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Now Available: Cycling ’74’s Second Audio Source Library

Cycling '74, a software company based in San Francisco, announced the release of Unnatural Rhythm, the second volume in the Cycles Series of audio source libraries.

Cycling ’74, a software company based in San Francisco, announcedthe release of Unnatural Rhythm, the second volume in the Cycles Seriesof audio source libraries.

Produced and edited by Ron MacLeod, Unnatural Rhythm consists oforganic, extended-form grooves that provide an alternative to the drumloop genre. The sounds in this volume range from rhythmic undulationsof Cyclic Waves to heavily processed Found Sound, industrial gamelan ofBack Alley Tribal to the mechanical pounding of Contraptions. There isalso a huge collection of syncopated Vintage Electronics culled fromthe Columbia University Computer Music Center collection of 70’s-eraBuchla & Serge modular synth systems.

These seamless end-to-end loops are prepared for direct import intoany DAW program, playback in loop sequencers (such as Live, Acid,GarageBand and Cycling ’74’s Radial software) or manipulation by anysampler, vintage to virtual. These 24-bit .WAV files are provided in48kHz for ease-of-use in Film, DV and multimedia productions, as wellas 44.1kHz versions for direct compatibility with music compositiontools. This release also includes 24-bit REX formatted versions of allapplicable loops for use within REASON or any 24-bit REX-compatibleaudio sequencer. Unnatural Rhythm is packaged as a dual-disc releasecreated with the audio post-professional in mind, a high-capacityDVD-ROM, along with a standard audio CD for an easy auditioningalternative.

Cycling ’74 has tapped sound library pioneer Ron MacLeod, creator ofthe award-winning Poke in the Ear libraries, to produce and curate theCycles Series. With this new series, MacLeod expands upon his previouswork by producing a continuing series of inspirational soniccollections, while using Cycling ’74’s innovative processingtools-Max/MSP, Pluggo and Radial.

Cycles complements Cycling ’74’s software and music releases withlibraries of sound effects, ambient sound, rhythmic loops andincidental music for use by musicians, sound designers and mediaproducers.

Unnatural Rhythm is now available directly from Cycling ’74 for $99.For more information, go to Cycling ’74’s Website at