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Music Production

Oberlin College Launches Recording Arts and Production Degrees

Oberlin College & Conservatory will start a new program in Recording Arts and Production in fall 2020.

Oberlin, OH (February 21, 2020)—Making use of its nine concert venues and recording studio, Oberlin College & Conservatory will start a new program in Recording Arts and Production beginning in the fall of 2020.

The program will offer a one-year Professional Certificate in Recording Arts and a two-year Artist Diploma that incorporates both Recording Arts and Production.

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Capitalizing on Oberlin’s conservatory concert environment, the program expects to offer numerous opportunities for hands-on learning, with an emphasis on engineering and producing classical and jazz music.

The program will offer group and individualized instruction as students take part in recording projects across a range of musical styles and mediums, and engage with engineers and producers in residence each semester.

“Constant opportunities to apply developing skills are the cornerstone of this program,” says Paul Eachus, Oberlin’s director of Conservatory Audio Services. Eachus and Conservatory Audio Services associate director Andrew Tripp serve as co-directors and primary lecturers of the Recording Arts and Production program.

“The diversity of Oberlin’s programming requires us to be ready for everything, from chamber ensembles and electroacoustic works to big band and full symphony orchestras,” Tripp adds. “With more than 400 performances each year, we’re able to transform ‘knowledge’ and ‘approach’ into practical application.”

The one-year program, consisting of two semesters of study toward a Professional Certificate in Recording Arts, provides students with understanding of the technology, systems, and processes associated with recording, live sound and streaming systems as they work supporting more than 400 performances and recording sessions at the campus.

The two-year program, consisting of four semesters of study toward an Artist Diploma in Recording Arts and Production, requires a proven level of musical literacy, according to the school. Students who show expertise in their first year then spend the second year working on producing professional recordings that serve the needs of Oberlin Conservatory’s official record label, Oberlin Music, as well as archival purposes and other essential functions.

The application deadline for Oberlin College & Conservatory’s inaugural program is June 1, 2020.

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