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Who: Dr. David WRay, dean at Musictech
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Who: Dr. David Wray, dean at Musictech
Main Responsibilities: to oversee Musictech College's MusicBusiness, Recording/Production, Performance and Motion Imagingprograms, including more than 70 faculty and 400 students
Previous lives:

  • 1998-2003, division coordinator, Music Industry Division, at theUniversity of Memphis
  • 1997-1998, municipal court judge
  • prior to 1997, managing partner at David M. Wray & Associates(Portland) entertainment law firm

Was there a special event that occurred to make you take the leapfrom a drummer in the ‘60s to an industry lawyer?

From the beginning of my career, I was always more interested in thebusiness side of the music industry. Eventually, I discovered that Ilooked forward to the meetings more than the performances.
The one profession that I would like to try other than my own wouldbe…owning and running a bed-and-breakfast in the South ofFrance.
The one piece of advice that I try to impart on audio recordingstudents is…learn as much about the music as you do about therecording of it. I always encourage students to get to know the othersides of the business.
The last great book I read was…The BeatlesAnthology.
The moment I knew I was in the right profession waswhen…I got an unknown Portland band a recording contract. Itwas a real high to see something I had spent so much time on, and aband with so much talent, reach the public in such a big way.
Currently in my CD changer: The Porch Ghouls, a band Irepresent from Memphis
When I'm not at work, you can find me… spending time withmy wife, Jennifer. Going out in the Twin Cities and my old haunts inPortland and Memphis to see new bands. I also enjoy spending time athome listening to demos that are shopped to me. Outside of music, welove to travel as much as we can.