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NFL Fox Mixer Relies on Sennheiser Mics

Michael Del Tufo, senior audio mixer for the NFL on FOX's studio shows, is using Sennheiser microphones, transmitters and receivers for FOX's NFL coverage

Michael Del Tufo, senior audio mixer for the NFL on FOX’s studioshows, is using Sennheiser microphones, transmitters and receivers forFOX’s NFL coverage since the 1994 football season.

The majority of the in-studio banter between hosts James Brown, NFLalumni Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson is captured withSennheiser MKE 2 sub-miniature lavalier mics; their small frame allowDel Tufo to easily hide them on FOX’s on-air talent. “We hide the micson our guys, which is the unique thing about our show,” Del Tufo said.”So we need a mic that can be put under clothing and sound like it’sout in the open. The MKE 2 does the job and sounds totallynatural.”

Del Tufo also relies on the Sennheiser Evolution E 835 to handleon-field interviews; he said that capturing high-fidelity sound is nocakewalk with the screaming fans and hustle and bustle of thesidelines. “It is the best interview mic ever made,” he said. “I usethem for all the interviews in loud stadiums. I use them for TerryBradshaw’s interviews on the field or in the locker room.”

It was during FOX’s coverage of the 2000 NFC Championship game thatDel Tufo appreciated the sonic clarity afforded by the E 835: TerryBradshaw, interviewing the victorious coach of the New York Giants, JimFasell, talked away with the mic pointed directly at Fasell instead ofhimself. Still, the E 835 picked up crystal clear audio from Bradshaw.According to Del Tufo, “It was amazing; you wouldn’t even know thatBradshaw wasn’t on the mic.”

Regarding RF interference, Del Tufo can place his Sennheiser SK 50and SK 250 body pack transmitters, and EM 1046 and EM 3032 receivers upto 100 yards apart. “We use the RF for on-field interviews, and I haveto firmly believe it will work since I don’t have a chance to hear itbefore air time,” commented Del Tufo. “And 99 percent of the time, theydo!”

A three-time Emmy Award winner, Del Tufo has mixed audio for FOXSports’ NFL coverage for the past four years, including all of FOX’spre-game, halftime and post-game NFL shows, as well as on-locationshows for the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

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