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Moog Issues minimoog Voyager Anniversary Edition

Since 2002, Moog Music has been producing the minimoog Voyager

Since 2002, Moog Music has been producing the minimoog Voyager, anall-analog performance synthesizer incorporating many functions of theoriginal minimoog synthesizer with new features. Moog Music celebratesthe 50th year of Bob Moog’s contributions with the minimoog VoyagerAnniversary Edition, featuring a black cabinet front panel,electric-blue back-lit legends, and pitch and mod wheels.

The Anniversary Edition comes loaded with presets from Printz Board,James Lumb, Don Preston, Fred Wreck, Patrick Moraz, Charlie Clouser,Darrell Diaz, Keith Emerson, Herbie Hancock, Chad Hugo, GeoffreyKeezer, Frank Lucas, Jamie Muhoberac, Bernie Worrell, Roger Manning Jr.and Bob Moog.

The Anniversary Edition will sell for $3,295 and is expected to shipthis month.

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