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Now Available: ConcreteFX Software’s “Digital”

ConcreteFX Software announces the release of Digital, its PC VSTi phase-shaping synthesis, which uses phase distortion, waveshaping and frequency modulation

ConcreteFX Software announces the release of Digital, its PC VSTiphase-shaping synthesis, which uses phase distortion, waveshaping andfrequency modulation to re-create the sound of classic ’80ssynthesizers.

Digital is available for $65 from Paypal and Shareit Digital, andcomes with 160 presets and manual in pdf format.

Digital features include four operators, which can be arranged in 15different ways. These arrangements include all four-op FM arrangementsand ring modulation algorithms. Each operator comprises a phasedistorter, wave-shaper and a multimode filter. Depending on the chosenalgorithm, operators can also be frequency-modulated by input fromother operators, and also has self-feedback.

Other features include phase distortion, in which each operator canchange waveshapes to re-create the sound of Casio CZ synths; 19 wavesincluding all FM- and CZ-type waves. (Multimode waves are alsoavailable, which use two waves appended together.); each operator has a12/24 low- and high-passband reject and ring mod or comb filters; eightenvelopes, step sequences, LFOs and four key splits. (Envelope can haveup to 32 stages, each stage having variable slopes. Each envelope has auser-definable loop and release points for complex patterns.); amodulation matrix allows the user to modulate all of the controls usingenvelopes, LFOs, step sequences, keysplits, MIDI controls, velocity,note played and in/out volume; and effects such as cross delay/reverb,chorus/flanger/phaser, 3-band equalizer and distortion effects.

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