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ARE YOU WANTED? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has set up an online Subpoena Database where you can enter in a username or IP address and find out


The Electronic Frontier Foundation has set up an online“Subpoena Database” where you can enter in a username or IPaddress and find out if you have been subpoenaed by the RIAA forillegal file sharing. The information, according to the EFF, is drawnfrom the Washington, D.C., District Court's publicly available PACERdatabase and is updated when that database is updated.

35 MILLION ON THE NET — Two-Thirds Don't Care AboutCopyright

In a recent survey released by the nonprofit group Pew Internet& American Life Project, data gathered from March 2003 to May 2003,67% of those surveyed said that they do not care whether the music theyare downloading is copyrighted or not. A little over a quarter of thesedownloaders said that they do care, and 6% said that they don't have aposition or know enough about the issue. These numbers are up 6% fromlast published data in August 2000.

While downloading seems to be the most prevalent activity for thosesurveyed, file sharing was not: Only 21% of current Internet users saidthat they share files from their computers. Young adults continue todominate downloading: More than half of all Internet users, accordingto the findings, between the ages of 18 and 29 have downloaded music,and almost 10% of those in that age group are online downloading musicon any given day. Americans between the ages 30 and 49 are alsodownloading regularly, with more than a quarter of Internet users inthat age group reporting that they have downloaded music to theircomputers.

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At,Phish aficionados can download the band's concerts within two days ofthe concert — getting three-plus hours of music from the soundboard — for $9.95 (MP3) or $12.95 (higher-fidelity FLAC files,Mac OS X-only).

In addition to the live shows, downloaders can obtain a free copy ofthe group's soundcheck and a late-night jam session that took placeatop an air traffic control tower.

But Phish isn't the only band raking in the online bucks: Pearl Jamoffers exclusive MP3 versions of its concerts at, as well as The Who, StringCheese Incident and Ween (

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