The 30-year-old First union Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia recently underwent a four-week sound system renovation. Signal Perfection Limited (Columbia,

The 30-year-old First union Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia recently underwent a four-week sound system renovation. Signal Perfection Limited (Columbia, MD) installed 72 R2-52s, ten R6-Basshorns, eight R2-94s, two R2-77s, and 56 CPL23s, all from Community Professional Loudspeakers. The clusters are driven by 22 Crown K2 amps, and the 56 CPLs are driven by two Crown Com Tech 400 amps. Two BSS Sound Web units provide EQ, delay, compression and crossover functions to the clusters. under-balcony delays are processed though a Bi-amp Digital Signal Processor. A Rane digital delay processes the existing speakers in the VIP boxes...Disney's Lion King opened in London's West End at The Lyceum Theatre in October 1999. Sound design by 1998 Drama Desk Award-winner Tony Meola includes a 89-input Cadac J-Type Live Production console equipped with motorized faders and Sound Automation Manager for Windows(r) (SAM). Sound equipment was supplied by London's Autograph Sound Recording. In other Cadac news, sound hire company Jason Sound of Vancouver, BC, has a Cadac J-Type out on tour with Bryan Adams...Florida State university has chosen the Telex Communications Inc. RadioCom BTR-600 2-Channel Encrypted Digital Wireless Intercom system for communications among the Seminoles football team's coaching staff...Liverpool-based P.A. company Adlib Audio has purchased a new 48-channel Soundcraft FIVE Monitor desk for the latest uK tour by long-term clients Texas. The tour also features a Soundcraft Series FIVE front-of-house desk, operated by Adlib principal Andy Dockerty, a Martin Audio P.A. and BSS processing equipment...Seismic Systems Inc. of Redondo Beach, CA, has acquired the remaining inventory of the AuRA 1808 NRT (Neo-Radial Technology) high-excursion 196-cubic-inch displacement drivers. Seismic has the exclusive right to improve, market and manufacture the drivers as the Seismic 8196...The recently opened Southwest Flame Convention Center in New Mexico has installed a JBL SR-X Series sound system. Designed by HB Electronics of El Paso, TX, the system includes four JBL SR4719X subwoofers and eight SR4733X speakers in the Center's club lounge. JBL Control 28 speakers are used for side- and rear-fill, and in the Center's bar areas. Eight JBL TR105 speakers serve as monitors for live performances...Billed as the world's biggest and most technically ambitious show ever, Net-Aid featured live performances in three venues spanning two continents. The biggest of the three shows was staged at London's Wembley Stadium and featured Robbie Williams, George Michael, David Bowie and Bryan Adams, among others. London's Canegreen supplied the audio systems, including a self-powered Meyer system for the main P.A., two Midas XL4s at FOH and two Heritage 3000s for monitors...Rocky Mountain Sound of Vancouver is providing sound reinforcement for the Western leg of the Diana Krall tour of the u.S. and Canada, using the new EAW KF700 Series speaker enclosure with QSC PLX amplifiers. According to Rocky Mountain Sound's Eric Laliberte, the system consists of a top row of two KF755 downward firing cabinets used upside-down to cover the balcony seats, with a middle row of two KF750 cabinets sitting on top of two more KF755 cabinets to cover the floor. Two EAW SB850 subwoofers per side provide low bass, and four EAW JF260 speaker enclosures are used for frontfill. System control electronics include a Midas XL3 mixing console, BSS FDS-388 Omnidrive crossover and a Lexicon 480L reverb...Eighth Day Sound, based in Cleveland, is providing the sound system for Barry Manilow's current tour, which features Vegas-style lighting and set design, Manilow's traveling six-piece ensemble and a 30-piece local orchestra. Monitor engineer Bill Fertig is using an ATI Paragon II monitor console in part because the only alternative would have been to use two boards. Another key feature of the Paragon is being able to listen to a point in the mix, post-fade or pre-fade, anywhere on the desk, notes Fertig...A November 23, 1999, show featuring Metallica and the New York Symphony Orchestra at Madison Square Garden was reinforced by a NEXO Alpha P.A. system, the result of an international collaboration between Thunder Audio of Detroit and SSE Hire of Birmingham, England. The rockers-meet-symphony format concert, which will be staged in Europe with the Berlin Philharmonic, marked the launch of Metallica's new album and featured music composed and conducted by Michael Kamen. SSE and Thunder Audio are now the largest NEXO proprietors in the uK and uSA, respectively, and SSE has provided Metallica with NEXO P.A. systems on several world tours. NEXO recently announced its largest single order, the sale of 192 cabinets of Alpha System to Hibino P.A., Japan...The first annual Sacramento Jazz Festival was held late last year on the grassy lawns of the Cal Expo Center in Sacramento, CA. The two-day festival, featuring such jazz luminaries as Lee Ritenour, Spyro Gyra and Joe Sample, attracted 8,000 fans. Nelson Sound of Burbank, CA, supplied the sound reinforcement system, which included EAW KF850s positioned on the stage supplemented by additional KF850 delay towers. QSC and Crest amplifiers powered the entire system...Level Control Systems' SuperNova matrix mixing system, with Wild Tracks hard disk playback, is at the core of all sound control and audio playback for "Poseidon's Fury," one of two new attractions at universal Studios' "Islands of Adventure." The audio/visual and show control systems were designed by Thomas Gregor Associates of El Segundo, CA. "Poseidon's Fury" combines live and projected characters, hydraulic and pyrotechnic effects, water and mist projection screens, and 3-D sound effects and music in a walk-through environment with four separate spaces. Wild Tracks provides 32 tracks of playback, ranging from continuously looping soundscapes, to explosive sound effects, to music and dialog tracks... ProMix's branch office in Orlando, FL, recently purchased an Otari Light-winder LW-50 Colosseum Series fiber-optic system and has used the LW-50 on a variety of corporate and industrial productions...Britannia Row Productions has supplemented its existing stock of Turbosound Flashlight speaker systems with another 48 stacks. There are 2,000 Flashlight boxes in service worldwide. Turbosound is distributed by Audio Independence in Middleton, WI...The Outer Limit, Nashville's multiroom dance club, is entirely equipped with Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems. Twenty-two E-V Sx80 compact fill speakers are distributed in and around the club, and the four separate rooms are specifically equipped for the types of music they feature. "Coconuts" has two T55 top boxes and two Sb180 subs; "Hysteria" has four MTL-1 dual 18-inch subs, four MTH-1 top boxes and four Sx500s; "Lava Lair" has six MTL-1s and six Sx500s; "Neptune" has four MTL-1s and four Sx500s. All rooms are outfitted with E-V's R Series wireless systems...Harry Donovan and Jay Glerum are presenting a series of three- and four-day seminars on the principles and practices of arena and stage rigging. Dates include March 3-5 in Anaheim, CA; April 2-4 in Atlanta; and May 21-24 in Denver. Call 812/278-3123 or visit www.riggingseminars. com for further details.

Robert Kosloskie started out with Electric Air Productions in Lubbock, Texas, and first worked with Reba McEntire at a rodeo show. When McEntire moved on to Dallas-based Showco, Kosloskie went with the account and has now been on McEntire's payroll more than a dozen years.

Paul Owen, originally from Birmingham, England, started his own company when he was 18 and mixed front-of-house for Keith Relf's Renaissance and Roy Wood's Electric Light Orchestra. After tours and one-offs with Slade, James Brown and Wet, Wet, Wet, among others, Owen started doing monitors for Metallica about 14 years ago. Owen's other credits include AC/DC, Queensryche and Aerosmith, and he recently took over management of Thunder Audio's office in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rene Spooner, a Canadian, has been touring throughout North America and the world for more than 20 years and has toured with the Tragically Hip and k.d. lang. Spooner is an independent, though he is primarily affiliated with Rocky Mountain Sound, Vancouver, B.C., and most recently mixed monitors for Colin James.

Vish Wadi got his start as a sound engineer in Jamaica, when he was asked to fix one of Bob Marley's amplifiers and first went on tour with Third World. Acknowledged by his peers as one of the most skilled and personable monitor engineers in the business, Wadi has since worked with George Michael, Mariah Carey, Debbie Gibson, R.E.M. and u2. At present, Wadi is on tour with Sting (see December's "All Access").