Notes From the Net


Geared toward the indie music community, Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering (SIM, brings the art of mastering to all artists by accomplished engineers for a fraction of the normal cost (starting at $99 per track for four songs per project).

“Having personally trained many of the younger engineers on our staff [including mastering engineer Mark Santangelo, right],” said Sony Music Studios' senior mastering engineer, Vlado Meller, “I know that they can bring tremendous value to the projects submitted through SIM. It gives the team a chance to work with fresh talent and provides a wide range of fascinating new challenges and opportunities to our engineers. At the same time, it gives unsigned musicians access to the talented engineers here.” Other engineers on staff include Dave Kutch, Mark Wilder, Vic Anesini, James Cruz and Steve Kadison.

“The songs I put through the SIM system came back sounding like a major-label release,” said Andreao “Fanatic” Heard, a Grammy-winning record producer/recording artist. “The studio brought my mixes to life in a way that's impossible to achieve through home systems or through ordinary Internet mastering services.”