Now Shipping: Grace Design m906 5.1 Monitoring System

Grace Design is now shipping production versions of its new m906 5.1 reference monitoring system.
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Grace Design is now shipping production versions of its new m906 5.1reference monitoring system. The m906 is a stand-alone, high-fidelity5.1 monitoring system that is comprised of three system components; a2U, 19-inch rackmount I/O and processing mainframe, a remote-controlunit and an external half-rack linear power supply.

Multiple analog and digital inputs are provided for both 5.1 andstereo sources. Digital formats include AES3, ADAT, S/PDIF and optical,and incorporates Grace’s latest-generation, ultralow-distortion24-bit/192kHz D/A converter technology. Two 5.1 control room outputsand up to three stereo pair outputs are provided with individualchannel solo/mute capability.

Comprehensive system calibration tools allow users to fine-tuneinput levels, individual interchannel balance and control room outputlevels. Other features include a built-in reference headphone amplifierwith two headphone outputs and a talkback mic input with an associatedTB switch for communicating with talent in the studio. Control room andheadphone output levels are precisely controlled via a pair of steppedrotary encoders, each with a 100dB level range adjustable in 0.5dBsteps. Two large 7-segment blue LEDs show output levels.

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