few examplesof the creative power and flexibility of the Max/MSP/Jitterenvironment.

For more information, go to Cyling '74's Website at www.cycling74.com.

Abbey Road Studio Wins Big for Film Scoring
Abbey Road is celebrating unprecedented success in film scoring,having dominated the Best Score category this film awards season withprojects recorded and mixed at the studios, winning a Grammy, a BAFTA,an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

In addition, at least two other Best Score nominations at each ofthe award ceremonies were also for Abbey Road projects. A total ofseven Abbey Road projects received at least one Best Score nomination,including The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King andThe Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Cold Mountain,Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, The Hours,House of Sand and Fog and Girl With a Pearl Earring.

The Oscar for Best Score and the Golden Globe Award for BestScore/Soundtrack were awarded to Howard Shore for the final installmentin the The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of theKing. The project was an immense undertaking at Abbey Road,requiring a team of engineers to record, edit and mix the film score,as well as master the soundtrack album. The film score was recorded byJohn Kurlander and mixed by Abbey Road's senior engineer Peter Cobbin.The Grammy Award for Best Score/Soundtrack also went to Shore for thesecond film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, which wasalso recorded by Kurlander and mixed by Cobbin. Abbey Road engineersalso recorded the award-winning "Into the West," which picked up theOscar and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

The Anthony Asquith BAFTA award for achievement in film music wentto composer Gabriel Yared for Cold Mountain, which was recordedin Abbey Road's Studio One last September before being mixed in StudioThree.

David Holley, managing director of Abbey Road Studios, said, "TheOscars ceremony concluded a remarkable run of success for Abbey Roadfilm scoring projects, probably unprecedented for any recording studioever. It is a significant achievement by our team of recordingengineers at Abbey Road. The huge efforts they make on behalf of all oftheir clients are matched only by the skill they bring to their work.They thoroughly deserve this success."

For more information, visit Abbey Road online at www.abbeyroad.co.uk.

Free Download: Octiv's Volume Logic for Windows
On February 27, 2004, Octiv announced the release of a free public betaof Volume Logic for Windows, the first audio digital re-masteringplug-in available for the Apple iTunes player. Volume Logic was firstreleased for Macintosh in January 2004. A free 30-day trial version ofVolume Logic for Windows is available at www.octiv.com/index.asp?content=request_iTunes_Win.The final released version will sell for $19.95.

"Our Volume Logic for Macintosh was a big hit and requests for aWindows version started coming in immediately," said Octiv presidentand CEO Keith McMillen. "We've quickly responded to those requests withOctiv Volume Logic for Windows, which will greatly enhance audio forWindows iTunes."

Octiv's Volume Logic plug-in digitally remasters audio in real timewith the same technology used by the pros in the music and broadcastbusiness.

The Volume Logic plug-in incorporates a state-of-the-art 5-banddynamics processor that examines and adjusts the audio thousands oftimes a second. Low levels are intelligently raised and loud signalsare kept under control, all in real time. Anything playing in iTunes,including MP3s, Internet radio or CDs, will be digitally remastered forconsistent volume level and spectral balance. Files are not scanned ormodified. All of the audio processing takes place in real time whilethe audio is sent to your speakers or headphones.

For more information, go to Octiv's Website at www.octiv.com.

Smith Builds Top-Notch New Studio, Riverhouse
Paul Reed Smith has become synonymous with excellence in the craftingof guitars. When Smith went looking for a microphone for his newrecording studio, Riverhouse, he chose the Brauner VM1 tube mic and theSoundelux 195.

Smith's philosophy is echoed in the Brauner VM1 microphone. "It'sthe best all-round mic I've ever heard—period," he enthused. "Youcan use it on anything and it will sound musical. Our constant questionabout a track is, 'How musical does it sound?' The Brauner soundsmusical on just about anything that you put it on, and it needs verylittle EQ. It's exceptionally versatile with extraordinary performanceon acoustic guitars, drum overheads, hi-hats, electric guitars andvocals. It's just a ridiculously good microphone."

Most of the audio equipment at Riverhouse was recommended by GregLukens at Washington Professional Systems. Record producer Shane Kossreveals that Smith has fine-tuned all of the gear to ensure thebest-possible performance. "We tweaked the Apogee converters and someAPIs so there was a lot of attention paid to all the differentelements," revealed Koss. But there's no need to tweak the Brauner orthe Soundelux, Koss said, "They're so real. I had the Brauner off-axison bass through a guitar amp and it produced one of the best basssounds I've ever had."

For more information on the mic, visit Brauner's U.S. distributor,Transamerica Audio Group, at www.transaudiogroup.com.

Digigram Sells Remaining Audemat-Aztec Shares
Digigram, developer of networked audio devices, computer sound cardsand audio management software, has sold its 40-percent share inAudemat-Aztec, manufacturer of measurement and monitoring equipment forbroadcast applications, to the remaining shareholders.

Although Audemat-Aztec will continue developing products usingDigigram technology, the commercial and technological overlap with theAudemat-Aztec's product portfolio isn't big enough to justify acontinued minority involvement, according to Digigram managing directorPhilippe Delacroix.

Digigram will continue to manufacture, support and sell theHitplayer, a stand-alone appliance for audio IP networks formerlydeveloped by Aztec Radiomedia.

For more information, please visit www.digigram.com.

Matt McPherson Discovers Soundelux Elux 251
Christian music artist/McPherson Guitars owner Matt McPherson recentlypurchased two Soundelux ELUX 251 microphones to use in both hisWisconsin home studio and his Nashville-based project studio, adding toa collection that includes vintage Neumann and AKGs, as well as newermodel mics. McPherson will use the mics, as well as Pro Tools rigs andRADAR units, to record material for his newly formed Autumn Records,which features McPherson and his wife, Sherry, as its flagshipartists.

The ELUX 251 embodies many of the characteristics of the TelefunkenELA M251. The ELUX 251 uses a hand-built, hand-tuned and strictlytested German capsule with a 6mm Dupont mylar film diaphragm and thesame close tolerances and asymmetrical design as the CK-12 capsule. Thehead grille's internal chamber resonance closely matches the Tele 251in equivalent volume and "mesh count" that affects high frequencyresponse. Capsules are specially selected and then matched to ano-compromise design using tube and transformer circuitry. The ELUX 251comes in a large aluminum briefcase with the 110/220VAC P251 powersupply, all cables, instructions and shock-mount.

For more information, visit Soundelux's distributor, TransamericaAudio Group, at www.transaudiogroup.com.

iMedio Purchases Aurus Mixing Console
iMedio, a business incubator based in Japan that supports youngmultimedia and IT companies in the establishment phase of theirbusinesses, has purchased one of Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup's newAurus mixing consoles for its new post-production studio. This is thesecond Japanese customer for Aurus; the first console was sold to theNew National Theatre in Tokyo.

The Aurus is appointed with 56 channel strips, 112 audio channels,16 extra channel resources for monitoring and 128 mix buses. Thestandard system, comprising the obligatory combination of Aurus andNexus Star, and an extra 9U Nexus base device, is networked using fiberoptics. This base device will provide interfaces to external sourcesand destinations. This configuration can subsequently be expanded usingmore base devices as required. The Nexus Star accommodates a total offive DSP boards, each with a capacity of 32 audio channels.

For more information on the iMedio Center, visit www.imedio.or.jp/english/index.html.

Neal Pogue Chooses SSL J and K Series Consoles for OutKastMixes
"Hey Ya!" mix engineer Neal Pogue has used Solid State Logic consolesthroughout his 10-plus-year career with Grammy Award-winning duoOutKast. Pogue recently mixed seven tracks on Andre 3000's The LoveBelow (one-half of OutKast's latest release), including the hitsingle "Hey Ya!" Pogue mixed six of Andre's creations at Larrabee NorthStudios in Universal City, Calif., on an SSL SL 9000 J SeriesSuperAnalogue console, but traveled to New York's Hit Factory to use anSSL XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console for "Hey Ya!"

On "Hey Ya!," OutKas's Grammy Award-winning debut single off of thedouble-disc, Pogue needed to make Andre's acoustic guitar shine on topof the mix to polish the upbeat "party" song. While many engineers tendto add elements to achieve a desired effect on a given track, Poguetook a different approach.

"I am a huge fan of cutting frequencies," he explained, "and EQ'ingAndre's acoustic was a tedious process. I used the EQs on the consoleto take the bass out of his guitar, because he has a really big-bodytype of guitar, so I had to trim the frequency a lot at 300 Hz by about-2 dB. That's the secret: Not to add anything because usually when youdo that, you are just adding brittleness."

In addition to the EQ needs on Andre's guitar, Pogue was also facedwith making the two programmed drum tracks on "Hey Ya!" sound as ifthey were recorded live. The task was accomplished due to a combinationof Andre's diligent programming work and the built-in compression onthe SSL XL 9000 K Series console.

For more info, visit www.solid-state-logic.com.

Broadjam, Live365 Announce Marketing Partnership
Broadjam Inc., a provider of Internet and desktop tools for musicians,record labels and publishers, recently formed a cooperative marketingpartnership with Internet radio network, Live365.

Independent artists associated with Broadjam will have direct accessto Live365 for tools and services that will them to set up their ownradio stations and gain exposure through Live365's audience of morethan 3 million listeners a month.

Through Broadjam's Website, indie artists can upload their musiconline, get their songs reviewed through Broadjam's song reviewmechanism, create personal Web pages and qualify for its popular Top 10Charts, which are generated from song reviews and grouped by genre,region, production and fan picks.

Broadjam also provides Internet and desktop tools for musicians,record labels and publishers, with a client list that includesBillboard, Warner/Chappell, the Academy of Country Music andTAXI. The company's software package, METAJAM!", prepares songs fordigital searches, and then uploads song data and audio files for easyperusing by fans and industry pros.

For more info, visit www.broadjam.com or www.live365.com.

Farrel Becker to Receive 2003 TEF Heyser Award
The TEF Advisory Committee has named Farrel Becker (pictured) as thesixth annual recipient of the 2003 TEF Heyser Award, presented eachyear during the NSCA Expo. The Award will be presented at the JWDavis/Syn-Aud-Con reception during the NSCA Expo by Blair McNair,chairman of the TEF Board of Advisors. The reception will be held atthe Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas on Friday, March 14, 2004.

The award recognizes individuals whose work utilizing RichardHeyser's patents in Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) have made asignificant contribution to professionalism in the field of acousticaldesign and/or measurement.

Using the crude equipment of the late 1970s, Becker utilized TEF todevelop new techniques in sound system design and implementation. In1980, he was the first to measure the Frequency Time Curve (FTC) of aloudspeaker. In 1985, Becker authored a TEF training manual and beganconducting training classes for the new TEF10 from Crown International.He continued to develop new techniques and uses for TEF and shared themwith TEF users via the training classes.

In 1986, utilizing the TEF10, he developed the Polar Energy TimeCurve (U.S. Patent #4,807,165) along with software to implement it onthe TEF10. Becker also developed several additional softwareapplications for the TEF10. Among these was the original Noise LevelAnalysis (NLA) application later incorporated into the initial softwarerelease for the new TEF20.

In 1990, Becker joined the staff of Crown International as asoftware engineer where, while continuing to conduct training classes,he developed MS-DOS applications for the TEF20, including TDS, NLA,RTA, PEQ and MLS. He also developed the BIOS host operating system andapplications for the handheld TEF Pad.

For more information on TEF, a division of Gold Line, visit www.gold-line.com.

Austin's KVUE Installs Euphonix Max Air
Austin, Texas-based KVUE recently completed the installation of a96-channel Max Air digital audio mixing console as part of its upgradeto an all-digital station. With Daybreak, a two-hour morningshow, and four additional newscasts each day, the station needed aconsole that could switch quickly between broadcasts and provideadditional input and mixing capabilities for more complex audiorequirements, including surround.

Assistant chief engineer Ernie Saldana reported, "We really likedthe simplicity of the wiring, especially the Ethernet connectivitybetween the surface and the racks, and the way we can place remote micpreamps in the two studios and the newsroom and adjust them from thedesk. We are very short of space in the control room, and with Max Air,we can fit in a full-featured 96-channel surround console with minimalcabling as all the rack electronics are remotely situated in themachine room."

KVUE is ABC's local affiliate in Austin, Texas, and a Belo Corp.subsidiary. Visit its Website at www.kvue.com. To find out more about the Max Air,visit www.euphonix.com.

audioEngine Unveils New 5.1 Recording, Mixing Studio
Audio post-production company audioEngine recently unveiled Studio D,its new 5.1 mixing and recording studio.

The facility's fourth room, home to mixer/co-owner Rex Recker(pictured), was designed by Jim Maher of Soundhouse Design, who createda "mixer-in-the-round" environment. The setup features a speciallydesigned console placing the mixer in the center of the space withseats on all sides. Mixing, recording and editing is centered on aDigidesign Pro Tools|HD3 system.

Studio D's construction marks one of the first times Dolby hasworked hand-in-hand with a commercial audio company to create a100-percent Dolby-approved 5.1 studio. Placement of the vocal booth inthe front of the room made correct implementation of the Dolby SurroundSystem a major issue for the design team. When the booth is invoice-over mode, the 5x7-foot glass is in view. When the surroundsession begins, the center speaker is raised into position on amotorized platform that includes a false wall with all of theacoustical absorption to equal the right and left speakerenvironment.

To deal with light management for screening projects in the naturallight-filled space, designers installed mechanized screens that closeand open at the touch of a button. Acoustical reflections in thecontrol room and vocal booth were handled by covering the windows with7-foot-tall clear Plexiglas diffusers. Studio D also features a 9-footcherry wood "wave wall" to diffuse sound.

Hardware and software includes products from Lexicon, TCElectronics, AMS Neve, Dolby, Waves, Wave Mechanics, Focusrite, BombFactory, McDSP and Digidesign. Audio is monitored through a 5.1 mainsystem comprising JBL cinema speakers powered by Crown and Hafleramplifiers. The main system is managed by a DBX Drive Rack system, andalternate monitoring is by way of KRK V4s for near-field stereo and thebuilt-in speakers of Sony's KV-32HS510 for consumer televisionreference. Picture is integrated via Digidesign's AVXL option, allowingfor NTSC or PAL video at resolutions scaleable from 20:1 touncompressed 1:1 rations. Picture is projected onto a Stewart Greyhawkmicro-perforated screen by a JVC DLA-SX21 DILA projector.

View some of audioEngine's latest work at www.audioengine.net.

Digidesign Welcomes Euphonix Vet Rich Nevens

Digidesign welcomed Rich Nevens to the newly appointed position ofdirector of worldwide console sales. Based in Los Angeles, Nevens willoversee the sales for Digidesign's mixing solutions and contribute tothe product line's marketing and development.

Nevens joins Digidesign after a 12-year tenure at Euphonix, where heserved as executive VP of sales for the Americas. He also has a strongengineering background and comes to Digidesign as a fellowmusician.

For more Digidesign news, visit www.digidesign.com.

APM Presents Manny Holihan With MSPE Student Film Award
Associated Production Music awarded Australian Film, Television &Radio School student Manny Holihan with the Verna Fields Award forSound Editing in a Student Film at the 51st Annual MSPE Golden ReelAwards, held February 28, 2004, at the Century Plaza Hotel in LosAngeles.

APM is underwriting the 2004 Ethel Crutcher Scholarship Fund, whichis part of the Verna Fields Award, with a generous donation.

The Student Award has traditionally been funded by the MPSE withdonations from its individual members, and this will be the firstcontribution by a company outside of the editors' organization.

Late last year, APM, with the Young Musicians Foundation, alsoestablished a film and TV music business fellowship. The paidfellowship offers hands-on experience researching music, attendingscoring sessions and assisting with a number of other jobs done by APMand YMF staff.

The Verna Fields Award for Sound Editing in a Student Film is namedafter the noted film editor whose credits include Jaws,American Graffiti and Paper Moon, and the Ethel CrutcherScholarship Fund bears the name of the late business manager for theMPSE. It is one of 19 awards presented for career achievement in thefield of sound editing.

For more information, visit www.apmmusic.com.

Studer Sells Largest OnAir 5000 System to SwissBroadcaster
Radio Svizzera Italiana - part of Swiss Public Broadcaster SRG -recently installed one of the largest Studer OnAir 5000 systems to datein its Lugano studios.

The system comprises a master control room with a Studer Route 5000switcher and five on-air/production studios with OnAir 5000 consoles,as well as a single Studer Vista 7 digital production console forpost-production. The broadcaster operates three networks using StuderDigiMedia playout systems, while a remote news studio for parliamentaryreports uses a Studer 928 analog console.

According to Andrea Lurati, Radio Svizzera Italiana's engineeringand technical support manager, the primary requirement for an on-airmixer and router system was reliability. "This is the highestpriority," he says. "No interruptions, no emergencies."

Studer's OnAir 5000 consoles, the largest model in Studer's radioconsole line, incorporate all of the "typical Studer on-air functions"such as MPX (Studer's unique multiway conferencing system) with theusual monitoring and talkback facilities.

For more information, visit www.studer.ch.

Europe's First ATR/Aria Arrives at Super AudioMastering
UK-based Super Audio Mastering is the first studio in Europe to takedelivery of an ATR analog mastering deck with Aria Reference SeriesClass-A discrete electronics by David Hill. Equipped for playback inboth 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch stereo and full track mono formats, theATR/Aria machine was custom-modified and remanufactured by MichaelSpitz of ATR Services in York, Pa.

Heyworth confesses that he invested in the ATR/Aria deck withoutever having heard a live, in-person demonstration of its capabilities."I knew of Mike Spitz's history with Ampex, and I was familiar withDave Hill's electronics design," he says. "Also, I had heard theRolling Stones SACD reissues, which came from Aria transfers, so Iexpected it would be absolutely spot-on. And I was right."

Super Audio Mastering is housed in a round stone building -originally built as part of a farmhouse complex in the 1860s - locatednear the village of Chagford in Devon. "The stone walls are two feetthick and mounted on bedrock, so nothing really moves," Heyworth notes,"except the music!"

For more information on Super Audio Mastering, visit www.superaudiomastering.com. Additional informationon the ATR can be found at www.atrservice.com.

National Mobile Television, Vonage Offer Long Distance to RemoteTrucks
National Mobile Television has announced plans to offer Vonage®broadband telephone service on two of its mobile production trucks.Scheduled to launch in two of NMT's trucks in April 2004, the pilotprogram will offer NMT clients fixed area codes and phone numbers on aper-truck basis, as well as easy access to phone service.

Vonage service utilizes the company's Media Terminal Adapter, whichis plugged into a broadband connection such as a T1 line, cable modemor DSL connection. Beginning in April, the adapters will be installedin two of NMT's trucks, allowing local and long-distance telephoneservice to be available directly from the truck, provided the venue isequipped with the proper broadband service.

With Vonage, NMT can offer multiple phone lines and permanentdial-in numbers that travel with each truck. Customers can also selecttheir own area codes. NMT is currently considering installing thetechnology in its entire fleet, pending a successful April launch.

For more information on NMT, visit www.nmtv.com.

ATC's on the Move With Fred Vogler
Whether he is working as a recording, broadcast or live sound engineer,producer, sound designer, post-production editor or musician, FredVogler monitors through ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) referenceloudspeakers.

As head of recording and music producer for the Los Angeles Opera,which is based at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Vogler used his ATCSCM50s to capture the opening of the company's 18th season inhigh-resolution digital audio to accompany a multicamera HDTV videoshoot.

The 5.1-channel surround, 24-bit/96kHz mixes of the L.A. Opera'sfirst week performances of "La Damnation de Faust," by Hector Berlioz,and the world premier of Deborah Drattell's "Nicholas and Alexandra,"featuring the company's general director, Plácido Domingo, willshortly be underway.

Vogler also used the SCM50 reference monitors when mixing the WaltDisney Concert Hall gala opening program late last year, which wasspread over three evenings for live broadcast on national and localpublic radio from the venue's Recording Room.

At Vogler's own studio, located in the former Helm's Bakery inCulver City, Calif., ATC SCM150As provide the listening environment forvarious editing and mastering projects, as well as his own IndustrialMonk project, a collaboration with musician/producer/engineer TakashiKawai.

ATC is distributed in the U.S. by the Transamerica Audio Group.Visit www.transaudiogroup.com or www.atc.gb.net.

Grace Design Ships New m904/m904B Monitoring Systems
Grace Design recently began shipping production versions of its newm904 and m904B reference monitoring systems.

Contained in a 2U, 19-inch rackmount enclosure, the m904incorporates the identical analog and high-resolution digital audiocircuitry as its big brother, the m906, but is designed for users whodon't require 5.1 multichannel capabilities. Two balanced, oneunbalanced and one stereo cue inputs are provided on the analog side.The 24-bit, 192kHz digital inputs include two AES3 stereo pairs, aS/PDIF pair and a switchable Toslink/ADAT pair. Mute, dim and monofunctions are provided, as well as the reference headphone amplifierand calibrate and talkback features of the m906. All features of them904 can be operated directly from the unit's front panel controls.

The m904B is identical in features and performance to the m904system, but is shipped with a blank front panel. The m904B mainframe isoperated via the m904RCU remote-control unit, which allows the user tocontrol all operational aspects of the system from a distance. Them904RCU is also available as an option for m904 customers.

The m904 carries an SRP of $2,995 (USD). The m904B is $2,395, andthe m904RCU remote is $1,495.

Please visit www.gracedesign.com for more information.

Steinberg Releases Cubase SE
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH announces the release of Cubase SE, anew entry-level music production workstation.

Cubase SE includes Steinberg music production technology from itsCubase SX product, yet offers a compact feature set designed forbeginners and educational use.

Cubase SE first appeared as part of Steinberg's Studio Case package,and is now offered as a full stand-alone Steinberg product. Theworkstation offers up to 48 audio and unlimited MIDI tracks, and isfully upgradeable to higher versions of Cubase.

Cubase SE is shipping now for $149.99 U.S. MSRP.

Visit www.steinberg.net for more information.

ASCAP Partners With Nimbit to Launch ASCAP Web Tools
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) andNimbit Web Services have completed an agreement to launch and marketASCAP Web Tools. Under the arrangement, ASCAP members and licenseeswill be offered an exclusive Nimbit Web Tools package of Websitemanagement tools and hosting services designed for the entertainmentindustry. The new service was launched last month at the PerformingRight Society's annual membership meeting in Los Angeles, withadditional presentations held at the company's New York and Atlantamembership meetings.

The technology was designed to enable professional musicians,entertainers and their organizations to run self-managed Websites.Through a single online application, ASCAP Web Tools enables users tomanage all aspects of their Website and e-mail lists. For $11 permonth, the Express package offers management tools for easy contentupdates and e-mail marketing, and for those looking for a hostingservice, the Standard Web Tools package is available at $14 permonth.

Other ASCAP Web Tools features include dynamic show calendars,auto-e-mail reminders, photo and media galleries, tour journals andmessage boards.

For more information, visit www.ascap.com.

Musicmatch Tops Retail Charts for Fifth ConsecutiveYear
Musicmatch Inc. recently reported that its Musicmatch Jukebox is thenation's Number 1 selling music software at retail for the fifthconsecutive year.

Through a partnership with Hip Interactive, a distributor in NorthAmerica, Musicmatch will also distribute Musicmatch Jukebox to retailstores in Canada, including retail partners Office Depot andStaples.

Musicmatch Jukebox, which claims more than 50 million registeredsoftware users to date, has more than 400,000 tracks available fordownload, with reportedly more singles and complete albums fromBillboard Top 200 than any other download service.

Musicmatch Jukebox, at retail, includes a blank CD-R, a stereo cordto connect a computer to a home entertainment system and three monthsof Musicmatch MX Gold, featuring Artist MATCH.

Musicmatch Jukebox is currently available at all Best Buy andCompUSA stores nationwide and wherever software is sold. MSRP: U.S.$29.99.

For more information, please visit www.musicmatch.com.

Event Adds to Production Facilities

Event Electronics has secured additional manufacturing space, isopening a new production line and is, consequently, hiring additionalpersonnel.

The line should be fully operational and at maximum output bymid-March. "This is really an exciting time for Event," says Event VPof sales David Hetrick, noting the increased demand for the company'sTuned Reference Monitors and Studio Precision Series. "I feel likewe're really hitting our pace. And with the new line addingsignificantly to our production output, we're going to be able to takeadvantage of every opportunity."

For more information, visit Event's Website at www.event1.com.

Berklee Gets Hip to Turntablism
Boston-based Berklee College of Music has added a new DJ curriculum toits music program, with Numark tapped as a premier equipmentsponsor.

This spring semester, Turntable Technique will teach students theart of playing the turntable. The class will be taught by ProfessorStephen Webber, a veteran of classical, jazz and electronic music andthe author of an instructional method book to teach the turntable,Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ (Berklee Press,2000).

Numark has provided the school with TTX hybrid analog/digitalturntables, cartridges, analog and digital DJ mixers, and CDturntables.

For more information on the gear, visit www.numark.com. Formore information on the college, visit www.berklee.edu.

HomeTronics Uses Symetrix for Home Theater Installs
Greg Margolis, whose Dallas-based HomeTronics operation has evolvedinto a successful installer of home theater and media room systems,adopted the SymNet Audio Matrix by Symetrix for recent home theaterinstalls. Margolis outfitted showrooms at his Dallas and Las Vegaslocations with SymNet, a modular, networkable, DSP-based audioprocessing, routing and mixing system that can be configured for anunlimited range of applications.

SymNet utilizes an 8x8 I/O modular architecture that is configuredwith the SymNet Designer software package. The 40-bit floating-pointprocessing includes crossover, EQ, gates, delays, compressors, AGClevelers and voice processors, with multichannel routingcapabilities.

According to Margolis, HomeTronics has seen a steady increase inhigh-end family room system installs, many featuring 3-chip DLPrear-projection systems and high-end audio systems based on CaliforniaAudio Technology speakers and ADA (Audio Design Associates)amplification.

Margolis, who has already specified the system into several upcominghigh-end home theater venues, installed SymNet on the advice of JohnsonKnowles, resident guru at the Russ Berger Design Group acoustical andarchitectural design and consultation firm, also in Dallas. "It wasreally a recommendation based on all the work and experience thatthey've had with all types of DSPs," observes Margolis.

Knowles reports that, in addition to HomeTronics and Creative HomeTheater, California Audio Technologies is also using SymNet in many ofits installed systems at his recommendation. "It's being used forloudspeaker processing: crossover, equalization and timing delays," heexplains.

His reason for recommending SymNet is "mostly the sonics. It'ssonically cleaner than some of the alternatives out there that are morecommonly found in commercial use, where the ultimate clarity is notreally necessary." SymNet stands out, says Knowles, thanks to itslineage: "The same folks that developed the Lucid mastering electronicswere in on it, so it has that pedigree."

For more information on professional audio signal processors fromSymetrix and Lucid, please refer to the Websites, www.symetrixaudio.com and www.lucidaudio.com, respectively. Visit their boothat the NSCA tradeshow: #1424.

Digidesignm Announces New Product, Factory Exchanges
Digidesign announced the new Pro Tools® LE Factory and BLUEFactory bundles and factory hardware exchanges. The LE Factory bundlesinclude an Mbox, a Digi 002 Rack or a Digi 002 with up to more than$2,000 worth of Bomb Factory plug-ins - additional to those thatalready ship with all regular Pro Tools systems. Owners of current LEsystems also have the option of saving by exchanging their currentsystem for a Factory system.

The newest members of the Pro Tools LE family, the LE Factorybundles offer a complete set of professional plug-ins right out of thebox. The bundles' Bomb Factory components make up an impressiveselection of professional plug-in options. Combined with the BombFactory, Digidesign and Music Production Enhancement Suite plug-ins andsoftware tools that all Pro Tools systems include, each LE Factorybundle comprises a self-contained, full-featured studio.

Mbox Factory systems include an Mbox system (hardware and software),pre-authorized iLok Key, moogerfooger Analog Delay by Bomb Factory, JoeMeek SC2 Compressor by Bomb Factory, Joe Meek VC5 Meequalizer by BombFactory, Cosmonaut Voice by Bomb Factory and Maxim by Digidesign.

Digi 002 Rack Factory and Digi 002 Factory systems include Digi 002Rack or Digi 002 system (hardware and software), pre-authorized iLokKey, Bomb Factory BF-3A, moogerfooger Ring Modulator by Bomb Factory,moogerfooger Analog Delay by Bomb Factory, SansAmp PSA-1 by BombFactory, Cosmonaut Voice by Bomb Factory, Joe Meek SC2 Compressor byBomb Factory, Joe Meek VC5 Meequalizer by Bomb Factory, Tel-RayVariable Delay by Bomb Factory, Voce® Spin by Bomb Factory andVoce Chorus/Vibrato by Bomb Factory.

For users who already own a Pro Tools LE system but wish to purchasethe Factory bundle plug-ins, Digidesign offers an LE Factoryplug-in-only bundle to all existing registered Pro Tools LE ownersthrough June 15, 2004. Those plug-in bundles can be purchased through adealer or Digidesign's online DigiStore. (A valid system serial numberwill be required if purchased through the DigiStore.)

For a limited time, those who would like to take advantage of a promicrophone solution for their personal studio can purchase a Pro ToolsLE BLUE Factory bundle from April 1, 2004, through June 30, 2004. Totalsavings add up to nearly $1,500 with the Mbox BLUE Factory bundle, andmore than $1,900 with the Digi 002 Rack or Digi 002 BLUE Factorybundles.

The Digi 002/Digi 002 Rack Hardware Exchange program provides theopportunity for registered owners of Digi 001, Mbox or DigiToolBox/Audiomedia III to exchange up to a 96 kHz-capable,FireWire-based 002 Factory system. Visit www.digidesign.com/exchange for details on thesevarious offers.

Boomkat in the Studio
Actress/musician Taryn Manning (8 Mile, Cold Mountain,Crossroads, pictured left) and brother Kellin - the members ofthe well-received trip-hop/rock group Boomkat - were in Mike Lattanzi's(pictured, background) private Hollywood Hills studio, recording vocalsfor her forthcoming effort. All tracks were cut on Lattanzi's vintage76-input API console modified by Steve Firlotte of InwardConnections.

New Salzbrenner Stagetec Office in Kuala Lumpur
At the beginning of 2004, Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup incorporateda new subsidiary, giving the company a base in the capital of Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur. The new office will be in charge of supporting theSoutheast Asian and Pacific regions. General office manager Philip Gan(pictured left with project manager Hermann Quetting) has been aproject manager and planning engineer for more than 10 years. Hisexpertise ranges from digital audio for radio and TV broadcasting tosound reinforcement and P.A. systems. Malaysia, Australia, China andJapan are primary target markets for the comany, and markets such asThailand, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan are now beingdeveloped from the Kuala Lumpur base.

Currently supported by a four-engineer team, Gan will intensifysales efforts in the Southeast Asian and Pacific regions to enlarge thedistribution network. Planning, installation, deployment and serviceare now managed directly from Kuala Lumpur. The team has already foundsuccess: Three AURUS consoles for Asia were just ordered.

Asian radio, TV studios and theaters are currently undergoing thechange from analog to digital technology. Gan has a positive view ofthe opportunities this offers. "Be it NEXUS-based digital audio routingsystems, the C.A.S. Range of intercom and alert systems, the DELECintercom systems or the AURUS digital console: Products developed andmanufactured by the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup are right on themark for the requirements of the Asian market."

For more information, go to Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup'sWebsite at www.stagetec.com.