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Mixer Goes Digital to Combat Spectrum Shrinkage

Production sound mixer Chris Polczinski recently began using Lectrosonics’ all-digital D2 (D-Squared) system.

Sound Mixer Chris Polczinski with Sound Mixer Max Osadchenko.
Sound Mixer Chris Polczinski with Sound Mixer Max Osadchenko.

Los Angeles, CA (July 16, 2020)—Production sound mixer Chris Polczinski, who has worked on flicks such as he Eli Roth-produced Haunt, Better Start Running, The Art of Self-Defense, The Strangers: Prey at Night and, most recently, The Big Ugly, starring Ron Perlman, recently began using Lectrosonics’ all-digital D2 (D-Squared) system DSQD four-channel receiver and DBu belt-pack transmitters, adding to his already comprehensive collection of RF equipment.

Polczinski’s audio cart includes a wide a range of Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless gear. Belt-pack transmitters include the SMWB wideband, ultra-compact SSM, industry-standard SMV and SMQV, and UHF-band LMb, supplemented by an HMa plug-on transmitter for use with boom mics. Receivers comprise a wideband-low version of the Venue modular system, SRb and SRc dual-channel slot-mount units as well as several UCR411a go-tos.

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Ever-tightening spectrum availability is what prompted Polczinski to try Lectrosonics’ D2 system. It transmits the encoded audio in a purely digital format via 8PSK modulation, while remaining compatible with Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters. “Since I moved back to L.A., frequencies have gotten squished together a lot more,” Polczinski notes. “I purchased the DSQD to combat that, since it operates from 470 to 608 MHz and can fit more functional wireless channels into a given bandwidth. It works flawlessly.”

The DSQD paired with DBu transmitters far exceeded Polczinski’s expectations for both range and sonic performance. “I recently performed a range test with the DBu going into the DSQD,” he says. “It was in my wife Tasha’s front pocket, set at 50 mW output power. When she got to 100 feet away, with our garage in the way, the RF meter on the DSQD was still at 100 percent. I’ve never had any other wireless setup I’ve used perform like this. She was halfway across the neighborhood before the RF meters fell into the yellow.”

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