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New Studio


The moody interior of JDM’s new Beluga Truck

Producer/engineer/songwriter Jimmy Daniel’s JDM Mobile company ( announced the launch of its new digital broadcast/recording facility, the Beluga Truck. The 40-foot remote studio is fitted with two complete systems, each of which includes a Yamaha DM2000V2 with Add-On effects, Pro Tools HD3 and Tascam X-48. The Beluga also features outboard from UREI, API and Empirical Labs; and ADAM S3A 5.1 surround monitoring.

Since the truck went online, it’s been used for an impressive roster of high-profile performances for AOL, ABC-TV, VH1, XM Satellite Radio and more; artists have included The Killers, Nickelback, Widespread Panic and The Prodigy.