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Soy Emilia Finds Her Groove with New Studio Monitors

Colombian artist and producer Juanita Carvajal (AKA Soy Emilia) recently completed her second album, Argidulce (“Bittersweet” in English).

artist and producer Juanita Carvajal (AKA Soy Emilia)
artist and producer Juanita Carvajal (AKA Soy Emilia)

Colombia (May 4, 2022)―Colombian artist and producer Juanita Carvajal (AKA Soy Emilia) recently completed her second album, Argidulce (“Bittersweet” in English), using KRK ROKIT 5 White Noise studio monitors.

“I fell in love with the sound of ROKITs back in 2010, when the first artist I worked for, Esteman, was using them,” Carvajal explains. “When creating Argidulce, I wanted a lot of rhythmic instruments, and the groove you get with good bass and drums. My ROKIT 5s really involve those low frequencies in the sound and make you feel it. They put it all together for me nicely. The groove works with the bass, and the drums work with the kick, and it all sounds really accurate. Even when I’m mixing through headphones, they sound amazing.”

Entirely self-taught in every industry role, Carvajal had to learn the ropes the hard way, at times playing the role of booker, tour manager and product manager without even realizing it. “I do a lot of things myself for my album ― recording instruments, making edits, working on the mix. I taught myself everything, but the music business is tough,” she says. “As women, we must demonstrate that we are producers, that we have the knowledge, that we can work in post. We must show that we are good enough and that we earned our place in the studio.”

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Carvajal has taken her passion and turned it into a teaching opportunity: “I love to teach music to women. I remember how hard it was for me to learn certain aspects of my craft, to figure out the secrets that no one tells you. I share tricks that will make playing bass easier and faster, the stuff I had to figure out on my own. I also have a few friends that I teach to record themselves using Ableton Live, and I do independent sessions with a few students. When I teach women, it’s like we’re equals, and that part is really important to me.”

When she’s not teaching or working on her album, Carvajal is creating and collaborating on other new projects. “Really, ever since I got the ROKITs, I haven’t stopped making music,” she says.