Stadium installations: A new sound system was completed at Giants Stadium (Meadowlands, NJ). The P.A. includes 568 EAW speakers powered by 159 Crest Audio

Stadium installations: A new sound system was completed at GiantsStadium (Meadowlands, NJ). The P.A. includes 568 EAW speakers poweredby 159 Crest Audio amps with NexSys control, and a Peavey Mediamatrixsystem. The Kohl Center in Madison, WI, has a new Turbosound P.A.,including four main four-way clusters, the largest of which consist offive TSW-721 21-inch bass enclosures, five Flashlight 780 boxes andfive TFL-760HM high/mid downfill enclosures. The Kohl Center is home tothe University of Wisconsin's Badgers basketball team. AKG reports thatthe sound system at Ravens Stadium (Baltimore, MD) makes use of thecompany's SolidTube mic...Ramsa SX-1 mixing consoles were used on tourlast summer by Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth and Beck. Gear for all threetours was provided by Rat Sound of Sun Valley, CA. Gold Line reportsthat Pearl Jam's front-of-house engineer, Brett Eliason, is also usinga Gold Line DSPCIW Digital Real Time Analyzer and an MX4 4-channelmultiplexer...The Fitzgerald Theater (St. Paul, MN), which is home toGarrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion" radio program, installeda new Soundcraft Series Five console for front-of-house and monitormixing...Mike Konopka's Thundertone Audio (Chicago, IL) provided audioservices for Ray Davies' long Storyteller tour, as well as for Chicagoappearances by Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas and Tracy Nelson; theTragically Hip; and the Staple Singers... NYC-based sound company SoundAssociates has acquired Theater Technology Inc. Theater Technology'spresident, Louis Shapiro, will join the staff of SoundAssociates...Memphis, TN's Orpheum Theatre took delivery of a newKlipsch Professional loudspeaker system. Also in Memphis, the Majesticmovieplex installed Klipsch loudspeakers in eight of its 11theaters...Last year's Summer Sound Music Festival in Charlotte, NC,featured performances by Stevie Nicks, Clint Black and Boz Skaggs.Sound company Spectrum Sound (Nashville) provided sound reinforcementgear for the main stage, including an EAW KF900 PPST loudspeaker systemdistributed by QSC's RAVE (routing audio via ethernet) system. QSC'sPowerlight amps powered the EVI X-Array system used for the SecondAnnual New York Jazz Festival that took place in Battery Park.Performers included George Clinton, The Coltranes and KevinEubanks...BSS reports that Electrotec Productions outfitted all of itssummer tours with BSS equipment, such as the FDS-388 and FDS-355Omnidrive crossovers, MSR-604II mic splitter and the FCS-926 VaricurveEQ...Portobello's Nightclub in Dublin, Ireland, completed installationof a new JBL Marquis Series sound system including six MS112 cabinetsand four MS125 enclosures as subwoofers...London's West One Four clubhas a new sound system, centered around a 24-channel Spirit LX7console...The 800-seat Teatro Sao Pedro in Sao Paulo, Brazil, tookdelivery of a new Stage Accompany P.A., including eight Performer P27mid-high cabinets, eight Bass B15 bass cabinets, 4 Entertainer E24cabinets, two PR3 amplifier racks, four SA1600 amps, four SA2310graphic EQs, four Leader L24 floor monitors and two Champ C29full-range cabinets. The system was designed by Jose Nepomuceno of SaoPaulo's Acustica & Sonica.