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Murray Allen


Murray Allen was a musician first. A child prodigy. Played all the reeds in a bunch of Big Bands. He could arrange. Did as many as 25 sessions a week, back when sessions had four or five saxes!

But among Murray’s many gifts was his ability to see over the horizon. He saw the guitar blowing the Big Bands away, and set about to marry his two passions: music and physics. Before you knew it, he was mixing. And building rooms. And designing gear. And along with a few pioneers, pretty much inventing the independent recording studio business. He introduced digital audio and EdNet and surround to Chicago and beyond; and helped build SPARS.

From my first day on the Grammy telecast set, he shared and collaborated, and was a genuine mentor and friend to me. And to many, many others in our world.

I spoke to Murray a number of times during his last month. And let me tell you, he was pissed. He had work to do!
Hank Neuberger, owner, Springboard Productions

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Murray Allen, April 2006