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New Design Group, Products At Denon Electronics

Denon Electronics (Pine Brook, N.J.) chose this year's NAB conference to announce a newly created group, which also had two new products to debut. The

Denon Electronics (Pine Brook, N.J.) chose this year’s NAB conference to announce a newly created group, which also had two new products to debut.

The company announced the introduction of the digital design group, a new division within the company. The launch of the new group is an offshoot of the company’s commitment to provide consultants and contractors with digital-based, solid media products that do not feature moving parts with high reliability and maintenance-free operation. The latest products from this group are the DN-V200X Solid Video Player and the DN-F300X Solid Audio Recorder.

The DN-V200X Solid Video Player is a one-rackspace unit that provides repeated DVD-quality digital pictures and images, with or without sound. The player has a media capacity of up to 2 GByte, serial remote RS-232C, parallel remote on/off, external synch/SMPTE, digital audio out, video out and LAN.

The DN-F300X Solid Audio Recorder also has a compact one-rackmount unit design for audio recording and playback in fixed installation applications. Recording up to 999 sound files the recorder has sync start, digital in/out, external control terminals, headphone jack and microphone inputs.

“The intention of the digital design group is to provide digital product solutions for contractors based on the 1RU rack format,” said Wayne Dolnick, director of sales and marketing for the company’s professional products. “This allows contractors to offer customers practical solutions, with the highest audio and video quality in a format where space is at a premium.”

Dolnick was recently promoted to this position after serving as the national sales manger within the professional division of the company.

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