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New Yamaha PM1D Input Cards, Version 2 Software

Yamaha introduced two input cards specifically designed for the PM1D Digital Mixing System. Both cards will be available in the first quarter of 2004

Yamaha introduced two input cards specifically designed for the PM1DDigital Mixing System. Both cards will be available in the firstquarter of 2004 and will use the head amplifier circuitry found in therecently introduced Yamaha PM5000. Also introduced, Yamaha offersVersion 2 software and five available add-on effects packages for theDM2000 and 02R96 digital mixing consoles.

The LMY2-MLAB (pictured) is a 2-channel mic/line with A/B inputcard, featuring 28-bit A/D conversion. The 4-channel LMY4-MLF is amic/line input card with 24-bit conversion.

“In addition to the improved sound quality, one of thebenefits of the LMY4-MLF card is that it also allows the input racks tobe smaller,” said Marc Lopez, product manager at YamahaCommercial Audio. “In the original system, the AI8 input framecould only hold 16 A/B units. With the addition of a 4-channel card,each AI8 can now hold 32 inputs. As a result, a 96-input system willnow contain three, rather than six, frames.”

In other Yamaha news, available in January 2004 and compatible withMac OS X and Windows 2000/XP platforms, Version 2 is a significantupgrade for the DM2000 and 02R96’s preconfigured internalsoftware and Studio Manager Software with the addition of almost 50 newfeatures, the capability to run the new add-on effects, expanded DAWcontrol and features specifically designed for the broadcast and soundreinforcement markets.

Designed to provide editing, librarian and remote-control functionsfor the DM2000 and 02R96, Studio Manager V. 2 retains the user’sability to control and manage all console parameters from a computervia a graphic interface; functions are replicated onscreen in logicaland easy-to-understand pages. In addition, V. 2 provides a platform oftotal system recall for multiple compatible-format consoles and effectsproducts.

Five effects packages, designed to be used separately or incombination, will be available in the first and second quarters of2004. Packages have been produced with Virtual Circuitry Modeling(VCM), which reproduces the physical modeling of analog circuitry fromthe component level, including capacitors and resistors.

The Reverb package brings the advanced REV-X algorithm from the newSPX2000 with a new generation of Yamaha reverb programs that providerich, reverberant tone and extremely smooth, transparent decay.Programs include REV-X HALL, REV-X ROOM and REV-X PLATE.

Channel Strip includes two new mono/stereo compressors and a 6-bandparametric equalizer, each modeled after a combination of populardevices. Master Strip features OpenDeck (pictured), a tape deckemulator that allows the user to select the Record and Reproductiondecks, plus tape speed and type, independently.

Ideal for audio post-production and ADR applications, the SurroundPost package includes Room ER, a surround room simulator for earlyreflections; Auto Doppler (Doppler effect); and Field Rotation, whichwill rotate the perspective of entire 5.1 fields.

For instrumental effects applications, the Vintage Stomp packagefeatures the sounds of phasing stomp boxes, including Max100, VintagePhaser and Dual Phaser.

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