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MPSE Honors Don Hall With Career Achievement Award

The Motion Picture Sound Editors have chosen to present their Career Achievement Award to sound editor Don Hall

The Motion Picture Sound Editors have chosen to present their CareerAchievement Award to sound editor Don Hall for his outstandingcontributions to the art of sound. The award will be presented at the51st annual “Golden Reel” Awards, February 28, 2004, at the CenturyPlaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Don represents the consummate professional,” said MPSE presidentDavid Bondelvitch. “In addition to being a brilliant sound editor, hebrings a warmth to his work that is unmatched. He has also been amentor to innumerable students of sound.” Previous recipients of theaward include Chuck Campbell, Kay Rose, Alan Splet, Murray Spivack,Frank Warner, Norval Crutcher, James MacDonald, Sam Horta, DouglasGrindstaff, Fred Brown and Jack Foley.

Hall is a founding member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors. Hehas been a sound editor on more than 90 feature films spanning fivedecades, including A Walk in the Clouds, M*A*S*H andYoung Frankenstein. He has received three MPSE Golden ReelAwards, a BAFTA Award for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,two Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.

Hall has served on the Board of Governors of The Academy of MotionPicture Arts & Sciences, Sound Branch. He served as the chair forthe Sound Editing Award Rules committee, the vice chair for the StudentAcademy Awards and is a member of the Scientific Technical Committee.He is also is a lecturer at the USC School of Cinema.

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