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Nady Wireless

NADY TCM 1050August 2003—Nady's TCM 1050 tube condenser mic ($369.95) features a gold-sputtered, ultrathin, 1-inch mylar dual-diaphragm and a 12AT7 tube

April 2008—The RSM-8A active ribbon mic from Nady ( has a low-tension, 50mm-long, 2-micron-thick aluminum-ribbon (velocity) design. Gain is said to be 40 dB higher than most non-active ribbon mics. Features include 165dB SPL capability, -10dB pad and low-cut filter switches for attenuation and elimination of stage rumble. The figure-8-patterned mic features an integral stand mount.

August 2006—Said to marry the richness of a tube output with the unique transient and frequency characteristics of a ribbon mic, the TRM-6 ($499.99) tube/ribbon transducer from Nady features a low-tension, 45mm-long, 2-micron — thick aluminum ribbon and a 12AX7A preamp tube. The mic boasts an ultrahigh dynamic range and >135dB SPL capability. It includes a spider shock-mount, foam windscreen power supply, 33-foot XLR cable and lockable aluminum flight case.

January 2006—Nady’s RSM-2 ribbon mic now has four new cousins: the RSM-1/3/4/5. All models have internally shock-mounted, low-tension aluminum ribbon engines, but ribbons of different lengths and thickness give each mic its own personality. All share the characteristic ribbon figure-8 pattern, high-SPL handling and fast transient response. The RSM-4 ($399.95) is intended for miking instruments and guitar cabinets; the RSM-3 ($359.95) for ambient sound and choral miking; and—when compact mics are required—the RSM-1 ($199.95) for all-around applications and the RSM-5 ($379.95) for instrument miking.

July 2005—Part of the Starpower™ Series, the SP-9 ($39.95) from Nady is a dynamic mic with a one-piece molded cartridge built to endure shock and abuse while reducing handling noise. The SP-9’s cardioid pattern rejects off-axis sound for immunity to feedback, and a linear response provides detailed reproduction across the spectrum. The SP-9S provides an on/off switch on the mic body. Frequency response is 80 to 12k Hz with a max. SPL of >130 dB (1% THD); impedance is 600 ohms.

July 2005—Nady’s SPC-10 ($89.95) incorporates a studio-quality condenser element with a tight cardioid pattern for feedback rejection. The 1-inch capsule is coupled to transformerless FET circuitry for low distortion across the spectrum. A multi-axis internal shock-mount isolates the capsule from handling noise, and a low-cut switch (12 dB/octave @ 80 Hz) controls proximity effect. The SPC-10 operates on 48V phantom power. Frequency response is 30 to 20k Hz with a max. SPL of 140 dB; impedance is 200 ohms.

NADY CM-95 & TCM-1150
March 2005—Nady’s TCM-1150 features a gold-sputtered, 1-inch dual-diaphragm and a tube preamp. The TCM-1150 provides nine polar patterns (omni, cardioid, figure-8 and six intermediate stages) selected from the power supply and an easily replaceable 6072 vacuum tube.The CM 95 is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone with low-cut and 10dB pad switches. It features a transformerless design for minimal self-noise and increased dynamic range, along with a turned-brass housing and internal shock-mount for increased reliability.

September 2004—Known for 25 years for its wireless mic technology, Nady Systems recently branched into ribbon microphones with the introduction of the RSM-2. Retailing at $439, the RSM-2 is based around a low-tension, 2-inch-long, 2-micron-thick ribbon design, with a figure-8 pattern and a stated 165dB SPL capability. Construction is turned-brass, featuring internal shock-mount construction; the grille assembly is available with a choice of gold or platinum finish. The mic ships in a soft padded carrying case and includes an integrated yoke stand-mount and XLR cable; a pop filter is optional.

August 2003—Nady’s TCM 1050 tube condenser mic ($369.95) features
a gold-sputtered, ultrathin, 1-inch mylar dual-diaphragm and a 12AT7
tube preamp. A dedicated power supply with balanced XLR out is
standard, as are nine different polar patterns remotely selectable on
the power supply. Also included are an aluminum flight case, elastic
spider shockmount, foam wind-screen, and 30-foot, 7-pin XLR cable.

August 2002—Known for its wireless systems, Nady Systems also
offers wired condensers, including the SPC-15, a multipurpose
vocal/instrument mic with a 50 to 18k Hz frequency response and a
mid-high presence boost. This supercardioid, back electret condenser
handles up to 136dB SPLs and retails at $119.95.