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Musikmesse: Steinberg HALion 3, WaveLab 5, Alliance With Yamaha

Steinberg Media Technologies announced the latest version of its HALion VST sampler, HALion 3, which adds new technologies such as RAMSave™. HALion 3

Steinberg Media Technologies announced the latest version of itsHALion VST sampler, HALion 3, which adds new technologies such asRAMSave™. HALion 3 will be available Q2, 2004.

RAMSave is a new memory-saving technology developed by Steinbergspecifically for HALion to facilitate use of larger sample programssuch as extensive orchestral patches or big drum kits. Its new effectssection comprises 27 effects including reverb and delay, and morespecialized tools such as AutoWahWah. Each effect can be applied persample, program or bank; send effects can be created and routeddirectly into the host VST mixer. Audio outputs can also be freelyconfigured.

HALion 3 also offers a new set of sound-management tools including anew file browser, database and indexing functions, as well as a soundcategorization system designed to deliver a clear overview of audio andmake finding instruments and samples more immediate and intuitive.HALion 3 adds support for Kurzweil, ZeroX BeatCreator and Kontaktfiles.

Steinberg has also updated its WaveLab audio editing and masteringapplication, which encompasses a full set of DVD-Audio mastering andauthoring tools. Among the new capabilities is support for up to eightaudio channels throughout the entire signal chain for recording,editing, processing and mastering. The DVD-Audio–burningcapabilities also include video data; WaveLab 5 also offers DVD-Audioextraction, conversion and archiving. More DVD-Audio-specific featuresinclude an extensive DVD-A authoring toolset, including playlistediting, on-screen video menu design, picture slide shows and DVDtext.

A new “Smart” Video Thumbnail Track for editing audiofor video is included, as is support for track-based insert effects,multichannel metering and support for Steinberg Surround Editionplug-ins.

WaveLab 5 will begin shipping on April 19, 2004, and will cost$699.99.

In other Steinberg news, the company has formed a strategic alliancewith Yamaha to develop tightly integrated solutions for all levels ofthe music and media production market. The goal of the StudioConnections project is to enable the strengths of both hardware andsoftware to be seamlessly combined to produce powerful, flexible andhighly efficient audio production systems.

New technologies and protocols are also being defined to meet theobjectives of total integration. Initial hardware and software productreleases from Yamaha and Steinberg are planned for the second half ofthis year. After completion of the first phase of solution development,interface protocols and guidelines related to these technologies willbe made freely available to other hardware and softwaremanufacturers.

The first phase of the Studio Connections initiative utilizes acompletely new version of Yamaha’s Studio Manager technology,which is being integrated within Steinberg’s DAW applications,Cubase SX and Nuendo. Studio Manager Version 2 functions as the hostfor a wide range of editing software for hardware products such asdigital mixing consoles, synthesizers, effects processors, etc.

Yamaha and Steinberg are collaborating in the development of furtherstandards to provide even tighter integration and increasedfunctionality in the near future.

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