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Mojave Has a Vision

Recording engineer Stefan Heger used several Mojave Audio microphones to record this year's Vision Festival in New York City.

New York, NY (July 14, 2011)–Recording engineer Stefan Heger used several Mojave Audio microphones to record this year’s Vision Festival in New York City.

Cologne, Germany-based Heger, recording and mastering engineer with Fisheye Music and Supow Studio, just completed his tenth year as chief recording engineer for the Vision Festival, a festival of experimental music (typically free jazz/avant-garde jazz), art, film and dance. Heger returned to Germany with approximately 300-400 GB of recorded audio, and is now mixing and mastering the captured performances for the various artists and labels preparing to issue live releases.

“This year, a subsidiary of the BBC called Jazz on 3 showed interest in playing several performances of this year’s festival,” Heger reports. “These performances included Paradoxical Frog, Pulverize the Sound and Planetary Unknown. Jazz on 3 had to decide on the files during the festival, so because of this, I had to make broadcast ready mixes during the show. With the [Dangerous Music] D-Box in the signal chain, I was able to get the most out of the converters while also keeping the individual tracks more open and dynamic. I used Mojave Audio microphones extensively on this project, including two MA-200 vacuum tube condenser mics, six MA-100 tube small diaphragm condenser mics, and one MA-101fet condenser mic almost exclusively on the snare or hi-hat.”

“The performances at the Vision Festival force me to approach music differently than I would typically do with pop music,” Heger continued. “I always want to capture the best sound possible, but this is more about capturing the energy of the performance and, for this, the Mojave Audio microphones really came through.”

“For the most part,” Heger said, “I prefer to use a vacuum tube mic like the MA-200. This microphone provides a refined, studio-type character. This mic does a great job with the acoustic bass. I also like it positioned out in front of the drums. And, for horns, it’s incredible. When positioned at a distance from the horns, it makes the overall sound of a sax or trumpet sound absolutely gigantic.”

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