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Now Available: Wizoo’s Hypersonic Extensions

Wizoo, the developer of Steinberg’s Hypersonic virtual music workstation, unveiled the first three extensions for Hypersonic. Each of these Hyper modules

Wizoo, the developer of Steinberg’s Hypersonic virtual musicworkstation, unveiled the first three extensions for Hypersonic. Eachof these Hyper modules endows Hypersonic with yet another fullyfeatured software instrument; Hyper Modules integrate intoHypersonic’s sound-generating, ensuring users enjoy functionalbreadth and depth at an affordable price.

Priced at $99 each, US-1 Ultra Synth, GP-2 Grand Pianos and NB-3Tonewheel Organ are now available directly at

In addition, Wizoo is offering two packages for a limited timeonly-: all three Hyper Modules for $249 and the Hypersonic XXL Bundlefeaturing Hypersonic and all three Hyper Modules for $555.

Designed to cover a specific range of sounds, each Hyper Moduleoffers a rich selection of patches. In addition, all Hyper Modules maybe combined with legacy Hypersonic elements to further augment theinstrument’s scope of sound-sculpting options.

This first collection of Hyper Modules comprises numerousinstruments, including the US-1 Ultra Synth, a fully programmableanalog/digital synthesizer featuring three oscillators with analogwaveforms, wavetable synthesis, Sync and Unison modes, a multimodefilter offering audio modulation via oscillator and overdrive, threeenvelopes, three LFOs, a modulation matrix, an epert editor forin-depth sound parameter tweaking and 256 patches created by pro sounddesigners.

Also included are the GP-2 Grand Pianos, which are designed to sparesystem capacity and power. Two virtual grand pianos offer authenticityand detail in the tradition of the VST instrument, The Grand. Offeringadjustable timbre and velocity curve, each piano comes in threesizes.

The NB-3 Tonewheel Organ is a hyper-module that brings the legendaryorgans and rotary cabinets of the ’50s back to life with a sonicspectrum ranging from monstrous, house-approved low end to’70s-style lead sounds. Nine drawbars, various tone wheelemulations (from “new” to “old and ratty”), adjustable key click and avirtual rotary cabinet offering tube overdrive and variable speed areonboard. The NB-3’s 64 preset patches are by Peter Gorges.

Visit www.wizoo.comto learn more and hear audio examples.