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New England College Installs Oram-Designed Console

When the audio-production students returned to class at The New England Institute of Art & Communications (Brookline, Mass.) last month, they found in

When the audio-production students returned to class at The NewEngland Institute of Art & Communications (Brookline, Mass.) lastmonth, they found in the studio a new custom-designed and ready-to-goanalog 48-channel console, designed and installed by John Oram.

“It’s only the second of its kind in the United States,” said Oram.”Half the modules are tried-and-true Tridents; the other half are newOram modules, with automated, motorized faders and completerecall.”

The Trident half of the board is the Series 80 5.1, based on the1975 design. The Oram modules, making up the right-hand side of theconsole, are based on “21st-century requirements, but both the Tridentand Orams produce the highest-quality analog sound,” Oram commented.”Sound is a feeling, and analog is just better.”

From an educational standpoint, “this is the perfect choice,” addsstaff audio systems engineer Andrew Lypps. “The console is infinitelyflexible in all of the routes and it is logical. A student can look atit and find everything clearly labeled, and it’s really easy to use.Our instructors can teach many methods with this piece. Also, becauseit can be put in so many different configurations, it can interfacewith equipment anywhere in our entire facility, from our live musicstudio to our television production studios to our Internet radiostation.”

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