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The Move to Music City

JamSync Mastering Nashville Facility releases I Came to Nashville documentary about artists musicians engineers producers moving to Nashville for their music career

Geoff Thurman tells us his story.

Photo: Kay Michaels

JamSync’s documentary short I Came to Nashville features interviews with musicians who traveled to Nashville to jump-start their careers, including Manchester, England-born songwriter Geoff Thurman and music group Stone Crossing. According to director/editor K.K. Proffitt, “We wanted to show artists in Nashville who come here seeking their fortune in the music business. Many people realize that there’s much more to Nashville than country music, but the mainstream media often ignores this.” The documentary was recorded to Tascam HD-P2 and Zoom H4 recorders. “At one point,” Proffitt recalls, “the batteries on one of our Lectrosonics [UCR411A digital hybrid systems] failed so we had to use room audio from the AKG [C 24]. I wasn’t happy about it because you can hear a lot of room ambience, but you can’t do ‘another take’ in a documentary.”