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Nordic Rentals Brings in Lake Contour

Scandinavian sound, lighting and staging company Nordic Rentals A/S has implemented a dozen Lake Contour™ Pro26D units

Scandinavian sound, lighting and staging company Nordic Rentals A/Shas implemented a dozen Lake Contour™ Pro26D units to providecontrol of its Electro-Voice and Adamson compact line array speakersystems. The Lake Contour Pro26D is a new version of the company’sdigital loudspeaker processor that incorporates a stereo AES/EBUdigital input and output as standard.

Pictured: Jens Elsborg (left) and Morten Lykke (chief engineer) atNordic Rentals A/S with their installed Lake Contour units.

Jens Elsborg, head of the sound department at Nordic Rentals, said,”We did an A/B comparison between Lake Contour and the controllers thatwe were using previously that left us in no doubt that Lake Contourprovides crystal-clear sound with immense depth.”

Elsborg and his colleagues at Nordic Rentals were impressed with theapplication of Lake Contour’s linear phase brickwall (LPBW) crossovers,which offer transition slopes exceeding 180 dB per octave. “The impulseresponse, and especially the off-axis response, of the E-V line arraysshows a significant improvement using Lake Contour,” he said.”Brickwall crossovers demonstrate huge advantages, offering a nice,clean roll-off on the transition between frequency bands, which isespecially effective on the midrange drivers.

“All line arrays needs extensive HF boost,” Elsborg continued. “WithLake’s Mesa Filter and the newly implemented Lowpass Filter,over-equalization is not an issue. If you want the power compensationto roll off at 20 kHz, for example, you can do that and be veryprecise. And no overstressed HF drivers means less heat and lessdistortion.”

Elsborg concluded, “Plus, the limiters are just amazing: There’sreally no reason to avoid using them. All in all, Lake Contour is atrue power tool that will bring new life to any speaker system.”

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