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NTI Launches Acoustilyzer AL1

NTI AG announces the launch of the hand-held acoustics analyzer, AL1, and its extension for speech intelligibility analysis, STI-PA.

NTI AG announces the launch of the hand-held acoustics analyzer, theAL1, and its extension for speech intelligibility analysis, the STI-PA.AL1 is based on the famous Minilyzer ML1 hardware and reportedlycomplements its functionality in the acoustics domain. AL1 is availableas an independent instrument as well as a new firmware for present ML1users.

In addition to instantaneous and integrated sound pressure levelmeasurements, the repeatable short-time LEQ and sound exposure leveltest capabilities complete the event monitoring requirements. The AL1visualizes the actual audio spectrum (RTA) or the chart view of theSPL/LEQ history without interrupting ongoing sound level measurements.The RTA also permits relative sound spectrum measurements againstpreviously stored references. Stored spectra may be averaged orcombined by using the available mathematical functions. The“Max-Min” display helps find dominant room modes andcharacterization of listening areas.

All measurement results may be logged to the internal memory forfurther investigations.

The STI-PA analyzer option allows for speech intelligibilitymeasurement within 15 seconds. Besides the single value STI or CIS testresult, a detailed view of modulation indices and individual band levelresults is provided. The STI-PA analyzer includes amplitude weightingin accordance with the 2003 IEC 60268-16 standards release. Acquiredmeasurements may be referenced to previously established backgroundnoise level spectra with automatic recalculation of the STI values.

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