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NAB 2004: Euphonix Debuts New Generation System 5-B

System 5-B, Euphonix's flagship broadcast digital mixing system, has been upgraded with a new generation mixer software package and hardware updates to the control surface.

System 5-B, Euphonix’s flagship broadcast digital mixing system, hasbeen upgraded with a new generation mixer software package and hardwareupdates to the control surface. The 2004 model, which debuts at thisyear’s NAB Convention, supports up to 96 channels using a single DSPmixer core and includes 24 mix buses, 24 group/clean feeds, and 16IFB/aux sends. The new System 5-B also includes a dedicated mix-minusbus with single button press N-1 mix-minus outputs and talkback fromeach channel.

A second model, named the System 5-BP, supports up to 310 channelsand includes mix automation for those broadcasters and live venues thatrequire both on-air and audio-post capabilities in one system.

Both System 5 models include the same redundancy features.

In other Euphonix news, the Max Air Broadcast Tour vehicle makes astop at the Euphonix booth at the NAB convention in Las Vegas,following visits to various west coast TV stations.

This specially commissioned truck is outfitted with a 96-channel MaxAir digital audio mixing system and is set-up to simulate a local TVstation digital audio control room. During the show, attendees will beable to get a hands-on demonstration of Max Air and take a look at thevehicle and other digital audio and video equipment integrated with MaxAir and presented by the tour’s sponsors.

Post-NAB, the Max Air Broadcast Tour heads East, reaching Chicago inmid June and New York at the end of July.

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