Mix Regional Sessions: Canada


The Lazys in the studio with Ian D’Sa, Eric Ratz and Kenny Luong.


OneRepublic was in Studio A (Neve room) and Studio B (SSL room) with producer Ryan Tedder and engineer Rich Rich…Jann Arden was in Studio A with producer Bob Rock and engineer Adam Greenholtz…Astronaut Chris Hadfield was in Studio A with producer/engineer Robbie Lackritz putting the final touches on Hadfield’s major-label debut, which includes vocals and guitar recorded off-planet…The Lazys were in Studio A with producer Ian D’Sa, engineer Eric Ratz, and digital editor Kenny Luong…City and Colour were in Studio B with producer Dallas Green and engineer Karl Bareham…Lights were in Studio B with producer Thomas Tawgs Salter and engineer Stephen Koszler.  

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Ghost Town Orchestra was with studio owner/producer Vic Branco and engineer Gabe Gallucci. Vocal chain included a Telefunken U47 with a Retro 176 and a classic SSL E-Series mic pre…Danny Lamb was with engineer Tal Vaisman, with Black & Whyte Music producing. On the song “Goodbye,” they used a distorted guitar amp in conjunction with a cranked SSL pre on a guitar D.I. and blended the two together…Producer/engineer Mike Oz worked on material using some of his favorite gear, including Chandler Zener and Curve Bender, UAD Shadow Hills Compressor, and a modded UBK Fatso…Andrea Gal was with engineer Vaisman, with Black & Whyte Music producing. 

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Lou Doillon (daughter of Jane Birkin) worked on new material, produced by Taylor Kirk of Timber Timbre and engineered by Howard Bilerman, Radwan Moumneh and Mark Lawson. Some of the equipment used on the project includes a Studer A820 2-inch 24-track machine, MCI JH15 2-inch 16-track machine, Pro Tools, and a Sytec Audio Systems Neotek Élite console…Other sessions of note include Ought (recorded by Moumneh), The Dears and Basia Bulat (recorded by Bilerman) and Big Brave (recorded by Efrim Menuck).

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Sophie Hunger was in Studio A with engineer Mark Lawson and assistant tech Alain Avon mixing new material. Hunger self-produced…Ubisoft was in Studio A recording new material with producer David Gossage, engineers Padraig B. Schnirer and Tim Gowdy, and assistant tech Avon…André Gagnon was in Studio A with producer Audiogram and engineer Michael Néron mixing new material… Nuances was in Studio B with engineer Schnirer recording new material. Nuances self-produced…Agoodah Pictures was in Studio A with engineer Eric Romer recording and mixing new material. Agoodah Pictures self-produced.

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Rush lead vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee was in the studio doing a promo shoot record for Fender…Nelly Furtado worked on material with John Congleton producing. Jerrod Bettis also wrote with Furtado for her upcoming CD…Ian Thornley was with mixing engineer Jason “Metal” Donkersgoed…Barenaked Ladies were with producer Gavin Brown…Tim Hicks was with engineer Spencer Sunshine…Jenny Mayhem was with engineer Sunshine…Elyse Saunders was with mixer Donkersgoed…Tyler Shaw was with producer Ryan Kowarsky (formerly of b4-4)…Alessia Cara was with engineer Donkersgoed…OMAM was with engineer Donkersgoed and mixer Daryn Barry…Dean Brody was with engineer Donkersgoed and mixer Barry…Engineer Demacio Castellan put the finishing touches on Madonna’s Rebel Heart.

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Producer Jace Lasek mixed the follow-up to the Juno Award-winning Esmerine album Dalmak. Lasek also completed the tracking and mixing for the new album by his band, The Besnard Lakes…David Smith and Tonio Morin-Vargas tracked and mixed of the new Bernard Adamus album recorded completely live off the floor with no overdubs in the studio’s 1,500-square-foot live room, recorded directly from the 1968 Germanium Neve console to the Studer A827 24-track 2-inch. It was then bounced to Pro Tools for mixing…James Benjamin has just completed mixing the latest Live From Breakglass Premiere session with Montreal band Stars.

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Razvan Albu was with engineer Bruce Valeriani mixing his latest album. Albu self-produced…The Life Of Pearls
Project track “A Flower In The Fray” (commissioned for the 70th Anniversary of Canada’s Tulip Legacy and showcased at the Canadian Tulip Festival) was produced by Timothy Trieste and recorded and mixed by Valeriani…Acoustic band Fresco finished working on the Live Off The Floor album, with Valeriani recording and mixing. Fresco self-produced.

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Barenaked Ladies worked on Silverball in Studios A and B with producer Gavin Brown and engineer Lenny DeRose…Shawn Mendes worked on Handwritten in Studios A and B with producers Ido Zmishlany, Martin Terefe, Louis Biancaniello, Sam Watters, Craven J, Scott Harris, and Geoffrey Warburton, as well as engineer George Seara…The Tenors worked on Under One Sky in Studios A and B with producers Bob Ezrin, David Foster, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Drew Pearson, Asher Lenz, Bernie Herms, Walter Afanasieff, Marco Marinangeli, Biancaniello, and Keith Thomas, as well as engineer Seara...Noble Street also recently purchased a brand new set of Quested Monitors for Studio B.

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Garth “GGGarth” Richardson, engineer/producer/The Farm Studios owner, worked on the following projects: producing the Von Hertzen Brothers, Head of the Heard, the Lazys, and Courage My Love. Richardson also mixed new material for Shadow Queen, and will be co-producing Hanggai with Bob Ezrin this month. Richardson is also in the process of moving the studio to Gibsons, BC…Mindil Beach was in the studio working on new material with engineer Paul Boechler…Engineer Ben Kaplan worked with the following artists: Head of the Heard, Matt Mays, Five Alarm Funk, Willa, Wanting Qu, the Wombats, Daniel Wesley, and the Von Hertzen Brothers.