Notes From the Net


Snaptune ( has released Snaptune One, a new software product that “downloads” complete songs, talk shows, interviews and live sessions directly from FM radio to a PC. From a list of local radio stations, users pick their faves and Snaptune One displays a list of the songs playing on the radio as it finds them. Users can sort, play, write, burn or transfer these songs to an iPod or other media player; the software can also podcast directly across a home network to a user's laptop.

Snaptune One also works with online music stores to provide a direct link to purchase albums related to any song it finds. Snaptune plans to add links for individual song downloads, ringtones and concert tickets in the future.

Two versions of Snaptune One are available in beta form: a free version that can write or transfer up to 20 songs and a premium version for $39.95 that can export an unlimited number of songs in either WMA or MP3 format.