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New DVD Production, Post House Opens

Cloud Nineteen (West Los Angeles) is a new full-service DVD production and post-production studio that specializes in four primary service areas:

Cloud Nineteen (West Los Angeles) is a new full-service DVDproduction and post-production studio that specializes in four primaryservice areas: DVD design and authoring, motion graphics andcompositing, sound design and music composition, and editing andfinishing. In addition, the company will also offer DVD packagingdesign and duplication services. President/founder Scott Boutté(pictured, left) will also be the company’s DVD executive producer.

Cloud Nineteen’s initial clients include DEJ Productions Inc., FirstLook Media Inc. and Velocity Home Entertainment. The new company isalso currently in discussions with several home entertainment divisionsof major studios and with leading home entertainment distributors toprovide future DVD production and post-production services.

In addition to Boutté, Cloud Nineteen’s other principals areMichael Tucker (pictured, right), sound producer, and Andrea Morin,executive producer. “We have established Cloud Nineteen as afull-service, one-stop-shop DVD production studio that is capable ofproviding state-of-the-art service for any DVD-related need,” saidBoutté. “My partners Michael and Andrea are brilliant productionand post-production executives, and I am confident that, together, ournew company will quickly become a ‘player’ in the DVD arena.”

Cloud Nineteen’s suites are state-of-the-art and are equipped withPhillips 42-inch HD Plasma Cinema Displays for client viewing. The DVDSuite offers two Sonic DVD Creator workstations, Sony Digital andAnalog VTRs, and has digital routing and signal patching capabilities.The 5.1 surround sound Audio Suite offers Digidesign’s Pro Tools, alongwith many other music production tools. The Audio Suite also has a4x8-foot recording booth with a Phillips HD flat panel to accommodateADR, original voice-over recordings, commentary tracks andsingle-instrument recording sessions. The Editorial Suite is equippedwith two Final Cut Pro 4 workstations using AJA’s new I /O box thatallows for 10-bit uncompressed SD video capture, along with SonyDigiBeta and Beta SP decks for finishing.

The company is located at 3767 Overland Ave., Ste. 104, Los Angeles,CA 90034; 310/839-5400. For more information, visit