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New Release From Apogee: The Rosetta 200

At NAB, Apogee Electronics introduced the Rosetta 200, the latest addition to a new generation of Apogee converters. The Rosetta 200 is a 2-channel version

At NAB, Apogee Electronics introduced the Rosetta 200, the latestaddition to a new generation of Apogee converters. The Rosetta 200 is a2-channel version of its cousin the Rosetta 800, but offers the new andunique “CODA audio finishing module,” a trio of toolsdesigned specifically to meet the demands of the hi-definition digital.Along with CODA, the Rosetta 200 features MIDI support and full channelmetering; the newest addition to the Apogee converter family will beavailable in June and sell for $1,995.

Rosetta 200’s CODA is a trio of tools that includes,Apogee’s Aptomizer, a Level Normalizer, Sample Rate Conversion(SRC) and UV22HR, Apogee’s legendary dithering technology. WithCODA and premium Apogee conversion, the Rosetta 200 provides anend-to-end solution for capturing and maintaining the integrity ofhigh-resolution audio. “The Rosetta 200 is a really excitingoffering for us because it responds to two main requests from ourcustomers. One request was to make the latest and greatest Apogeetechnology available in a 2-channel AD/DA solution and the other was toprovide specific processing for high-resolution digital which theRosetta 200 has in CODA,” says Betty Bennett, co-founder and CEOof Apogee.

The Rosetta 200 has other appealing features like an expansion cardslot for Apogee’s new X-Series cards which facilitate directconnection to Pro Tools|HD and Mix (X-HD and X-Digi-Mix cards) as wellas a direct FireWire connection that supports S800/S400 standards(X-FireWire card).

The Rosetta 200 will include channels of premium 24-bit AD/DAconversion; sample rates up to 192 kHz with Apogee’s“Intelliclock”; channels of AES, S/PDIF (co-ax and optical), andADAT/SMUX I/O MIDI I/O; optional FireWire expansion card forcompatibility with OS X, and Windows XP (X-FireWire card) Optionalexpansion card for direct connection to Pro Tools|HD and Mix systems(X-HD card, X-Digi-Mix card); “Soft Limit” for maximumdigital level without overs; “CODA: The “Aptomizer”Level Normalizer, Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) and Apogee’s“UV22HR” for superior dither to 16-bit; and full-channelmetering.

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