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Northwestern College Refits with Lake Contour

The 101-year-old Northwestern College has purchased eight Lake Contour™ digital speaker processors for its Maranatha Hall performance venue.

The 101-year-old Northwestern College has purchased eight LakeContour™ digital speaker processors for its Maranatha Hallperformance venue.

Maranatha Hall is a 1,390-seat facility with full proscenium stagelocated in the Totino Fine Arts Center, home of the school’s art andmusic departments. Maranatha Hall audio systems engineer John Rehorstsaid that the eight Lake Contour units will be used for house systemprocessing in the performance hall. “It’s part of a larger project ofrefitting the whole front of house area, and then starting to build insome of the infrastructure that was never built when the hall was firstconstructed,” he explained. “There are six EAW KF650s that make up themain left and right arrays. There are four EAW JF50s across the frontof the stage, which are the frontfills. Then there are six SB600s forsubs. The hall is a fan shape, so along the rear seating areas, thereare four JF260s that make a rear delay ring that will probably use thefirst four Lake Contour processors.” Crest 7001, MA2402 and CA Seriespower amplifiers are used throughout.

“Because we’re doing so many transitions and so many people areadding or subtracting to the system at whim, the flexibility of theContour units was one of the big selling points,” Rehorst said. “It’sjust so easy to reconfigure using the Lake Contour.”

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