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SOUNDEXCHANGE INKS DEAL WITH IODA IODA (, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, has signed a deal with SoundExchange (,

IODA (, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, has signed a deal with SoundExchange (, the nonprofit performance rights organization that collects and distributes royalties for sound recordings played on Webcasts, satellite radio and television, and digital cable television. IODA is the first digital music distributor to offer the integration of this service, giving its roster of more than 1,000 independent rights holders the option to manage and collect all of their digital revenue in one place. Royalty collection and distribution via IODA are expected to begin in early 2006.

Under the terms of this arrangement, IODA will provide all necessary data to SoundExchange for the labels that opt to collect the copyright holder portion of the digital performance royalty through IODA. In addition to collecting future royalties, IODA will also administer distribution of past royalties on behalf of the labels that opt into the service. IODA-distributed labels will be able to track royalties collected from SoundExchange alongside the rest of their digital royalty earnings via the Rightsholder Dashboard, IODA's Web-based business-management tool.

In addition to promoting its artists through online and offline marketing, traditional and lifestyle marketing, touring and radio promotion (college, specialty commercial, satellite and online radio), Warner Music Group's new label, Cordless Recordings (, will offer music through a variety of online music services, as well as through the leading wireless carriers. Cordless content will also be distributed on legal peer-to-peer networks. Rather than releasing music in the traditional album or single configuration, every few months, the label will release “clusters” — three or more songs — by an artist.

Cordless Recordings is the brainchild of music executive Jac Holzman, the founder and former CEO and creative head of WMG's Elektra and Nonesuch Records. Jason Fiber, the founder of Superfecta Recordings and The Ideal Copy, has been named president of Cordless Recordings.

According to Fiber, “As a lifelong music fan and a self-proclaimed computer geek, I've always been drawn to the intersection of music and technology. With the Cordless label, the Warner Music Group is experimenting with a new approach to introducing tomorrow's great artists while offering a home for established musicians who want to make the most of today's online world.”

Artists releasing the first clusters on Cordless include Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers, Breakup Breakdown, Dangerous Muse, Nozzle, Koishii & Hush and Humanwine.