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Take It to the Net UK garage hip hop artists The Streets will release a of previously unreleased tracks and remixes that are available exclusively to

Take It to the Net

UK garage hip hop artists The Streets will release a“mini-album” of previously unreleased tracks and remixesthat are available exclusively to online consumers via paiddownloads.

DAW Buyer's Guide Updated

Offering more than 280 different hardware/software products fordigital audio workstations, Sypha's updated online guide ( is now available. The guideincludes turnkey systems, desktop DAWs, audio hardware and softwarepackages, DAW controllers, disk-based multitracks and portable tapelessrecorders. Search criteria now includes manufacturer and product name,application, system type, host platform, audio quality, record andplayback channels, AES31 and AAF support, and cost.

Canada Joins Download Frenzy

A Toronto company called Moontaxi Media Inc. has launched a Windowsversion similar to Apple's iTunes, dubbed Puretracks. At its start, thesite will host 250,000 songs — including those from the Big Five,as well as Canadian indie labels. Puretracks will sell Windows MediaAudio files. Moontaxi partner Derek Van der Plaat said that the companyplans to launch a French version for the Quebec market and a U.S.version by the end of the year.