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Rapco International introduced its new cable reel, the A/V Snake, at NSCA 2004.

Rapco International introduced its new cable reel, the A/V Snake, atNSCA 2004. The portable reel has one flexible cable that contains fourbalanced audio lines and six 75-ohm video lines and can be adapted formany different uses.

“We found an overwhelming demand in our market for the A/VSnake,” said Pam Walters, product specialist at RapcoInternational. “With four audio lines and six video lines, theapplications are virtually endless and can be left to the innovation ofthe user. The portable reel is advantageous because it allows the userto determine the amount of the cable that is needed. They can choose touse all 100 feet or much less, and additional custom-built lengths areavailable up to 150 feet.”

The A/V Snake has an all-welded steel frame with four 3-inch lockingcasters on the bottom. The four balanced audio lines are 24-gaugecable. and are useful when running microphones, instruments or anyother balanced audio line to a mixing board. The six video lines arevideo component-type cable and can be used for projectors, monitors orany other video display.

The snake not only keeps all the wires together in one flexiblecable, it also takes advantage of the natural coil action, whicheliminates the possibility of any kinks, snags or tangles.

The A/V snake will be available through installers, integrators andlocal music stores. For more information, visit For morenew sound reinforcement products, visit