Mix News for May 2003

News May 1 - 15 Lake Technology, Dolby Agree on Royalty Payment Lake Technology has entered into a formal agreement with Dolby Laboratories with respect

News May 1 - 15

Lake Technology, Dolby Agree on Royalty Payment
Lake Technology has entered into a formal agreement with DolbyLaboratories with respect to royalty levels relating to Dolby Headphoneand Dolby Virtual Speaker. Both of these products were developed byLake Technology and licensed to Dolby.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dolby guarantees Lake Technology aminimum royalty payment of $400,000 per quarter for the six quartersbeginning on September 30, 2002, through December 31, 2003. Theagreement also sets an upper limit on the amount for this period of$500,000 per quarter.

Chris Gilbey, CEO of Lake Technology, said, "Once again, thestrength of our relationship with Dolby and their commitment to Lake'ssuccess has been demonstrated. This guarantee helps us to focus ourresources and gives us the stability to develop our nascent directlicensing and pro audio divisions. The actual royalties for the lastthree quarters has been below this guaranteed amount, so we havealready derived significant benefit from this arrangement."

Previously reported, Ed Schummer, Dolby Laboratories' senior VP andgeneral manager of the consumer division, said "Dolby Headphone is whatwe call an 'at-will' technology. Its revenue growth has alreadyoutpaced the rate of early growth of our own similar licensed-in,at-will technologies, such as Dolby Pro Logic. Peaks and troughs insuch revenues are typical of the early stages of such technologyadoption, and even at the mature stage, seasonal peaks and troughs tookplace and should be expected."

For more, visit Lake Technology at www.lake.com.au and Dolby Laboratories at www.dolby.com.

Audio Technica Shows 3000 Series
Audio-Technica's new 3000 Series UHF True-Diversity WirelessMicrophone Systems is a 200-channel frequency-agile UHF wirelessdesigned for live performance, regional touring companies, fixedinstalls, public address and places of worship.

Operating in the 600MHz frequency band with 200 selectablefrequencies, all components have soft-touch controls for quick, easyaccess for setup and operation. The 3000 also features Audio-Technica'sDigital Tone Lock Squelch and an easy-to-read LCD in each unit.

The series comprises two system options: the ATW-3110 UHF UniPakTransmitter System (which consists of the ATW-R310 true-diversityreceiver and the ATW-T310 UniPak body pack transmitter) and theATW-3141 UHF Handheld Dynamic Microphone System, which also includesthe ATW-R319 receiver, plus the ATW-T341 handheldmicrophone/transmitter; the ATW-T341 mic features the same capsule asthe company's Artist Elite AE4100 microphone. Additionally, bothtransmitters have dual-power settings: high for maximum range and lowfor extended battery life.

The series comes complete with all rackmounting hardware and iscurrently available at these MSRPs: ATW-3110 UHF UniPak body packsystem, $699; and ATW-3141 UHF Handheld Microphone System, $799.

For more information, visit www.audio-technica.com.

Birdland Gets a Digital Leg-Up
In 1997, Birdland's (New York City) recording engineer/house soundengineer David Ruffo built a control room designed to record liveshows: "It’s small, but complete," he said. "It beats the kitchensand stairwells that you often encounter at other clubs. It’s allready to go." Recently, the recording room made the switch to acompletely digital path with the addition of a new Yamaha 02R96 as themain console.

"I’ve spent years working in studios, and the 02R96 has a‘pro’ vibe," he said. "A lot of engineers respect it. I alsoread the reviews, compared features and auditioned other products. Ithas enough knobs to keep the operator from living in the keypad andscrolling around. The EQ and compressors have all the parameters on thedesktop, and the board has a nice ‘analog’-type flow to it,so you don’t have to go through a lot of pages. Initially, thatwas my fear of doing any live recording with a digital board: Ifsomething goes down onstage, you don’t want to start pagingthrough stuff."

Ruffo recently used the new board on recording dates for the DjangoReinhardt Festival, the Roy Haynes Quartet and Scott Whitfield’sBig Band. "I was blown away by the mixes," Ruffo said. "They soundedreally open and transparent; they had an almost ‘silky’quality. The imagery and depth perception was incredible. We have a lotof big bands perform here, and many of the digital boards on the marketdidn’t offer enough mic preamps. These mic pre’s and A/Dconverters sound great. Now, with the recording path in the digitaldomain, we’ve noticed a 20 to 30-percent increase in the sonicquality. Even the rough monitor mixes are noticeably better.

"We’ve got Tascam DA-78 24-bit machines, which are TDIF’dthrough the 02R96, and a Panasonic SV3800," Ruffo continued. "I justpurchased a new computer and am interfacing it with Nuendo, which canbe controlled from the surface of the 02R96. I’m using the02R96’s onboard effects, but kept some of the old outboard gear [aLexicon PCM90 and MXP500, multiple dbx 1066 units and an AphexCompeller 320A] since I hate to get rid of anything." A small videomonitor and a pair of Event 20/20bas Direct Field reference cabinetsmonitor the action onstage.

Recent live broadcasts from the club have included radio stationWBGO’s "Jazzathon" and the NPR broadcast of pianist MarianMcPartland’s birthday party, with Billy Taylor, Nora Jones andTony Bennett. "I also do remote recordings," Ruffo added, "and havepurchased a road case for the 02R96, so it will travel with me."

For more on the 02R96, visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio.

Audio One Upgrades Chick Corea Studios
Audio One, Inc. recently completed two high-end audio and videoprojects for jazz pianist Chick Corea, which included installing ProTools|HD3 environments in two recording studios along with a Runco andPMC home theater for high-performance viewing and listening. Theinstallation was done to support Corea’s forthcoming box set ofDSD recordings at the Blue Note in New York.

The studios were focused around a Pro Tools|HD3 system with StudioNetwork Solutions fiber drives and a Digidesign 002. The studios alsoboast two Yamaha 02R96 consoles with PMC loudspeakers. Both studioswere networked using copper fiber for drive storage and Ethernet forfile transfers and Internet access. The studio needed to be designed,wired and installed in less than three weeks.

In addition to the studios, a front projection home-theater wasinstalled next to the studios to view and listen to DVD-Audio andmultichannel SACD. Corea’s home theater consists of a Runcoprojector and Marantz surround system complemented by PMCloudspeakers.

"We’re tremendously excited to continue to enhance thetechnological experience of a world-renowned artist such as ChickCorea," said Audio One founder and president David Frangioni. "AudioOne is continuing a tradition throughout the music industry ofdelivering high-end, personal, yet professional multimediainstallations."

"Audio One’s David Frangioni has that rare and great ability tomake a simple and effective result happen in a field where complexitiesand floods of information abound and new techniques are inventeddaily," said Corea.

For more on Audio One, visit www.audio-one.com.

WiebeTech Adds FireWire, USB2 to MicroGB+
WiebeTech (Wichita, Kan.) has upgraded its MicroGB+ by adding FireWireand USB2 ports. The new MicroGB+TM Combo is now available in capacitiesup to 80 GB.

In addition, the USB2 port is backward-compatible with USB 1.1. TheMicroGB+ Combo includes the enclosure, drive, cables, AC adapter and acompact, rugged carrying case made of anodized aluminum, as well as acopy of MediaFour's Mac Drive 5 software (a value of $59.95), whichallows Mac-formatted drives to be read on Windows computers. Theuser-configurable version of the product also includes a screwdriverfor easy installation of any 9.5mm notebook.

"The MicroGB+ Combo is based on the popular OXFW911 controller chip,and features extremely fast transfer rates, as well as compatibilitywith virtually all computers," said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech LLC.'MicroGB+ Combo utilizes an ultrathin aluminum case, which is superiorto plastic enclosures in size and in heat dissipation."

To find out about different configurations and respective pricing,visit www.wiebetech.com.

Doyle Technology Consultants Enter DTV Foray
Doyle Technology now offers a multichannel master control solutionthat is designed to address ATSC data-stream management. The systemincludes NVISION's Master Control/Multiformat Routing Switcher andTitan™ automation system from Sundance Digital.

In addition to 128 system inputs, NVISION's switcher providesmixing, keying and voice-over capabilities, as well as built-insqueezeback and a logo store. Sundance Digital's Titan can supportseveral business models including datacasting, time shifting andcooperative plants such as duopolies, as well as those needing tocentrally automate operations across widely dispersed functions. Thesystem's graphical user interface allows easy monitoring and control ofplaylists, and a distributed processing architecture ensuresreliability. The Doyle solution can also be used with SundanceDigital's FastBreak Automation systems.

From Doyle Technologies, the system features a comprehensive visualmonitor and control system, which allows operators to visually monitor,on one screen, branding operations while simultaneously maintainingoverride control, monitoring upcoming automated events, monitoring andmanaging AC-3 audio encoding settings, and displaying program servicesinformation in readable form. The system is also server-based to allowassignable multichannel status viewing nd multi-user accesscontrol.

"Like the broadcast industry, the business of systems integration israpidly evolving from what it was just a few years ago," said GregDoyle, president of Doyle Technology Consultants. "Integration is nolonger merely the processing and interconnecting of signals. Of course,that's still important, but it also now involves the interconnection ofinformation across hardware platforms and application software. Withthe development of the visual monitor and control application, we aretaking the significant step of moving further into this new arena."

For more, visit www.doyletech.com.

InnovaSon to Debut Sy80
Designed for live sound touring, fixed install and broadcast apps, theSy80 from InnovaSon features a brand-new control surface, new softwareand the ability for users to define any console fader's function.

The Sy80 features 80 inputs, 80 outputs, 80 faders and 48 mix buseshouses in a new chassis weighing less than 176 pounds. Combined with anew version of the company's real-time console software manager,Sensoft 8, and a new DSP module built around the latest SHARC digitalsignal processors, the Sy80 offers greater mixing capabilities.

Sensoft 8 software includes XFAD technology and the FaderConfiguration System that allow users to define the function of eachfader on the console surface. For example, faders configured to controlmix buses can be designated as mono, stereo or LCR; auxiliary or matrixmasters; audio subgroups; or VCP group masters. A virtually unlimitednumber of VCA groups may be created. Faders designated as inputs can beconfigured as mono, stereo or multiple XFAD expanded faders. Forexample, an unlimited number of inputs, such as a group of drumchannels, can be assigned and "stacked" beneath a single "development"fader for control by that fader. The user may then designate a"deployment" zone of faders anywhere on the console where the relativelevels of individual inputs assigned to the development fader may bedisplayed when selected. Also, users are presented with visual cuesregarding inputs assigned to mix buses.

The system also incorporates Mix Box, a local audio rack that isremote controlled from the control surface. Mounted in a separateflight case or located in the control room or remote vehicle, Mix Boxallows outboard equipment to be directly connected to the console I/O,minimizing cable lengths and ensuring signal quality andreliability.

Othe features include dual-redundant auto-switching power supplies,which can be fitted in the back of a console or in a rack. MSRP:$71,000.

For more, visit InnovaSon's U.S. distributor, Sennheiser, at www.sennheiserusa.com.

Sony Buys Sonic Foundry's Desktop Software Assets
Sony Pictures Digital and Sonic Foundry Inc. announced today that SonyPictures Digital has reached an agreement to purchase all of SonicFoundry's desktop software products and related assets for $18 millioncash and assumption of certain trade payables, accrued liabilities andcapital leases associated with the desktop software business. Theacquisition of Sonic Foundry's desktop software follows the recentretail release of Sony Pictures Digital's Screenblast Movie Studio andScreenblast Music Studio video and music-mixing applications created inconjunction with Sonic Foundry's award-winning software team.

Included in the sale are Sonic Foundry's ACID, Sound Forge and Vegasseries of software products, as well as other related assets. Sonyanticipates maintaining the group's Madison, Wis. base. The Board ofDirectors of Sonic Foundry has approved the transaction and certainshareholders have agreed to vote their shares in favor of the sale.Approval of the agreement may be subject to Sonic Foundry shareholderapproval and other various conditions.

"During the past three years, we have come to recognize and admireSonic Foundry's engineering expertise and value their softwareapplications. We are excited to integrate this world-class team andtheir products into our ongoing efforts to produce and deliver the nextgeneration of consumer entertainment services," said Patrick Kennedy,executive VP of Sony Pictures Digital.

"The sale of our music and video digital software products is a keymilestone in Sonic Foundry's history," said Rimas Buinevicius, chairmanand CEO of Sonic Foundry. "We couldn't pick a better partner than SonyPictures Digital to carry on the same passion and success we'veachieved over the past 12 years. Consummation of this agreement willgive us the cash we need to pay our debt and allow us to focus ourattention on writing the next successful chapter of Sonic Foundry'sstory–rich media–and building upon the early success we'vealready achieved with our Web presentation solution, Media SiteLive."

For more, visit www.sonypictures.com or www.sonicfoundry.com.

Allen&Heath Announces Console Giveaway
From today until July 31, 2003, anyone who purchases anAllen&Heath (Agoura Hills, Calif.) ML4000 or ML5000 live sound VCAmixing console in the U.S. will receive a free Allen&HeathMixWizard 16:2DX console.

MixWizard is a pro audio mixer in a compact package, offering 4-bandEQ, six auxiliary sends on six discrete buses, 100mm ALPS faders andbuilt-in programmable digital effects with external MIDI editing andcontrol.

Purchasers who take delivery of the qualifying products on or beforeJuly 31, 2003, can pick up a copy of the redemption form at www.Allen-Heath-USA.com; users simply complete theform and send it with a copy of the sales receipt to the company'soffice to receive their complimentary MixWizard console.

Eventide Now Shipping Clockworks Legacy Plug-Ins
Eventide's (Little Ferry, N.J.) Clockworks Legacy Plug-Ins, includingthe H910, Omnipressor, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger and H949 forDigidesign's Pro Tools TDM systems, are now shipping.

The Omnipressor, modeled after the analog hardware processor thatwas introduced by Eventide in 1971 and was available until 1984, isanalog compressor that operates at 48/96/192kHz sample rates.

The Instant Phaser, modeled after the first analog phaser, was alsointroduced by the company in 1971 and sold through 1977. The Phaserretains the original's functions, including a sweeping filter bank withtwo outputs that are 180 degrees out-of-phase from each other. Theplug-in also supports 48/96/192kHz sample rates.

The H910, Eventide's first Harmonizer brand effects processor, wasintroduced in 1975 and sold through 1984. The plug-in retains samefunctions as its predecessor, except MIDI is implemented in place ofCV; sampling rates are at 48 and 96 kHz.

The Instant Flanger, an analog flanger, was first released in 1976and sold through 1984. The plug-in features mono in and two channelouts with one 180 degrees out-of-phase from the other. Modulationsources can be blended between input level and the LFO and supports48/96/192kHz sample rates.

The H949, its predecssor first introduced in 1977 and sold through1984, re-creates the unique pitch change and delay functions of theoriginal and operates at 48- and 96kHz sample rates.

For more, visit www.eventide.com.

CeBI CES Home Electronics Show Cancelled
CeBIT CES Home Electronics Show, a joint tradeshow co-sponsored byHannover Faires and the CEA, has been cancelled due to a decision thatthe show should be postponed because of the outbreak of SARS. Thetradeshow was originally planned for May 14-17, 2003, in Shanghai,China. Dates for the 2004 CeBIT CES Home Electronics Show have not beenset.

Updated information can be found at www.home-electronics.com.cn.

Conway Recording Installs SSL Console
When Conway Recording owner Buddy Brundo upgraded Studio B, he chose aSolid State Logic XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console to handlemixing projects.

"We have a J Series in Studio C and that room has been booked solidfor the past six years, so the logical extension for Studio B had to bethe next-generation console from SSL, and that is the XL," saidBrundo.

Studio B, part of Conway’s 48,000-square-foot campus, featuresa 25x20-foot control room with a large window overlooking scenicoutdoor gardens and a small isolation booth for overdubs orvoice-overs. As the XL is surround-ready, Conway is outfitting the roomfor 5.1 monitoring. "The 5.1 people usually bring in their ownspeakers," said Brundo. "But for the XL, we decided to install acomplete surround-capable monitor system that meets the sonicspecifications of the room.

"The center of the XL console has a video monitor in it that iscompatible with Pro Tools," he continued. "The engineer can now run thePro Tools from the console, so he doesn’t have to turn around toan outboard computer screen. The operator can be right there in thesound field throughout the mix, boosting the creative flow of asession. Engineers today are so busy running around like maniacs fromstudio to studio that they really don’t have the time to learn newautomation systems, much less an entire control surface; they just wantto come in, sit down at the console and work. Everyone is verycomfortable with the SSL automation already, especially if they haveworked on a J Series, so the transition to the XL is very smooth."

For more, visit SSL at www.solid-state-logic.com or Conway Recording at www.conwayrecording.com.

Edirol Releases Software Editor for PCR Keyboard Series
Edirol (Bellingham, Wash.) has released downloadable PCR Editorsoftware for use with the Edirol PCR-30 and PCR-50 USB MIDI KeyboardControllers, allowing for control over PCR keyboards from a PC orMac.

The PCR Editor is designed to assist in creating control maps forthe PCR and allow users to quickly and easily make assignments to anyof the 27 assignable controls, as well as the ability to copysystem-exclusive messages for the PCR into a sequence so the controlscan be mapped or changed during a sequence. In addition to easyimplementation of different MIDI messages, the PCR Editor allows theuser to specify minimum/maximum values for each control.

The PCR Editor is available as a free download from the EdirolWebsite at www.edirol.com, and supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,Mac 8.6-9.x and OS X.

Wizoo Publishes Cubase SX/SL Book
Wizoo now offers Cubase SX/SL - Mixing and Mastering, aneasy-to-read and practical book that will help readers improve theirarranging, mixing and mastering skills using the features inSteinberg’s Cubase SX/SL, the book provides advanced tips andtricks.

Cubase SX/SL - Mixing and Mastering also includes a CD-ROMfeaturing many audio examples and Cubase projects, and is available nowdirectly from Wizoo (www.wizoo.com) for $40.

Studer Receives Largest Order to Date
Studer announced that it has received its biggest ever order forlarge-frame digital consoles from Seoul Broadcasting Systems in Koreafor the company's new Broadcasting Center in Seoul. With six D950 M2and three Vista 7 consoles already delivered, SBS has ordered a anothersix Studer D950 M2 consoles and two more Vista 7 consoles.

The D950 M2 consoles will be installed as pairs in three new HDTVstudios. Studio 3, for sports programming, will have a 32-fader mainconsole with a 24-fader subconsole; Studio 4, designed for cultural andeducational program production, will have a 40-fader main console and a24-fader subunit; and the news studio, Studio 7, will be fitted withthe largest main console with 48 faders with the third 24-fadersubconsole.

The two 30-fader Vista 7 digital production consoles are destinedfor the two new HDTV post-production studios.

"This new order," said Studer AG president Bruno Hochstrasser, "wasplaced with Studer through our our exclusive Korean distributor, DYCDong Yang Trading Co., because SBS was very satisfied with the firstbatch of consoles, in terms of both reliablity and ease of operation.It will make SBS one of Studer's largest installations worldwide."

For more, visit Studer online at www.studer.ch.

Mackie No Longer Distributing Soundscape
According to Mackie Designs' Website, the company is no longerdistributing the Soundscape product line. Mackie notes that it willcontinue to provide support for Soundscape customers. No otherinformation was provided. Stay tuned to mixonline.com asmore information becomes available.

Visit www.mackie.com/mbp/index.html.

Billy Branch, Jack LeTourneau Win Best Blues CD of theYear
Blue Sun recording artist and 2001 Grammy nominee, Billy Branch, andParagon Studio's (Chicago) producer/engineer Jack LeTourneau recentlywon for the "Best Blues CD of the Year" ( Billy Branch and the Sonsof Blues) Award at the 22nd annual Chicago Music Awards banquetheld recently in Chicago.

Recent clients at Paragon include comedian Vito Lantz mastering newcomedy CD; Voiceless recording artists Apartment tracking their new CDwith Marti Marro engineering; American English laying tracks for theirnew release; Evil Caesars recording artists Zeus Fuse mixing a new CD;Satellite Music recording artists Get Christy Love and Yvette Leratracking for new CD releases with producer/engineer LeTourneau; and rapartists Do or Die recorded live at the Chicago Theater bySatellite/Remote.

For more, visit Paragon Studios at www.paragonrecordingstudio.com.

Aphex Used on Jimmy Kimmell Show
ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmell Live late-night comedy talk show hasbeen using the Apex Argos and Hera sound-level limiting system for itsnightly outdoor live music performances. The Argos sound-level limiterand Hera controller are used to ensure that sound-pressure levelsgenerated by the performance's sound reinforcement system do notdisturb the Hollywood-based broadcast's nearby neighbors.

The show, which airs shortly after midnight, regularly featuresmusical performances from an outdoor stage setup behind the broadcasttheater, a former Masonic temple adjacent to Disney's El CapitanTheatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Recent guests have included Godsmack,Saliva and former Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash. With the loudspeakersystem aimed in the direction of a residential area only a few hundredyards away, and musical acts often performing until well after 10 p.m.,the Apex Argos sound leveler and Hera controller ensure that neighborsare not disturbed by out-of-control SPLs.

According to Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher, who frequently serves as FOHengineer for the outdoor musical segments, the Apex system istransparent in operation. "Argos subtly adjusts my output level," saidFletcher. "I don't even notice when it's working. It is much moreacoustically friendly than a limiter, which means that not only are theneighbors happy, but so are the musical guests' engineers."

For more, visit Apex online at www.apex-audio.be.

Copyright Office Publishes Proposed Rates, Terms forWebcasting
The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress has published proposedregulations that set rates and terms for the use of sound recordings ineligible nonsubscription transmissions (e.g., Webcasting) for the 2003and 2004 statutory licensing period; for the use of sound recordings intransmissions made by new subscription services from 1998 throughDecember 31, 2004; and for the making of ephemeral recordings necessaryfor the facilitation of such transmissions.

The rates and terms do not pertain to the use of sound recordings indigital transmissions of simulcasts of AM and FM radio broadcastprogramming, including transmissions made by noncommercial entities andto small commercial Webcasters who elect to operate under the SmallWebcasters Settlement Act of 2002. These regulations will go intoeffect unless the Office receives written objection from a party with asubstantial interest who objects to the proposed rates and terms andwho files a "Notice of Intent to Participate in a Copyright ArbitrationRoyalty Panel."

Comments are due by June 2, 2003. See the Copyright Office Websiteat www.copyright.gov/fedreg/2003/68fr23241.html.

Lake Technology Moves U.S. Office
Lake Technology, makers of the acclaimed Lake Contour DSP-basedloudspeaker control/equalization system (www.contour.lake.com), has moved its U.S.headquarters to expanded new facilities at 340 Brannan St., SanFrancisco, CA 94107. The company's phone (415/861-1147) and Website (www.lake.com) remain thesame.

SMPTE Requests Feedback on Proposed Change
SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) isrequesting feedback regarding changes to the SMPTE 299M-1997 embeddedaudio standard, "24-Bit Digital Audio Format for 292M Bit-SerialInterface"; SMPTE 299M is currently undergoing revision within the N26Technology Committe and a change has been proposed that may affectcompatibility of existing devices.

The 299M standard was written to support a 1125 line-video standard,but since its original publication, according to SMPTE, the scope ofthe 299M serial interface has been extended to support other videoformats. The current 299M standard does not support at least one formatcurrently defined for the 292M interface, and the proposed change is asolution to solve the incompatibility with this video format and otherformats that may be defined for the 292M interface in the future.

According to SMPTE, in the current 299M standard, the audio clockphase field is limited to 12 bits, or 4,096 video-sample clock periods,meaning that the current standard is incompatible with video formatswith a total line length greater than 4,096 sample clock periods. Ithas been proposed to extend the audio clock phase field to 13 bits tosupport video formats that exceed this number of clock periods perline. Currently, there is only one video format defined for the 292Minterface that exceeds this limit–the 1280x720 24Hz progressiveformat defined in SMPTE 296M–which has 4,125 video-sample clockperiods per line.

To send your feedback on the proposed change, e-mail Carl Girod,director of engineering, at CGirod@smpte.org. Responses will beaccepted until the week of May 19, 2003.

Annex Digital Changes Name
Digital Audio Productions, headed by president Russell Bond, announcedthat it has assumed the assets of the Menlo Park, Calif. arm of MusicAnnex Inc.; also announced was the company's new name from Music Annexto The Annex.

The company's engineering staff–Robert Iriartborde, Tom Carr,Chris Cooper, Matt Campagna and Mark Bruhn–will stay onboard, withCarr filling the role as studio manager. Also remaining with thecompany are CTO Bob Grudulis and Aaron Peterson, as well as TonyWentzel continuing as operations manager. Forrest Lawrence will add newservices to the duplication departmetn, Chris Wolfe will handle backupand support for all activities, while both will act as house assistantengineers during larger sessions. New hire Kimberly Contreras will behandling customer service.

Other changes to the company include upgrading the studio by addingPro Tools|HD, high-end DAWs, enhancing Studio B in the coming months,as well as its lobby and common areas.

The company also unveiled its newest division, MindLab, which is acertified Digidesign Pro School, offering dedicated Pro Tools trainingat the end-user level. The Annex also offers Digidesign CertificationCurriculum from the entry level to Pro Tools Expert certification.

For more, visit www.theannex.us.

Universal Audio Hires Mike Barnes
Universal Audio (Santa Cruz, Calif.) has appointed Mike Barnes itsdirector of marketing.

Most recently, Barnes was marketing manager for software products atCreative Labs, as well as Internet marketing manager for that company.A native of London, Barnes moved to Santa Cruz in 1996 to develop asound design/library division at E-mu Systems and productize itsdigital filtering/mixer technology.

"Mike Barnes is a great fit for Universal Audio," said the company'spresident, Matt Ward. "He has extensive expertise with steeringtechnology from R&D to market, and has the drive to help takeUniversal Audio to the next level. On top of that, he approaches hiswork and products with a passion that is the core of this company."

For more, visit www.uaudio.com.

Bob Dylan Albums to be Released as 5.1
Sony Music Entertainment confirmed that a number of titles in itsupcoming series of classic albums by Columbia Records artist Bob Dylanon hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) will be issued in 5.1 multichannelsurround sound. These titles are the first Sony Music hybrid SACDreleases produced in the U.S. and will be available mid-summer.

Two titles originally announced for the first series ofreleases–Royal Albert Hall and Time Out ofMind–will now appear later in the series. Planet Wavesand Blonde on Blonde will take their places in the first groupof releases, with Blonde on Blonde debuting as a multichannel5.1 release, superceding the original stereo SACD version of therecording. Another five titles–Another Side of Bob Dylan,Bringing It All Back Home, Blood on the Tracks, SlowTrain Coming and Love and Theft–will also be releasedas 5.1 multichannel releases with accompanying stereo mixes.

The first 15 titles will also be the first Sony Music recordings tobe released on hybrid SACD and will be produced on a new this month atSony Disc Manufacturing’s flagship facility in Terre Haute, Ind."The release of these classic Bob Dylan albums on hybrid Super Audio CDwill extend the benefits of this exciting format to a much wideraudience," said Jeff Jones, senior VP at Legacy Recordings. "Each ofthese Dylan titles will be painstakingly remastered and reproduced tothe highest quality standards."

Symetrix Upgrades SymNet Software
Symetrix (Mountlake Terrace, Wash.) has upgraded its SymNet AudioMatrix system with the Version 3.5 release of SymNet Designerapplication software and the new Control I/O hardware. Improvementsinclude basic time alignment to compensate for DSP latency within theSymNet hardware, a volume ramp-up after downloading for loudspeakerprotection, increased interactivity between Adaptive Remote Control(ARC) units connected to a SymNet system, graphic EQ processing modulesin mono and stereo, and automatic verification of firmware version inthe SymNet hardware units when bringing the system online with aWindows PC; expected release date is June 30, 2003.

Version 3.5 will support a new hardware device, Control I/O.Intended to be connected to a SymNet ring via RS-485, this unit offersusers expanded external control options through the eight analogcontrol inputs, eight open collector outputs with +5-volt pull-upresistors, four control relays, RS-485 port, four Adaptive RemoteControl (ARC) ports and 15-pin "joystick" MIDI port. Control I/O givessystem designers the ability to generate external commands for a SymNetsystem through ARCs, generic programmable MIDI controllers,potentiometers, incremental encoders, rotary switches and more. ControlI/O can then interface directly with lamps, LEDs, lighting systems,audible and visual alarms, cart machines, routers, etc.

"Since the early days of SymNet, we've been looking for new andbetter ways to control the system," said Jim Latimer, director of salesfor Symetrix, "and once again, our customers have shown us thedirection. They've asked for more ARC control, more external analogrotaries and switches, and MIDI. So that's what we're giving them."

Other additions to the software include a Trace Wire function, anonscreen color distinction to show which software functions areassigned to external controls and an increase of Q values in parametricEQ modules to 50 for extremely narrow notch-filtering applications.

Additional features and functions can be found by downloading the3.5 application from www.symetrixaudio.com.

ShuttlePRO Now Supports dbsVelocity, Pro Tools
Contour Design Inc. (Windham, N.H.) has added Leitch's dpsVelocity andDigidesign's Pro Tools to the growing list of applications withpreprogrammed settings for its Contour ShuttlePRO multimediacontroller. The new application settings are available for freedownload on Contour Design's Website, www.contourdesign.com. Pro Tools settings forContour's new ShuttleXpress multimedia controller are also availablenow, with dpsVelocity settings to follow later this month.

Application features with the added dpsVelocity support include:frame-by-frame-accurate clip editing; VTR control; fingertip access tomost common commands such as Mark-In, Mark-Out, etc.; programmable toany keyboard command supported by dpsVelocity; and support fordpsVelocity 8.1 and the forthcoming dpsVelocity/Q 8.2. Digidesign ProTools' support features include: sevent speeds of shuttle forward andreverse with sound; jog dial-accurate down to beats, ticks or measures;cycle through edit tools and edit modes; transport controls such asRecord, Play,Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind; programmable to anykeyboard command supported by Pro Tools; and support for Pro ToolsVersions 5.x and 6.x for Windows-based systems and 6.x for Mac OSX-based systems.

Emerson Drive Hits the Road With First MH3
Emerson Drive, newcomers to the country music charts, took delivery ofthe first U.S.-bound Soundcraft MH3 console in February. Sold by GregMace at GJM Sound in Placerville, Calif., the band immediately took the32-mono/4-stereo-channel dual-purpose desk out on their ongoing tour insupport of the self-titled DreamWorks Nashville album released lastsummer.

Emerson Drive is currently using the MH3 as a dedicated monitorboard for festival and fair dates to theaters and clubs. EngineerCarita Sword, who has been out with the group for more than a year now,uses the desk's dozen auxiliaries to provide six stereo in-ear mixesfor the bandmembers, all of whom are using Shure PSM 600s outfittedwith Ultimate Ears UE-5 and UE-7 custom molds. Group outputs from theboard's kick and bass channels further drive a subwoofer positionedbehind the drummer, while another group output is employed to deliverreverb sends across all of the mixes.

"Even with the minor delays of going out with a brand-new desk forthe first time, the band was absolutely thrilled with the MH3 from thestart," said Sword. "The EQ sounds so incredibly nice; it's veryreminiscent of the Series FIVE, which is such a rare treat to find on aboard in this price range. Interestingly enough, in the short time thatwe've had our MH3, we've already come across three others out on theroad. They're popping up all over the place. I think a lot of companiesare pretty excited about its features and quality for the dollar. Iknow we were. The specs on this board were far beyond anything else inits price range."

The group has already garnered two Top Five country singles ("IShould Be Sleeping" and "Fall Into Me"), a Number One video on CMT anda Juno Award nomination. The band is currently putting the finishingtouches on its second album for DreamWorks Nashville.

For more, visit Soundcraft online at www.soundcraft.com.

Los Angeles Pro Tools User Group Announces FirstMeeting
Pro Tools Users is a new organization that brings together users ofDigidesign's Pro Tools hardware and software in the Los Angeles area tocreate a wealth of knowledge, expertise, networking opportunities andinformation exchange for the benefit of its members and the audiocommunity. Its first meeting will be held on Thursday, May 15, 2003, at7 p.m.

The group is free to join for qualified industry professionals. Joinonline at www.ProToolsUsers.org.

Regular meetings usually take the form of a talk or presentationfrom a member of the group or a figure from the audio community,followed by a question-and-answer session. The meeting then breaks offinto smaller training workshops and discussion groups. Admission tomeetings and events is free, but on a members-only basis.

Future Sonics Reinforces Brand Name
In 1992, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted FutureSonics (Pineville, Pa.) a federal registration for the Ear Monitorstrademark. Since then, the company continues to enforce thistrademark.

According to Daniel East, director of marketing for Future Sonics,"We, as a business, are simply monitoring any potential confusion inthe marketplace that might occur by similar references to our brand.Therefore, any use of the words 'ear' or 'ears' and 'monitor' or'monitors,' used concurrently, will be understood as a direct violationof our trademark rights. We are pleased to see that competitorcompanies like Shure, Sennheiser, Crest and others are eitheraccommodating our rights or working to do so. We try to respect thebranding of every company and only expect the same in return."

Future Sonics has retained the services of trademark-enforcement lawfirm Kenyon & Kenyon to advise on the continuous protection of itsvaluable trademark. According to the attorneys, violations couldinclude packaging, advertising and other uses where the "ears" and"monitors" terms may appear together.

For more, visit www.futuresonics.com.

New Berkleemusic Online Courses
Berkleemusic.com now offers four new online courses for the semesterstarting June 16, 2003: Pro Tools 101 (Berklee/Digidesigncertification); The Music of John Lennon: The Beatles Years;Songwriting Workshop; and MIDI Sequencing Basics.

As Digidesign's exclusive provider of online Pro Tools 101instruction, Berkleemusic brings Digidesign's three-day course, offeredat authorized Digi training centers, through the ease of workingonline. Using real-world examples and frequent hands-on assignments,the course teaches the skills needed to record, edit and mix on a basiclevel using a Digi Pro Tools system.

The Music of John Lennon: The Beatles Years examines Lennon's songsduring the period of 1964 to 1969, focusing on form, lyric, melody andharmony.

Songwriting Workshop teaches students how to brainstorm ideas,overcome writer's block and effective express oneself. This hands-onworkshop balances technical principles with creative expression.

With hands-on lessons and downloadable examples, students will learnhow to create natural-sounding MIDI arrangements in the MIDI SequencingBasics class using the school's version of Reason (which comes freewith the course). Students will also learn how to record parts, usedifferent sounds, effects and devices, including a mixer, soundmodules, drum machine and effects such as reverb and EQ.

For more, visit www.berkleemusic.com.

Drawmer Offers New Speaker Protector
The new Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector is now available in the U.S.for $849. The Speaker Protector eliminates the possibility of"unauthorized" excessive sound pressure levels on speaker systems,which could result in damage to the chassis drivers and electronics.The SP2120 also provides venues with the ability to comply with locallegislation regarding noise levels.

Intended for insertion in the sound system immediately before theamplifier stage, the SP2120's signal path combines a multipletime-constant circuitry and automatic gain control. The front panel ofthe 1U, 2-channel processor features an integral security lock toensure that only keyholders can adjust maximum volume levels. In"unlocked" mode, two front-panel presets are available to adjust by theinstaller: The first calibrates the 16-segment L/R bar graphs and thesecond sets the absolute volume level.

For more, visit Drawmer's U.S. distributor, Transamerica AudioGroup, at www.transaudiogroup.com.

Propellerhead Ships Reason 2.5
Propellerhead Software has released Reason 2.5. New featuresinclude:

The RV7000 advanced reverb is a stereo-effect module. The reverbengine consists of nine algorithms: small space, room, hall, arena,place, spring, echo, multitap and reverse, with up to seven individualparameters on each. The RV7000 also includes an EQ (parametric EQ, alow-shelving filter) and gate (can be applied to any reverb algorithmand can be triggered with CV or MIDI) section.

The BV512 Digital Vocoder is a 4- to 512-band vocoder capable ofmodulating sounds in analog or in digital FFT; it can also be used as afully automated graphic EQ.

The Scream 4 Sound destruction unit is a distortion unit with 10different damage types: overdrive, distortion, fuzz, tube, tape,feedback, modulate, warp, digital and scream. Scream 4 alsoincorporates a +/-18dB 3-band EQ and the unique Body section, which issimilar to a speaker simulator. There are five basic Body types toselect–each with its own vibe–as well as separate controlsfor Body Resonance and Body Scale. The Auto function is an amplituderespondent envelope follower that controls the scale parameter.

The UN-16 Unison is a reincarnation of the Unison button found onearly-'80s synths. Now in a half-rack unit, the Unison fattens upincoming audio by emulating the effect of four, eight of 16 detunedvoices playing the same sound.

Spider Audio merges and splits audio; multiple audio signals can bemerged and processed with the same insert effect or an instrument'soutput can be split into four and sent to four different effectprocessors.

The Spider CV is similar to Spider Audio except that the splittingand merging is performed on CV and gate signals. The Merge functioncomes with individual attenuators for each input, and the Splitfunction also inverts one of the CV outputs.

Reason 2.5 is available now; Reason 2.0 registered users can upgradefor free at Propellerheads' Website, www.propellerheads.se.

Live 2, PowerFX Sample CD Bundle Now Available
Ableton and PowerFX announced a special bundle package consisting ofAbleton's LIVE 2 audio software with three PowerFX sample CDs. Thelimited LIVE 2 bundle is currently available for only $449 through theAbleton Webshop (www.ableton.com).

The PowerFX sample CDs include:

The New World Order series offers instruments from places likeIndia, Africa, Cuba, the Carribean, Japan, Ireland, Texas and Brazil.Funk Master is a special collection from Jabo Starks who has played onnumerous James Brown classics. Extreme Rock Funk Rage includesskateboard grooves and riffs that are prominent in today's cutting-edgemusic.

Allen & Heath Launch iDR System Manager Version 3.1
Allen & Heath's Windows PC software that configures iDR hardwarecomponents into an integrated audio distribution system, the iDR SystemManager, has been upgraded to Version 3.1.

The upgrade supports the forthcoming PL-7 remote LCD and PL-8 unitsfrom the PL Series of remote-control devices that supplement the iDRDSP-based system, scheduled for release at the PLASA show in the UK inSeptember.

The new software has the additional features of "draggable" curvesfor EQ and dynamics processing sections, crossover slopes in the outputPEQ and a new cut-and-paste system where information appears on thetoolbar. Other new features include password protection for Ethernetand RS232 connections, centered windows, new front-panel diagnosticsoptions and a plug-and-play ability if PL units are disconnected andreconnected. There is also an IP Gateway support for inter-networkingconnections to the iDR, and range parameters have been added to thePL-Anet faders and rotaries.

For more, visit www.allen-heath.com.

PostWorks Acquires Tapehouse Companies
Post-production company PostWorks New York has acquired the TapehouseCompanies and all of its affiliates (including Tapehouse Editorial,Tapehouse Digital Film, Tapehouse Broadband, Black Logic and The Anx),as well as SMA Realtime. Additionally, PostWorks has purchased 50% ofaudio post house Caterini Studios.

"In an age of shifting formats and technology, our goal is toprovide a safe haven for producers to realize their projects," saidBilly Baldwin, PostWorks CEO. "We are taking the best parts of thesecompanies and bringing them forward into a new era of post-productionthat will surpass client's expectations and focus on service, not justservices."

The new company, based in Manhattan's SoHo district (with theexception of The Anx, which will remain in its current downtownManhattan location), will offer clients 25 Avid offline edit suites;two Discreet Inferno compositing suites; numerous Flame, Smoke and Maya3-D workstations; two Spirit Datacines with Pogle MegDefs for colorcorrection; a Quantel iQ and Sony-equipped HD linear bay; a Milleniummachine; a da Vinci 2K; and two Avid DS HD suites.

In addition, the company will also house six Pro Tools mixingsuites, a live recording room, a LaserGraphics film recorder, anArri-Laser film recorder, a Teranex standards converter and a high-defscreening room.

New employee titles include: longtime Tapehouse director of HD/dataservices Tim Spitzer will serve as the new company's VP of Operations;Todd Ruff, director of graphics; senior editor Peter Heady; Henryartist Jay Tillin; senior visual effects designer/supervisor BrianBenson; broadband manager Scott Ettin; CG artists Doug Johnson; KuanLin; and colorists John Crowley, Eric Alvarado, Alex Berman, ScottOlive and Sam Daley, to name just a few.

For more, visit www.pwny.com.

17 Manufacturers Support PAMA
Seventeen leading professional audio manufacturers have signed on tobecome Charter Members of the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance(PAMA); members include AKG Acoustics, Altec-Lansing, Audio Technica,Calpine, DiGiCo, Dolby Labs, Group One, Harman Pro Group, KlotzDigital, Meyer Sound, Neutrik, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Tascam, Telexand Yamaha.

PAMA will host its first business meeting on Thursday, June 6, 2003,in Orlando, Fla. The meeting will include an agenda that addresses anumber of business and organizational issues, and will includepresentations by industry trade associations, the alliance'sWashington, D.C.-based legal counsel and an outside consultant whospecializes in developing marketing intelligence for businesscommunities.

"I fully expect that we will come away from our first meeting with alist of short- and long-term objectives that can be immediately actedupon," PAMA's executive director Paul Gallo said. "We will also havenominated and approved our initial Board of Directors. From there, wecan go forward to serve the needs of a professional audio manufacturingcommunity that is navigating its way through a period of unprecedentedchallenge and change. We will work to identify and commercialize allopportunities for future industry growth and market expansion."

Companies interested in joining or learning more about PAMA and itsmission can contact Paul Gallo at 212/696-1799.

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