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Mix Regional News: Pacific Northwest 2016


Seattle-based Orbit Audio recently started a new Washington State-licensed school, Seattle Recording Arts, for audio engineering and sound design for videogames. The school officially opened last summer, but studio owner/producer/engineer Joe Reineke had been working on it for a few years prior. He says he started the school because he saw a need in the community for better quality education.

As a studio owner, Reineke saw many graduates from various programs come to him seeking internships and work, and he found the of them majority were undereducated and lacking real studio experience, industry understanding and even basic fundamentals. “I knew we could do better and set the bar much higher by offering a more mentorship-based approach, with small class sizes and instructors who’ve been working in their field for many years,” he says.

Seattle Recording Arts currently offers year-long certificate courses in Audio Engineering and Sound Design for Video Games. Each start with some of the same recording fundamentals, including a Pro Tools User certification (the school is an Avid Learning Partner), and then naturally branch off into their own specialties.

The school is enrolling its fourth group of students this fall.

In other Orbit Audio news, Reineke worked with the following artists: Guns of Nevada (Reineke produced and engineered), The Mountain Flowers Reineke was mix engineer), The Aion Frequency (Reineke produced and engineered), Marina Christopher (Reineke produced and engineered; Christopher also co-produced), and Jerry Val (Reineke produced and engineered).

The studio also has a new Studio B mix and overdub room (both acoustically treated, and designed by Guy Staley). The classroom now also serves as an overdub space and includes two Vintage Neve 1073s, UAD Apollo Twin, Argosy Halo desk, Warm Audio WA-2A, Distressor with Brit Mods, Genelec 1031As, Kemper Profiling Amp, two Apple 30-inch Cinema monitors, Sugar Percussion 26-inch four-piece kit, Wurlitzer 201 Electric Piano, and a 1979 Fender Stratocaster.

AES RLA Student Section members with special guest Sylvia Massy and RL Academy owners Robert Lang and Marlie Pesek.


On March 25, 2016, Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, Wash., held the very first AES Robert Lang Academy Student Section meeting with special guest, producer/engineer/writer Sylvia Massy.

“We began pursuing the initiation of the AES RLA Student Section in months prior, and by March we were accepted as an educational entity by the International AES committee to create our student section—one of two student sections in the greater Seattle area,” says Marlie Pesek, Robert Lang Academy Co-Owner/Program Director. “This is a huge testimony to the growth of the Academy and to the respect and recognition it has gained over the past two years. And to have Sylvia Massy share her new book, Recording Unhinged, and spend some time talking with our students and staff was truly inspirational for all.”

Also in March, RLA hosted the Grammy U Masterclass “How to Record a Great Demo,” which contained five workshops hosted by: Tom Dyer (Home Recording), Steve Turnidge (Mastering), John Sinclair (Artist Preparation), Kee Curley (My First Demo), and Jackie Wade (Networking 101).

Throughout the year, some of the RLA guest instructors have included Roger Fisher, founding member of Heart; David Miles Hubert; Sylvia Massy; Andrew Forsman (drummer for band Fall of Troy); and Johnny Goss. In July, Robert Lang Academy became an Avid Learning Partner, providing certification opportunities for RLA students.

Most recently, RLA received an incredible gift: an approximate 1,600-title library full of audio resources dating back to the 1950s, complete with every AES journal chronicling the development of audio technology since 1953. RLA students will have access to explore this one-of-a-kind library throughout the one-year training program, and studio owner Robert Lang and Pesek are grateful to have received such an amazing collection of audio history.

“RLA is thrilled to give this library the home it deserves in our historic building and to share the library with the audio community in our surrounding area,” Pesek says. “We’d like to give special thanks to Dennis Bohn of Rane Corporation and Steve Turnidge for making this possible.”